2016 NFL Week 15: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again.

Well, little Finley Pearl has been with us for a week now and she’s a handful. Eat, pee, poop, play, sleep and repeat. Not necessarily always in that order. She likes to get her day started at around 4:30 a.m. as well. Our new house has all rocks for landscape and no grass and thus I’m always trying to keep them out of her mouth. She also likes pulling on shoestrings. You don’t want them to grow up too fast, but I can’t wait until she’s six months old and out of this puppy stage as it is very nerve-racking.

Time for a rare PSA. Today would have been my best friend’s 49th birthday but he unfortunately passed away at the age of 33 due to colon cancer. It was a painful way for him to go and he likely could have prevented it had he not been afraid of doctors. Had he gotten himself a colonoscopy at the first sign of trouble or at the age of 30, perhaps he’d still be alive today. If you are 30 or older and have yet to have a colonoscopy, get one scheduled. I’ve had three so far and there’s nothing to it outside of drinking that nasty stuff the evening before. I beg you to do it.

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Cincinnati Bengals on the road on Sunday and personally I’m quite glad this game got flexed to an earlier time as it makes it easier getting recaps. The Steelers enter this game a healthy bunch as it looks like even running back DeAngelo Williams might return this week. Hopefully he is able to save a little wear and tear on Le’Veon Bell.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t been great on the road as a whole so far this season so hopefully he can exorcise those demons Sunday in Cincinnati. He’s won a lot of games at Paul Brown Stadium during his career so maybe he considers that place a home away from home on Sunday.

While the Bengals enter this game with a record of 5-7-1, their losses have come against the Steelers, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens. Only one of those teams currently has a losing record and that’s the Bills. Four of those losses were by 8-points or less. I hope I’m wrong, but I expect a close game Sunday.

As usual, I have five questions for you to answer on this Friday night and they are below. Also, don’t forget that the NFL Network is debuting the Kevin Greene “Football Life’ later this evening. That’s sure to be a good one.

Have a great weekend and as always, thank you for stopping by the site this week.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – If forced to choose between Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco, which of the two would you pick to be your quarterback and why?

2 – With it looking like Williams might return Sunday against the Bengals, how many total snaps and touches do you predict he’ll receive?

3 – While unlikely to happen, would you like to see Steelers cornerback Justin Gilbert play some Sunday against Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert just as he did against Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce earlier in the season?

4 – Do you think Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley will land a head coaching job during the offseason?

5 – With three weeks remaining in the regular season, predict the 12 playoff teams.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Getting ready to face the hoodlums in Cincinatti; hopefully the Bengals don’t try burficting Steelers players; we need a healthy roster if going to the playoffs. Last week, it was nice to see the Steelers deal with both the Bills and the weather rather handily even with an off Ben’s day.

    Last week the very first question was how much damage would McCoy wreak on the Steelers defense yardage-wise. A very close contest as mokhkw was only one yard off by predicting 107 yards; yet yours truly magnificent 107.8 yard prediction was within 7.2 inches of McCoy’s total so came away with the point.

    Neither Ramon Foster nor Javon Hargrave played in the game and most (20) felt it more important that the grave digger play than the big ragoo (5). That said, it seemed that the Steelers stepped up as BJ Finney and a combination of LT Walton, Ricardo Mathews & Dan McCullers compensated for their unavailability. Ben was not sacked and Bell set a franchise rushing record while the defense recorded 5 sacks and limited the Bills rushing offense that was ranked first in the league to less than 100 yards. This was a non-scoring

    We were split down the middle on whether Eli Rogers would have more receiving yards than Tyrod Taylor would rush for. The 12 folks that gave the nod to Eli got the point thanks to the Steelers defense stifling Tyrod. PaeperCup picked up a point for pegging Eli to gain 20 yards while Big White was closest to the pin with Tyrod’s 2 yard production on the ground.

    The yardage for the next touchdown from Ben to AB gets carried over to next game since they did not hook-up. William Weaver & Carlos Ortega Fernandez both called even on the 47 combined point over/under to get points.

    Here is the leaderboard with previous week’s ranking in parens. Still a very tight race:


    Phil Brenneman II 21 1st (t1)
    Matt Manzo 20 2nd (t1)
    Beaver Falls Hosiery 19.5 3rd (5)
    PaeperCup 19 4th (4)
    William Weaver 19 5th (6)
    Wes Lee 18.5 6th (3)
    CarlosOrtega Fernandez 17 7th (t8)
    SJT63 16.9 8th (7)
    SchoolHouseRoxx 16 9th (t8)
    Wreckless 15 10th tie (t10)
    Kevin Schwartz 15 10th tie (t10)
    Thomas 13 12th tie (t12)
    mokhkw 13 12th tie (t12)
    Hypo Cycloid 12.5 14th (15)
    LucasY59 12 15th (14)
    J. 10 16th tie (16)
    Miliken Steeker 10 16th tie (NR)

    Questions carried over from previous weeks:

    Week 1: % of defensive snaps Justin Gilbert will play. Currently, Justin has played 1.4% of defensive snaps.
    NW86 closest (2%). Worth 1 point.
    Week 1: Name AFC & NFC Conference finals & winners. 6 possible points.
    Week 1: who wins Super Bowl. 1 point
    BYE Week: OLB sacks including total in last 9 games. 6 possible points. Currently, Harrison 5, Jones 0, Moats 2, Chickillo 1.5, Dupree 2, Total 10.5
    BYE Week: Bell total yards last 9 games: Currently; 1027 (AndyR34 1187)
    BYE Week: Green end of season stat line: Currently; 13 receptions 232 yards 1 TD.
    BYE Week: Predict the Seeds: Currently Patriots/ Chiefs /Steelers/Texans/Raiders/Broncos
    Week 10: Steelers 2nd half record: Currently 4-1 (Chris & Carlos 1 loss)
    Week 11: Will Dupree be OLB Sack leader (23 no)
    Week 11: Will Steelers win AFC North (7 false)
    Week 12: Eli Rogers, Sammie Coates and Cobi Hamilton combined receptions in the final 5 games. Currently they have totaled 7.
    Week 14: Next Ben to AB TD Yardage

  • PaeperCup

    I’ve been waiting ALL WEEK for this post!

    Sorry to hear about your friend, Dave. My Father passed away due to colon cancer about 7 years ago as well. He held on long enough to meet my first born. A week after his birth, my dad passed.

    I always felt that the NLF should not due away with Breast Cancer Awareness month, but perhaps include a Colon Cancer awareness month. I know that it would be the butt (no pun intended) of a lot of jokes, but it really is a serious issue. And the fact that the demographic of colon cancer patients match the exact demographic of most NFL fans, it only makes sense. Males ages 30’s and up really need to be aware of it, and the league would do good by promoting check ups when you reach that appropriate age.

    Thank you for your post Dave.

  • Sdale

    1.) Flacco. He’s streaky, but he’s capable of being a difference maker. I just don’t think Dalton is. He may never win a playoff game.
    2.) 12 snaps, 6 touches
    3.) Yes, I would.
    4.) I don’t think it will happen this year. Next year would be a good bet.
    5.) Pats, Chefs, Steelers, Texans, Oakland, Dumpster Chickens
    Cryboys, Shehawks, Packers, Falcons, Lions, Giants,

  • PaeperCup

    On to the questions.

    1) Wow, starting off with the tough Questions. Flacco, probabaly. Don’t like Unibrow, but he’s proven he can win when it matters most. I also think he’s got a good deep ball.

    2) 4-5 snaps. Maybe 2 touches.

    3) Sure. If it helps. But I like what the defense is doing right now. Right now Eifert is their best pass catcher, so do what they can to keep him in check. My honest opinion will be that it will have more to do with the pass rush than the coverage.

    4) I think he might be offered one, but I don’t think he’ll take it. Maybe I’m biased, but I like to think he’s found success at home, which is all you can ask for. If they win a title, his chances of leaving are greater, both in the offering and taking of a head coach position.

    5) AFC: No order. Steelers, Pats, Chiefs, Titans, Raiders, Broncos
    NFL: Seahawks, Cowboys, Lions, Falcons, Giants, Packers

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. Gotta go with Flacco. He has gained confidence over the years and did help get his team to the Super Bowl. Has Andy Dalton won even one playoff game? An intangible is leadership; the Ravens seem to rally around Flacco even the defensive players. The hoodlums in Cincinatti just seemed to tolerate Dalton. Now if Dalton continues to improve and show that he can win some playoff games my opinion may change is a season or two- but until then; Flacco over Dalton – and of course Ben over Flacco. NOTE: will give a point to better performing QB this week.

    2. 10 snaps 4 touches. (2 points)

    3. Yes. (1 points if you say yes and he plays defense/point if you say no and he does not)

    4. No, unless Steelers win Super Bowl. (no points)

    5. Pats/Steelers/Titans/Chiefs/Raiders/Texans Cowboys/Lions/Buccaneers/Giants/Seahawks/Falcons (worth up to 12 points if you perfect)

  • Robbie

    1. Andy. Well, he’s not Joe Flacco is the biggest reason. More consistent decision making.
    2. 8-10 snaps for Dwill. 3-4 touches.
    3. Sure. Especially if team is struggling with him. Preferably not on pivotal plays of game though. Just throw him in here and there for a new look.
    4. Yes but only because the Steelers will fire him by season’s end…just kidding lol. No I don’t think he will/hope he doesn’t.
    5. I will go Pats, Chiefs, Steelers, Raiders, Texans, Broncos for AFC. Cowboys, Seahawks, Packers, Falcons, Giants, Redskins. Haven’t looked at any schedules so may be conflict with those.

  • Chris92021

    1. Flacco because he’s got a power arm. No offense to Dalton because the kid is tough and he’s a ball player. Quite frankly, Dalton is underrated and likely will never get the credit he deserves. Then again, the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since the George HW Bush administration so….

    2. 10 snaps, 5 touches (4 rushes, 1 catch). We are riding with L. Bell all the way.

    3. No. I would prefer to see Mike Mitchell, Sean Davis, and Ryan Shazier get their shots at Eifert.

    4. Yes.

    5. Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Titans, Raiders, Broncos.
    Lions, Seahawks, Cowboys, Falcons, Giants, Redskins

    Enjoy the weekend, y’all. This is going to be a tough one this Sunday.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I have a prize for the winner.

  • Jason

    Although he’s played better as of late the last thing I want to see is Mitchell 1 on 1 with Eifert.

  • PaeperCup

    You’ve gone above and beyond with this….It’s quite enjoyable so thanks.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. Probably the hardest question for me. I’ll go with Flacco. He has a Superbowl ring and he throws it deep.
    2. 4 snaps
    3. I’m cool with it! Get him some reps.
    4. If we get to the Superbowl i could see it happening.
    5. 1. Patriots 2. Chiefs 3. Steelers 4. Titans 5. Oakland 6.Broncos
    1. Cowboys 2. Seahawks 3. Falcons
    4. Lions 5. Bucs 6. Redskins

  • Josh Gustad

    1. Andy Dalton only because I think he is a much better leader. Joe Flacco is a spitting image of Cutler when it comes to leadership in my eyes. The only difference is one of them lucked into a Super Bowl.
    2. 5-8 touches. Ease him back into action.
    3. I would say no.
    4. I hope not. I’m a firm believer that just because you’re a good coordinator, doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good head coach. Not saying this is the case for Haley, but……
    5. NFC: Seattle, Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta, Giants, and Packers. AFC: Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders, Steelers, TITANS, and Ravens.

  • Rob S.

    1. Give me Flacco. He’s at least shown that if he has a guy that will fight for those jump balls he throws up, he can take you the distance.

    2. I think he will receive 5-10. I think he should receive 15-20.

    3. I don’t care who it is abs long add they don’t let him kill us.

    4. No. I honestly believe he likes being OC for his home team. Plus he’s good at it. Take the lesson from LeBeau, some guys are great corrdinators, but just aren’t as good as the head boss.

    5. NE, KC, Pit, Hou, Oak, Bal
    Dal, Det, Sea, Atl, NY, GB

  • Spencer Krick

    1. Flacco. Dude plays lights out in the post season and can throw the deep ball.
    2. I’ll say 15 snaps and 10 touches.
    3. Sure!
    4. Nope. I think Haley would make a pretty decent candidate to be the HC of the Rams, I don’t see it happening. I think McDaniels gets another shot.
    5. AFC: Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans, Ravens, Raiders. NFC: Cowboys, Lions, Falcons, Seahawks, Packers, Giants

  • Craig M

    And Dave, when having a colonoscopy, if there is any history of cancer in your family, a good medical advocate will have them flip you over and run a camera down your throat- could very well save your life. They found a 4 centimeter size gist cancer in me and this additional checkup saved my life. P.S. make sure too insist they use a different camera- 🙂

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. Flacco. Crazy playoff run along with playoff wins. He steps up when it matters. Dalton hasn’t won and may never win a playoff game.

    2. 5 snaps and 2 touches

    3. Earlier in the year I might have said yes but the way our defense has been playing I think I am okay with sticking with what is working, so no. Still would like to make sure they get Timmons off in the obvious passing situations whether that means bring in Golden or Dangerfield or Gilbert or whoever.

    4. No

    5. Patriots/Steelers/Chiefs/Raiders/Titans/Ravens


  • Lambert58

    1. Flacco. While maybe not as consistent, he’s more experienced, has a better arm and gets hot at at the right times.
    2. 5 snaps for Williams. Glad to have him back.
    3. No but I would like to see Gilbert return some kicks.
    4. No, Haley will stay with Pittsburgh. I think he loves and respects the organization. And because of his dad’s history with the team, he wants a championship here.(Not even sure he would be pursued as HC)
    5. AFC: NE, KC, PIT, TEN, OAK, HOU

  • Chris92021

    I agree but it will happen a few times this Sunday whether we like it or not. Let’s just hope Mitchell continues his solid play and our pass rush forces Dalton to throw it away when MM is on Eifert.

  • Jeff McNeill

    1 Dalton, Flacco has had one great three game run and a bunch of average to below average. While Dalton has been a stinker in the playoffs, I think on a better team with a better coach he would vastly improve and he has been a better regular season QB. In my heart I want neither.

  • Tedium cha

    1: Dalton because Flacco is more expensive for less talent. A “big arm” that under throws his deep ball and will always dump it off if given the chance before anything else.

    2: Williams gets 3 touches. They will never do a proper rotation to conserve bell.

    3: would like if Gilbert did this. Won’t happen.

    4: Haley gets a head coaching job. He protests too much against it right now. He’ll be looking

    5: Pats, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans, raiders, and broncos

    Dallas, detroit, Atlanta, Seattle, packers, giants

  • Riverstko

    1. dalton. i think everything flacco does is lucky
    2. 15 snaps 10 touches
    3. yes
    4. no
    5. Steelers, NE KC Tenn Oak Hou- Dal Atl Sea Det NYG TB

  • LucasY59

    1. Flake-O has more arm talent, and DaLOLton is a choke artist, so for me its Joe (but I dont really want either of them, terrible question/choices IMO)

    2. I think they work Williams back slowly, I dont think he gets more than 10 snaps and around 5 carries (they dont like to take Bell off the field so there is a good chance he gets less than I predict)

    3. I would like to see Gilbert get some snaps (and hopefully he does something to make him worth the trade)

    4. No, I think Haley is happy where he is at, I think he could get plenty of interest, but will wait to see if he gets enough interest to get a offer he cant refuse (which wont be until after he wins a SB or two)

    5. NFC: Dallas, Seattle (already 2-2 wahoo!) Lions, Giants, Atlanta, Tampa (last 2 are hard to decide which is the division winner, but both should make the postseason)
    AFC: NE, Pittsburgh, KC, Oakland, Miami (only because I cant make myself pick the ratbirds, and the fins have a chance to win their last 3, Belicheat could lose the last game to make sure Baltimore doesnt get in) Houston (could come down to the last game of the season and the Texans already won the 1st game against Tennesse, Titans also have a game against the Chefs on their schedule so even if I want to pick them, I cant)

  • Carlos Ortega Fernández

    1. Hummmm…that’s a hard question. My first reaction was to think “None!!”. But If forced, I would say Flacco. He won a Super Bowl, and Dalton don’t know how to win a playoff game

    2. 12 snaps, 5 touches

    3. No, because if Gilbert plays means that somebody is injured

    4. I hope not. But there’s a good chance to happen

    5. Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans, Raiders, Broncos

    Cowboys, Lions, Seahawks, Falcons, Buccaners, Giants

  • J.

    1. Flacco because of his playoff success
    2. ease him back in 5-8 touches 12-15 snaps
    3. No things seem to be working right now why tinker with it
    4. sadly yes
    5. NFC: Cowboys, Seahawks, Falcons, Lions, Giants, Buccaneers
    AFC: Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders, Titans, Steelers, Ravens

  • SfSteeler

    first time responder,

    1) Dalton all day long, as long as i get his contract numbers over Flaccos crap contract…Daltons damn good, second tier, but solid and he can run too

    2) id like to think the O/U is 10, and unfortunately i would pick the under…would love to see him get a drive behind Ben…

    3) no way, no need…while we all wanna see what we got here, the D right now is mean, nasty, and clicking…

    4) who can say, the question is, will it be Haley before Munch?

    5) Cowgirls, Hawks, MotorCity, Hotlanta, The GMen, and, wait for it, the BUCS BABY…and then, Shatriots, KC, SteelTown, TENN vs TEX last game of the season decides this, THE RAIDERS!, and finally the toughest pick of the day…FINS!

  • JohnB

    1. Flacco > Dalton. Close but Flacco gets the edge with IQ and experience.
    2. 4 snaps 1 touch at most for DWill on O.
    3. If that’s what Gilbert is good at, let him do it. But who do you take off the field??
    4. I really doubt Haley leaves because he likes Pitt and his paranoia experience in KC.
    5. Oak, NE, Pitt, KC, Hou, Den / Dal, SEA, ATL, Det, TB, Minn

  • mokhkw

    Remember, Remember The 5th of Movember…there’s a V For Vendetta reference to assist you with. Movember is the Worlds leading organization for raising awareness of Men’s health issues & has it’s origins in my hometown.

    Since 2004 it has raised $174 million worldwide and continues to get bigger each year.

    1. Dalton. He improved in leaps and bounds in 2015 but wasn’t available in the WC loss to the Steelers. Could have been a different result if he was.

    2. 6.8 snaps 2.8 touches 😀

    3. No, put Sean Davis on him and let him get the experience, it will only do him and the Defense good.

    4. No, he’s too old school for todays sensitive NFL players.

    5. AFC: Patriots Chiefs Steelers Titans Raiders Dolphins
    NFC: Cowboys Seahawks Giants Falcons Lions Packers

  • Milliken Steeler

    1) I don’t care for either QB however, IF..I had to choose, it would be throw it up Joe. The reason being is because of the playoffs. Joe plays mediocre during the regular season and plays better during the playoffs, while the red rifle does just the opposite. He looks the part during the regular season and then waits until the playoffs to lay the proverbial egg.

    2) 8 snaps and 5 touches

    3) Eifert is a beast. While I want to see what JG, has for game….Ill watch that battle between the 20’s. In the red zone, I want someone else on Eifert.

    4) No.

    5) AFC Pats,Chiefs,Broncos Raiders,Texans,Steelers
    NFC Cowboys,Lions,Seahawks,Falcons,Redskins,Bucs,

  • Kevin Schwartz

    1) I’d take Flacco. I don’t think it’s alway appropriate to judge QBs by wins and losses, but in this case I’d do it mainly on playoff record and his Super Bowl win.

    2) 20-30 if he’s healthy. He’s not going to get too many snaps unless our playoff spot becomes way more solid, and they’ll want to ease him back anyways. If it’s a blowout (which I’m not expecting) I could see him taking over.

    3) At this point, not really, unless there was a serious belief it would be effective. I’m all for people getting experience, but the next two games are pretty big and I don’t think it’s the time to mess around and have a blown coverage lead to an easy td.

    4) No, but I could be wrong. I think the offense has gotten better, but I don’t think Haley is a genius by any means. If I were hiring, I wouldn’t be dying to get my hands on him unless I thought he was a really good fit.

    5) NFC – Dallas, Seattle, Giants, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Green Bay. AFC – New England, KC, Oakland, Titans, Steelers, Ravens.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Welcome – I remember when I was a first -time responder. People were super cool. It’s a nice group.

  • Matt Manzo

    Thanks for the health advice! Always good to be reminded!

    1: Flacco! I don’t think there’s ever been a good red headed QB!

    2: DWill gets 6 snaps, 4 touches. (3 carries and 1 reception)

    3: Yes! But I think Gay, LT and Shazier can take care of him!

    4: He might do a couple interviews, but I say no to him leaving. He’s still got work to do here.

    5: Seahawks, Lions, Falcons, Cowboys, Giants, Packers.

    Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Raiders, Titans, Broncos

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    1. That’s really a no Brainer Flacco all day he’s proven to be one of the most successful qbs in playoffs (no picks leading them to their superbowl run)

    2. 15 touches

    3. Absolutely on eiffert and on kickoffs he held his own against kc TE and a side note I hear a lot of people saying we beat kc bad before they got good and that they’re a different team now but never mentioned that we beat them bad before we got good also a different team now too and I predict that we’re going to beat the brakes off cincy Sunday I don’t think it’s going to be close at all

  • Hypo Cycloid

    1. Do I have to pick? I guess Flacco, but only because he has played well when it counts. Flacco comes up small in the regular season, but big in the playoffs. Dalton is good in the regular season, but when it matters he can’t buy a win. So Flacco it is.

    2. 11 snaps and 6 touches

    3. Kelce was pretty much shut down, so yeah. If that worked before, try it again against a quality tight end.

    4. No. He must want another shot, being that Ben said he deserves one. But I get a feeling there are only going to be a handful of positions open. It is tremendously competitive, so I think he doesn’t get it next year. Maybe its me being hopeful, because I hate to see our offensive system disrupted next year with a multitude of weapons. If there was a team that I could see him going to, it would be Buffalo.

    5. AFC – Patriots, Raiders, Steelers, Titans, Chiefs, Broncos
    NFC – Cowboys, Seahawks, Lions, Falcons, Giants, Buccaneers.
    In that seeding order.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    I think Flacco is super lucky too.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    I think McDaniels ends up in Jax.

  • Spencer Krick

    It’s probably the better place to be. I think the biggest challenge would be getting Bortles on the right track.

  • Jason

    Except after Steeler losses. Then it can get kind of chippy.

  • 1.) Joe Flacco because he’s the better QB.

    2.) If he plays,

    3.) 15 snaps with 7 touches.

    4.) No.

    5.) Steelers. (The rest don’t matter.)

    Steelers / Packers in the super bowl. There will be no Mendenhall to fumble in this one. Steelers win.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Haha – that’s true – it’s amazing how quick the “Fire Tomlin” and “The Patriots would have made that play” come out when we’re down by 10 points.

  • RangerBrigade

    1.) Over the long haul of the season Dalton is a better qb, but from an intangibles standpoint Unibrow is better – so I will take that. By intangibles Flacco has more capability to make the big plays which you need during a playoff run.

    2.) 6 snaps, 2 touches – Tomlin has pretty much already said he is going to run Bell until the tires wear down to the belts. DeAngelo is there as an insurance policy and he has been a good one to have.

    3.) I would like to see it happen, especially if he is focused on practicing for that one thing. i.e. covering Eifert.

    4.) I just don’t know, so I will say no. McDaniels up in NE is likely to curry more favor.

    5.) NFC – 1. Cowboys 2. Seahawks 3. Falcons 4. Packers 5. Redskins 6. Giants, AFC 1. Patriots 2. Chiefs 3. Ravens 4. Titans 5. Raiders 6. Dolphins … Steelers lose the tiebreaker because of the loss in Miami. Broncos finish 9-7, look for Miami to beat the Jets, lose to the Bills, but NE will lay down in that last game because they will have home field wrapped up.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery


  • SJT63

    1. Dalton. Because you forced me to pick one.
    2. 3 snaps, 0 touches
    3. The secondary has come on so much since the Chiefs game, I don’t think we’ll see Gilbert out there unless someone gets hurt
    4. No, that ship has sailed
    5. AFC: 1. Patriots, 2. Chiefs, 3. Steelers, 4. Titans, 5. Raiders, 6. Dolphins
    NFC: 1. Cowboys, 2. Seahawks, 3. Buccaneers, 4. Lions, 5. Giants, 6. Falcons

  • RangerBrigade

    I take it Yoi w/respect to my playoff picks. I am not saying it is written in stone, but right now I think the Ravens are in the Steelers’ heads and until I see something different it is hard for me to pick them against the Ravens. One thing for sure, Baltimore is not going to be phased in the least coming into Pittsburgh.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    First the Steelers need to deal with the Bungles. But agree that the Ravens will be intent on getting a win when they visit and will have to be beat down since they won’t be intimidated.

  • William Weaver

    1. Flacco a slight edge on Andy. Both would drive me nuts. Andy because it all seems too big for him at times and Flacco because he doesn’t seem to care at times.
    2. DWill gets 14 snaps and 6 touches.
    3. Why not. I have no idea how he looks in practice or if he deserves it but sure, I would like to get a look at him and be the judge for a 20 or so plays.
    4. He won’t get a job nor should he. He is living large now, why screw that up for over the top headaches to only get fired? All NFL coaches outside of Pittsburgh or New England eventually get fired.
    5. Patriots, Raiders, Chiefs, Steelers, Colts, Broncos/Cowboys, Falcons, Lions, Seahawks,Giants, Tampa.
    Bonus.. Steelers beat Raiders in AFC championship.. Falcons beat Cowboys in NFC championship. Steelers beat Falcons 38-33! (Biased)

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    No wreckless or Thomas – plus no Jaybird on cusp of coming onto leaderboard. They leaving some easy points unclaimed.