Ramon Foster On Vontaze Burfict: ‘A Stake Has To Be Driven Into The Ground On This Guy’

It won’t be long now until we find out whether or not the league will take any disciplinary action against Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict after he was involved in two separate incidents during Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots. Pittsburgh Steelers guard Ramon Foster knows all too well about Burfict’s questionable on-the-field antics and on Tuesday he made his thoughts known on what he thinks about the Bengals linebacker during an interview on 93.7 The Fan.

“It’s frustrating to continue to see that go on,” said Foster. “For one, I just can’t understand the mentality of him and two, those are the same things that he’s been doing for a while. But the low hit on Martellus [Bennett], it was insane and I know people are going to defend him and people are probably going to bash me for saying, ‘Hey, just you worry about your players,’ but this is the livelihood of other guys. If you look an inch or two inside, if he goes more on on Martellus, then that guy’s out for the season or at least for a long extent of time. With the leg stomp on LeGarrette Blount, that guy has a wife and two kids. He’s trying to make his way in this league.”

Foster then went on to reference several of things that Burfict has done in games against the Steelers.

“If you guys remember last year, the penalty that I got on him where he stepped on my foot and it looked like I was retaliating back and stepping on his, he’s been doing that for the longest. He stepped on Dave’s [David DeCastro] leg on the pile on the goal line last year. I think he did something to Rosie Nix, too, in that same manner. And I also saw another clip to where when him and Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] got into it, he did the same exact thing. He stepped on LeGarrette’s leg and his shoe came off and I’m looking at him like, yep, that’s the same exact move that he’s done to me, too.”

Foster continued on with his thoughts as to what he thinks the league should do about Burfict.

“There’s no place for that, man,” Foster said. “To continuously do it – one or two times, okay I get it, but every single time? A stake has to be driven into the ground on this guy and I’m not sure what they care about, touchdown celebrations or player safety, but something has to be done.”

In case you missed the two plays in question from the Bengals game against the Patriots, I have animated gifs of both below.

In the first one, Burfict went after the knees of Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett and in the second one, he stomped on the foot or ankle of running back LeGarrette Blount.

Burfict missed the first three games of the season due to a suspension after he took an illegal shot at Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown late in last year’s Wild Card game. That hit, combined with his storied past of on-the-field indiscretions is what got him superseded as he was viewed as being a multiple offender. Now that he has had two more incidents in just one game, the league should suspend him again.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Ill believe it when I see it. Ill give the league credit for the 4 game suspension, but it my opinion they waited too long.

    If they suspend him for his infractions last game Ill praise the league for doing the right thing, but forgive me if I dont hold my breath waiting.

  • Jimbo

    Why isnt goodell publicly fining him and threatening him like he did to Deebo? Goodell needs to be fixed before fairness comes into play.

  • PA2AK_


  • RickM

    Said long ago that he was totally out-of-control and dirty in college and the pros, and he won’t change. He’ll be eliminated from the league for good, it’s just a question of how soon.

  • walter

    Someone needs to press criminal charges against him so he can be removed from society. Seriously this man is sick.

  • Chad H

    What I don’t get is how the labor union isn’t getting involved.
    This is about job security and another players career longevity.
    He threatens that and completely goes against his fellow union members right to make a pay check by permentently ending their careers.

  • hojo

    1 year suspension seems appropriate

  • Justin B

    It would be, but I expert no more than one game if anything.

  • Victor Charlie

    Imagine how Goodell would respond if it was Deebo pulling stunts like this … ’nuff said

  • William Weaver

    He is a great player but I wouldn’t want a Steeler player doing that. Embarrassing action

  • SJDSteeler

    What about in the Wild Card Game when he sacked Ben, then quickly and violently kneed Ben’s shoulder when he was down? Suspend him for the year, fine the Bengals team and Head Coach Marvin Lewis for allowing this to continue.

  • Steel Your Face

    And for that one fleeting moment, I was a Legarrette Blount fan.

  • PaeperCup

    I hate the Patriots. But this type of play/player doesn’t belong on the field. Repeat offenders need harsher penalties.

  • PaeperCup

    how does reading the play wrong result in the dive at the knees…I don’t get it. I also don’t get how they can call the stomp inconclusive. The guy is literally STOMPING on another player. And he’s known to do this exact kind of thing.

  • Mario Vignetti

    …sooo the second gif isn’t about Gronk?

  • srdan


  • Steeler-Drew

    He’s like a criminal with a rap sheet a mile long playing professional football. He will never look at playing in the NFL as an honor and a privilege. I never want to condone his behavior but he needs a taste of his own medicine. And thank you to the NFL and Goodell for the slap on the wrist 3 game suspension. Perhaps no suspension or fine would ever work but they should realize he is a menace to the league who doesn’t deserve to put on a uniform.

  • Orlysteel

    What’s it going to take Roger? You’re hearing it from the players themselves it goes on game after game, when are you going drive the stake? If he hurts someone again it’s going to be on you, you that cares so much about players safety.

  • 6 ring circus

    When I first read the headline, I thought it was going to say – A stake has to be driven into – this guy’s heart. That would almost seem more appropriate as this guy is always out for blood. Somebody kill (metaphorically) this fool, lol.

  • Dshoff

    I HATE Burfict. But I’m having a hard time finding fault with that hit on the TE. The ball was going right by and if it was thrown to the TE then there wouldn’t be a word said about the hit. I don’t see how he could have known that the ball wasn’t going to him. And you certainly can’t hit high anymore. I’ve said many times that the Steelers should always go low when tackling recievers because they will always get penalized if they go high. Maybe he should have been penalized for hitting a guy past 5 yards but I can’t justify a fine for it. Now you can fine him big for the other offense.

  • Danny Young

    Somebody’s going to do something…if not the Goddell than it’ll be the players

  • RickM

    Lewis I assume avoided the knee argument. As for the stomp, the rumor was reported on PFT. I assume you cannot clearly see the stomp come down on a body part because players are in the way. Logic tells you he is not stomping on the ground, but you need definitive proof he stomped any part of the body and the view may be blocked.

  • RickM

    Good comment. I guess that’s the dilemma. Do you stoop to his level? If the league doesn’t get rid of him eventually, I imagine players may take it on themselves as he endangers careers.

  • RickM

    He could have gone waist level easily. Cutting him just below the knee is an attempt to cause an ACL or MCL injury IMO.

  • Shawn S.

    Agreed. He ain’t right.

  • 6 ring circus

    Look closely at Brady in the gif. It tells the story…

  • RickM

    He’ll get a lawyer who will say that Brady could have been pointing at anything, or he may just be biased. If we’re talking a suspension, I think they absolutely have to be sure. And as much as I hate Burfict, I understand that. I’m gonna look at the Haynesworth suspension stomp to see if you can clearly see where the stomp lands. Looked, and yes you can clearly see him stomp the forehead, and it drew blood. Easy call suspending him.

  • Applebite

    He did the same mess during the Carolina game awhile back to. Went low on Greg Olsen, and I think he went after Cam as well. Look, this dude is a dirtbag. there’s no defending his actions. I’m at the point to where, I won’t even call him by his name anymore. His title to me is ‘Boo Boo McGreasy”. He’s nasty, he’s slimy, and he always look like he smell a baby’s diaper around him. I don’t like him and I have no respect for him. Marvin Lewis has no control over this guy and seems reluctant to rid his team of the cancerous behavior brought on to the roster with McGreasy’s presence. If Goodell wasn’t such a spineless wimp, he’d kicked him out of the league already.

  • DetPistons04

    Doesn’t surprise me… Probably the dirtiest player in the NFL.
    I actually wish someone would cut him at this point and blow his whole leg out so the rest of the league can stop worrying about him for a while.

  • Sdale

    I’d actually like to see those two go at it. Blount is no pushover….would be a good cage match.

  • Ask Questions Later

    The answer to your statement is simple.

    A continued power struggle against the billionaire owners who are above them. Incidents like Burfict, with credible evidence, is not something the NFL PA wants to tango with.

    As for the whole job security/player safety comment.., that issue rests soley on Marvin Lewis. Until Marvin Lewis changes Burfict’s, behavior… expect more of the same..

  • Ask Questions Later

    He is not going to. He leaves that assignment to Marvin Lewis.

    Keep in mind that while Burfict is known for his antics, Harrison was vocal about his refusal to change his stance on how he plays; nearly 200k in fines as a result in addition to the public statements made by Goodell.

  • Ask Questions Later

    As asinine as this is going to sound, players who are repeat offenders or divas are often the players who give the NFL the attention it so badly needs; malcious like Burfict, childish like Odell or otherwise.

    I doubt we will see a ratings spike anytime soon.. but these types of insidious characters are needed here despite their transgressions due to the entertainment value they bring.

    Case in point? The 2015 AFC Wild Card Game was the most watched wild care game in NFL history.

    Now… this does not, in any shape or form, confirm that I concur with Burfict’s actions. They are sickening; doubly so for Marvin’s inability to reel him in. My views are from the classic “good and bad are needed” standpoint.

  • Keeno

    You only have to take a look at the injury reports around the league (not least the Steelers) to see that this game takes its toll in normal circumstances. To have this mutt deliberately target players on a weekly basis is insane – this can only end badly if Goodell doesn’t grow a pair and throw this dick out of the league.

  • Zarbor

    Hey Ramon,

    You know what there is no place for Ramon? There is no place for you and that o-line to have gotten blown up like you did against the Fins last week. Stop commenting on Burfict and look like getting your act together and start playing consistently above the line.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Burfict is a total tool that needs his helmet taken away for a nice long break but we have our own issue with Mitchell playing like a thug instead of a man. I’m going to take heat for that comment but his lack of self control is childish, unprofessional, hurtful to the team and potentially dangerous. Bring on the boo birds – I stand by the facts and actions.

  • Axe Skot

    He should be banned, period. I don’t know what the rules are outlining this sort of thing, but if the league wants to at the very least appear to champion player safety, that would go a long way.

  • David Paul

    Why is he commenting on the Bengals? He has a game this week against the Patriots.

    This team has zero focus sometimes.