Steelers DC Keith Butler Breaks Down Explosive Pass Plays Given Up To Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense played well in Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens but with that said, they still gave up two explosive plays through the air of which one resulted in a 95-yard touchdown by wide receiver Mike Wallace. On Thursday, Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler talked about those two plays during his weekly interview with Missi Matthews on Steelers Nation Radio.

“We really did a pretty good job against the pass for the most part except for that one play, the 95-yard play,” Butler said. “We can’t bring that back. They had 220 yards throwing the ball, that’s a 100 of it right there. And another one we blew an assignment on in man-to-man coverage. We didn’t get on the right guy and we gave up 20, 30 yards in that situation, too.”

So, let’s look at the blown assignment play that resulted in a 30-yard catch and run by Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith.

As you can see below, Smith was left uncovered on the right side of the Ravens formation for starters and being as this was supposed to be man-to-man, rookie safety Sean Davis is more than likely the Steelers player who blew the assignment as he was on the opposite side of the defense trying to double cover tight end Dennis Pitta, along with linebacker James Harrison.

As for the long 95-yard touchdown by Wallace on the quick slant pass play against rookie cornerback Artie Burns, here’s what Butler had to say about it.

“We’d like to see him [Artie Burns] play better on that slant than he did,” Butler said. “He got behind him a little bit and really he took a bad angle, and he fell down and then Mike [Mitchell] came up to try to tackle him, and didn’t tackle him and it turned into a footrace, and were not going to win that footrace with Mike Wallace.”

With all the above said, Steelers safety Mike Mitchell obviously played a big role in both plays going for big yardage as he should have prevented both receptions from going longer than 20 yards had he taken better angles and not allowed himself to be stiff-armed additionally.

  • Xclewsive

    That pass to Steve Smith was the Edelman play and Burns play I still think is on Mitchell

  • Sean Ralphio

    Mike Mitchell must’ve been terrible at geometry cause he takes the worst angles I’ve ever seen

  • mem359

    I don’t know if objective viewing backs it up, but it does seem like the Steelers get stiff-armed more often than they dish it out.

  • Steeler-Drew

    A poor angle compounded by a pathetic attempt of a tackle on Wallace. Can we make it official to say Mitchell is highly overrated. After 8 games his negative plays have far outweighed his positive ones. Has even made a play this year other than coming up from 20 yards away to make a tackle he should make. Mitchell continuing to run his mouth despite not being a good player makes him one tough pill to swallow.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Mitchell needs to move Davis over if he is in the wrong place. Clearly Mitchell was looking right at Smith and could tell he was uncovered.

  • Rusted Out

    With the 95 yarder… Nothing wrong with the defensive scheme there. It was man coverage, two guys missed a tackle on a speedster. It’s that simple. I’m not shocked the rookie Burns missed, he was at least involved and contested the catch. Mitchell on the other hand… Mike Mitchell has really turned in a few bad performances this year. I could live with his mouth and celebrations if he were making more plays. The disappointment lies in not building on his performance from last season. It’s the same story for this entire defense.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Burns should have made the tackle instead of desperately diving for a ball that’s out of reach.

    Mitchell does make some plays and hes often trying to separate the ball from the man but this was Mike Wallace in open field. Forget lining him up and going high as all he got was fingers in the face mask that Wallace shook off. He needed to be more conservative as the last man and go low to make that tackle. What the heck was he thinking?

    It was disgraceful losing that game.

  • RickM

    I agree the two plays could have been prevented, but I still was impressed with the D’s effort. I know Baltimore is weak offensively, but hopefully it was a step in the right direction.

  • george

    That wasn’t an attempt at a tackle. Mitchell was waving and swinging his arms like a little girl that just walked into a spider Web. Mitchell sucks. He talks crap and his best hits are out of bounds

  • Uncle Rico.

    Yeah, that’s why I’m not sure. Since none of the receivers crossed up, it’s hard to say if it’s man or just looks like man. Thought it might be Cover 7, triangle on left side, box on right. If so Shazier is suppose to have the #3 in route.

    If Davis is on the wrong side of the field, they have bigger problems. Usually when that happens, 2 or 3 guys will be apoplectic trying to wave the dummy over to where he should be. Here, nobody seems the least bit aware. That’s why I’m leaning towards them being properly positioned presnap and someone on that side rushed when they should’ve dropped. If so, Shazier seems most likely to be the culprit.

  • Steeldog22

    I’m typically not as hard on Mitchell as most but he’s been bad most of the year and he was schooled this game. Makes it worse when he’s talking smack before.

  • John Pennington

    These types of plays will continue as long as Mitchell is out there.He wont tackle always out of position.Burns has to play better or sit him down.Just hope this is the last year of Butler and Lake.The best thing the steelers is set Mitchell down and let Davis and Golden and Dangerfield play because this should be Mitchell last year in Pittsburgh dont need him move on