Steelers Injury Report: Gilbert, Wheaton Sit Out Wednesday; Shazier Limited

The Pittsburgh Steelers Wednesday practice has now concluded as they prepare to host the New England Patriots on Sunday at Heinz Field and their first injury report of Week 7 shows that several players sat out the team’s first session.

As expected, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (knee), defensive end Cameron Heyward (hamstring) and center/guard Cody Wallace (knee) did not practice on Wednesday and won’t the remainder of the week. On Tuesday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin ruled all three of those players out for Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

Also sitting out Wednesday’s practice were tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle), wide receiver Markus Wheaton (shoulder), safety Shamarko Thomas (groin) and running back DeAngelo Williams (knee). Gilbert has missed the last two games and it’s starting to look like he’ll miss a third in a row Sunday. If he misses Sunday, Chris Hubbard will start again at right tackle.

Wheaton and Thomas are likely heading for another week on the inactive list as well. Both missed Sundays game against the Miami Dolphins with their injuries. As for Williams, as long as he can resume practicing on Thursday, he should be ready to play by Sunday. He’s failed to practice the last several Wednesdays.

Limited in practice on Wednesday were safety Robert Golden (foot), safety Mike Mitchell (knee) and linebacker Ryan Shazier (knee). The two safeties were banged up in Sunday’s game but both were able to finish. As for Shazier, he hasn’t played since he injured his knee in the Week 3 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.



  • CodeNameJerk

    Things will eventually get better right? I’m beginning to lose faith.

  • steelersfan

    As long as this revolving door of injuries continues, especially with arguably 3 of the top 6 players on our team being involved, this isn’t going to get better.

  • Kevin artis

    Are we treating this game like the last game in preseason? If you are hurt we just as well let you rest and get an extra week of recovery and see if you can come back for the Baltimore game.

  • William Weaver

    I wouldn’t push Heyward or Gilbert for this week. Give them two more weeks to heal. We will need them for the playoff push and shouldn’t risk re-injury. Shazier needs to get going. We need him this week with Gronk coming to town. Wish Green would get practicing but I guess week will have to wait. As long as he is on the moving train come playoff time. Can’t wait until Sunday. Look forward to seeing how the Team fights to win this game!

  • Don2727

    Good, looks like Shazier is making his way back this week. Mitchel needs to cool it with the personal fouls. His signature move of pushing off on the ball carrier after a tackle is gonna get flagged every time against NE. We don’t need another Ike Taylor hurting the team.

  • Big White

    Matekevich 6 tackles 2 assist in relief of Vince last week.

  • Daniel

    Like tomlin said “better days lie ahead of us”…I sure hope so

  • 6 ring circus

    Hang in there, Code, our only hope is that the AFC North sucks, too…

  • Michael Mosgrove

    Bye wheaton

  • Rocksolid20

    Garbage .

  • gdeuce

    probably Vince’s worst game of the year last game, he constantly chose the wrong gap to fill

  • gdeuce

    I think they will stick Justin Gilbert on Gronk

  • Mark G Hunter

    They need to double that dude. Dare somebody else beat them.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Week 7 Injuries:

    1. Ben Roethlisberger (knee) OUT
    2. DeAngelo Williams (RB) “Up in the air” DNP Weds
    3. Markus Wheaton WR (shoulder) “Up in the air” DNP weds
    4. Sammie Coates WR (Finger) Played week 6 not mentioned
    5. Marcus Gilbert OL (foot/ankle) “Up in the air” DNP weds
    6. Cody Wallace OL (knee) OUT
    7. Cam Heyward DE (Hamstring) OUT
    8. Ryan Shazier LB (mcl knee) “Up in the air” limited weds
    9. Shamarko Thomas DB (Groin) “Up in the air” DNP weds
    10. Mike Mitchell DB (knee) “Up in the air” limited weds
    11. Robert Golden DB (foot) “Up in the air” limited weds

    A. Ladarius Green TE – Reserve PUP (ankle/head) Eligible to return
    B. Bud Dupree LB – Reserve Injured (groin) OUT
    C. Ryan Harris OL Reserve Injured (leg hematoma) OUT
    D. Senquez Golson DB Reserve Injured (foot) OUT

  • Rob

    Even though we have high expectations for this team, the amount of injuries, especially to projected starters across all phases, so far are already pretty insane. A fact that will go unnoticed by many people throughout the year. Tomlin and the staff have their hand in head ugly losses, but a double sided injury report does too.

  • e. smith

    If the Steelers were given every offensive play the Pats will run beforehand, would the Steelers win? I’d say no, but we would pull within 17 points.

  • e. smith

    Is there a mailing address where we can send Shazier some bubble wrap?

  • e. smith

    I think Tomlim spends all his time on witty quotable quips, and ignores game plans and/or formulating his opponents strengths/weaknesses.

  • e. smith

    Starting Monday, switch coaching staffs for this weekend’s game, who wins?

  • gdeuce

    of course, but they problem is that they also have Benett

  • kakello34

    WTH is up with Wallace? Out half the year and no IR.

  • pkeats86

    This fan base kills me. We crucify Shazier, a linebacker, for injuries but, praise Ben as being so tough and coming back (usually too soon) and playing (usually badly). Yet, Ben is a quarterback, someone who rarely should see contact, he is bigger than shazier, and he hasn’t played an entire season since….???

  • treeher

    What exactly is wrong with Shazier’s knee? I don’t think I’ve read anything about that.

  • treeher

    Yes, but smells good to me.