Steelers 2016 Re-Draft Exercise

Now that the 2016 NFL Draft is over I’m sure most of you have had more than enough time to not only fully digest the selections that were made by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but other teams as well. With that said, it is now time for all of you to partake in the annual Steelers re-draft exercise and let us know the selections you would have made for Pittsburgh based on the way the entire draft played out in the comments below.

The rules for this exercise, as you should know by now, are very simple. First, for each and every round you can only select from the list of players who were still on the board between each and every pick that the Steelers made. In other words, in the first round, you can choose to select cornerback Artie Burns or one of the other 32 players who were drafted before the Steelers second-round selection. You must continue that same process throughout the entire seven rounds of the re-draft, however, for the Steelers final pick of the draft, you can choose any player who was undrafted at that point.

This re-draft exercise is not only fun to look at now, but in future years as well and I expect several of you to have quite a few interesting selections.

Later on today I hope to have all of grading done from our annual Steelers draft contest so be on the lookout for the post announcing this year’s winner. Moving forward throughout this week, we will also have full breakdowns of the undrafted players who the Steelers signed in addition to the few late-round draft picks that we have yet to cover.

Here is a full list of the 2016 NFL Draft for easy reference.

  • Joey


    Would have taken Cash instead of Ayers, but after watching his highlights of his punt returns, looks like he has a good center of gravity, VERY low, and hard to tackle. So I am okay with this pick. Could see some time in the slot as well!

  • William Weaver

    I was surprised with Artie in the first but I am excited about him now. Same with Davis in the second. Surprise has turned to excitement. These guys are now Steelers to me so I choose them!

  • Ray

    I don’t have a problem with the Steelers draft but for the sake of being different and I purposely did not select any of the current picks even though I loved Hargrave and Feeney…

    25th- Myles Jack, LB, UCLA
    58th- Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
    89th- Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor
    123rd- Christian Westerman, G, Arizona St.
    220th- Stephen Weatherly, LB, Vanerbilt
    229th- Jalen Mills, DB, LSU
    246th- Jeremy Cash, S, Duke

  • Matthew

    1) Vernon Butler, 2) Shilique Calhoun, 3) Justin Simmons, 4) DJ White, 6) Daniel Braverman, 7A) Scooby Wright III, 7B) Jonathan Jones. — I liked the Steelers draft, just did not love it. Hargrave is my favorite pick, would have maybe even pulled the trigger in the second.

  • Lost Loves

    I am skeptical on the Matakevich pick but like the rest. I would have went with James Burgess Jr, Mike Rose, Channing Ward.

  • Lost Loves

    All injured team lol

  • Ray

    Yea thats pretty accurate haha

  • T3xassteelers

    How can you be skeptical of a 7th rounder.. Much less a 7th rounder with the pedigree of Matakevich?!

  • Ray

    He’s a tough, tough, tough kid who has had a chip on his shoulder for a long time. No one will out work him. He’s very easy to root for. I really hope he makes the team

  • T3xassteelers

    Artie is a playmaker in the making.. Davis has one of the highest ceilings in the draft.. Hargrave was a no brainer and should be starter week 1.. Not crazy about picking OL in 4th, but Hawkins is one of the better OL in this draft.. Feeney could be a star in the making if he doesn’t get hurt.. LOVED our 2 7th round picks. Ayers is another guy that could be a steal and immediately helps ST and gets AB off PR for risk of injury.. and Matakevich is like a Kiko Alonso in the 7th round!!

  • Lost Loves

    I don’t know much about him. I watched a couple of cutups and he seemed slow to get to the spot. Had two misreads which led to long touchdown runs. Its a 7th so I’m not too hard on him.

  • Lost Loves

    I trust you. I can’t form an opinion yet.

  • T3xassteelers

    When they did the review of him I was pumped instantly! He could be a GREAT 7th rounder. I think he will make the roster. Guess we’ll see. Probably the best 7th rounder (besides from Scooby)

  • T3xassteelers

    Man I really wanted Simmons!!

  • William Weaver

    He was pretty tough against my ND team. That is all I know, but he definately stood out as a tough guy.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Honestly only thing I would have done differently would be draft Mack in the first, because i think he can play right away, but after watching alot of the combine Artie Burns stuff he has tremendous upside and his balls skills are grade A!

  • steelburg

    So you would cut Timmons? If you play him right away Timmons is going to want out he still has 2-3 good years left IMO.

  • Brian Tollini

    1. Myles Jack-LB
    2. Kendall Fuller-CB
    3. Andrew Billings-DT
    4. Deon Bush-S
    6. Feeney-LB
    7a. Charone Peake-WR
    7b. Jonathan Jones-CB

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Mackenzie Alexander.

  • taztroy43

    I would trade this years 6th and next years 6th for Vickings WR/KR C. Patterson!!!! KR/PR problem solved with even WR depth solved!!!!

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    And Boehringer in the fourth, I don’t care if he like the Vikings, he a Steeler! Lol!

  • Biggie

    Honestly only pick I’d change is Ayers who I think has very little chance of making the roster. I believe we have a couple WRs on the roster now who will beat him out for last spot. Unless he blows it up in returns in preseason and also shows ability in other areas of ST and as a slot receiver will be tough. I’m good with the rest of the picks. Maybe LB Scooby Wright, RB Keith Marshall or WR Charone Peake over Ayers. Only other change would have been not trading Boykin for a 5th, but hindsight I guess.

  • PaeperCup

    I’d still take Hargrave over Billings. Billing may be the most overrated prospect here at Depot in the end. Don’t know what we ever saw in him over Hargrave.

  • PittsburghSports

    I wonder if we would’ve had equal value drafting Patterson over Jarvis Jones? Both are busts for their draft slot, but at least Patterson has been great as a returner.

  • taztroy43

    My thoughts exactly….i think he might be able to be had on the cheap…i would say go for it since we seem to develop wrs like crazy (see nate washington, m. Bryant, A.Brown, DHB, randle el, e. Sanders n so on)…..

  • MattHat121

    1. Noah Spence (OLB) – Take immediate and near-term pass rush help over a reach at CB.
    2. Sean Davis (S/CB) – The more I see/hear, the more I like. The versatility at Safety/CB helps make up for not getting a top flight corner in Round 1.
    3. Hargrave (DL) – Yes. My favorite pick of the draft.
    4. Joe Haeg (OT) – There are not too many enticing options 124-155. Haeg would’ve been a better choice at the position than Hawkins.
    5. No Pick.
    6. Devin Lucien (WR) – Only 8 picks between the 6th and 7th rounds picks. So, limited options for this exercise. It comes down to Feeney or Lucien. I’ll take the upside with Lucien.
    7. Jalen Mills (S/CB): A nice pickup to add to possibilities in secondary.
    7b. Forgot this one initially: Jonathan Jones!

    Obviously, there is no pure corner taken in this 20/20 hindsight draft, but the combination of Davis/Mills seems like a good set of tools for Butler to work with. In addition, PIT gets a potential pass rushing stud in Spence and help up the middle with Hargrave. To address the LB’s lost in free agency, I think there are/will be UDFAs or future cuts for that.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    1 N. Spence
    2 Davis (same)
    3 Hargrave (same)
    4 J. Brown
    6 Feeney (same)
    7 J. Mills
    7 T. Boykin

  • PaeperCup

    Hindsight, would have traded #1 with Denver and pick up Myles Jack at 31. I have a feeling he will be just fine and tear it up. If not him Noah Spence would stillbe good value at 31. Use the extra 3rd round pick on a CB like Kendal Fuller, Russel or WIlliams. 3rd Round, still go with Hargrave, but use the added pick from Denver to draft Justin Simmons. That’s day 1 & 2.

  • steelburg

    Not a whole lot I would change. But I would have taken Dak Prescott in the 4th outside of that I would have kept everything else the same. If you look at way the corners fell we would not have been able to add premium talent at the position for the top guys. The next corners off the board after Alexander was Cyrus Jones, and James Bradberry that’s a huge drop off.

  • PittsburghSports

    I like our picks, although I probably would have gone EDGE or LB over Jerald Hawkins in rd 4. Jatavis Brown and Dadi Nicolas are 2 guys I wanted real bad that were selected in that 4th-6th rd gap. Ronald Blair and Matt Judon were there too, but I know nothing about them. Another player we brought in was RB Devontae Booker, and showed some interest in QB Dak Prescott. However, 13 offensive lineman were selected later in rd 4 and in rd 5, so it seems we got some great positional value with the pick. We passed on Caleb Benenoch and Brandon Shell tho, 2 Tackles we showed interest in, so we’ll have to follow their careers.

    I like to participate in the re-drafts tho, so I’m gonna put a little twist on mine. I’m going to trade our 25th selection to the Broncos for their 1st rd(31st overall) and 3rd rd(94th overall) selections.

    1(31) Noah Spence OLB, E. Kentucky
    2(58) Sean Davis S, Maryland
    3(89) Javon Hargrave NT, S. Carolina St.
    3(94) Tavon Young CB, Temple
    4(123) Cardale Jones QB, Ohio St
    6(220) Ted Karlas III G, Illinois(no idea who he is but Pats drafted him right after Feeney, so you know he’ll be good. probably start day 1 lol)
    7(229) Demarcus Ayers PR/KR, Houston
    7(246) Jeremy Cash S/OLB, Duke

  • Jonas

    If Billings really has the fitness he showed in the Combine drills and in Texas, I still think he will lite it up.

    If he has some knee problems, the fear probably was that he will be limited to the 0-tech/1-tech.

  • PaeperCup

    I did the same thing. That trade would be huge. And extra 3rd would give us an opportunity to find a decent CB, or as I had in my post S Justin Simmons. It’s frustrating seeing that trade was available, and at the same time us making some “reaches”. But they like who they got, I like who they got…for now.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    I’m half-way shocked that you posted the same top 3 at pretty much the same moment I did. Then a 7th overlap to boot. LOL

  • steelburg

    Davis is a safety he struggled mightily when asked to play corner last year. So banking on him to be your corner would in no way help your secondary.

  • MattHat121

    Fair point. I wouldn’t bank on it if this is how it happened. By getting Mills and Jones in 7a/7b, get more CB help.

  • PittsburghSports

    Yeah I was thinking of taking Cyrus Jones in rd 2, who I think highly of as a CB and a returner, and then selecting Justin Simmons with the extra 3rd rd pick. I’m not mad about the trade, because I like Artie Burns, but it’s fun to think about.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Not bad aside from not addressing corner until round 4

  • steelburg

    So your counting on 2 7th round picks? Lol

  • PaeperCup

    Hargraves actually outperformed Billings at the combine, at least when it came to measurables. The only one BIllings had better results for was the Bench press, Billings did 31, Hargraves 29. Statistically Hargraves dominted, 13.5 sacks this year, 16 sacks last year. Billings had 8.5 his entire 3 year career. I will give that he had tougher competition, but no matter what level Hargraves production is incredibly impressive. But Billings may be more the run stuffer, unfortunately for him, that means he’s probably just a 2 down player. HArgraves has added value in that he can play 3 downs.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    So no corners….

  • NonnaYourbiz

    *if true*—

    the rumor that is being floated out there (via a different steelers blog) about what Dallas ?offered? and we declined? the pressure is REALLY going to be on Artie Burns to produce this year.

    Wow- they REALLY liked him.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    To be fair, a lot of people are counting on the 2 7ths we did pick to be ST stars this year.

  • PittsburghSports

    Peter King said Dallas never even had the chance to offer PIT. They just went up with their pick.

  • PaeperCup

    I think Artie Burns will grow on me. Right now it’s still a reach for me since he’s such a project. I wanted someone a little more ready, but he does have incredible upside.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I would have much rather traded with Denver over Dallas. I’m very reluctant to give up that 5th year option that comes with a round 1 selection.

  • Craig M

    Agree, I like our picks but would have traded down for an additional pick and then just let the draft pan out to get what we could.

  • PittsburghSports

    Totally. Plus, if you look at the points, Dallas was low balling Seattle. 26th pick is worth 700 points. Dallas offered their 2nd, worth 560 points, and their 4th, worth 96 points. Cowboys didn’t want to give up their 3rd. Broncos offered their 1st, worth 600 points, and their 3rd, worth 124 points.

  • vasteeler

    besides maybe trading back in 1st rd (which is still being speculated about burns’ availability) i dont know what they really could have dpne differently, sure you could draft other guys but the steelers drafted based on their NEEDS, hard to argue with any team that does that

  • Eric Brown

    I have really fallen for Sean Davis and rumor has it KC traded back with Denver only because we took Artie Burns.

    I thought Jeremy Cash had good value in some of those later rounds but apparently every team in the league didn’t. Same with Jalen Mills. Love Freeney and Mataketvic though.

    Hargrave has obviously been considered an overall “darling” pick for us and I feel no different. Jerald Hawkins was surprising a bit with what was on the board but I truly felt that 4th round was a luxury pick but I was thinking pass rusher or wideout.

    Sean Davis could be the face of this defense in 3 years along with Shazier.

  • Michael James

    1. Artie Burns
    2. Sean Davis
    3. Javon Hargrave
    4. Jerald Hawkins
    6. Travis Feeney
    7. DeMarcus Ayers
    7. Tyler Matakevich

    Honestly I trust our front office and find it a little bit unfair to our players that we want to take other players, when we haven’t seen them playing one snap.

  • PittsburghSports

    How about Jonathan Jones? Alex said he’d draft him in rd 2, and he went undrafted. The other Auburn CB did get drafted. Billings was a pretty big projection bust too tho.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    ^ This

  • blackandgoldBullion

    What’s the speculation? I always say there are teams willing to give up way too much for early trades. Dallas is definitely one of the candidates.

  • PaeperCup

    It’s not unfair. We are still in the projection stage. It’s all for fun

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I was definitely thinking WR in round 4, but once Cooper and Mitchell were off the board, I didn’t think the value was there anymore. Oh and KC traded with 49ers actually.

  • Michael James

    I understand that and I’m not blaming anyone.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    I have no problem saying I’d rather we had taken Jalen Ramsey, Shaq Lawson, Josh Doctson, and a few other 1st rounders over any of them.

    This isn’t a feel good business. I’d rather Landry Jones never played a snap of football for us. That isn’t a knock on him, really.

  • PaeperCup

    Lol, yea a couple of swing and misses. I had Darian Thompson as a 1st rounder at a certain point. I didn’t think his combine speed would drop him that much. This happens every year.

  • PittsburghSports

    That Jon Ledyard guy had Darian Thompson mocked 17th overall at one point. I told him he was nuts.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I think everyone missed the boat on Billings. I didn’t see any draft ranking system that had him lower than mid-2nd round projection.

  • steelburg

    Counting on, and 7th round picks shouldn’t be in the same sentence. The ceiling for Tyler Matakevich is him becoming the 2nd coming of Vince Williams. Ayers has some ability but he is dead last of any depth chart. With a guy like Eli Rogers ahead of him. This redraft thing is all for fun. But whoever is counting on this year’s 7th round picks are being delusional.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Funny how I was just thinking similar thoughts I was wondering if I should participate in this exercise although I had other picks in mind we should have got I don’t think it’s fair for me to cast our new members aside just yet but that’s just me

  • PaeperCup

    It’s pretty perplexing. I do like Hargraves a lot, but Billings should have been taken much earlier. I just don’t think many teams need a 2 down NT like him anymore.

  • PittsburghSports

    If by everyone, you mean amateur evaluators. Lance Zierlein was just saying this morning that 3 teams he’d talked to had 3rd day grades on Billings. He said most teams didn’t like him in the first 2 rounds.

  • PaeperCup

    It’s funny…the analysts are analysts, they are not scouts. So why are we so surprised when their projections are so far off of what the actual teams, coaches, GMs, scouts have.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Well of course I mean amateur evaluators. But as fans, that’s all we have to go off of. And apparently all 32 teams had a 3rd day grade on him lol.

  • Taylor Williams

    Front 7 is fine, don’t need that many dlineman.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Agreed. Let me begin by saying I LIKE Artie Burns. And by next year we will all say he was a great pick. But I would rather make a trade for another team’s current CB (like we did with Boykin last off season) and start him this year, and pick up a free agent ILB. Then I would draft the following:

    1) Noah Spence OLB (2nd best pure edge rusher in the draft) (should’ve been WJ3) (hate Bengals)
    2) Sean Davis SS/FS (most versatile DB in the draft behind Ramsey)
    3) Javon Hargrave NT (steal of the draft)
    4) Devontae Booker RB (perfect replacement for DeAngelo Williams)
    6) Vadal Alexander OG/RT (big strong run blocking mauler)
    7) Kalan Reed CB (high upside playmaker)
    7) Jeremy Cash SS (I can’t believe we didn’t draft him)

    Again that is assuming we traded for a vet CB, and picked up an ILB after other team’s cuts.

  • Taylor Williams

    Yeah I’m fine with these guys. If they’re willing to be couched up, then we have 3 starters here.

  • Dorian James

    With the exception of the Billings thing I don’t think I would have changed anything. Still not sure why he fell so far.

  • Ray

    Don’t let Lance fool you. He is not very good at evaluating. Its easy for a lot of people to say they had him in Day 3 on Day 3 when he hadn’t gone. He had Le’Raven Clark going in the first round.

  • Ray

    No. While Jones doesn’t have the sacks he is a solid run defender. Patterson is nothing at all as a receiver. I don’t care his value as a return man he’s still a bigger bust than JJ

  • Ray

    The Patriots are a TERRIBLE drafting team, particularly in the mid-rounds.

  • MattHat121

    Just because they’re taken in the 7th doesn’t mean that’s what they’re worth. Mills and Jones are, in my opinion, tremendous value in round 7. Both have played in major programs with success (LSU, Auburn) and both are graded as eventual starters. Are you counting on just Artie Burns?

    CB’s are notoriously tough to evaluate. Reaching for one in the first round compounds the problem because you pay a high price in both opportunity cost and real cost. Add to that the Steelers’ poor history of picking/developing CB’s, and I’m even LESS likely to feel good about them taking a CB in round 1. Apparently, they loved Burns, so for them it made more sense. But in my couch-scout opinion, after WJ3, there is a huge dropoff. Yes, CB is a high need on this team. So is safety. And OLB is almost as much of a need, considering James Harrison’s looming retirement and Jones’ contract situation, and just because of its importance to the scheme. And there were much much better players on the board than Burns, particular at OLB and DL. Perhaps you go DL in Round 1, and CB in Round 3 (instead of Hargrave). Fine with that too. But I don’t like the reach in round 1.

  • Steelers58

    Why trade back. If that is the player we had rated highest on our board why not grab him. If we traded back with Broncos there is no guarantee burns would have been there.
    There are definitely times where trading back is a good thing, but not this time
    I like our picks our picks a lot

  • 20Stoney

    I definitely prefer him to the Gerod Holliman pick from last year!

  • PittsburghSports

    Lance said his grade for Billings was rd 2. I don’t doubt his sources about where teams had him tho. Clark still went mid rd 3.

  • Lost Loves

    I thought Holliman would get tougher after being humbled in the draft. Disappointment.

  • MattHat121

    I believe Jonathan Jones was signed by New England after the draft. Might be a steal.

  • PittsburghSports

    Pats drafted two 4th rd offensive lineman last year, and they had 19 starts between them.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I am going to be somewhat different and follow up on the trade I wanted us to make. I know it will be a bit wonky but for what I think is the fairest possible route I will keep all picks the same and write Burns out of it in case someone may have taken him.

    Round 1 – (31st via Denver trade) – N. Spence – OLB – is a big need with Harrison retiring and Jones not being the guy. Dupree is a maybe (that I am hopeful about mind you) and Moats is just a backup. There was a lot of focus on DL and DB’s leading up and I think OLB went slightly unrecognized.

    Round 2 – Von Bell – S – I like that we addressed the DB situation early, but I would go Bell over Davis. Byard as well but I like Bell the most. If anyone has seen me post they should know by now that I just flat out don’t think we need another SS because that is where Mike Mitchell belongs. He isn’t great as a FS and I think Bell would be. We already have a coach saying Davis will start out as a SS so I now view out team as having 3 SS’s and no good FS.

    Round 3 – Javon Hargrave – DL – Not changing this one. Of the first 3 this is easily my favorite. Can’t help but love that he was already a Steelers fan as well.

    Round 3 (pick from Denver trade) – Juston Burris – CB – Later than I wanted to address corner but the guys I liked were off the board at other times and I like what I have read on Burris without seeing any tape.

    Round 4 – Rashard Robinson – CB – A double dip at CB and I am taking a chance on character concerns at this point in the draft. I believe I mocked him to us once before and I would go ahead and take him here. We have to get corner right and it is late enough for me to weigh the risk vs reward on the character side.

    Of course this is where it hurts to not be on the inside. Teams will know more about him than what I ever can.

  • MattHat121

    I get what you’re saying; however, 1) it’s all in good fun, 2) Just because we think they could’ve drafted better doesn’t mean we’re being “unfair” to anyone, 3) no player will see this.

  • MattHat121

    Jeff – see my response to steelburg above.

  • Jason Ballek

    7th round picks never amount to anything…says Kevin Beachum.

  • MattHat121

    I agree. No problem with Burns other than the round he was taken in.

  • Ray

    I don’t believe “sources” after the fact. If he said it prior to the draft it would hold more merit.

    Clark is a terrible prospect. I know a lot of people believe he is going to be good for whatever reason but he was not good all year and didn’t look good at the Senior Bowl. Kyle Crabbs who does a very good job had Clark at 246. He had Billings at 106 and his draft report comes out April 1st.

  • Matthew

    Even with the “need” at CB, I don’t like to force the issue. I will always prefer a dominant front 7.

  • MattHat121

    Well done. Great points about SS/FS. I was torn on Bell or Davis for this exercise too. And, yes, the only way we get a good mid-round corner AND get Hargrave (or DL help in general) is by getting another pick.

  • The GreekGeek

    It’s interesting, because in hindsight you can kind of agree more with the picks than the first pass. Hard the find better value in some spots than what they picked…

    1. Artie Burns (Thought about spence or Butler, butbiggest need)
    2. Darian Thompson (Steelers may be right about Davis though)
    3. Javon Hargrave (Hargrave is interesting, but I was sold on Billings by the Depot wonder how that pans out)
    4. Devontae Booker
    5. None
    6. Travis Feeney
    7. a. Demarcus Ayers
    7 b. Tyler Matakevich

    Really just would rather get a backup RB with a high value in the 4th than a backup tackle that may not see the field for a couple of years (except maybe as a tackle eligible). Looked for a backup G/C but didn’t see any that jumped off the page… Give the Steelers a B- considering what was available at the time. Thought about the Denver trade but I doubt that Burns would still be available and then there isn’t much corner help after that that has a chance to start…

    Curious why there are no UDFA CBs on the list. I wonder if we tried to sign Jon Jones at all…

  • harding36

    Rd 1. Andrew Billings
    RD2. Andrew Billings
    RD3. Andrew Billings
    RD4. Andrew Billings
    RD6-7. Whoever PFF says we should take

  • MattHat121

    Don’t know. He signed with New England as an UDFA.

  • The GreekGeek

    He may be a reach but not that far. CB talent really drops off after him and Alexander, and Alexander is a poor man’s Golson imho, so getting a guy more comfortable outside in Burns makes sense. In retrospect, I understand the pick of Burns. He wouldn’t get to us in a trade back scenario, and I think the impact is more immediate than an edge rusher in round one who would have to beat out Harrison, Moats, and Jones just to see the field in year 1. Basically would be redshirting, while I can see Burns pushing Cockrell to start and getting snaps in some looks like the Dime.

    Also, not sure if the Denver trade was available to us anyway, because they knew we wouldn’t take a QB and the value they would give up would be less one pick behind us…

  • The GreekGeek

    Plus we probably don’t get a guy who could possibly start with the Dallas pick. Maybe with the Denver pick, but this year was top heavy (decent top 10-15), then lean, then some meat in the 3-4 round. If we are in win now mode, then I get not trading back.

  • The GreekGeek

    Rd 5. Jonathan Jones
    Rd 6. Jonathan Jones
    Rd 7. Jonathan Jones
    Rd 7. Jonathan Jones

  • Jason Ballek

    1. Myles Jack LB UCLA
    2. Kendall Fuller CB VT
    3. Javon Hargrave DT NCS
    4. K. J. Dillion S West Virginia
    6. Vidal Alexander G LSU
    7a. Devin Fuller WR UCLA
    7b. Scoobey Wright III LB Arizona

    I really like our draft but tried to pick different players that would have fit. 7th round picks were tough. Another player I thought about was striker, the LB from Oklahoma.

  • Chad

    I like the Booker and Alexander picks

  • Big White

    1. Vernon Butler DL La Tech – spells all 3 DL positions.
    2. Von Bell S Ohio State – a true safety, played in huge games.
    3. Rees Odhiambo G Boise State – need a future guard not a tackle.
    4. Deiondre’ Hall CB Northern Iowa – Big, Physical, didn’t have to reach.
    6. Keith Marshall RB Georgia – a true scat back with speed.
    7. Tyler Matekevich ILB Temple – great pick, wasn’t supposed to be good at Temple either.
    7. Jonathan Jones CB Auburn – Nickel back a necessity now in the NFL.

  • popsiclesticks

    I still think Billings is going to be awesome and I hope I’m wrong but I absolutely see how someone could prefer Hargrave over him.

  • popsiclesticks

    That’s insane. Why would Atlanta draft a safety a full round higher than people expect them too?

  • srdan

    You must be related to the Steelers trainers and want to keep the busy?

  • srdan

    Your top three picks all fell because they are injured bud. That could spell trouble.

  • popsiclesticks

    1. Noah Spence – I like the Artie Burns pick more and more as time passed but anytime I can grab a pass rusher 25th that I think is a top-5, top-10 talent, I pull the trigger. I fully expect Spence to fail zero NFL drug tests.

    2. Darian Thompson – I like Sean Davis as well but like Thompson a bit more, even after the poor Combine. Pick would be Shilique Calhoun if I hadn’t taken Spence in the first.

    3. Andrew Billings – Love Hargrave but Billings has been one of my favorites since before he was ever mentioned on this and other sites. Gotta stick with my dude on this one…to be honest I’d have taken him 2nd if I didn’t know he’d be available here.

    4. Deiondre Hall – I need a corner, and I like this Dhalsim looking dude from Northern Iowa. The people complaining now probably complain about not having a CB if this were the actual draft.

    6. Travis Feeney – I have heard of zero of the other options between this pick and 7a and he seems like a worthy flier so I’ll lock this one in.

    7a. Daniel Lasco – I’d want a running back in this class if a good one fell. Lasco seems like he was a puncher’s chance of being good in the NFL.

    7b. Kalan Reed – If I didn’t have Burns I’d take two corners.

  • popsiclesticks

    Agreed. In hindsight, nobody after Burns looks like a prototype NFL corner.

  • Ray

    They are the best in the business!

  • James Rogers

    I’ll believe Hargrave was a steal if he outperforms Billings.

  • srdan


  • PittsburghSports

    I follow Crabbs. He had REALLY good things to say about our draft. In fact, he said we won the draft lol, which was a bit surprising. He said he’s gonna have his thoughts on it later on draftbreakdown.

  • PittsburghSports

    Billings isn’t injured. That was just an analyst spreading an unsubstantiated rumor that was debunked by a media person close to his family. Billings fell because teams didn’t like him. The rumor is being perpetuated by analysts as an excuse, because they can’t understand why their evaluations were so off.

  • George Kroger

    I agree 100% on the first 4 rounds, with the following caveats:

    1st – I would either take Spence or Jack, whichever is the better pass rusher.
    3rd – I’m fine with Hargrave – I think he’s the same player as Billings, but not quite as strong, but quicker, which I think is better.

  • PittsburghSports

    Safety was a huge need for ATL. Has been for awhile. That’s not surprising. I bet they would’ve preferred Joseph over Neal tho.

  • popsiclesticks

    You’d want Spence – Jack isn’t a pass rusher, he’s going to be Jacksonville’s Shazier. Not as crazy fast as Shazier but a bigger version that if he hits will be wrecking plays behind the LOS every week.

    They must really think highly of Hawkins….I don’t understand it either but I know nothing about the dude and I’m not gonna rail on a 4th rounder until I’ve seen him play.

  • popsiclesticks

    I seem to be in the minority but I HATE Scooby Wright. I do not get it with that guy. I thought he looked terrible.

  • Ernest

    1. Burns
    2. Davis
    3. Hargrave
    4. Kenneth Dixon
    6. Feeney
    7. Vadal Alexander
    7. Jeremy Cash

  • NonnaYourbiz

    Shazier was ripped at the combine (or was it proday?) and only weighed in 7 or 8 pounds under Jack. Jack looks doughy by comparison.

  • Vince Sansotta

    Instead of re doing the draft the Steelers should re do their GM Kevin Colbert who has not anything to improve the Steelers since the season ended. Colbert is lazy not pro active to make the Steelers a better team. No surprise the Steeler secondary major weakness. Did the Steelers sign a FA DB before the draft ….No. Did the Steelers trade up in the draft to insure they could draft either William Jackson to insure they would draft a stud CB….No.
    Instead the Bengals drafted Jackson who will make big plays against the Steelers instead of making big plays for the Steelers. For 2 years in a row the Steelers watched as other teams drafted the stud CBs. Instead the Steelers drafted Artie Burns who will be a project. Kevin Colbert is either lazy or just lacks common sense and does know how to be proactive. He needs to go he is hurting the Steelers more than helping them. Another problem 24 different NFL teams have either traded, signed a FA QB, or a UDFA QB. The Steelers need to improve the QB2 situation. Landry Jones is not the answer. Five teams expressed interest in Nick Foles, not the Steelers. Is Colbert waiting for the Rams to call him. He is lazy needs to go now.

  • gjnn

    1. Myles Jack – we’re in win-now mode with Ben the age he is and the value would have been incredible.
    2. James Bradberry – I think Gettleman is as astute a GM as there is in the NFL. Having looked at Bradberry’s tape, I think he’d have been a great 2nd round option.
    3. Javon Hargrave – This was a great pick pick.
    4. Deon Bush – I like Davis but I don’t see a huge disparity between Davis and Bush.
    6. Travis Feeney – love the upside here.
    7. Daniel Braverman – I like Ayers but Braverman looks like an absolute steal here.
    7. Kalan Reed – PFF alerted me to this guy and I really liked the look of him on tape.

  • PittsburghSports

    I’m not a JJ hater, but he has 54 tackles and 5 sacks in 3 seasons. He hasn’t done much of anything. Patterson took a nose dive as a WR last year, but his rookie year was really good as an all-purpose player. Still had a 31.8 yard kick return avg with 1,019 yards and 2 TDs last year. So far in his career he has 4,436 all-purpose yards, 4 KR TDs, 5 rec. TDs, and 4 rush TDs. Neither player will get their 5th year option, but we could’ve really used a KR, especially last year.

  • steelerfan13

    1. Kenny Clark
    2. Will Redmond
    3. Justin Simmons
    4. Michael Thomas (SMU)
    6. Travis Feeney
    7. Daniel Lasco
    7. Landon Turner

  • Joe Jackson

    JJ sucks. Went exactly where he should have.

  • Ray

    He’s never been a good receiver. Kick return is more irrelevant now than ever. Not a concern of mine. I will take a starting linebacker (Jones included) over a kick returner only

  • T3xassteelers

    Haha honestly I’d rather have Matekavech. And tbh, I’ve never seen Scooby play, just from what I hear!

  • LucasY59

    *trade explained below…

    redraft #1 (offense gets more… the original 3 are the only ones with a legit chance of helping on D so the changes I make further strengthen the O)

    Rd 1. Burns (dont need to change it since he still ends up as the guy they want but trading gets them all the extra picks)
    Rd 2. Davis (is possibly going to be the best player on D from the Steeler Draft class, getting another fast physical Safety is what the D needs)
    Rd 2. (trade) Braxton Miller (Steelers have a lot of luck with former QBs turned WRs, Miller makes the loss of Bryant not so bad)
    Rd 3. Hargrave (my personal fav of all the picks, should be a much needed interior pass rusher, him getting a half dozen sacks and giving the DEs a breather will help a lot)
    Rd 3. (trade) Nick Vannett (fills out the TE depth chart for the future)
    Rd 4. Hawkins (IF he is able to develop into a NFL LT, then he is worth the pick)
    Rd 6. Feeney (stays so they have a pick other than the first 3 on D, he should be a good STs guy, and more competition (Chick also) to push Jarvis)
    Rd 7A. Ayers (keep him as the pick, not much else to swap with, Miller could possibly ret, and if he doesnt Rogers could as well, having all three to compete for the returner duties, should make it so AB isnt back there any more)
    Rd 7B. DJ Foster (he went undrafted to the pats, but I really like what he might be able to do as a RB catching passes out of the Backfield so I draft him late in the 7th)

    *trade… I would still get the same players with the Steelers top 3 picks (yes I think Burns is still there at 31…) Denver has to outbid Jerry and his “overspend” draft proposal (rumored that Dallas was thinking of bundling the 2nd rd pick with next yrs 1st) so Denver would win by giving up their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, which would turn into Braxton Miller (tempting to get Kendall Fuller) with the end of the 2nd rd pick (63rd overall), and with the 3rd, Nick Vannett, good use of the extra pick by Seattle IMO

    (Burns makes it to 31, but Im not sure about him making it to the Dallas 2nd rd pick (It is possible hes there at pick 34, but the Titans might take him…) so I’m taking Denver’s offer, but its fun using Jerry as a pawn to make Elway give up some extra picks, all of them being in this yrs Draft is a Bonus also)

    redraft #2 (extra Heavy D) *also explained below

    Rd 1. Burns (same as redraft 1)
    Rd 2. Davis (same as redraft 1)
    Rd 3. Hargrave (same as redraft 1)
    Rd 3. (trade) Tapper (or Extra Extra heavy with Billings)
    Rd 4. Deon Bush (Burns is happy to get his buddy from the U secondary, De’Andre Hall or Rishard Robinson could be good picks also, switching Hawkins to help make sure they fixed the problem with the Secondary)
    Rd 5. (trade) Jatavis Brown (Fast Physical ILB, undersized but is a upgrade/replacement for the departure of Spence/Garvin)
    Rd 6. (trade) Boehringer since I think he could fit in well with the Steelers WR corps (if the 3rd rd trade pick is Billings instead of Tapper, I am taking Holmes with this pick)
    Rd 6. Feeney (keep him since this is the D heavy Draft and his speed could be useful at OLB, but it could be really hard to make the roster with this draft, but could end up on the PS)
    Rd 7A. Jon Jones (Kozora had me sold on this guy and even though he went undrafted I think his speed could be useful at CB)
    Rd 7B. Matakevich (the guy will be tough to keep off the roster so another guy that is a long shot to make the 53, but will make whoever does get a spot really earn it) also a good PS guy

    (*explanation for redraft 2)
    the 2nd rd pick might be too rich for Elway, but bidding against Jerry the least the Steelers get is the Broncos 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th,

    use the 3rd pick on a guy like Tapper or Billings to double on DTs (and steal him from the Bengals)

    the extra 5th could be McGovern if they want a offensive pick (the guy the Broncos took with the pick) or Westerman (and another pick stolen from the Bungles!) I turn it into Jatavis Brown who was a guy the Steelers were interested in and would be a fast/physical ILB replacement for the loss of Spence and Garvin, would also be good on STs

    the extra 6th would be Moritz Boehringer (with an alternate of Tyrone Holmes) Keenan Reynolds is a interesting player, and swapping the pick for him takes him away from the ratbirds so is a tempting pick as well

    yes that is a ton of Defensive players (too many to fit on the 53) but it provides a lot of competition for spots and since the D needs help, the more competition the better, Hawkins isnt really needed since they brought in Harris, Boehringer could be a guy that helps the O in the future (if Bryant flames/smokes out) has just as good of a shot at making it as Ayers… so the Offensive picks arent that necessary

  • LucasY59

    agree and the guys they drafted make sense, a lot of them are projections of what they could develop into, but If most are able to do so this is a really good draft

  • LucasY59

    but the pats OL was bad

  • Joey


  • LucasY59

    after the fact is is obvious no teams liked him after the 3rd rd

    amatuer evaluators (except they get paid $$$) got it wrong (all of them) it happens sometimes…

    it turned out that the depth of talent at DL made the picks slide instead of what usually happens with lots of highly talented players (early rd rush to get them)

    it actually makes sense to look at it now, abundance of (talented) guys at a position that is getting less and less valuable = they slide (no need to pick one early because talent will still be available later)

  • PittsburghSports

    I just remember both rookies starting against us in game 1, and pretty much dominating us.

  • Donald Tillman

    25 Myles Jack SS
    58 Shalique Calhoun OLB
    89 Javon Hargrave DT
    123 Rashard Robinson CB
    220 Travis Feeney OLB
    229 Jalen Mills FS/CB
    246 Dominique Robertson OT

    I picked Myles Jack because he could play ILB immediately in the sub packages and play SS in the base once he figured it out. I know he could play SS because UCLA said he practiced with the DB’s everyday.

  • Richard Chase

    Like the 1st 3 picks but could’ve traded back with Denver, got another pick and still taken Burns. Same with 4th, would’ve traded way back and taken Judon or Ionnadis then taken Theus or Benenoch at T and another corner . And don’t like Ayers pick. Would’ve taken Keyaris Garrett. Who they could have signed after the draft BTW. Maybe they know something we don’t….

  • Donald Tillman

    Where did my post go?

  • Denny

    1. Artie Burns – CB
    2. Sean Davis – S
    3. Javon Hargrave – DT
    4. Christian Westerman – OG
    6. Travis Feeney – LB
    7. Jayron Kearse – S
    7. Morgan Burns – CB/KR

    Honestly I wasn’t a fan of the Artie Burns pick at the time but even with the benefit of hindsight in how the draft played out, it now seems like a fine selection to me along with most of the other picks. I, however would not live in my fears, and would have taken the trade down with Denver, with Burns, Alexander, Butler, and Spence still on the board. This not wanting to trade must be a Colbert thing, because it seems like gambling with trades would be right up Tomlin’s alley.

    It seems to me that Westerman would have a better chance of making the 53 than Hawkins and OG is a bigger need than OT. I’m happy with AV starting at LT and Harris as the swing Tackle. We need to be at least 4 deep at Safety and Kearse may well be an upgrade for Shamarko. I’d rather have the other Burns (Morgan) as a KR/PR candidate who could potentially beat out Grant as the 5th CB.

  • 1st Mackensie Alexander CB
    2nd Darian Thompson S
    3rd Javon Hargrave DT
    4th Kenneth Dixon RB
    6th Travis Feeney OLB
    7a Demarcus Ayers WR/PR
    7b Scooby Wright ILB

  • Craig M

    Only time will tell.

  • John21

    1. Vernon Butler DT/DE
    2. James Bradbury CB
    3. Josh Perry LB
    4. KJ Dillon SS or
    6. Charone Peak WR
    7. Blythe OG/C
    7. Kalan Reed CB or Taveze Calhoun CB

    Just chose all different players regardless if I liked our pick better (Davis). Do wish we would have traded down and grabbed a couple more mid-round picks once WJ3 was gone. Teams were hungry for a QB.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Fun exercise to start arguments with and eventually refer back to. I’d
    like to be our GM. And I too, will put my twist on this, since we are
    just saying how WE would have handled the draft. I make no move that I
    feel is unlikely. Without further ado…

    Rd1: (I really debated with my team about Myles Jack. Le’Veon Bell texts Butler, after he hits Twitter to do the same, to urge him to take Jack. We wanted William
    Jackson III to fall to us, as we could not find a suitable trade up
    partner. (which we were willing to look for) So, we spend the first 30
    seconds of our 10 minutes cursing the furniture. Luckily, in my war
    room, we always use most of our 10 minutes. So then we get on the
    phones. Dallas wastes our first minute or two low-balling us. Sorry,
    Jerry. CLICK. San Fran wastes our 3rd minute. Sorry, Baalke. CLICK.

    Elway calls next. We work hard to try to work a deal. They want Lynch, we
    need picks. (I try my best to get more picks out of Denver than Seattle
    ultimately did. But without trading any picks for next year, because we
    couldn’t move our or their 6th Rd comp picks, I settle.) I wanted their
    5th, #157, but only had our two 7’s to barter with. Elway cockily rubs
    salt in the wounds by first telling us we can have their 3rd and their
    4th (pick 130) if we give them our 1st RD and our 5th RD pick. (I’d like
    to think Denver could be leveraged into giving us more, but unbeknownst
    to us, they already have Seattle on the phone willing to trade with
    them instead, so they play hardball) This time, I spend 30 seconds
    cursing the sky over Boykin. Eventually, as the clock hits 2 minutes
    left, I have to decide if the just the 3rd (#94) is enough to move down.
    I decide that it is. And we make our ONLY trade of the day.

    *Trade Announced: Pittsburgh trades #25 to Denver for #31 and #94. We now hold
    our breath a little. We wanted to grab a CB at 1, ideally. We wanted
    WJ3, but we really like Burns. We hope no one snags him. We put out a
    smoke screen that we really now want Vernon Butler. Unfortunately, with
    pick number 28, Kansas City doesn’t buy it, stays pat and grabs Artie
    Burns. We had heard rumblings that they might, though the consensus was
    they wouldn’t, and our gamble now costs us Burns. There is disappointment but not mourning in the room. We know how deep this draft is and we plan on making our team as able as possible to help Ben win a ring now.

    RD1. Pick 31: Steelers Select: Myles Jack LB, UCLA.

    We take the clock down to the end and get a guy at 31 who could be one of
    the best 5 players in the whole draft. After we make a call to James
    Andrews and he CONFIRMS that Myles will NOT require any surgery, we
    pounce. There are 5 names here that we highly consider, and all have
    pass rushing qualities. We like our chances to hit CB hard later, and
    the WR’s Shepard/Boyd are tempting, so we debate Jack / Ogbah / Spence /
    Dodd / Correa. Ogbah has the character. Spence has too many questions coming off of some pretty bad workout numbers he posted and the arrest/drugs. Correa is a little too raw. We take it down to Jack or Dodd. And Dodd almost gets the nod, but we go with Jack. Celebration
    rings out of Pittsburgh, while the message board peeps at The Depot are
    cautiously optimistic.

    RD2. Pick 58: Steelers select: Vonn Bell S, The Ohio State U.

    We love Bell’s pedigree and where he fits for us. We envision sliding him
    right into FS as our starter. We debate a few names here, like Sean
    Davis, Kicker Roberto Aguayo (just seeing if you are paying attention,
    lol) Darian Thompson, Shaq Calhoun, Kendall Fuller… But after going
    with Jack, and feeling like CB doesn’t have great value here, we choose
    to upgrade the Secondary but at Safety, before it gets picked over.

    RD3. Pick 89 Javon Hargrave DT, SC. State.

    There isn’t much deliberation on this one. Knowing we pick again in a few
    picks at 94, we make sure to get the kid we want at 89. Plus, for the
    last hour, Mitchell hasn’t stopped shaking with anticipation of this

    RD3. Pick 94(from Denver) Eric Murray CB, Minnesota

    With newfound riches, come new found problems. GOOD problems. We debate a
    handful of guys here. We have a good amount more clarity now as to what
    we are gonna be hunting with these last 5 picks. We hope to get a CB,
    LB, WR, OG, and if the WR we pick can’t do returns, either a Returner or
    a another CB/S. Because we need a CB badly, we seriously debate if
    now is the right time. After looking around, and debating names like
    Tapper, Perry, Tavon Young, Ryan Smith, Malcolm Mitchell, Kwiatkoski,
    Pharoh Cooper, Tyler Ervin, and yes, Andrew Billings, the legend
    himself, we decide now is a prudent time to grab a CB in Murray who can
    play 3 places. Outside CB, Slot CB, and Special Teams. Something he has
    done before.

    RD4. Pick 123. (last pick for the next like 3 hours. Ugh) Steelers select: Deiondre Hall CB, N. Iowa

    We talk in the war room about taking Billings in the 4th if he is still
    there, as he represents great value for us now. Yeah, we have Hargrave,
    but to add Billings too would shore up not only DT, but help for the
    DE’s when they need breath. But, just like in the 1st, Cincy drinks our
    milkshake. Hate those guys over there. We look at a handful of players;
    Hawkins, Martinez, Prescott, Booker, Lowry, Judon, Howard, Brothers,
    Drango, DJ White, Boehringer, Burbridge, and Jatavis Brown. We don’t
    have the enviable ability to know for sure who is gonna fall to us
    later, so we have to go off of what we know. We think long and hard
    about a WR here, but decide we have enough talent there for now. A fight
    breaks out in the war room over 3 names: Jatavis Brown, Christian
    Westerman, and Deiondre Hall. In the end, a quality addition to the
    Secondary wins out. Hall has the ability to play all over the field. And
    we hope to snag a decent Guard later.

    RD6. Pick 220. Steelers select: Ted Karras III OG, Illinois

    Karras comes from a long line of football players. He is intense and fiery,
    strong and smart. Incredible discipline at Guard. Only 2 penalties over 2
    full seasons. He instantly provides nice depth along the line. And as a
    6th rounder, you normally wouldn’t expect the player to make the team
    all that often. Karras would and does. Some other names like Feeney were
    thought about, but after 5 straight defensive picks, we add the next
    two on O.

    RD7. Pick 229. Steelers select: Devin Fuller WR, UCLA.

    Although, WR Kenny Lawler was tempting and has the better hands by far, Fuller
    brings to the table 3 things we can use. First, he has blazing speed. He
    ran a 4.3 at his pro day. Second, he is a pretty darn good returner,
    which is what we were looking for. And 3rd, he was a former QB in High
    school and was brought to UCLA as a QB. So he has the ability to bring
    back a few trick plays that we haven’t had/used for quite some time now.
    In the 7th, to get a versatile guy, who caught passes from Goff, and
    played at a big time school, and is that fast in the 7th, we are quite

    RD7. Pick 246 Steelers select: Jeremy Cash S, Duke.

    Our last pick in the draft actually still requires some debate in the war
    room. In a draft with this much depth, it is crucial to try to hit with
    every pick in one way or another. So the guys we think about are; my (The GM’s) favorite, Taveze Calhoun, but as another CB (that would be 3) we decide to see if we can get him undrafted. Kalan Reed, another CB, same hope. Tyler Matakevich. Scooby Wright. Victor Ochi. Devon Cajuste.
    Vernon Adams. We look around for best value at this point. Then someone
    points out that somehow Jeremy Cash is still up on the board. Someone we
    had a 5th RD grade on. And we had in and we liked. But without a 5th RD
    pick this year, we sort of forget about him after we already drafted Bell and 2 CB’s. NO MATTER! BOOM!
    We gleefully send our courier in with the final pick. After it is done we assess.

    1. Myles Jack LB
    2. Vonn Bell Safety
    3. Javon Hargrave DT
    3. Eric Murray CB
    4. Deiondre Hall CB
    6. Ted Karras III OG
    7. Devin Fuller WR
    7. Jeremy Cash Safety

    We come out of the draft with 4 guys to compete in the Secondary. A
    versatile, borderline nasty CB in Murray. Another in Hall who may have
    the flexibility to shift from CB to S in all kinds of formations. (And
    who has the longest arms of just about any CB I can name) 2 Safeties
    that both could be starters. One who will tackle and knock your head off
    in $ Cash $. And one in Bell who we pencil in at FS, RIGHT AWAY. A
    tough guy Guard with outstanding pedigree who should make the team and
    add depth. A WR who can also return kicks AND Punts. A DT that should
    become an absolute mainstay beast for us. And a Linebacker in Jack that
    could become the steal of the draft at 31. All in all, the Steelers are
    ecstatic. We all high five and head out to Carson St. on the South Side
    to celebrate with our people.

  • Petherson Silveira

    1 Burns (maybr M. Jack)
    2 Davis
    3 Hargrave
    4 Hawkins
    6 feeney
    7 Ayes
    7 Maktavic or Schoob Wrigth

    I tried and saw that Colbert and coach T are genius.

  • Jake Milman

    Only one I would do different is KJ Dillon in the 4th

  • Disqussant

    this post made my day

  • Nick Sabatella

    Billings is a freak, and strong. Hargraves has potential but faced awful competition. We’ll see how it pans out. I don’t know how you could feel a whole lot more confident in Hargraves over Billings, but whatever. Here’s to hoping Hargraves plays great

  • Da Bus Driver

    Haha bro! This was good. I know this didn’t take you no 5 minutes to do! Kudos. You know I still want Matakevich at the end tho…

  • steelasfreek1981

    Love your 7’s….if we only swapped with Denver……

  • steelasfreek1981

    With you on Matt Judon and Jatavis Brown.

  • LucasY59

    I really liked what you did there (I made a couple redrafts earlier using trades, but yours inspired me for one more (dont mean to take anything away from yours) but my mind went in a few directions so I thought I would let it go here)

    shouldve given Jerry a call earlier at pick 21 (after the Bills and Jets passed on Lynch and it was unlikely that another team would take him before the Steelers pick) and then let Elway know there are 2 people looking to move up for Lynch (that way when the Steelers are on the clock they can get down to business)

    When the Steelers time on the clock starts ticking, give Jerry a call again (he was willing to give up a 1st next yr, as well as this yrs 2nd) dont even bother with the Niners, play hardball with Elway (especially if he is cocky about his offer) IF John is willing to give up his 2nd in addition to the 3rd take the deal with the Broncos (he is a little too arrogant to do so, and after not getting his QB will whine and try to make it sound like its not his fault)

    So Lynch becomes a Cowboy and when Romo gets hurt again this season and Lynch is too raw to replace him effectively the Steelers get a top 10 pick in the 1st rd of next yr’s draft. package the Steelers 32nd pick and the 8th (just a guess) from Dallas to move up into a top 3 pick to get Myles Jarrett to pair with Dupree as a dominant duo of pass rushers (Comp picks are tradeable next Draft so if they have to throw in another pick or two to get the early pick they give picks in whatever rd they have multiple ones due to comps (4th and 6th maybe? even with the ammo of two first rdrs trading into those 1st few picks can be expensive)

    I am not so sure KC takes Burns (I think they still like the value of trading back, and after seeing the great Value of picks the Steelers get, they still make the trade with the Niners, and maybe get a little better deal because of it) could possibly get Burns with the 34th pick, but if they dont, its Myles Jack (just for fun lets go the Jack route)

    A young group of LBs as talented as Dupree (Garrett) Shazier, and Jack is Dominant and since the Steelers D lives and Breathes through its LBs they can return to the Days of top ranked D in the League (yes I am projecting a lot by going into next yrs draft as well)

    Missing out on Burns is too bad but getting a top 5 talent in the Draft definitely makes up for it (and LB is the most important part of the Steelers D) CB is still a big need and the chance to get Davis or Bell in the 2nd is tempting, but for some reason the Bucs call saying they want to move up so they can get a kicker??? they offer pick 74 and 106 since the Secondary talent depth is good this draft (and the earlier trade did not result in any extra picks for this draft) the Steelers accept the trade offer, they miss out on Davis and Bell, but are able to pick Kendall Fuller at 74, CB is the biggest need on D so they address it with their 2nd pick, Fuller is a guy that can get TOs and that is very useful when the team has such a high powered Offense, take the ball away and give it to Ben and Co with a short field.

    Hargrave is still the pick at 89, surprised that they still had the choice between Hargrave and Billings (the two DT’s they thought were NT and sub package capable) they go with the one that has a bit more of a pass rush at 89,

    Billings is still being available at 106 so they Double up, the DL is now Stacked with Talent, and Billings can eat up Double teams to let the new superstar LB Jack roam free behind him (Shazier also benefits) the strong Front 7 will help the Secondary

    They need a Safety so they wont pick a developmental depth OT with pick 123 they take De’Andre Hall, a DB that has a ton of length and coverage skills from previously playing CB, Mitchell can be the enforcer of the Safety Duo, Hall will be able to roam in the back using his length to make plays in centerfield (and is also a great weapon to take on the TE pass catching threats that many teams are now using)

    Feeney makes a lot of sense at pick 220 (it was such a long wait to get to the pick and a lot of players they wanted went in that stretch, but at least they got the extra pick earlier) Feeneys speed is too good to pass up (they havent made an offensive pick but all the players they have possibly been able to take on O earlier would be depth guys, and since the O has a lot of talent (and they added some more in FA, they are able to focus on D this Draft)

    They cant go a full draft without taking at least one offensive player though (They flip a coin with Ayers and Fuller, not really the Steelers FO knows what they are doing with drafting WRs) ST coach Danny Smith also has a say in this pick (and getting AB off punt Ret is important to them) so they go with Ayers

    Waiting to get a Safety until rd 4 and needing a Dime SS, they Take Cash with their last 7th rd pick of the Draft, A enforcer that can be used in some different ways (especially with the super Athletic combo of Jack and Shazier at ILB) if a team is trying to exploit some sort of run stopping weakness in the Sub package Cash can go in and lay the hammer on the RB

    1st (as crazy as it sounds to trade out of the 1st, its only crazier to think they were able to get top 5 talent of the Draft by doing so)
    2nd rd pick 34 Myles Jack ILB (Mack)
    3rd rd pick 74 Kendall Fuller CB (playmaker in coverage)
    3rd rd pick 89 Javon Hargrave DT (sub package interior pass rush specialist)
    4th rd pick 106 Andrew Billings NT (powerhouse space eater that occupys double team blockers)
    4th rd pick 123 DeAndre Hall Safety (long back end covering centerfielder, and TE stopper)
    6th rd pick 220 Travis Feeney OLB (sub package speed rusher and STs contributor)
    7th rd pick 229 DeMarcus Ayers (return specialist)
    7th rd pick 246 Jeremy Cash (Dime Package enforcer)

    1st rd pick 3 Myles Garrett OLB (final piece to a ridiculously athletic group of young LBs, and pass rushing partner to Dupree that returns the Blitzburgh pass rush to one of the best in the league and strikes fear in their opponents, also helps restore the D to a #1 in the league ranking)

    Yes there is a bit of fantasy here, but its fun to Dream of Steel Curtain type Defenses returning to Pittsburgh, Hopefully the pieces they actually got will be able to at least help them win a few more Rings!!!

  • LucasY59

    two comments down?

  • Steeler83

    Thank Sir !! We should have drafted Booker for sure !!

  • Jason

    You don’t get tougher at 22 yrs old. You’re either tough or you’re not and he clearly wasnt. Too bad cuz the talent was there.

  • Jason

    Holy homerism!! Lol. Just kidding but you lost me at ” Hawkins is one of he better OL in this draft.”

  • T3xassteelers

    Okay.. Upside wise then 🙂 just trying to be optimistic about Hawkins! Haha

  • John Mazza

    I actually like our draft a lot. i think the first 3 picks could start some games this season. But yeah. heres mine

    1 Myles Jack
    2 Kendall Fuller
    3 Javon Hargrave
    4 Deon Bush
    6 Travis Feeney
    7 Jonathan Jones
    7 Jeremy Cash

  • Phil Rippke

    1. Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

    2. Vonn Bell, S, OSU

    3. Javon Hargrave, DT, SCSU

    4.LeShaun Sims, CB, So. UT

    6.Travis Feeney, OLB, WA

    7a.Charone Peake, WR, Clemson

    7b. Henry Krieger-Cobie, TE, IA

  • Brian Tollini

    It was a risk I was willing to take in this high-stakes, high-pressure mock draft

  • Mike Tomlin

    1. Mackensie Alexander
    2. Vonn Bell
    3. Sheldon Day
    4. Jerald Hawkins
    5. Travis Feeney
    6. Demarcus Ayers
    7. Jeremy Cash

  • LucasY59

    I was right about Romo not playing, but unfortunately the rookie QB was a little better (Jerry got really lucky by not being able to trade) still wouldve liked two 1st rd picks this yr, Watt and Kevin King (or Awuzie, or Baker, or Melifonwu) and having the extra pick wouldve made it REALLY easy to trade back this yr, frustrated TWO yrs in a row, so now Im over hoping they will ever make a trade

  • LucasY59

    Trades! of course a yr later I am frustrated they didnt trade two yrs in a row!

    I was right about the original 3 being impact players on D

    redraft 1
    getting Braxton Miller wouldve been nice (I think he is similar to JuJu, not as young and is still transitioning, but as a 2nd yr player he should be good this yr, and with coach Mann (and Ben as a QB) he mightve had a better rookie season, and with the WR injuries/suspension they couldve used him) Vannett wouldve been a good pick as well since Green had his injury issues, Foster ended up winning a SB with the hatriots as a UDFA, he didnt do much, but he was a depth player on a championship team, so he wouldve been worth a draft pick

    Jatavis Brown wouldve been really nice to have (especially in yr 2 with LT gone) he has the speed to be the $ backer in the Nickel/Dime, Tapper and Bush didnt do much as rookies, but still wouldve been good to have extra depth/competition, Boehringer wasnt able to make the roster with the Vikings, but like I said with Miller, the Steelers are better at developing WRs (and with all the injuries to the WRs last yr, he mightve even made a impact if he was on the team) as much crap as Kozora got for pushing hard for Jon Jones (like Foster he was a UDFA SB champ) he was a game day active CB while their 2nd rd CB pick from Bama was inactive

    looking back at it (a yr later) I would combine both the redrafts

    3.(trade) Vannett
    5.(trade) J.Brown (takes Fort’s roster spot)
    *even if all they can get with the trade is the 3rd and 5th, it would stil be great to add the TE and LB
    6.(trade) Boehringer (starts on the PS, mightve been called up at the end of the season,IR Coates)
    6.Feeney (put him on the roster instead of S.Johnson, he and Jatavis help on STs)
    7.Ayers (maybe pick J.Jones instead and try and get Ayers as a UDFA?)
    (I would push a lot harder to sign J.Jones and DJ Foster as UDFAs)