Steelers Renewed Pass Rush To Be Tested Against Giants

After registering 10 sacks in their last two games, the Pittsburgh Steelers defenses will get a real chance to show Sunday at home against the New York Giants just how far they’ve come when it comes to getting after opposing quarterbacks.

On Sunday, the Steelers defense will face a Giants offense that has only allowed 14 sacks all season with one of those being a takedown of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on an attempted trick play against the Green Bay Packers a few weeks ago. In short, Giants quarterback Eli Manning has only been sacked 13 times so far this season on 429 total dropbacks. That’s once every 33 dropbacks.

In case you’re curious, I timed all of Manning’s sacks so far this season and his average time to contact on those 13 plays was 3.26 seconds. It’s also worth noting that on 5 of those sacks that Manning fumbled the football.

The Steelers enter their game against the Giants with 24 total sacks and their outside linebackers are responsible for 10 of those with James Harrison leading the team with 4.

While the Steelers defense did register 10 sacks in their last two games, it’s important to keep in mind that they came against two of the worst pass protecting teams in the league in the form of the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts.

Sunday will mark the third game that outside linebacker Bud Dupree will play in this season and his snap totals figure to increase some because of that. Dupree, who registered 4 sacks during his rookie season, has yet to record a quarterback takedown since making his 2016 debut in the game against the Browns.

  • The Gaint’s offense is one dimensional, they can not run the ball at all.

  • WreckIess

    It will probably be hard for this team to keep up this pace, but the Giants O-line can definitely be exploited. Ereck Flowers is a lot better than last season, but he’s still a really good matchup for Harrison. They’ve also had some injuries on their O line to Justin Pugh and Marshall Mewhouse that could be taken advantage of.

    The biggest part of the equation is the frequency of the blitzes because if they’re leaving Artie 1 on 1 with Odell for a good portion of the game, he’ll turn back into Artie Burned real quick. Same with Cockrell, who’s been kind of iffy the last few games, against Shepard. They aren’t going win too many one on one matchups against these guys.

  • Xclewsive

    The Steelers front 4-5 have to get pressure. The Giants will test the Steelers deep early and often this week. I see a lot of two high safties as the Giants will have to prove they can run the ball.


    It largely depends on how Butler decides to handle the coverage…if he plays zone and the CB drops off 5-8 yds, he’s not going to face much pressure because he will have enough time to find the 5-8 yard passes….if he mixes it up and plays some man with 5 man pressure, I can see them effecting the QB…if not sacks, QB hits and hurries…if it gets them off the field, I’ll take it.

  • RickM

    Interesting stats, especially Eli’s fumbles when hit. Hopefully we can generate another one and recover it.

  • LucasY59

    Giants O-Line really doesnt have any players that stand out (most are avg to just above avg NFL Starters) Pugh is probably their best lineman, and Richburg and Flowers are OK, but Jerry and Newhouse are definitely in the Avg category

    The Steelers front 7 on D should have success (in both stopping NY’s non existent run game and getting after Eli)