The Winner Of The 2016 Steelers Mock Draft Contest Is …

Now that I am all settled in Las Vegas I have finally managed to grade all of the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft contest submissions that I received this year and according to the results that I have, SJT63 won with 780 points.

As of right now, SJT63 is the unofficial winner of the contest. In order to make sure that I did not make any mistakes, all of you have until 9 AM EST Monday to protest that you had a higher score. If no errors are found, then SJT63 will be paid his winnings.

If you feel your submission needs to be double-checked, please use the contact form right here and tell me your submission name and what you think your score should be.

I hope you all enjoyed this contest and I am always open to making it better if you have any ideas.

Below is the winning submission:

1.1 (25th overall) William Jackson III
1.2 (25th overall) Eli Apple
1.3 (25th overall) Andrew Billings
1.4 (25th overall) Robert Nkemdiche
1.5 (25th overall) A’Shawn Robinson
2.1 (58th overall) TJ Green
2.2 (58th overall) Vonn Bell
2.3 (58th overall) Sean Davis – 260
2.4 (58th overall) Sterling Shepard
2.5 (58th overall) Keanu Neal
3.1 (89th overall) Javon Hargreave – 300
3.2 (89th overall) Darian Thompson
3.3 (89th overall) Justin Simmons
3.4 (89th overall) Pharaoh Cooper
3.5 (89th overall) DeVontae Booker
4.1 (123rd overall) Jatavis Brown
4.2 (123rd overall) Cyrus Jones
4.3 (123rd overall) Dean Lowry
4.4 (123rd overall) Jeremy Cash
4.5 (123rd overall) Jerald Hawkins -220
6.1 (220th overall) Tavon Young
6.2 (220th overall) Jonathan Jones
6.3 (220th overall) Jayron Kearse
6.4 (220th overall) Cody Kessler
6.5 (220th overall) David White
7.1 (229th overall) Dadi Nicolas
7.2 (229th overall) Deon Bush
7.3 (229th overall) Demontrae Elston
7.4 (229th overall) Jarrod Wilson
7.5 (229th overall) Vernon Adams
7.1 (246th overall) Quentin Jefferson
7.2 (246th overall) Ken Crawley
7.3 (246th overall) Brandon Williams
7.4 (246th overall) Jay Lee
7.5 (246th overall) DeAndre Elliott

  • Spencer Krick


  • NW86

    Congrats to SJT63. Isn’t it pretty funny that after months of analysis, a bunch of us making picks, and given a chance to list 35 names each, the best anyone could do was name 3 of the people that ended up getting drafted? Kinda makes you wonder why waste all that time from Feb-April doesn’t it?

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Love the contest! The draft projections was rough this year tho!

  • joed32

    Goes to show how hard it is. We have to talk about something between the SB and the draft just for the fun of it.

  • Tom Jackson

    Congrats man. Very good job. If only you could’ve hit with another one of your 2nd RND picks. Lol Sry I just had to. 😉

    And thanks to you Dave to do this contest. Very nice challenge. Would love to do it again next year.

  • Ike Evans

    Good stuff…..i didnt even play

  • Alex Kozora


  • Darth Blount 47

    (raises glass in respect and cheer)

  • SJT63

    Woohoo! Thanks everyone, and particularly to Dave for organising. I thought things were going against me when my 1.1 and 2.1 picks each went one spot before the Steelers picked, but then I got lucky.