Steelers 2016 Salary Cap Update Ahead Of The NFL Draft

With the 2016 NFL Draft set to get underway later on this evening, now is a perfect time to update you on the Pittsburgh Steelers salary cap situation.

As of today, the NFLPA has the Steelers $3,574,520 under the cap and as you can see below, I have them $3,581,936 under the cap and that’s a difference of $7,416, which quite honestly isn’t worth looking for.

Judging by the NFLPA numbers, all teams have yet to be charged for workout bonuses but they do have to budget for those until the sessions are over and a real number can be charged. in the meantime, you need to account for that number being $561,600, which would put the Steelers just over $3 million under the cap.

Now, once the draft takes place, all of the Steelers selections will be counted as earning the minimum base salary in 2016 of $450,000 until they actually sign their contracts. That’s not a big deal right now as none of those salaries will qualify for the top 51 on the team. However, when it comes to the undrafted free agents, they will sign contracts right away so whatever their prorated signing bonus amounts ultimately wind up being will go against the cap.

The Steelers rookie draft pool is estimated to be right around $5.1 million this year but the team won’t need that full amount of cap space to accommodate all seven picks because of roster displacement in the top 51. As of right now, they’ll need roughly another $1.425 million in cap space to accommodate their draft picks.

The Steelers will also need to eventually accommodate a 52nd and 53rd roster spot and a 10-man practice squad and at most that should require $2.1 million in cap space. Additionally, keep in mind that the team normally likes to enter the regular season with around $3 million in available cap space for in-season injuries.

As you can see, the Steelers will certainly need more cap space later on in the offseason and as I have written several times already, I fully expect them to sign guard David DeCastro and Lawrence Timmons to extensions at some point and both moves will free up quite a bit of cap space. Additionally, assuming kicker Chris Boswell wins the kicking job this year, the Steelers will free up $2.4 million minus roster displacement should they cut or trade veteran kicker Shaun Suisham after June 1.

Now, they might ultimately extend the contract of running back Le’Veon Bell in addition to paying wide receiver Antonio Brown forward like they did last offseason, and both moves would undoubtedly require the use of additional cap space.

The Steelers have yet to restructure any contracts so far this offseason and that’s definitely a good thing. However, should they ultimately need to, they would likely go to either defensive end Cameron Heyward or quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to free up any cap monies needed.

As you should be able to clearly see, the Steelers have done an excellent job of managing their salary cap situation this offseason and should they ultimately need to do a restructure, it shouldn’t big a big deal.

I will provide another update after the rookie undrafted free agents are signed and the exact draft pick contract amounts are known.

Roethlisberger, Ben$17,750,000$23,950,000
Timmons, Lawrence$8,750,000$15,131,250
Brown, Antonio$6,250,000$12,370,833
Pouncey, Maurkice$3,500,000$10,551,000
Heyward, Cameron$3,000,000$10,400,000
DeCastro, David$8,070,000$8,070,000
Mitchell, Mike$5,000,000$6,763,750
Gilbert, Marcus$3,950,000$6,461,000
Suisham, Shaun$2,400,000$3,503,000
Moats, Arthur$2,500,000$3,133,333
Jones, Jarvis$1,592,115$2,769,933
Shazier, Ryan$1,284,292$2,592,874
Williams, DeAngelo$2,000,000$2,565,000
Gay, William$1,800,000$2,483,333
Green, Ladarius$1,250,000$2,437,500
Foster, Ramon$1,500,000$2,416,666
Dupree, Bud$854,195$2,095,974
Wheaton, Markus$1,671,000$1,818,844
Harris, Ryan$1,325,000$1,662,500
Harrison, James$1,250,000$1,500,000
Wallace, Cody$1,200,000$1,350,000
Bell, Le’Veon$966,900$1,311,100
Tuitt, Stephon$839,040$1,257,121
Golden, Robert$760,000$1,176,666
Spaeth, Matt$1,000,000$1,137,500
Heyward-Bey, Darrius$1,000,000$1,133,333
Golson, Senquez$616,866$909,328
Adams, Mike$873,225$873,225
Thomas, Shamarko$675,000$788,288
Jones, Landry$675,000$784,805
Williams, Vince$675,000$694,670
Coates, Sammie$525,000$682,879
Johnson, steven$760,000$680,000
Warren, Greg$985,000$680,000
Ventrone, Ross$675,000$675,000
Zumwalt, Jordan$600,000$626,213
McCullers, Daniel$600,000$619,670
Cockrell, Ross$600,000$600,000
Frey, Isaiah$600,000$600,000
Hubbard, Chris$600,000$600,000
Mathews, Ricardo$760,000$600,000
Richardson, Daryl$600,000$600,000
Toussaint, Fitzgerald$600,000$600,000
James, Jesse$525,000$577,228
Walton, L.T.$525,000$554,232
Berry, Jordan$525,000$525,000
Boswell, Chris$525,000$525,000
Chickillo, Anthony$525,000$525,000
Fort, L.J.$525,000$525,000
Grant, Doran$525,000$525,000
Lyons, Caushaud$525,000$525,000
Nix, Roosevelt$525,000$525,000
Vaughan, Dustin$525,000$525,000
Villanueva, Alejandro$525,000$525,000
Rogers, Eli$450,000$451,666
Blakeney, Issac$450,000$450,000
Dangerfield, Jordan$450,000$450,000
Dooley, Matt$450,000$450,000
Feiler, Matt$450,000$450,000
Finney, B.J.$450,000$450,000
Garner, Montell$450,000$450,000
Grimble, Xavier$450,000$450,000
Hagen, Jacob$450,000$450,000
Hooks, Lavon$450,000$450,000
Long, Ty$450,000$450,000
Manhart, Cole$450,000$450,000
Mihalik, Brian$450,000$450,000
Neal, Rajion$450,000$450,000
Norwood, Levi$450,000$450,000
Palmer, Tobais$450,000$450,000
Phillips, Shakim$450,000$450,000
Philon, Roy$450,000$450,000
Shabazz, Al-Hajj$450,000$450,000
Toure, Abou$450,000$450,000
Vinopal, Ray$450,000$450,000
Bryant, Martavis$-$109,805
RULE OF 51 TOTAL*$146,049,519
DEAD MONEY*-$7,997,523
NFLPA 2015 ADJUSTMENTS*-$641,349
2015 ROLLOVER*+$3,000,327
PROJECTED 2016 SALARY CAP*$155,270,000

  • Hypo Cycloid

    Bye bye suisham. Good luck on your new team.

  • Jacob

    Don’t know where they will get the cap space to sign both DeCastro and Bell. Kick-the-can restructuring has been helpful but sometimes not helpful (e.g. Woodley).

  • SteelersDepot

    You realize that DeCastro’s cap number will drop in 2016 with an extension, right? additionally, Bell’s first year cap hit on a new deal won’t be huge.

  • Jacob

    No, I didn’t realize that. Sheesh…8 million cap charge…pay the man.

  • Biggie

    With this being handled by Omar Khan and his group. I don’t worry about this stuff at all.

  • Lil Smitty

    I am wondering if the Steelers are trying to resist restructures or any other moves that would move dead money forward to next year. They may be looking at paying AB next year, which would be a big hit on the cap. The first person that they might restructure this year would be Timmons, especially if they don’t get anyone that can replace him or back up Williams next year. Overall, it doesn’t look as if they are in Cap hell like others have reported.

  • NinjaMountie

    What do you consider a big hit? If he doesn’t want Megatron money, which the team wouldn’t pay, I think the cap hit wouldn’t be too bad compared to what it is considering that it will come with additional years.

  • RMSteeler

    Tired of seeing them jump the shark every year and kick the can down the road with the big dead money losses in recent years due to cuts of players. Rather see them grab the shark by the tail and have an better fiscal sheet ahead. With Ben in his last few years, it may be all in next year on extensions/restructures. Can’t let money pushed forward result in 8-8 years again.

  • Lil Smitty

    I could see the Steelers giving him $12 million a year new money adding to his dead money charge. I am guessing a total cap hit of $16 IR $17 million over the next two years.
    If Timmons is with them his hit will be at the most one half of what it is now. Which should give them room for ABs contract.
    The yearly increase should take care of DeCastro and Bell.
    I think the Steelers would be wise to structure ABs contract so in the final years (guessing 5 years) it won’t be such a big hit on them even if they guarantee 75% of the expected salary.
    Personally, I think AB will be just as productive of a player as long as Ben is playing. When Ben retires AB may not deserve the Probowl that year by his numbers.

  • NinjaMountie

    You’ll have to help me out with the structure. I’m not a salary cap/contract guy. The way I’ve understood it, in this situation, is that the remaining money on the contract is spread over the first 3 years of the new contract. Is that correct?

  • Matthew Marczi

    The dead money came from the retirement of Heath Miller and the release of Cortez Allen. I would have preferred that they made Allen a post-June cut, personally, but it seemed inevitable that he wouldn’t be on the roster.

  • RMSteeler

    Hey Matt, I was referring to past years. I like how they have handled things so far this year and hope that it continues in the future.

  • Lil Smitty

    I am not an expert and probably shouldn’t have started this. However, this is a blog so …
    If the Steelers can get through this season without restructuring anyone’s contracts or designating Cortez Allen as a June 1st cut. It looks as if they will have plenty of cap space available to restructure ABs contract. I am thinking that 2017 would be the last year of that contract.
    The cap hit in later years would depend upon the signing bonus which would be spread out over the life of contract. Steelers could also offer other guaranteed money such as roster bonuses. I am sure there are ways to structure the deal to make AB happy and well paid. The question would be whether the tearup the last year of this contract. Another difference between a contract now and when Megatron signed his was the size of the cap.wasn’t his something like 15% of the cap.
    I am also one of those optimists that see Ben playing another five years unless he gets hit and has structural damage to his throwing arm.

  • Brendon Glad

    They have done a good job formulating their plan around the new TV money and its implementation several years into the new deal. I am assuming all Owners/Front Office had this information…while media and fans could only speculate. So there is no need to pat them on the back too hard…but I think all of us are happy where they sit right now…and they overcame horrible luck to still be very formidable last year. I think if they draft well in the secondary this year (not an easy thing for Colbert and Co.)…then the sky is the limit!
    P.S. I think Colbert is excellent, so no need for anyone to get defensive. Whatever method he has for drafting WR’s should be laminated and sold for millions. DB’s not so much…so let’s hope they’ve removed that fly from the ointment.