Video: Steelers WR Demarcus Ayers – 2015 Touchdowns

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Houston wide receiver Demarcus Ayers in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft Saturday evening and while the team is defending his selection based on the fact he was their top-rated punt returner in this year’s class, it’s hard to ignore the production he had last year as a pass catcher.

It goes without saying that Ayers will likely only make the Steelers 53-man roster should he win the punt returning job during training camp, but based on the tape from last year that I have already watched of him, all he did was catch passes thrown his way. In fact, Ayers caught roughly 74% of the 132 passes that he was targeted with in 2015 and only had 3 total drops. I don’t care how one goes about catching 98 passes in a single-season, that’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

Ayers also caught 6 touchdown passes in addition to scoring twice via a run and a punt return. I have compiled all 8 of his scores from 2015 for you to see in the video below. Make sure you look for the nice one-handed grab in this video as well.

In a future post, we will be breaking down Ayers’ play over the course of the last few season and that will include us pointing out several of his faults for the sake of objectivity. In the meantime, however, let’s use this post to focus on some of his positives, which in this video includes him scoring touchdowns.

  • eric

    Dave, when i started watching tape of him after we drafted him last night i became slightly confused. He runs a 4.7 40 and plays like he runs a 4.4 or 4.5. Why the big differential? Maybe it has to do with his stride, but he looks a lot better with the ball in his hands.

  • harding36

    His top speed is not great, but he sure does get there quickly.

  • StillersInThe6

    if you pause at 0:27 seconds…eerily similar to one of the best moments in all of our lives…

  • SteelersDepot

    Very limited route tree for starters and not great against contact off the LOS. chops his feet and catches a lot with his body.

  • SteelersDepot

    Ha, OH yes indeed. Eerily similar shot. Nice find!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I don’t “hate” the pick. But I think Kalan Reed CB would’ve been a better choice. (Not as a kick returner, just as a future player).

  • StillersInThe6

    wow, that 1 handed grab at 1:34 is nothing short of spectacular.

  • eric

    i’m honestly looking more forward to seeing if Canaan Severin can do anything as a WR in camp. His 1 handed TD vs the U was ridiculous, and he’s beaten Jalen Ramsey for a TD as well.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    That 1 hander was pretty impressive

  • NonnaYourbiz

    slow and poor body control.


  • Jaybird

    Is it just me or does :
    He look slow
    His competition looks very slow
    He looks a heck of a lot bigger than Dri archer but is only a few pounds heavier

    To his credit – no bobbles ,catches clean, good hands

  • NonnaYourbiz

    we have an UDFA with a far superior one.

  • NonnaYourbiz


  • eric

    This^. I’m going to say it now, Canaan Severin is the guy no one should sleep on. Not a burner, but his routs are pretty good and his hands are just insane.

  • StillersInThe6

    you sound very hurt. take a couple plays off.

  • Doug McFee

    7th round pick with return skills and 98 catches and you’d rather have some other player? Your mug of beer is always half empty, huh?

  • NonnaYourbiz

    “you sound hurt”.

    oh wait, I mean you sound like you’ve looked up some highlights.

  • Daniel

    Is it ironic that we picked a WR that is teammate of William Jackson III? Makes you wonder if this kid have Jackson fits

  • NonnaYourbiz

    useless ad hominem comments rule the day, apparently.

    Check out Canaan’s highlight reel.
    The topic is 1 handed catches? Sorry, but Ayers doesn’t measure up.

  • Walt Dongo

    Holmes got both feet down though 😉

  • T3xassteelers

    I just got tickets to my first Steelers game! Chiefs vs Steelers on SNF 🙂

  • Daniel


  • Doug McFee

    Awesome shot!

  • NonnaYourbiz

    ding ding.

  • T3xassteelers

    This dude has some mad jukes.. Gonna be a steal.. And with how well we develop WRs.. could be special

  • NonnaYourbiz

    No, it isn’t.

    Thanks, Alanis.

  • Melly

    That score vs Navy was sick!

  • William Weaver

    Great experience!!

  • T3xassteelers

    Never been to Pittsburgh either! First time for that too!

  • William Weaver

    How does his tape compare to Eli Rodgers?

  • NonnaYourbiz

    be glad you are ‘breaking it’ in the GPS era.

    In all seriousness, tons of things to see/do. Give yourself more than a 1 day trip.

  • T3xassteelers

    Haha would be a 20 hour drive.. So I’m flying 🙂 But oh I am.. Gonna spend Saturday exploring the city some; then the game isn’t till sunday night so I have a lot of the day there too! SUPER EXCITED!!!

  • William Weaver

    I went for first time with the boys back on opening day vs the Browns in 2014.. GREAT day!! AB karate kicked someone. We dominated for the first half and then won a close one at the end. You will enjoy!!

  • T3xassteelers

    Ahhhh that was a fun game to go to!! I had the option of going to the Bengals game too.. But couldnt because prices were almost doubled the KC game 🙁 But KC is SNF so that makes for an amazing atmosphere 😀

  • NonnaYourbiz

    the O, Primantis, Grand concourse Brunch , Pamelas, Wholeys/Strip District, Carson St, Phipps, CNMH, PPG Z&A, CSC Sportworks, Soldiers and Sailors, Cathedral of Learning, Ft Pitt Tunnel/Mt Washington, Squirrel Hill eateries, Eides Records/Ent, 11, Frick Art Center, Waterfront (if nothing else to see the conversion of blight), Sharp Edge, Church Brew Works,…. 2 days isn’t enough.

  • T3xassteelers

    I’ve heard a TON about Primantis!! First thing I’m getting!! But thanks for the suggestions, be sure to check a few of those out! I wish I could stay a few days more.. But damn college, lol. I don’t think I could be more excited!

  • George Kroger

    Everything is much slower in college, but he looks like he has deceptive speed. Not sure of his 40 time – saw conflicting reports – one that said 4.63 and another that said low 4.3s.

    Dude’s hands are amazing. He is no Dri Archer. If you watched Dri’s college highlights, he was much more of a slot/running back – caught passed in the flat/screens and went nuts from there. Ayers is all WR. Can totally see this guy as a possession 3rd down slot receiver next year (and beyond). Can’t teach those hands!!!

  • StillersInThe6

    seriously, how old are you? i’m not allowed to think a catch is spectacular??? take your agenda elsewhere, its pathetic.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    You can think what you want. I can think it’s less spectacular than that from a guy we didn’t even value as highly.

    But yeh, go on with your bad self. Your opinion is OK, I should STFU.

    And— I’m the child.


  • StillersInThe6

    no one was making any COMPARISONS, hence yes, obviously you are the child here. i uttered nothing of any other player. you’re so hurt, it’s sad. *hugs*

  • NonnaYourbiz

    I made the comparison, which is my right as a fan or poster.
    You got “hurt’ that I did because you obviously haven’t done your homework. Based on 1 hand catches, Ayers is pedestrian among our draft picks.

    My only agenda is for this team to get better and win again.

    Take your hug and shove it.

    What words goes past “spectacular”? Because that is the right term for Canaan’s catch.

    The end.

  • StillersInThe6

    lmao there was no homework to be had. there can actually be TWO spectacular separate catches. i know, earth shattering. you’re going around shouting at anyone who has anything remotely positive to say about this player, like a child. grow up.

  • William Weaver

    KC beat us last year. Revenge time!!

  • NonnaYourbiz

    “you’re going around shouting at anyone who has anything remotely

    positive about this player, like a child. grow up.”

    You should be able to post links to verify your claim.

    Oh wait, there aren’t such posts. All I said is his 1 hand catch is not very spectacular; it isn’t even the best amongst our rookie class.

    But yeh, — I’m the hurt one.

  • SteelerTony

    Some of those redzone plays and that running play remind me of things I’ve seen from Ward. The way he refused to be denied when the goal line was in site. I’m gonna trust the wr draft track record(minus sweed) on this one.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    Why aren’t you calling out “eric” too? He agreed with me.

    Your agenda is transparent.

  • T3xassteelers

    Yup!!! And we’re home! And hopefully we’re healthy and not relying on Landry…

  • Applebite

    Like I said in another post on another thread, some players time poorly than their actual game speed. Darian Thompson timed poorly, but go look at his game footage again. He’s no where close to being as slow as his 40 was listed as.

  • The Notorious TOM

    Should’ve included his passing touchdown!! He hucked one in against the Noles!

  • It will be really interesting to see who–if anyone–stands out from the crowd of Ayers, Rogers, Philips, and Severin. I watched the tapes of Severin against Notre Dame and Louisville, and he seems to have good hands [and catches with his hands, not his body], a good size and frame, and might battle Philips for PC spot. I’d have to think the team wants someone to take Antonio’s PR job, which could be Ayers or Rogers [who like Ayers also averaged 10+ yards per punt return his senior year although with far less attempts]. Btw, The two new guys, Ayers and Severin, both run 4.7-ish forties. Phillips, who’s 6’3″, runs a 4.45, and Rogers runs a 4.6.

    I just re-read Rogers pre-draft measurables: 5’10” with 34.75″ arms!!! They’re as long [if not longer] than most top-end OTs! Plus he jumped 42″ in the vertical jump, so he probably has a much better catch radius than one would expect from his height. I can’t wait for camp!!!

  • H.K. northern cali

    I think next yr the steelers will take a wr 1-3rds.

  • gdeuce

    Ayers had a broken hand when he ran his 40, look at the tape and you can see he doesn’t run that slowly with the pads on

  • stan

    I’m going to disagree with Danny Smith and say that he really does play like he runs a 4.6. In every clip there’s a defender running faster than him (even the linebacker is catching up to him on the punt return). However, I don’t care. He’s not a home run hitter but he’s quick enough to make guys miss and therefore get open and gain a few yards. He breaks a lot of tackles too. Hopefully that will translate to the NFL.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Ayers normally runs a 4.4-5 40 yard dash but do to a broken pinkie finger in his hand he was unable to get the push off he would normally of had.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Actually this is one of my favorite drafts we’ve had in the past 10 years. If you read any of my other posts you would see that.

    And just so you know i’m not making “personal” statements (like you have to me) I will explain why i would’ve drafted Reed…

    If you look at our current WR depth, we have:

    Antonio Brown
    Marcus Wheaton
    Sammie Coats
    Darius Heyward Bey

    But we also have Eli Rodgers, who has a very similar WR size and skill set to DeMarcus Ayers, who can also return punts for us (10.4 yards per return his senior year in college) (the same average as Ayers). So what are we gaining from Ayers that we don’t already have in Rodgers?

    Meanwhile our current CB depth is:

    Artie Burns
    Senquez Golson
    Willie Gay
    Ross Cockrell

    Doran Grant (who we cut last year) might move to safety. But he couldn’t beat out Blake or Boykin so the coaches must not be extremely excited about him.

    Kalan was rated by many people as a 4th to 6th round prospect. Not that that means anything by itself, but logically speaking you’d rather give yourself a chance at a rotational CB when you’re only 4 CB’s deep, than add another WR who is redundant to your #5 or #6 WR.

  • GoSteelerz

    I’ve said this before but to put 40 times in perspective… There is a WR who is in the Hall of Fame whose 40 time was 4.71… Who is that receiver? None other than Jerry Rice. I don’t remember seeing too many people ever catch him from behind. Also a Hall of Famer for our very own Steelers also ran a 4.7 40… None other than John Stallworth. I don’t remember too many people catching him from behind either. There is much more to playing football than running a fast 40 without pads and without anyone chasing you. Ayers does a great job of reading blocks and finding/anticipating openings and angles. Maybe he is too slow, but maybe not. Regardless, I’m looking forward to watching him play!

  • gdeuce

    What was Ramsey even doing on that TD, he never got his head around

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    That top home run gear is missing. But the same can be said with reasonable accuracy of Antonio.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    He dropped 3 passes all year. Doesn’t sound like he has much of an issue catching the ball whatever his technique.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    I was surprised he was mr. irrelevant, last one to be drafted. I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have taken him over Matakevitch,even based purely on athleticism.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    How do we rate Houstons level of competition versus what Archer played against?.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    Most 40 times a generation ago were slower than today.

    Apples to dumptrucks.

  • NonnaYourbiz

    Because a pro-level athlete can’t learn to start from a mirror position with the biggest event of his life pending….

  • Matt Manzo

    I thought it was pretty weird that Kalan Reed was Mr Irrelevant! I would’ve loved him as a late rounder.

  • OIF3gunner

    So, what’s your point? Are you implying the UDFA is just as good if not better?

  • OIF3gunner

    Do not pay any attention to Nonna…. He just found the term ad hominem and uses it as often as he can, even when it’s obvious it’s just plainly being obnoxious.

  • T3xassteelers

    Way better

  • OIF3gunner

    Or a pro athlete is focused on what they will actually be doing (hopefully) the next few years…… Couldn’t be that though right Mr. Ad hominem

  • OIF3gunner

    As much as I want to tell you to go die, I won’t. Instead, I will tell you that I hope your Internet goes out.

  • Geoffrey Benedict

    reports of a broken hand when he was timed. Can’t push off properly and that can cost you even 2-3 tenths of a second.

    Remember AB ran a 4.54 forty, and he outruns guys with better times every game.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    I thought as much. They take their football a little seriously in Texas lol. I think he makes the team,at least initially, providing he doesn’t start muffing returns.

  • GoSteelerz

    Not really, both Rice’s and Stallworth’s times were considered very slow even back then. 40 times may be a little faster now, but not by much. 40 times are helpful in confirming or rechecking a prospect’s tape, but not necessarily what kind of player a prospect is or is going to be.

  • Fuamatu-Ma’afala

    He’s rarely running in a straight line. Ball carrier vision is an intangible trait that can’t be measured. How quickly can you process what you’re seeing visually and have your body react. He’s got wiggle and vision.

  • T3xassteelers

    Haha we do! But also Houston was ranked this season and beat Florida State in the bowl game.. and he was their best receiver. I think he makes the team as well.. Especially if he shows good in PR!! He only dropped 2 out of like 98 catches I think.. I read something he had the 2nd lowest drop %.. So he has good hands

  • eric popejoy

    Pretty impressive video! He has no chance is WR? Hard to believe.

  • DoctorNoah

    Sweet Jaysus, I don’t care what he ran in his 40, Danny Smith is right about this guy. Fast as hell, with a couple of gears and high torque. He might have broken a couple of ankles on a few of those. Let’s see him work with AB for a season.

  • Mike Frantz

    Exactly. He looks like a 4.6 guy, but he also looks pretty quick. I don’t think AB is much faster than that, if at all, really. I’m not comparing this guy to AB, but he looks like he could be a serviceable slot player.

  • StillersInThe6

    definitely should impose an age minimum of at least 14 to post on here. will ignore him in future.

  • renoir

    much much better prospect then Dri Archer imo and I know its hindsight but still he showcases many more skills then Dri did in college…

  • Danny Young

    Anybody else imagining putting him and brown in WR pass situation, Ayers throws from the right….Brown throws from the left. Some of the jet sweeps in the video have me excited, the opposing D won’t know where to go haha

  • Todd that dude!

    His running style reminds me of L. Bell. They both don’t have blazing speed, but have vision and patience to let blocks open up. He seems hella clutch with them hands too. I like what I see.

  • Rob S.

    Especially on that long jet sweep. Looked like he was jogging for about 20 yards waiting for blocks/the last defender, before turning it on

  • Darth Blount 47


  • steelburg

    Even though I have been going back and forth with the position of Grant just like you. There is no way you can list him as a safety until it’s made official which I don’t think will be done considering how the draft played out. If you look at the depth and numbers of each position it would lead you to believe that a change to safety for Grant doesn’t fit. They had 5 corners and 5 safeties on the initial 53 man roster last year. We all know how much Tomlin loves special teams guys. That’s why I see Thomas and Ventrone sticking. And with Grant as the 5th CB that gives him plenty of time to develop while being a special teams contributor. They added another return man similar to Rogers because Rogers got hurt last year and Brown also got hurt and we were left without a returner for punts. This way you can stash on on the 53 and also add one to the PS.

    Artie Burns
    Senquez Golson
    Willie Gay
    Ross Cockrell
    Doran Grant

    Mike Mitchell
    Robert Golden
    Sean Davis
    Sharmako Thomas
    Ross Ventrone

  • Steelers_DaBus

    hey sure can be something if he work hard and improve sky is the limit

    when he runs thru defenders he remind me of AB yes

    but can he work hard for 3-4 years !!

  • Steelers_DaBus

    i am not worried about his speed ..

    AB and Bell are not top 10 speed too

  • Steelers_DaBus

    i would rather have WR and OL in 6th and 7th because we can turn them to good players

    FO cant find talent CBs and coaches cant improve them too

  • Big White

    Great YAC, instantly goes into RB mode. Love the fearlessness on the one handed grab! Whoa Nellie.

  • HeavyMedicine

    He is very raw like Dave said regarding route running, getting off the LOS, however when he has the ball in his hands he reminds me of AB. His YAC ability is very exciting.

  • steelasfreek1981

    Low COG
    I just don’t see any quick twitch athleticism.
    I mocked us taking Morgan Burns with a late flyer…Same kinda value ST plus positional depth. I’m cool with it. Hope he turns the stadium yellow on Sundays!

  • Bradys_Dad

    He has a nice second step after contact. No turbo lag. Can this (finally) be the return specialist we’ve been seeking? Looks good on tape. Played against higher level competition and tall enough to reach the cookie jar. I’m excited about this kid.