Ben Roethlisberger Says He Has Complete Trust In Le’Veon Bell

Not that Ben Roethlisberger gushing over Le’Veon Bell is a surprise. It’s well deserved.

Speaking with reporters today via, Roethlisberger heaped a ton of praise on Bell. It didn’t focus around him as a runner, that much is obvious who even is a casual fan, but on everything else he does to help the team.

“He’s a complete back. Whether it’s picking up a blitz. There’s never a fear in my mind when they blitz, he’s not going to get his guy. There’s probably a lot of quarterbacks in this league that, when their running back is blocking, they’re probably a little nervous and peeking over their shoulder. I never have that fear. I know in the pass game, he’s going to get open, catch passes, make plays. And then we all know what he can do in the run game. He’s just a special back and to me, he’s the best all-around back in the league.”

Even more impressive than the stats are the number of snaps he logs. It’s an era where workhorse backs are truly far and few betweeen. Despite not playing in the first three games because of suspension, Bell is still 6th in the NFL for running backs snaps. When he’s playing, he’s a 90% snap count type of back.

It’s a level of conditioning that is not only rare for a running back but most skill players.

Roethlisberger can attest and told reporters he doesn’t think Bell ever gets tired.

“Not that I know of,” Ben joked when asked. “He doesn’t appear to.”

He did point out that in the rare case where Bell is a bit winded, Roethlisberger can help him out by taking control of the offense.

“I’ve told him before, if we’re in the no huddle and I’m calling plays and you need [a breather], I can call a play where you’re not doing as much to get a quick breather. Rather than go out and leave the game, I’ll just call a play so you can get a breather. Doesn’t happen very often, if ever.”

In eight games this year, Bell has rushed for 699 yards on a 4.6 average. He’s caught 57 passes and is still on pace to break the team – and his current – record of 83 receptions by a running back. Bell is on track for 92. Sunday will be a challenge for him when he takes on a tough New York Giants’ rush defense.

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  • T3xassteelers

    The dude NEVER fumbles and as reliable as a pass blocker/pass catcher a RB can be

  • Daniel

    Actually he has fumbled more than usual this yr more than any time. we just have been fortunate to recover it.

  • T3xassteelers

    Ehhh one was a true fumble and one was a fumble that went out of bounds (from the ones I remember anyways) but still.. the dude has ONE lost fumble in the 3 years he’s been in the league.. unreal. IIRC it was against the Ravens in which he got knocked out cold, right?

  • ryan72384

    I think it was actually the last game of his rookie year in 2013 against Green Bay. He fumbled deep in our own territory but the defense made a stand and the very next run he ran up the middle for like 30 yards and did one of his signature defender hurdles at the end of the run. It was a meaningless game but I also believe that was his first career 100 yard game? Someone correct me if I’m wrong..

  • PaeperCup

    Should have drafted Montee Ball HAHAHA….jk of course. What a call by the front office on this guy. I remember a lot of experts surprised he was the first RB off the board.

  • Gio Bernard was first.

  • dany

    This endorsement alone earns the man a contract. That he can run and catch like crazy is simply a bonus

  • justafanlikeyou

    Eddy Lacy. That’s who most fans thought Colbert should have drafted. Proves once again why Colbert and company get paid to have an opinion on talent

  • Jason

    “Draft Eddy Lacy, we need another Bettis type back!” Lol. Simply being a fat guy doesn’t make you Bettis.

  • Jason

    But he’s a bong hit away from a 10 game suspension. I hope he’s put all that behind him but in reality we know nothing about these guys.

  • Big White

    Love the fact that Ben recognizes Bell needs a breather even when he’s on the field. There might be 3-4 qb’s in the league who could see that and alter the next play. Not to mention the Steelers short passing game is efficient, so they can easily dial up a 5-6 yard pass if they are concerned about down/distance.

  • PaeperCup

    Oh yeah….which makes this even better.