Clemson S T.J. Green Set For Thursday Pre-Draft Visit With Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers appear to be set to visit with yet another safety prospect on Thursday. According to a Wednesday night Twitter post by Clemson safety T.J. Green, he recently landed in Pittsburgh.

Green, who measured in at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine at 6024, 209-pounds, ran his 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds while in Indianapolis. Last season he recorded 95 total tackles and one sack. The underclassman also only registered one interception in the 38 games that he played in at Clemson.

According to STATS, Green allowed 22 catches for 437 yards and a touchdown while in coverage last season. He also reportedly missed 15 total tackles last season.

So far during the month of April the Steelers have brought in several top-rated safety prospects for visits and that list includes Darian Thompson, Jeremy Cash, Deon Bush, and Keanu Neal. Additionally, safeties Jayron Kearse and Vonn Bell are likely to be brought in for visits as well in the coming days or weeks.

2016 NFL Draft Player Profiles: Clemson SS T.J. Green

  • Shannon Stephenson

    This guy is a boom or bust. I believe he is a BOOM and would love to see him in a Steeler uniform

  • Donald Tillman

    I think he is inexperienced and played in a terrible secondary. He will be an awesome Safety!!!

  • jsteeler

    I like the visit. but, would love the draft of him or either Jayron Kearse! Clemson is representing!

  • Ivor Biggun

    According to Daniel Jeremiah there’s lots of buzz about him converting to CB in the pros. Makes sense.

  • The Notorious TOM

    ”missed 15 total tackles last season” sounds like a Steeler to me.

  • PaeperCup

    I think they are looking for a safety

  • Big Joe

    Not so sure of this one. I know some folks like him but 22 receptions and 15 missed tackles o a defense that already has issues with those things seems like it would be adding fuel to the fire. However, these may be fundamentals related things that may be fixable. Haven’t watched him so don’t really know.

  • steelburg

    I’m not a huge fan. He is a arm tackler which explains the missed tackles. He is more of a project right now and I think they need more legitimate competition (which would be at the top of the draft) for Golden who I think is better than any safety in this draft class.

  • D.j. Hoy

    Granted it’s a highlight video, but the dude seems to have some great instincts. Definitely needs to work on his tackling, but then again most do anyway. My favorite play in the first half of that clip was how he was on in the qb in the option, but still had enough speed to bring down the rb when he pitched it. That was remarkable. Wouldn’t be happy if he was the Steelers only S taken, but if he was a day 3 pick it would be worth it. Tremendous upside IMO.

  • jconeoone C

    Have to agree with you. His change of direction and closing speed on that option play was incredible

  • Gautama Om

    “for Golden who I think is better than any safety in this draft class.”

    I would hope so for a player with 4 years of playing experience that’s signed to a 3 year contract over any rookie. In the short term, sure; but we are also hoping to develop something better than Golden in the long term.


    3rd round option if they miss out on the top 4 in the 2nd. imo, any S they take is going to need to be coached up…essentially you want a guy that has more up side than Golden and I think he has that from an athletic standpoint.

  • JB Burgess

    Teams had to throw to keep up with Watson on offense. He’s what the Steelers need.

  • steelburg

    Ross Ventrone has a 2 year 1.2 million dollar contract with the Steelers and he also has 4 years of NFL experience I guess he could start for us in the short term just like Golden right? And he should be better than any rookie two right? Golden hasn’t hit his potential yet he is going to have a strong year IMO if he stays healthy.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I’d like to see this guy in the burgh. Watching him this past year he shows a lot of potential and I see him improving on his tackling. Pretty solid player overall

  • Xclewsive

    I agree!!! Athletic, fast and uber raw!! I just don’t believe Carnell Lake is good enough to coach this kid to his max potential.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I’m glad someone sees what I seem to be seeing in Lake. I just do not think he is doing a good job with the young moldable talent we have been getting in. Look at the DE/NT’s in late rounds that we get in and how many Mitchell makes NFL players out of. World of difference.