Report: Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger “Could” Be Out 4-6 Weeks

On Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had minor surgery to repair the meniscus in his left knee and while head coach Mike Tomlin wouldn’t put a timetable on his possible return, many have speculated that he might make it back for the game against the Baltimore Ravens following the team’s bye week. That, however, is not guaranteed to happen, according to Roethlisberger.

“Doc says my knee looked good, but there still was some stuff in there from when I had my bone bruise last season in St. Louis. He said that might keep me out a little longer than just a simple meniscus tear,” Roethlisberger told Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Maybe an extra week or so. But there’s no way to put an exact timetable on it. It all depends on my pain and how I feel. I’m icing and elevating as we speak.”

On Wednesday, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Roethlisberger could be out 4-6 weeks and this was after the report by Cook surfaced. On Tuesday, however, it was reported that team president Art Rooney II said that Roethlisberger’s projected recovery time is “two or three weeks.” Projected is of course the key word there.

Roethlisberger is currently resting at home and hopes Tomlin will let him stand on the sideline this Sunday for the Steelers home game against the New England Patriots. Last season, Roethlisberger missed four games after suffering a left knee injury and he’s never missed more than 4 games in a single season so far during his career.

Knowing Roethlisberger, he will be back in time for the game against the Ravens. We’ll have to wait and see as the only thing that we know for sure right now is that he won’t play Sunday against the Patriots.

  • Steelers12

    Man this sucks, Bell and Williams will have to get more carries

  • T3xassteelers

    “It all depends on my pain” Ben has a huge pain threshold, so I’m confident he will miss this game and MAYBE the Ravens, still. Nothing more than that though.

    *Fingers crossed*

  • Michael James

    My gut feeling says he will be back for the Ravens game. When Art Rooney II says he will be out 2-3 weeks, I believe him and not some ESPN writer.

  • Jon Hartman

    i dont believe this one bit. don’t ever listen to espn and i never do. they are like tmz and they love to stir the pot. big ben will be back for the ravens game. mark it down.

  • Big White

    I like Ben too much to see him come back early and take another beating. Take the five weeks. If Steelers can go 2-3 in that time, they’ll come out 6-5 and have a real chance to make the playoffs. The guy will be Muhammad Ali 2.0 if someone doesn’t put on the brakes. It’s been a pleasure to watch this play with grit and greatness for the past 12 years, but my desire to beat the Ravens, Bengals and Patriots only goes so far.

  • TroymanianDevil

    Get some of that deer antler spray from Ray Lewis .. But seriously get better soon Ben. Everyone including Landry Jones knows that we need you.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I wouldn’t play him against the Ravens anyway.

  • Rotten Sircus

    Where’s Bruce Gradkowski ..? still injured ??

  • Josh

    good question. I’d consider starting him.

  • rystorm06

    season over

  • T3xassteelers

    Yup, Put on IR and then released.

  • David Paul

    Ben’s a drama queen. He started this whole brouhaha by running his yap again about his injuries. Surprised he didn’t say he almost died.

  • Mrs Bighead

    If he’s out 4-6 weeks kiss the playoffs goodbye

  • RickM

    The timeframe is unknown clearly, so I won’t guess at that…although I’d bet Rooney’s is more accurate. My biggest concern is the effect of the injury on his plant leg when he does return. Every medical person has agreed that the knee won’t feel the way it did for many months. We have seen Ben’s accuracy when he has a strong plant leg and when he doesn’t. That’s definitely a concern beyond the actual return date.

  • Daniel

    We better draft a qb in 2017

  • CodeNameJerk

    I’m gonna stand by Mr. Rooney on this one.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Reading the above, the operative word here is pain. So long as the surgical incisions are healed, it’s all a matter of comfort level. We all know Ben doesn’t care about pain. In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll hear more, “It’s up to the doctors/no timetable” talk. Name of the game. But I’ll be very surprised if Ben’s not starting in Baltimore with a protective brace.

    (Whether or not he’ll be effective in that start is a topic for another time.)

  • CodeNameJerk

    Man some of you guys are bigger drama queens than Ben. HA!

  • Bill

    Ben is a tough guy no doubt, but sometimes he’s like a little boy and has to make sure the media knows how badly he’s hurt.

  • Bill

    Nobody is a bigger drama queen than BB.!

  • Matt Manzo

    This is the first game ever, that I’m not looking forward to!

  • renoir

    We all know Ben and he likes to make things dramatic and come back supposedly sooner then doctors expect and save the day so yeah Raven game,,,

  • NimbusHex

    If this ends up being the case we have to find a competent QB somewhere out there or the season is over.

  • RickM

    No pressure though. I’m basically thinking the next game I have to get worried about is 3 weeks from now. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for me not to get a really pleasant surprise Sunday night. But not sweating it.

  • Jason Kelley

    I think Ben’s a super tough guy, but he does seem to play up his injuries when discussing them. “I’m fairly certain I have compound fracture of my right femur…”

  • Cwallace

    Sometimes he is…bottom line is there has never been anybody behind him to make him think he may be replaced. …ask Romo how that feels. Not even Brady is good in street clothes

  • 6 ring circus

    He better come back against Cleveland. He usually stinks when he comes back, lol.

  • walter

    He just had knee surgery yet he will probably come back and play in 2-3 weeks with a brace. How is that a drama queen?

  • Jason

    Well we just got smoked by a team that Cleveland had to miss 3 fg’s to lose to so I’m hoping he plays extremely well against Cleveland

  • steelersfan

    Well that’s a wrap folks…see you next year

  • steelersfan

    Keep thinking back to NFL Gameday Prime or whatever that annoying show with Deion Sanders is called on NFL Network…Im not a fan but there’s a sort of repulsed fascination I have with analysts who annoy the heck out me (hi Stephen A. Smith). It was right after the Chiefs game I think and they were discussing the Steelers prospects for the season and Deion said something to the effect of – I can’t really get that excited about the Steelers because Big Ben is due to get hurt in – and then looked at his watch. It pissed me off and I went in full on denial mode but some part of me started freaking out and was like yup he’s probably right. It’s not like Deion is Tiresias or someone – I’m sure a lot of people were expecting the same thing to happen but it’s when I really started dreading this…just so rough to go into a season knowing that its probably going to happen especially when a guy is having his best season and is getting MVP buzz.

  • RickM

    Lol, it’s a rough one as we expect him to be back for either Baltimore on the road or the red-hot Cowboys. There’s definitely something to your wish!

  • Craig M

    Ben was out Cowher’s last season and Batch came in and got us one win away from a play-off spot w/ 5 games to go- so just keep the faith hope for the best my friends.

  • Craig M

    Luv your humor. 🙂

  • Craig M

    I agree, I would rather see him come back 100% than not fully healed and in danger of ending his career this season.

  • Craig M

    Except the time Tomlin kept him in a game when he had a cracked rib near his heart- Frisco or Denver.

  • Craig M

    Just maybe he won’t be able to take that extra step back and will have to get rid of the ball quicker, less chance of ending up on the turf (I can live w/ that).

  • Craig M

    If we are all healthy by the time we play the Cowboys that will be one heck of a game.

  • JohnnyFootball

    Here is what is going to happen, like every other time. Ben comes back a week or two too early. He plays like garbage. We lose anyway. But he will be praised on every show as the “toughest SOB in the league” for playing so soon, which sometimes seems like it means more to him than the teams success.

  • Craig M

    He once played after two concussions (one from head butting a car without a helmet- dumb ass) and an appendectomy- I got to respect his tenacity no matter his soap opera ratings.

  • Craig M

    I mentioned it only because Haley wasn’t keeping two backs in too protect Ben.

  • LucasY59

    released means there is a chance he could still play…

    but I dont expect that to happen unless Landry is hurt and/or horrible

  • Reefer Alston

    Not necessarily. The division as a whole isn’t doing all that great, so the Steelers could still very well be alive when he comes back.

  • Reefer Alston

    “but I dont expect that to happen unless Landry is hurt and/or horrible”
    Well he already is one of those things.

  • RickM

    Could be, but what you describe almost eliminates any deep ball. I imagine he’ll take any necessary drop and throw the passes he normally does. I think, if we do see a difference, it’ll be on balls that sail or inaccurate passes. But it’s all speculation on my part. There may no effect on his mechanics at all. I just remember some talk in the past about the strength of his plant leg when he’s come back from leg injuries.

  • RickM

    Agree. It sure will. They are vastly improved on both sides of the ball.

  • Craig M

    I can never really understand where the game-plan comes from, Haley or Ben calling his own. I personally think that Ben could be a tremendous field general if he somehow gets the ball to the receivers quicker and depends more on yards after the catch. With our receivers I can see 20 yard receiving plays being more common- and Ben playing back there until he is very old. I remember George Blanda as a back-up QB for the Raiders when he was in his 40s- I think late 40s.

  • Bill

    I was not commenting on or doubting Ben’s toughness; there is no question he is one of the toughest quarterbacks in recent NFL history. But that has nothing to do with being a drama queen. When he is injured he usually goes to the media and ensures they know and report how seriously he is injured and how long he may be out and in one case how close he came to being fatally injured. To me that’s vintage ‘drama queen’.

  • walter

    I don’t see anything wrong with telling the media the truth about his injuries.