Steelers Likely To Draft At Least 4 Players From College All-Star Game Rosters

If you’re like me, you are currently working on your final Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft on this lazy Sunday afternoon. If that’s the case, as usual, you might want to be close attention to the list of players who were brought in for pre-draft visits over the course of the last month for obvious reasons.

While pouring over that list it’s also worth paying close attention to the players who attended the two major all-star games this year as well as Pittsburgh, like most NFL teams, has a history of drafting from that lot.

According to my quick and dirty research, the Steelers have drafted a total of 33 players who either played in Senior Bowl or the East-West Shrine Game dating back to 2009. In other words, they have averaged almost 5 draft picks a year when it comes to this list. While 5 players might be pushing it this year being as they are currently scheduled to make just seven selections, it will be surprising if they don’t draft at least 4 players who attended these two major all-star games this year.

Of the Steelers 2016 pre-draft visitors, I count 14 players who attended either the Senior Bowl or the East-West Shrine games this year. It should be noted, however, that South Carolina State defensive tackle Javon Hargrave played in both games this year. Additionally, while Duke safety Jeremy Cash attended the Senior Bowl practices this year, he was unable to play in the game due an existing injury. Additionally, Georgia Tech cornerback D.J. White was unable to play in this year’s East-West Shrine game.

One thing that sticks out the most when looking at the Steelers draft history dating back to 2009 is the fact that all but one of their third-round draft picks during that span played in the Senior Bowl and that player was running back Dri Archer. It’s also worth noting that only one of their first-round draft picks during that span of time, Ziggy Hood, played in a college all-star game. Now, that’s not overly surprising being as many of their former first-round selections were underclassmen.

With the above and below noted, make sure you consider all of this information while putting the final touches on your Steelers mock draft.

Note: Please let me know in the comments if I have overlooked any players that should have been included on these two lists.

Steelers Draft Picks 2009-2015 Who Attended College All-Star Games

Draft YearRoundPlayerAll-Star Game
20152Senquez GolsonSenior Bowl
20153Sammie CoatesSenior Bowl
20154Doran GrantSenior Bowl
20156L.T. WaltonEW Shrine Game
20156Anthony ChickilloEW Shrine Game
20145Shaquille RichardsonEW Shrine Game
20145Wesley JohnsonSenior Bowl
20146Jordan ZumwaltSenior Bowl
20146Daniel McCullersSenior Bowl
20133Markus WheatonSenior Bowl
20134Shamarko ThomasEW Shrine Game
20134Landry JonesSenior Bowl
20135Terry HawthorneEW Shrine Game
20136Vince WilliamsSenior Bowl
20122Mike AdamsSenior Bowl
20124Alameda Ta’amuSenior Bowl
20125Chris RaineySenior Bowl
20123Sean SpenceSenior Bowl
20127David PaulsonEW Shrine Game
20112Marcus GilbertSenior Bowl
20113Curtis BrownSenior Bowl
20115Chris CarterEW Shrine Game
20103Emmanuel SandersEW Shrine Game
20105Chris ScottSenior Bowl
20105Stevenson SylvesterEW Shrine Game
20107Doug WorthingtonEW Shrine Game
20091Ziggy HoodSenior Bowl
20093Kraig UrbikSenior Bowl
20093Mike WallaceSenior Bowl
20093Keenan LewisSenior Bowl
20096Ra’Shon HarrisEW Shrine Game
20097David JohnsonEW Shrine Game

Steelers 2016 Pre-Draft Visitors Who Attended College All-Star Games

PlayerAll-Star Game
CB D.J. WhiteEW Shrine Game (DNP)
DE Dean LowryEW Shrine Game
DT Javon HargraveEW Shrine Game
S Deon BushEW Shrine Game
S Justin SimmonsEW Shrine Game
CB Ken CrawleyEW Shrine Game
S Darian ThompsonSenior Bowl
CB Tavon YoungSenior Bowl
WR Sterling ShepardSenior Bowl
CB Cyrus JonesSenior Bowl
S Sean DavisSenior Bowl
CB Jonathan JonesSenior Bowl
OLB Dadi NicolasSenior Bowl
S Jeremy CashSenior Bowl (DNP)
DT Javon HargraveBoth

  • The Notorious TOM

    Cyrus please! Really the only corner this year I feel much of anything for. (ignoring the top of the class cuz we all know it ain’t happening in rd1)

  • Xclewsive

    Maybe they shouldn’t track record hasn’t produced nobody better than Mike Wallace!! Time to change up the game

  • The Notorious TOM

    Marcus Gilbert and Manny Sanders aren’t better than Mike Wallace?

  • Xclewsive

    I was looking at the sheer numbers of players drafted and there seems only to be a handful that have amounted to anything.

  • The Notorious TOM

    A bunch of those dudes are still in the league though and logging play time. Not everyone’s a star, nothing wrong w/ being a roleplayer.

  • Xclewsive

    Most of them are logging minutes for other teams yes, but not many logged major minutes for the Steelers.

  • The Notorious TOM

    Such is life. I kind of take it as a compliment how often we get poached haha.

  • Xclewsive


  • PittsburghSports

    What about the NFLPA Bowl, and Jatavis Brown?

  • SteelPierogie

    Great.piece of info!!! Definitely need to refer back to this this list after the first round.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    For some reason it just “feels” like the Steelers are double dipping at safety this year. And I mean like twice in the first 4 rounds. They’re looking at true strong safeties AND true free safeties (and everything in between).

    Karl Joseph + Justin Simmons perhaps?

    Also, has there ever been a “Tomlin-like” CB than Tavon Young? … Small?… Check… Short?… Check… Quick feet?… Check… Click and close?… Check… 4th or 5th round projection?… Check…