Steelers Release Stingily From Practice Squad After Signing Cobb

Tuesday night it was reported that free agent running back David Cobb was likely to be added to the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad on Wednesday and now the team has indeed announced that transaction.

In order to make room for Cobb on the team’s 10-man practice squad, running back Cameron Stingily was released.

Stingily originally signed with the Steelers last year as an undrafted free agent and ultimately was waived injured prior to the start of the 2015 regular season due to a knee injury. This past May, the Steelers re-signed Stingily and he managed to stay on the offseason roster all summer until ultimately being waived this past weekend during the final round of cuts.

Cobb, as you already know by now, was waived by the Tennessee Titans at the end of August. In the seven games that played in during his rookie season, Cobb registered 146 yards and a touchdown on 52 total carries. He entered the league with the Titans after being drafted by them in the fifth round out of Minnesota.

  • stan

    Stingly didn’t really show anything in pre-season or practice. I was surprised he made the practice squad at all.

  • Steelers12

    me too, i would of put Grant on the PS first and i don’t think the world of him

  • PittsburghSports

    I was surprised they even brought him back this year.

  • Do you think Cobb will be brought to the 53 as the first back-up behind DeAngelo once he’s up-to-speed with the playbook? Or will he stay on the practice squad unless he can show something to Tomlin in practice that the others don’t offer?

  • steelburg

    I was thinking the samething. Stingily seems like a favor for someone similar to C.J. Goodwin a year or so back. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

  • Michael Conrad

    Why do that to Grant giving him a chance to catch on with another team was the right thing to do they would not have put Grant on the roster if two CB’s go down the fact is he could not go deep he did not have the ability to or speed to play CB.

  • T R

    yeah I think he showed better in training camp last year then this year.

  • LucasY59

    I think he would really have to impress to move up, Fitz and D-Rich are pretty good (going to be hard to cut one when Bell comes back, but once he is back they dont need 4 RBs on the roster) Cobb is on the PS untill there is an injury (or 2) IMO

  • dany

    Im more surprised he was signed to the PS, bringing him to camp means little since he obviously has talent but didn’t show much in preseason

  • LucasY59

    this is actually very accurate (and not the way a lot of people viewed Grant) he didnt have that bad of a forty time, but he just didnt look like he had enough speed on the field (transitioning to safety seemed like a good move, but they didnt have the time to develop him there I guess?)

  • Sam Clonch

    Assuming Dwill, Fitz and Richardson stay healthy, what do you do when Bell comes back? Don’t believe Richardson has any PS eligibility left. Fitz might if they try to move him down, but does he clear waivers? Of course you’d have to cut someone from the PS to make room, so it’s either Cobb or BBD as I doubt they’d carry 3 RBs on the PS.

  • stan

    I have to believe that Browner-Dukes would be ahead of him on the depth chart because they would have kept him for a reason. They may want 2 rbs on the PS so they have a back up because Richardson doesn’t have PS eligibility (like you said)

  • stan

    He changed his body and was trying a new position, so I understand why they’d keep him through training camp. However, when you don’t show anything at all in the new position, its hard to justify keeping him.

  • LucasY59

    yep, its kinda a tricky ?, I think STs become a determining factor (since if both of the top 2 are healthy the 3rd is never going to get a snap on O) If Gilbert takes the KR responsibilities then Richardson becomes more expendable (if D-Rich is the KR, they might keep him) Fitz is more of a ST contributor in other ways than KR (but is also the 2nd guy back on KR as well) so right now I would guess they cut Richardson

    Cobb is kinda the insurance for when they have to cut one of the RBs on the Roster (if that player doesnt/cant go to the PS, they still have Cobb)

  • Douglas Andrews

    Cobb has some nice feet based off his college tape plus he looks a lot faster than the 4.81 40 he posted at his combine. I don’t know his whole story but I think he was recovering from an injury when he ran his 40.

  • Don

    Cobb is an upgrade over Stingley, but I think the PS RB is the emergency 4th RB. The Steelers are likely to lose one of either Fitzgerald or Richardson when Bell returns, so Cobb would retain the same role. If whichever of the two they release DOES clear waivers, then I suspect he’ll go on the PS and Cobb would be released. This depends on PS eligibility, of course, and that may be a consideration in the decision of whom they release.