Steelers Sign T Brian Mihalik, CB Al-Hajj Shabazz; Waive T Matt Feiler

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a few transactions on Tuesday and one was a bit of a surprise.

The team signed tackle Brian Mihalik to their 53-ma active roster off of the practice squad of the Detroit Lions. Mihalik had been with the team during training camp but a knee injury suffered during a preseason game resulted in him being waived injured. After reverting to the team’s Reserve/Injured list, Mihalik was waived again with an injury settlement.

To make room for Mihalik, tackle Matt Feiler was waived.

The Steelers also signed cornerback Al-Hajj Shabazz back to their practice squad on Tuesday. Shabazz had been waived from the 53-man roster on Saturday in order to make room for wide receiver Cobi Hamilton, who had been promoted from the practice squad.

  • JT Craig

    So they signed 2 and released 1? Who is the other?

  • JB Burgess

    Practice squad had an opening, so Shabazz went to that spot…

  • JT Craig

    Oh gotcha thanks. I had just assumed that Shabazz was already there and thought both were signed to the 53.

  • Ask Questions Later

    Prior to his injury Mihalik was playing good in the preseason.

  • stan

    Its nice to have Mihalik back but it sure is a shock to see Feiler gone because Tomlin spoke highly of him. I guess we’ll put him back on the practice squad. The big question is why they waived Mihalik injured because they obviously really liked him in the pre-season and he’s obviously able to play. If they thought he wasn’t going to be able to play this year when he was hurt then they could have put him on the season ending IR and kept his rights, and if they thought he would be able to recover this year they could have kept him and put him on the practice squad. Regardless, they have him now and that’s good for the team.

  • NW86

    Because he was going to miss a few weeks but not the full season. You don’t want to stick a guy on IR and pay his full salary while not being able to use him all season, and he probably didn’t want to lose the season either. There is also no point signing him to the practice squad when he can’t practice. So you give him an injury settlement and a handshake and tell him to get healthy, we’ll be in touch.

    I believe there is a rule that after waiving someone injured and giving him an injury settlement, you can’t sign him back for like 6 weeks. That would probably explain why they had to bring up Feiler instead of re-signing Mihalik 2 weeks ago.

  • madman

    I pray that means he’s pushing AV for a job.

  • Jaybird

    I was thinking that the move might be a little motivation for AV to start playing better. I think AV has been horrible this year.