Tomlin Says Whistle Wasn’t Timely Enough On Gang-Sack Of Roethlisberger

During the Sunday night win over the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was gang-sacked early in the second quarter. On the play in question, after he was clearly in the grasp of several Chiefs players while still on his feet, Roethlisberger was then taken to the ground and yet no penalty was called even though several whistles can be heard being blown repeatedly by the officials on the television broadcast.

On Tuesday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about that sack during his weekly press conference.

“I’m sure there was a whistle, I don’t know when it was, but my contention is that it wasn’t timely enough,” said Tomlin.

When timing the sack, you will see that Roethlisberger was clearly in the grasps of a few Chiefs defensive players roughly 4.5 seconds after the football was snapped. He was then taken to the ground roughly another 4.5 seconds later and yet no penalty was called.

Tomlin, as you can see in the animated gif below, was highly irritated that the officials failed to penalize the Chiefs for unnecessary roughness on Roethlisberger and he had every right to be.

It’s long been documented that Roethlisberger doesn’t get the same level of protection that many of the other quarterbacks around the league receive when it comes to unnecessary roughness, late hits, or hits to his head, neck or lower legs and that really needs to change moving forward.

Sure, Roethlisberger is currently one of the best quarterbacks in the league when it comes to shaking off potential sacks but with that said, he had clearly given himself up on the this particular one and the officials should have penalized the Chiefs for taking him to the ground.

  • Steelers12

    yeah if that was brady or rodgers they would of kicked them players out the game

  • PaeperCup

    Whistle was absolutely late, and the take down was absolutely unnecessary. Should have been a flag. Cam Newton thinks it’s a racist thing, but refs have done this to Ben his whole career. Certain styles of play result in different reffing standards.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The play was whistled dead way before Ben was slammed to the ground – all the Steelers Olinemen had quit playing – the KC players should be fined even though there was no flag – as the NFL has done before for dirty play.

  • Joey

    The refs are getting under my skin more so this year… Brad Allen.. that guy PISSES ME OFF!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The whistle was not late the KC players ignored it – it blew way before he was slammed to the ground.

  • dennisdoubleday

    There ought to be a player AND a ref fined. That one had me seething–the takedown was a good 2 seconds after multiple whistles blew, and yet the refs *shrug*.

  • alevin16

    If that was Brady or Rodgers the KC players would have been lined up and shot, no one touches the golden boys

  • PaeperCup

    It should have been blown when he was corralled by five defenders with nowhere to move. He obviously gave up on the play long before even the whistle blew.

  • JNick

    What gets me is not so much that he was just taken down late, but that he was taken down late, after multiple whistles, and that fat pig flowed on top of him. He could have easily been injured on a completely illegal and unnecessary play.

  • Cuse72

    This has been going on for years as the league continues to say they are trying to keep the players safe. We know who the “players” are, Ben has been hit repeatedly in the head and in the legs. The fact that the league continues to allow it is sickening. I clearly remember Ben getting his nose broke and the zebras ignoring it because the Ravens can do no wrong. There is such a double standard when it comes to Ben.

  • Ike Evans

    It was bs…..ben doesnt get killed like he used to cuz our line and scheme is better for protecting him but big guys like ben, cam, and luck get killed all the time and i dont get it

  • T3xassteelers

    Everyone was PISSED in the stadium. Ben or Newton would be the ONLY 2 players to not get called for that. Ridiculous. “Player safety”… hypocrites

  • T3xassteelers

    I was just watching the play… 5-10 after the whistle blew they were still trying to get him to the ground.. bens not a small guy either so…

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    This is why the Steelers must beat teams by 4 or 5 scores, otherwise the referees will try to tilt the game for their opponnets. Goodell’s striped flying monkeys.

  • PaeperCup

    Probably Cutler too…but that’s because nobody likes him.

  • RickM

    None of us are being homers. Of course it was a penalty. But there’s been a different standard for Ben for years,

  • connfyoozed .

    That was as animatedly angry as I remember Tomlin being for quite some time, and he had very good reason to be.

  • Brian Miller

    I am pretty sure that was a felony in 35 states…

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I had my glasses on and that being comletely objective that was a flagrant foul.

  • PaeperCup

    Another chapter in the book of terrible reffing. Not as bad as that faux fumble recovery by the Redskins against the Browns though. That one blows my mind.

  • Jon Hartman

    man, i was at the game and was sooo furious about that play.

  • The Tony

    My thought is that in order to be a ref, you need to have played the game in some official capacity.

  • Don2727

    It’s a fine line. You want the refs to delay calling the whistle just because Ben is great at shedding defenders, but this play was WAY past the line. Refs blew it bad for sure.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    He wasn’t even laid down easy. That 300+ pound dude had to put his whole weight on Bens shoulders. They all heard that whistle and did this right in front of the official. The official should have his pay docked for negligence. Along with a fine to that particular Chief for attempting to injure Ben after the whistle.

  • The NFL and ref should be fined and the money should go to Ben.

  • dany

    If u look closely u can even see a chiefs player- Pretty sure It’s Zombo- Confused before it’s over as to why it hasn’t been blown dead

  • SilverSteel

    Correct, I distinctly remember hearing it.

  • SilverSteel

    Sad but true…lol

  • Thomas

    That was BS. No QB in the league gets treated that way and not flagged except for Ben
    If that was Brady those players tackling him would be suspended 4 games.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Refs gonna ref. Dude fell on top of Ben way after the friggin whistle. Betcha no fines will be given out as well. In true F- Ben fashion.

  • Michael Martin

    Newton gets the zebra shaft a lot too. Negligent refs with double standards.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Newton probably gets it the worst now, but Ben still gets less calls than normal.

  • Michael Martin

    I agree, there should definitely be fines for both the players and refs. 1/32nd of the refs annual check might make them step the f up.

  • Michael Martin

    Yeah, I can’t believe the way they let him get rocked earlier this year.

  • johnhoien

    Tom Brady would have had a whistle

  • LHW

    They were to busy watching Brown for another offensive celebratory dance away from the play for a real penalty.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    I disagree with that, but I feel they should all be full time. A multi billion dollar industry with part time refs. And assess fines on their negligence.

  • Trey

    My thoughts exactly. We need to start fining refs for bad play calling. That should have been a flag but nothing was called. I am sure once we start fining refs I am sure things will change in a quick hurry.

  • Richard Cetrone

    The timing of the whistle was fine. I want the ref’s to give Ben a chance to escape the defenders grasp. My problem was the Chief players never responded to it and took him to the ground. That absolutely should have been a penalty.

  • ND_Steel

    Was it unnecessary roughness…yes. I wouldn’t say he was slammed to the ground though. In fact, one view they showed from the back right after the play, I thought it looked like Ben was trying to draw the call and let his legs go out from under him.

  • Zuami Montanez

    I hate the fact the league wants to protect players but allow things like this to happen.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I do not agree. Land on the point of your shoulder with a thousand pounds on top of you is a recipe for a broken collarbone.

    The Steelers linemen heard the whistle and had stopped play; KC players ignored the whistle and continued to try to bearing Ben down who was struggling.

  • ND_Steel

    Ok, we can agree to disagree, I can tell you are fired up on this topic and understandably so…we lose Ben, goodbye season. All I’m saying is in this instance I don’t think he was slammed or driven to the ground. He seemed to have lost his footing (or from the back view it looked like he just stopped shuffling his feet and chose to go down…with some help) and watching at full speed #95 almost tried to keep him up before loosing his own footing coming down on him but didn’t drive his weight into him (or he wouldn’t have landed on one of his own knees).

    Yes, being picked up and slammed or being driven into the ground is a recipe for disaster. I just don’t think that was the case here, but I fully agree with you & everyone that 1) this was uncalled for, 2) routine that Ben and other big QBs are not getting these calls, and 3) Tomlin should be going irate when this happens, even if it is minor.