Report: Art Rooney II: ‘Best Case’ Roethlisberger Returns In 2-3 Weeks

Round and round the timetable for the return of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger goes and where it stops, nobody really knows.

Tuesday night, it was reported that Steelers team president Art Rooney II said that the projected recovery time for Roethlisberger to return from his left meniscus surgery was two or three weeks. However, on Wednesday, Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Rooney said the “best case” for Roethlisberger’s return to the lineup is two to three weeks, but that his injured quarterback could possibly be out for up to six weeks.

Those most recent comments made by Rooney match similar reports made Wednesday morning by Ron Cook of the PPG as well as Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Rooney, by the way, initially made his Wednesday comments to the NFL Network at the league meetings in Houston, then confirmed his remarks via a text to the PPG.

“I think that two to three is what you can characterize as best-case, but that’s what we’re hoping for,” Rooney said to NFL Network. “Two to six is probably a fair range that somebody can put on it.”

After the Steelers play the New England Patriots Sunday at Heinz Field, the team will then have their well-anticipated bye week. When they return to action in Week 9, they will play the Baltimore Ravens on the road. In Week 10, they will come back home to host the Dallas Cowboys and that game will be followed by a divisional road game against the Cleveland Browns.

It’s worth reemphasizing that Roethlisberger has never missed more than four games in a single season. In the meantime, Landry Jones will be the team’s starting quarterback and he’ll be backed up by Zach Mettenberger.

Roethlisberger had his out-patient surgery Monday morning.

  • John Pennington

    Hope Zach is taking some snaps it will take both QBs to win this game get both ready just in case better to be ready than not ready

  • RickM

    Still betting his first game action is against Dallas, 27 days after the procedure.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    4 wks I think.

  • srdan

    I’m honestly good with that. I’d rather get him back healthy

  • justafanlikeyou

    Best case? Not what I want to hear when it has been a worst case year regarding injuries

  • Jason

    My money says he plays vs Baltimore but i know as much and as little as anyone else about his injury.

  • Thomas

    This better be a wakeup call to the Steelers that they need to draft one of the dozen career backup QBs that are in this class.

  • Thomas

    That isn’t terrible. 4-4, Dallas comes to us and our team is 100% and hungry for a W.

  • srdan

    All I ask for every year is a healthy team down the stretch with control of their destiny. Like you said I’ll take 4-4 midway with the injuries we’ve had. Peak at the right time around the 14th game and carry forward

  • treeher

    Yes. We don’t have Ben’s replacement on the roster and he ain’t gettin any younger. He won’t recover as fast as a 24 year old. I’ve had the same surgery and even with maximum surgical technology today, the body has to recover more from the surgical trauma than the injury itself.

  • gdeuce

    it hasn’t been a worst case year involving injuries, if it were, then Shazier, Heyward, Ben, and the others would be on IR

  • justafanlikeyou

    Golson, Green, Hawkins, Harris
    Shazier has been injured as many games as he’s played
    Various rumors on the severity of Heywards hamstring.
    Wheaton missing time. Rodgers missing time. Coates broken finger.
    Sure, it could always be worse but injuries and amount of games missed are piling up.

  • Jason

    I’d be very surprised if this weeks backup wasn’t taking some snaps.

  • MC

    Well he usually stinks it up coming back from injury, get him some snaps against Baltimore to kick off rust so he’s good to go for the cowboys.

  • rayster

    Time for the Steelers to spend time and money on a quality winning QB backup. Attention draft.