Kevin Colbert Not Concerned About Artie Burns’ Lack Of Playing Time At Miami

In case you didn’t already know it, you can watch every game that new Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Artie Burns played last year at Miami on Youtube. With that said, after watching all of those games myself, it was easy to notice that Burns was curiously rotated out of Miami’s defense during every game. Further research on my part revealed that Burns only played roughly 65% of all defensive snaps last season and that includes him missing the game against Virginia due to the death of his mother.

On Tuesday, David Todd of 970 ESPN Radio had Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert as guest on his show. Ahead of that, I asked my podcast co-host to ask Colbert why Burns didn’t see the field more in 2015 and he did just that.

“They [Miami] rotated, I mean he did miss one game after his mother’s passing he missed a game, but they played in a rotation,” said Colbert. “They really rolled about four or five guys through that secondary and as the year went on, I think that decreased because he obviously became one of their better players. So we have no concerns about that whatsoever. When he did play, he contributed. I mean six interceptions, if he did that in 65% of the snaps it’s even more impressive.”

Now, according to my count, Burns played 76% of all defensive snaps in Miami’s final four games of the 2015 season and with that, it’s worth noting that he missed some playing time in the game against Pittsburgh with a minor injury. Even so, one still has to wonder why Burns didn’t see more playing time last season.

Burns, as we all know by now, is a very raw prospect who the team really considered to be one of the better bump and run cornerbacks in this year’s draft class. Todd, however, asked Colbert if it’s fair to paint the Steelers first-round draft pick as just a press corner right now and also asked if he currently has the skill set to play whatever scheme they want him to fit into.

“No, he has the skill set to do it, but that’s what they [Miami] preferred him to do because actually he was very good at it,” said Colbert. “That was his best asset was his bump and run. We said we felt he can play bump and run as good as any of the corners in the draft. And each of those guys that were in that first round grouping, they all had a trait that was different that the rest, or better than the rest, but his certainly was that he was just a natural man-to-man bump and run guy.

“Now he’ll have to learn how play off more. He’ll have to learn all the zone coverages and combination coverages and that will be a work in progress for especially a third-year player. Really, we always say this, we’re going to get him for his senior year. We hope that he’s up to the challenge, but we never try to paint a guy into a corner and say that this is all he is. Rather, we say, ok, this is what he does the best and this is what he’ll need to work on. And as we said in the press conference, we probably identified that in mid March as we got through the pro days, that boy, this is a quality draft for corners, yet they’re all different. Some are bigger, some are stronger, some are faster, some are better off, some are better in bump and we just thought Artie was better in bump.”

The fact that Burns has near-ideal size and speed to play corner in the NFL in addition to already being praised for his bump and run skills is certainly encouraging. Additionally, while he really didn’t play as much as one would have hoped he had over the course of the last two seasons, it’s quite possible that he’s still very far away from his ultimate ceiling as a result of that. Keep in mind that Burns wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to his craft during the offseasons at Miami due to him also running track. In other words, the Steelers still have a lot to learn about Burns in the coming weeks and months and Colbert said as much on Tuesday.

“Maybe he’s better in off-coverage, or maybe he’s better in zone-coverage and just didn’t have those opportunities based on what they wanted from him at the University of Miami,” said Colbert. “But we’ll learn what his strengths and weaknesses are over time and then we’ll adjust accordingly, I’m sure. We’ll put them in the best situations they can be in and they’ll get in those situations whenever they prove that they’re ready for it.”

  • Jacob

    Comforting words from Colbert… but there is still this nagging concern that if Miami didn’t want him there full time, they know something we don’t.

    Hopefully it will all pan out and he’ll become a quality corner for years to come.

  • Ask Questions Later

    In Artie’s defense, Al Golden probably could not even develop the likes of Vernon Hargreaves III if he wanted to. Miami usually has tier one recruiting prowess + a immense pipeline of football talent in Florida. The issue was that Miami just dropped the ball at developing such talent.

  • colingrant

    There’s are a few reasons why Golden was fired. Playing a future 1st round draft choice 65% of the time may have been one of them. Chickillo may have also been miscast when you read articles after last years draft.

  • falconsaftey43

    I noticed Deon Bush was rotated out too. As was corn Elder who is s good prospect next year, so it def wasn’t something specific to Artie.

  • Ike Evans

    Im a miami fan….not worried about the rotating….we had alot of corners and al golden wasnt really the best at the most effective way to deploy his talent….i just…Idk….he wasn’t even the best db on that squad….that first round pick was such a surprise

  • Ike Evans

    Pure facts

  • dwsteelers

    It may have something to do with his off season track perception.

  • treeher

    Curious to me that they don’t know all the strengths and weaknesses of a 1st rounder. That’s one hell of an investment when there are still question marks.

  • RickM

    It was a poor pick, as was the 2nd-round pick. But the same people who have made the secondary picks over the last 8 to 9 years engineered these picks so that’s exactly what you would expect.

    For those of you who rightfully accuse me of being negative about our top two 2016 picks, I loved the pick last year of Dupree and I even defended Golson’s lack of height. And I love our 2016 3rd-round pick. I just don’t think Burns was worthy of a #25 pick and I know Davis was not worthy of a 2nd-round pick. I hope to goodness that I am dead wrong, but I just don’t get either of our two top picks.

  • gdeuce

    How can you judge it being a poor pick when he hasn’t played a single game for the team yet?

  • Steve Volk

    I don’t think Colbert or Burns require any defense at all. His snaps went up, considerably, as the season progressed. When he was on the field, for someone who is supposedly so raw, he performed very well. Is someone positing that if he took 10 more snaps per game he’d definitely have given up scads of yards? There is no evidence for that. Maybe he really was rotated, just like Colbert says, because that is what Miami instituted as a system for their whole secondary. Or maybe there is some JFK style conspiracy here and the truth is they just wanted to mask how bad Artie Burns is? I am sorry. I see absolutely no issue here at all.

  • vasteeler

    Great work Dave on tracking his snap counts before and after Golden was fired, people tend to forget that ike was known as a press man but adapted and learned zone concepts as well

  • pkeats86

    Have you seen Davis play?? Watch him at safety. This guy was my draft crush and I’m ecstatic that we got him. After Joseph, there wasn’t much separation among most of the safeties IMO. I am a Buckeye fan and I would have picked Davis, Thompson, and maybe even Green over Bell. What separates Davis to me is his size, physicality, athleticism, and ability to cover. None of those other safeties boast all of those.

    Green is super raw and people assume he can cover due to his speed even though he has never exhibited it.
    Thompson has a nose for the ball but is supposedly suspect when it comes to tackling.
    And Von Bell is a box safety despite Urban trying to build him up saying he covers like a corner. And we have Mitchell for that.

    No more Terrance Garvin or Sean Spence following the TE when he is split out wide…. mainly because they are gone but also because they won’t be better options than our safety.

  • T3xassteelers

    Oh shut up, let the kid play before making any opinions yet. What if he turns out to be the best corner of this draft?

  • RickM

    I can judge it as a “bad” pick, just like everyone else judges it as a “great” one. Why are you judging it as a good one when you haven’t seen him play a game either? It’s called an opinion.

    There are a number of people on this site who feel you can only express positive viewpoints, even when you think otherwise. Sorry but that is not the way opinions work. The saddest part to me is that I qualified my comments by saying I loved the third-round pick and I liked last year’s pick. But that is not good enough for these rose-colored glasses fans. If you think I’ll be kowtowed into always saying positive things about everything on this football team, think again. I don’t like either of our first two picks. The fact that some fans are so insecure that they tell people to “shut up”, “have you seen him play, etc. is rather pathetic. Get over it. I think they are bad picks.

    If I’m wrong in the end, I’ll be the first to admit it. Trust me, these rose-colored glasses wearers would never man-up and do the same. I love the way some fans look at tape and see positive things and other see negative things, but only the positive ones are supposed to be able to comment. Frankly dissenting opinions are good.

  • PaeperCup

    I’m with you Rick. From my own research, the research of the guys at SteelersDepot, and the research of many many many analysts and “experts”, Artie Burns is not a first round talent. nothing wrong with saying just that. Yes he could develop into a great player, but we are not talking about future performance. We are talking about his draft stock, which was not a first round value according to most. Again nothing wrong with saying that. We’ve spent the last five months ranking players, putting players on wishlists, and doing our own mocks. Now when someone says this isn’t where I would have picked him, all of a sudden he needs to shut up? No, the rest of you shut up, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I agree with RickM…I wouldn’t have picked Artie Burns in the first round.

  • PaeperCup

    I’m with you Rick, speak your mind. Which is what everyone was thinking the moment the pick was made anyways. Don’t be sheeple, make up your own mind guys.

  • PaeperCup

    I don’t like the Burns pick. But I will say this, for the lack of play his production is outstanding.

  • RickM

    Thanks PC. If you like the picks (not sure if you do or don’t) more power to you. Either way, I appreciate your thoughts and don’t find them remotely challenging. Cheers as always.

  • Craig M

    Apparently Colbert wasn’t concerned w/ Boykins lack of playing time either, and he was experienced.

  • pittfan

    Who is golden?

  • pittfan

    I think alex had him predraft as a mid to late 2nd rnder.

  • RickM

    Agree, I thought he was a reach at 25 and to be honest I never thought we would take someone in the first round who we thought was very raw. I guess if he had really solid tape, but most experts felt he had some less than impressive play – for a first-rounder that is. Hopefully he will make me eat my words (I would be thrilled) and he will turn out to be a good one.

  • Brandon Campbell

    Seattle didn’t nor did carolina or arizona

  • PaeperCup

    Yup. Seems about right. Burns as our 2nd round pick would be a fine pick, as our third round pick even better. But at 25, it’s a bit of a reach. I get that if you like a player you get him, but there were other players I liked at that point. Noah Spence being one. I also much rather them have made a deal with Denver, trade down to 31, get some extra picks…if they did that and got Burns at 31, that would make the pick much better imo.

  • Brandon Campbell

    Yes he was there was some growing pains though. I wonder how his conditioning is…

  • Brandon Campbell

    Those 6 ints seem more impressive now….

  • vasteeler

    burns’ head coach last season, his snaps went up after the coach was fired, maybe it was coincidental?

  • Frank Cordaro

    Who would your 1st and 2nd round picks be, cause you did say you like Hargrave?

  • Dubai Steeler

    You confident he would be there at 31? I think the Chiefs could have drafted him.

    Artie’s size and production are superior to Mackensie Alexander who was the only other 1-2 round graded corner left.

    Also, based on the way they have been drafting athletes with big upside, I don’t think Noah Spence fits the mold. Other than his Vert, his combine numbers weren’t great and questionable character.

  • Doug Schnitzer

    i really don’t see anything wrong with the Davis pick. …other teams TE’s kill us. …i think Davis has the best chance of being able stop Eifert or Gronk then anyone else available at that pick or on our roster now

  • Doug Schnitzer

    Von Bell couldn’t do it

  • pittfan

    gotcha, i wonder if his pick count picked too..that would not be a coinkydink

  • pittfan

    serious? when exactly is it okay to offer an opinion of management decisions? at least he’s not like that one knucklehead who only showed up on gamethreads tossing out stupid comments

  • Paddy

    Lots of experts on here that don’t know 5% of what a pro coach knows. The league requires size and speed in the secondary and Burns and Davis have it.

    Second there were no CBs better than Burns at 25, maybe the Steelers can lose all their games like the Browns and pick 1st next May. That is the only way you might get what you people want.

  • Paddy

    Von Bell is slow and too short I agree.

  • Paddy

    the 25th pick is a second round pick when you are forced to draft foe need.

  • RickM

    Was hoping for Jackson III or Karl Joseph. With them gone any of Nkemdiche, Butler or Spence would have been fine. As for Davis, it’s a personal opinion but I think they missed badly with that pick and Vonn Bell, who went shortly after him, would have been a better pick.

    But it’s just an opinion. The fact that I like Hargrave doesn’t mean he’ll be a success, and Burns and Davis could be successes regardless of what I or anyone else thinks. My issue is that any fan should feel intimidated to express their opinion because it won’t be a popular one. Sorry, that’s just not something I agree with. There’s not going to be 100% agreement on any player or any topic, and that’s fine.

  • Doug Schnitzer

    i agree Paddy. The only other i’d consider at 25 is Alexander, but i think Burns’s ball skills are better. it’s too weird to me that Alexander never had a college int also. Burns or Davis Would not have been there i 1 round later for each. that’s crazy talk

  • NinjaMountie

    Penguins win! Woot!

  • gdeuce

    I reserve my judgement until at least his first 3 seasons are completed

  • Mark G Hunter

    LOL!!! That’s very selfish, immature and childish of you. You’re saying ” I get if you like a player you get him, but there were other players “I” liked at that point” etc, etc. But you and other fans, that complain about the picks. Don’t scout the games, don’t do the player interviews and probably don’t even watch the games. etc, etc. Most of you guys just listen to what the media tells you. And the majority of those guys, have never worked in the front office. Nor ever played the game (on any level) I’m sure Colbert and Tomlin have forgotten more football then we’ll ever know. Let the guys get on the field first before you judge the picks. As for myself. I’ll just trust in the FO and what they’re trying to build. They’re not at all 100% perfect, (nobody is of course). However they have a pretty good track record.

  • Shane Mitchell

    with Artie Burns the Steelers are not looking at what he is right now, they are looking at what he would have been if he played another year in college, and that is a player they likely wouldnt have had a shot at drafting next year.

    Golson is the CB fans should be focusing on for this season, he was the best zone CB in the entire draft last year and according to Mayock the best zone CB he has seen come out of college in years. Golson is the reason they could afford to take a project player CB in the first round. Not to take anything away from Burn’s 6 ints thats a nice number, but Golson had a school record 10 ints as a senior.

  • Mark G Hunter

    I agree. They have the size and speed that the Steelers were looking for. Tomlin and the other defensive coaches have the opportunity too shape and mold them into the players, that they envision for the defense that they’re trying to run. It should be an exciting and interesting season.

  • Brandon Campbell

    Gotta agree with that because Bush coming out of high school was top tier recruit was even in the Army game and what the hell happened Miami really needs a great coach because the talent is there for the picking in Florida….

  • Mike Frantz

    But you all would have said that Billings was a first round talent. Then the NFL told you he wasn’t. I guess I find it funny that many on this board would have been thrilled if instead of Burns we took Billings. In reality we would have “reached” for Billings by a full 3 rounds.

  • McBringleberry

    the biggest reason Golden was fired was for keeping def coordinator, D’Onofrio. for having some good players, he led the worst defenses. I don’t take it as a negative that Burns only played 65% of snaps when the def caller was this guy. If anything, 100% of snaps pro rates to 9+ interceptions

  • steeltown

    I like the Davis pick, far more than Burns

  • T3xassteelers

    No, but let the professionals do the job and not degrade what these guys do. Let them prove if their worth the pick or not. I always see people saying something like “remember everyone was mad when we picked bell over lacy”.. Same thing here

  • T3xassteelers

    That’s us that doesn’t think he’s a first round pick; management felt otherwise. If you like a guy enough, you pick him if you don’t think he’ll be there when you’re up next.

  • RickM

    You seem to feel quite free to offer your opinions: “they have the size and the speed that the Steelers were looking for”. And you haven’t spent a day in a front office either. So don’t get high and mighty when other people express opinions that are different than yours. I have no problem with you expressing confidence in the secondary drafting of Colbert and Tomlin. People who don’t share your opinions have just as much a right to express their opinions as you do.

    As for the Steelers having a “pretty good record track record” re: the draft this ‘discussion’ started with a criticism of the Steelers’ two draft picks for their secondary. Their track record for draft picks over the last 8 to 9 years in this area has not been pretty good. It has been dismal. So questioning their latest two selections is more than fair game. If the criticism was about two receivers they had chosen, then I agree that their track record in this positional area speaks for itself and they should absolutely be given the benefit of the doubt. The same is not true for the secondary.

  • Keith Jefferson

    You are correct and it’s only an opinion!. If you had said they suck – rightfully so people should defend their team but this is not the case.
    Moving right along, I had the Steelers taking Burns and Davis, I knew Jackson 3 would not be there. I did not have Javon Hargrave although I heard about him a month before the draft. Pittsburgh was looking for athleticism, speed and football prowess potential – time will tell.

  • PaeperCup

    I had Billings up there. And there isn’t a person out there that isn’t baffled as to why he fell to the 4th. Except for those on the inside I guess. But can I ask why all of a sudden considering Billings in the 1st is NOW considered a reach only because he wasn’t taken until later, and taking Burns in the first is not a reach because he was taken in the first. If we think this way, there are no such things as reaches or value picks. Every single pick is appropriately made. But that isn’t the case. Billings in the 4th should be considered an absolute steal. Burns isn’t considered a steal at 25, or even considered a value pick at that spot. The way we accept it now is that at most, it’s a fine pick.

  • PaeperCup

    I’m confident he would have been there at 31. But nothing is for certain. And obviously that may not have been what the coaches thing. But based on what we knew coming into the draft, there is little reason to think he had high value at the end of the first. That’s what we knew/know. I can trust the coaches pick, and hope for the best, but that does not change the absolute fact that NO ONE here was jumping up and down clamoring for Artie Burns in the first. People need to stop acting as if this should have been our pick all along. We can be real about it. No shame in it.

  • Steve

    Rick – I too said “Who did the Steelers pick” after they took Burns. No wonder why our Secondary sucks and is not getting any better. There were many choices we could have made and just thrown #25 away.

  • PaeperCup

    Oh but we do. Don’t you understand how this site works? It would be an insult to the writers here who spend hours upon hours writing articles and draft profiles to bring to us, so that we can make a decision. The guys here are as well informed as any other in the media. True they may not have the inside the locker room scoop, but they are bright inteligent and well informed Steeler fanss…..FOOTBALL fans. Not only them though, tons of other draft geeks out there who do the same profiles, who spend countless hours watching tape and breaking it down for US. They have influenced us into thinking Burns is not a first round talent. I’m not the only one. Rick isn’t the only one. This was something that was WIDESPREAD. Don’t you see that? There was no one here, or one the very extensive and well written Draft Profile for Artie Burns saying…You guys are wrong, he’s a first round pick, he’s the guy we need to get. It’s CB or bust!!! Not they were saying, Karl Joesph, WJ3, Noah Spence, Andrew BIllings, Mac Alexander….the list is quite large, filled with both available and taken players. But show me somewhere where someone says Burns is gotta be the guy. This was a surprising pick, I find it funny that so many are acting as if this was what they expected.

  • PaeperCup

    Yes Rick! If we are talking track record, Steelers haven’t drafted a CB in the first round in what close to 20 years? So they break the mold with Burns…which I think is great…but don’t bring up track record when the track was completely busted with the pick in the first place hahaha.

  • PaeperCup

    Absolutely. This draft is just another example in a long line of drafts that coaches do not see the draft or the game like us casual fans do. We do our best, but they will take who they want to take. That DOES NOT make us wrong when we say we would have gone a different direction. It just means we don’t share the same mind as the coaches. And before anyone says, well they are the professionals, they can be wrong too.

  • PaeperCup

    I agree, I think the Burns is a bit more of a “reach” ..whatever that term means anymore. BUt I also believe that Safety was the biggest need in this draft. There were oviously no 1st round safeties left, so they waited until the second round. I’m glad they got a second round safety. I like Byard and Justin Simmons a little better. Maybe even Thompson, but I understand the concern, but that group is so close together in talent, I don’t see the Davis pick as much of a reach. MY OPINION…guess I gotta start saying this every time before everyone gets bent out of shape.


    Well all the experts and Steelers Depot had Billings going in the 1st round. He dropped to the 4th round. No offense, but if they were all experts they would be scouts.

  • Michael James

    Good post. Everyone has the right to speak their mind and express disappointment!
    I am a bit unsure about Burns, too, but I think he definitely has the tools and age (he just turned 21) to develop into a very good corner. I mean, where was William Jackson 3 years ago (he’s 24)? I feel different about the Davis pick. When watching him he was badly misused as an outside corner last year. When he plays at the safety position, he’s a natural and I love how physical he is.
    One thing we have in common: I think Hargrave was our best pick (by far)

  • Steve Johnson

    Preach brother! Preach! You’re absolutely right. We all have our own opinions, and we all need to respect that. It’s a message board and folks really are offended if your opinion is different from theirs. I’ve been a Steeler Fan for over 30 yrs now, love the game and the Franchise. They reached for Artic Burns, they wanted Eli Apple or WJIII, they took the best CB available. I’m not criticizing the F/O for picking Burns, he wouldn’t have been there in the 2nd at #58 for them.

  • greeny

    Well stated Rick!

  • greeny

    At the end of the day ,we have no idea until they take the field. I feel it was a reach and they should have traded with Denver to get more valuable draft picks, picks we lost last year.

  • toonasteel

    Drop the mike RickM! Boom….
    Great job!


    I think to goodness that you are dead wrong man…great picks, and if we traded down to 31 we wouldn’t have gotten such a great piece of clay to mold to our very own liking.

    Finally no more 4th Rd and lower picks for Coach Lake to work with this year! Imho he finally has talent that can comprehend and execute his teachings properly.

    Go Steelers!

  • Mark G Hunter

    OK. I kinda get what your saying. And I didn’t mean too insult you. I know how passionate us Steelers fans get. However, I believe there where, a few draft analysis that mocked Burns to the Steelers. Maycock, Casserly and the guy Davis from NFL.Com, where three guys off the top of my head, that mocked him to Pittsburgh. Also. I have a copy of Pro Football Weekly Draft Guide 2016. For the corner back position, they had Ramsey, Hargreaves III, Alexander and BURNS the top 4 picks in that order! He was also projected to go in a 1-2 round. Jackson was the 9th racked CB with a 3rd round projection. These’s also a section, where scouts give their thoughts on some prospects. One of them wrote…. “I have [ Miami’s Artie Burns] as the BEST corner in my area, and I have [Florida’s Vernon] Hargreaves III and [Clemson’s] Mackenzie [Alexander] in my area also….I understand he [Burns] makes some mistakes, but you can’t teach his natural cover skills and his height….Hargreaves is good , but he’s short. I’ll take the tall guy with upside.” ….This publication may have or have not, been written before the combine [my words]…So you see, there were some guys, who had Burns rated higher than others. So I have to believe, that he was rated just as high on the Steelers draft board.

  • jconeoone C

    The Clemson beat down 58 to 0 was the last straw for Golden

  • Mark G Hunter

    LOL….. But, I don’t have any problems, with any the Steelers draft picks. Considering their history. I trust their vision, in rebuilding the defense into a top 5 unit…..Also I don’t run the team, nor do I sit on their board. (They have arguably the best front office in the league) And you can have, whatever opinions that you want. If that’s what, you wanna call them. But it sounds more like, some of you guys just crying and complaining. So now you wanna resort to, The ‘I have my own opinion” card. Lol. OK. whatever. Beacause it’s NOT the player/ players that YOU wanted. Your complaining is not an opinion, it’s similar too acting like a child because YOU didn’t get what YOU wanted…. And I don’t think that,” questioning their latest two draft picks, is more than fair game.”, They usually don’t take secondary help until, after the third round or later. They’ve been busy building the front 7 with athletic, fast players….. But the thing is, besides being the only team, with 6 Super Bowl wins. Since 2006 [Pittsbugh’s fifth SuperBowl ring] there have only been 13 out of 32 teams, that have even made it to the Super Bowl. 13!! Only 9 different teams have won, with only the Steelers and Giants winning twice. Seattle, New England and Pittsburgh have been there 3 times. Indianapolis, Denver and NYG twice. Also, since the Steelers last Super Bowl appearance [the lost in 2011] only 3 teams, Baltimore, New England 2x and Denver 2x have come out of the AFC. And you guys are complaining as if, the FO isn’t doing all they can, to get them back into the Super Bowl? If it wasn’t for the injuries to Bell in 15 and 16 playoffs, and Brown in last years Denver game. If would be a different storyline….. Everybody is forgetting about Golson, and what he’ll bring to the table. And now they get the ability, size, speed and upside in the secondary, and nobody is happy. Because they weren’t the players that, YOU wanted on the team. LOL…..

  • Steel PAul

    So.. You and I have been in agreement with a lot of this for awhile. I believe the defensive backfield was not managed well over the past 3-4 yrs.

    They should have addressed with a higher pick or FA the year prior to Ike’s last season.

    I also don’t love the Burns pick. I’ve seen the guy play a good amount and wouldn’t have pegged him for a first rounder (But who the hell am I?). I’m concerned that he’s going to take awhile to contribute, for 2016 MAYBE nickel corner, late in the year.

    But I do get the concept of tiers in the draft, within players of each position. I think he was rated in the group of players Colbert mentioned and they weren’t comfortable moving to the next tier of players in the second round.

    Seems now like CB and S were the two likely targets, and once 25 came around, they took the better combination of what they thought taking a safety first and corner second would potentially be by comparison. Essentially drafting for need at a position group that’s been consistently below the line.

  • Frank Cordaro

    Those two were on my list to I liked Joseph more, I do like Bell his tackling was just ok, but every player has something to work on but we’ll find out about S.Davis and Burns that pick surprised to me…good chat

  • T3xassteelers

    Fair enough

  • corduroyninja

    What I don’t get is when everybody says he was a mid to late 2nd round value so he was a bad pick. That’s fine if we had a pick available in the mid second round. They wanted a corner they valued, who likely wouldn’t have made it to their spot in the second round. They weren’t saying he was the best player available, they are saying he was (in their eyes) the best corner available. So they took him. To me, that’s a good pick. Did they pass up other BPA guys? Sure. If they went BPA the whole time and it was never a corner, they would have gotten crucified for not taking any corner that was available in the first round.

  • Mark G Hunter


  • Todd Bush

    Steelers have best draft record since 1996, we select guys for our system, we select young guys that can still be molded into real Steelers. No ones perfect, but all that given, why would you bet against the Steelers? Most Lombardi trophies, whole wing in the HOF, and we didn’t have to cheat to get our rings!

  • Jim

    Based on what happened in the draft, Burns was taken where he needed to be. He would have been taken by either Carolina or KC most likely if we had passed. People call it a reach but he has more upside than any CBs taken after him, and all of them are “raw” as well.

    CBs taken in 2nd round: Alexander, Xavien Howard, Cyrus Jones and James Bradberry. Burns is a better pick than ALL of them, including Alexander (and Im a Clemson fan). If Burns was a reach, so was every CB taken after him.

  • PaeperCup

    And if they had picked Billings, then no one would bat an eye, calling it a reach. They would be saying, YAY Steelers, GREAT pick. It’s funny how people change their perception because of what transpired, when in reality we know nothing more than we did before. I think people need to be real here. It’s ok to question the pick. It’s ok to love it too…As for Billings, Bengals may have just got a first round talent in the 4th round.

  • LucasY59

    what about Myles Jack? after having time to digest all that happened with the draft, doing the trade and possibly getting Burns still, but if not having Jack as a consolation is what I think wouldve been the best outcome,

    the rest of the Draft (including a slight reach for Davis, but I like the reach for need there much more than in the 1st) I am totally fine with, and wont criticize at all,

    but the 1st pick (with all the variables compared to what happened, which kinda makes the what ifs pointless, but still worth some discussion) will be under heavy scrutiny from me (AND IT SHOULD BE until Burns plays well enough to show he was worth it)

    This is just a comment section on a Blahg so people freaking out because of a negative comment (which is really the truth with a negative spin instead of a positive one) is a bit ridiculous but also somewhat comical, glad you arent afraid to speak (type) your mind, and thanks for putting your oppinion out there (boring if everyone is on here with sunshine, rainbows and unicorns)

  • Pghomer

    I understand the way you feel…honestly Thrs night I felt the same way. But who would you have picked? I was on the Billings bandwagon [loved Hargraves pick btw] but the way things fell I can live with A Burns.

  • Pghomer

    Who are you thinking?

  • EL-Wayne-O

    This article kinda Burns me, no pun intended. Who gives a flying rats azzz on how much burn, Burns was getting at the U, under a horrible coaching staff that was run out of town. The kid is playing well and looks to be a good draft pick regardless of what his snap count was in 2015 at the U.

    As I recall Paterno barely used Franco at Penn State. Lydell Mitchell was the work horse who got all the reps. How did that workout.