Steelers Tuesday Pre-Draft Visitors Include Two Defensive Backs, One Running Back

The Pittsburgh Steelers are wrapping up their allotted pre-draft visits on Tuesday as it was announced a short time ago that three more players are in town talking to members of the organization.

According to Bob Labriola of, Texas A&M cornerback Brandon Williams, Michigan safety Jarrod Wilson and Utah running back Devontae Booker are being hosted by the team on Tuesday.

Williams, who we already covered earlier in the day, moved from running back to cornerback this past season at Texas A&M.

As for Wilson, who reportedly measured in at his pro day at 6012, 209-pounds, he recorded 61 total tackles last season at Michigan in addition to two interceptions. If he winds up hearing his name called during the draft, it’s likely to happen in the later rounds and there’s a good chance that he could ultimately go undrafted.

As for Booker, who registered 2,773 yards rushing on 560 carries during his college career, he’s expected to be drafted in the first three rounds of the upcoming draft. Already 23 years of age, Booker measures in at 5106, 219-pounds and he started 19 games over the course of the last two seasons. He was forced to sit out the 2013 season due to academic issues after playing his first two years of college football in Sacramento, California at American River College.

According to our count, the Steelers have now brought in 30 out-of-the-area draft prospects for visits. It was reported a few days ago that Virginia Tech cornerback Kendall Fuller might be brought in for a visit pending a schedule adjustment, but it now appears as though that won’t come to fruition.

  • Wow, I really like Booker a lot…but I dont see him being there for our 3rd rd pick and I would be shocked if we drafted a RB in the first 4 rds of this years draft.

  • draframe1

    The Booker visit just threw me a big curveball. We would need to use our rd 2 pick to get what would be our 3rd string runner this year. Love the talent but would hate the pick!!!

  • Donte Williams

    could be a future pick who is to tell Williams will be around after this year but i like toussaint and todman if he is still on the team as our 3rd and 4th option

  • harding36

    Todman isn’t on the team anymore.

  • Tom Jackson

    Exactly. Booker is really a good runner, I was quite surprised because there was buzz last year that he might come out and he wasn’t as much of a fan favorit back then. But he’s really good.

    But I would be very surprised of the pick as well. I mean I guess theres an outside chance of them targeting him possibly in RND 3 but even that seems too early for the position. Interesting visit though, gives you a lot to think about tbh.

  • tequila0341

    Bucky Brooks mocked Booker to the Steelers in Round 2 this year. I laughed, but maybe I shouldn’t have considering how right Brooks was about how good Lev Bell was when everyone else was screaming for Eddie Lacey.

  • ron richard

    Hi Dave and Alex.
    Are you guys going to have Dave Te Thomas back on the podcast before the draft?

  • Zapper

    Todman isn’t even with the Steelers. He was signed by the Colts last month.

  • Zapper

    Dave Bryan- Please run another update or wrap up on all the visits the steelers had. Seems like we had about 20 or the 30 be defensive backs, so double or triple up in draft in DB is very likely. Too bad – as you mention in podcast, I would like to have seen some more looks at some more edge rushers. That will be a need this draft at some point and not sure if there is enough info on prospects.

  • Big Joe

    I like Booker as an option in 3rd if options are thin

  • Scott

    Mark kaboly said on Twitter they are at 29 out of 30. Not sure where he got that from though just saw that a bit ago

  • T3xassteelers

    These last 3 were pretty disappointing IMO

  • Big Joe

    Booker is a good RB but not in 2nd Rd so I chuckled too. 3rd ok as there’s no telling how stable Bell’s knee is after this latest round of damage to it. It would be nice to have a solid RB to reinforce to injuries and to enable decisions at position next year. We’ll see. I’m not opposed to any move that strengthens the team overall. This particular draft is going to be fun. There’s so many different ways they can go in each round right now

  • John Mazza

    haha yeah i saw that too. im like this guy gets paid for this? hopefully Pitt sees him in case hes on the board in the 3rd. but at the same time. getting busted up in the playoffs with no RB is rough

  • SteelersDepot
  • RMSteeler

    With all the late round guys being brought in, I wonder if the Steelers might sell out the house to move up in the 2nd. There’s going to be a lot of value in certain positions late in the draft and priority UDFA’s. Could they target two potential ProBowlers in the 1st and 2nd and take their chances with the others late? It would be weird, but not so much to me looking at who has come in.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Anything is possible. Maybe they trade right out of round 1 if Billings is not there. Try to get a 2 and 3 and take advantage of the deep draft for D. I would love that.

  • draframe1

    I’d love a trade back too

  • draframe1

    Looks like JJ will get his extension if we are reading the predraft visitor tea leaves correctly

  • draframe1

    I believe FO will use 3 of first 4 picks to adress the big needs of DL,S,CB but will leave one of those 4 picks for value which could be from any of the remaining positions including Booker in the 2nd

  • RMSteeler

    I think they can get one of their special players at 25. But, with the way things are laying out with late round visitors, I could see them move up in the 2nd for another coveted pick that won’t be there at 58. If they moved up, say 12 spots in the 2nd to get him, I don’t know what the formula is to do that, but could it be for their third and sixth round pick? Would it be worth it to get two players they think can start this year? The only way I see them trade back in the 1st is if QB Lynch is there and a team near the top of the 2nd took an non QB in the 1st, wanted him bad, and the Steelers still think they can get a special player at say, 35-36.

  • Steve Johnson

    I wouldn’t, although CB’s and Safeties are the priority. Bell is coming off of back-to back season knee injuries. His backup? More than likely this will be his last year in Pittsburgh, and who do they have after that? They should address the RB position in the draft.

  • Tom Jackson

    No, I don’t really think so. We don’t really go for low needs with our first 2 picks. I mean we might go secondary need like ILB in 2014 but a RB is astronomically far down that list if you ask me. And considering our batting average on 1st and 2nd RND picks which is very high it wouldn’t make much sence. Especially because after RND 2 it sometimes almost becomes a crap shoot for us. We’re definitly at least slightly below average in that category.

    So no RB for me till at least RND 3 and then I just want high value and steals. Lol

    Edit: WRs are kind of that one position that works good for us on day 3. And I mean really really good.

  • draframe1

    Booker hasn’t worked out due to a torn meniscus. I imagine the thinking is he will drop to round 3

  • Zach

    Well, I would be shocked. the steelers have bell, williams and fitz toussaint, who played a great playoff game and who the steelers love. since we usually carry 3 RBs into the season, a hypothetically drafted RB would be put in the Practice Squad. you don’t want to do that with your picks in rounds 1 to 4. Since a RB can either start or backup from day 1, the timing for picking a RB will be next year.

  • Zach

    love the player, but if we take booker it may sign post the end of Bell as a steeler. otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

  • draframe1

    Booker would at least cover them for another injury and/or contract impasse

  • Steve Johnson

    I understand your philosophy, I’m just not optimistic about L. Bell’s health and durability going forward. Williams has one maybe two years left at most. What happens if Bell goes down again for a 3rd straight year? They can wait until the 7th Rd, still should be some good RB’s left.