Colts’ Luck Not Seen At Practice, Unlikely To Play Thursday

We’ll get the official injury report later today but it seems like there is no chance quarterback Andrew Luck suits up for the Indianapolis Colts on Thanksgiving night.

Per beat writer Zak Keefer of the Indy Star, Luck was not seen at today’s final practice.

Luck has been in concussion protocol from a hit he took in Sunday’s win against the Tennessee Titans. Given the short week and the multiple steps needed to pass concussion protocol, there simply doesn’t look like time is on his side to get clearance in 48 hours.

If Luck is out, Scott Tolzien will start in his place. He’s attempted 90 passes in his career, almost all coming in 2013, when he made two starts for the Green Bay Packers. He completed just 61.7% of his passes, threw a lone touchdown, and was picked off five times.

He’s yet to throw a regular season pass for the Colts.

Bottom line: it all bodes well for the Steelers on Thursday. That, of course, still far from guarantees a win.

We’ll update you on Luck’s situation later today.

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Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • PaeperCup

    Rememebr when the Steelers almost lost to Curtis Painter?

  • Steelers12

    oh God don’t bring it up

  • Steelers12

    what PaeperCup said is y Steelers can’t take game for granted

  • Jeff Papiernik

    The sad thing is….Painter is lightyears better than Tolzien. That’s not saying much though. If Luck is a Ferrari, then Painter was a Model T, and Tolzien is a horse and buggy.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    This is clearly NOT what the NFL had hoped for when they scheduled this as the late Thanksgiving game. They wanted two high-flying offenses and two mediocre defenses. They wanted a final score of 42-38.

    But don’t fear. I’m sure the Steelers can play down to their competition without any difficulty.

  • Chris92021

    Sadly yes, I do. Thank goodness for that Polamalu scoop and score.

  • 804Stiller

    And, lost at home to Mike Glennon and Tampa hadn’t won a game that year…………And, I drove from Virginia to see that mess……lol.

  • Kevin artis

    It’s a shame when you are scared of the opposing team back up quarterback.

  • Timothy Rea

    It’s about this time that I remember our game against the Ravens without Flacco. Our D is so bad that as long as you aren’t the browns you could go out and throw for 300 yards

  • PaeperCup

    I know right. Super Troy saves the day.

  • george

    And we lost last year to Ryan Mallett

  • Rocksolid20

    What about Kelly Holcomb

  • The Chin

    I’ll be there to witness it. Hoping for a victory, no traffic, no injuries, and no tryptophan nap at half

  • 804Stiller

    And, Tebow…….Man, I remember leaving a Buffalo Wild Wings with half the sportsbar chanting “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow.”………smh. How do you lose a playoff game to a QB that struggles to throw a 10 yard out………….That was definitely a lowlight……I haven’t been back to that place since.

  • PaeperCup

    Wow, we’ve put up some real stinkers against backups. Our own Bruce Gradkowski handed it to us one year when he played for the Raiders.

  • srdan

    The first 3 games tehy let up 3 300 yard passers. Since then …. one.

    The steelers offense has less passing yards than the defense has let up.

  • Vic

    And do you remember the steelers were the number 1 overall defense that year? What a joke!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    They might be trying to trick the Steelers.

  • Sam Clonch

    I’ll see you there! Heard the Colts are trying for a “Blue-out” at the stadium. Sorry suckers! I’ll have my #50 jersey on and MULTIPLE terrible towels!!!

  • Sam Clonch

    Remember when the Arizona Cardinals (who went to the NFCC with one of the best secondaries in the league) lost to Landry Jones last year? How about T.J. Yates beating the 8-0 Bengles? We’re far from the only team that loses to a backup. Quite making it out like we’re anything special.

  • dany

    the offense will either play down to Tolzien or the defense will allow him a big day. Take your pick

  • PaeperCup

    The colts themselves are wearing all white though right? Because this is the game that the Steelers are going all black I think.

  • PaeperCup

    Well we did just list off like 7 examples from recent years for the Steelers alone, and you mentioned two from two separate teams. I know we aren’t the only ones that put up stinkers, but this is a Steelers website, and we are facing a backup QB, so I think it’s fair to point out our history in that regard.

  • Sam Clonch

    I do believe it’s our “color-rush” game, which means we’ll be all black. It’s going to be trippy, lol.

  • Sam Clonch

    It happens to everyone, all the time. Unless you’re NE, stealing calls and deflating balls.

  • PaeperCup

    I been looking forward to it, but I wish they could use the matte black helmets.

  • Ken Krampert

    You’re right. We aren’t anything special. Haven’t been for 5 years. Common thread is head coach. All of those losses mentioned to scrubs were on Tomlins watch. Let’s face facts, every season since 2010, we have been a roller coaster ride, and not in a good way. I am not a Tomlin basher, but it’s time to look at his track record with his team and not the inherited one.

  • Sam Clonch

    Lol, you guys are like spoiled college kids complaining about how bad your life is. There are 29 other teams that would KILL for the kind of success Pittsburgh has had (NE and GB are probably content). Go on back to your safe spaces, I LOVE my team and my coach!

  • Ken Krampert

    Well, you can settle for mediocrity, but I expect more from the best franchise in football. I would love our coach if he was doing a credible job, but we are wasting Bens twilight years, and Ben knows it. Btw, I am pretty sure GB is not content right now. NE is because they have the best coach getting the most out of ok at best talent. It is you Sam that sounds like a millennial who doesn’t have a grasp on reality. No 10th place ribbons for me buddy……go find Bernie Sanders and he can promise you some free tickets to Loserville….

  • Sam Clonch

    Lol, butt hurt much?

  • Ken Krampert

    Such a clever response, haha