Steelers Enter Week 15 With 9-1 Odds To Win Super Bowl LI

So, you’re telling me there’s a chance? Or a better one at least?

Thanks to their Sunday win over the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens Monday night loss to the Nee England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves leading the AFC North with three weeks remaining in the 2016 regular season. While the Steelers still can’t clinch a playoff spot in Week 15, their odds of winning Super Bowl LI are getting better.

Per their recently released future odds, Bovada now has the Steelers listed at 9-1 to win their seventh Lombardi Trophy this season. The same goes for the Kansas City Chiefs, who currently lead the AFC West with a 10-3 record. Those two teams are topped in the AFC by only the Patriots, who enter Week 15 with a league-best 9/4 odds to win Super Bowl LI.

While the Chiefs and Steelers currently have the same odds to win the Super Bowl this season, Bovada has the former slightly ahead when it comes to making it to the big game in Houston. The Chiefs have 17/5 odds to win the AFC while the Steelers are listed with 4/1 odds.

While the Steelers no longer have a shot at being the No. 1 seed in the AFC with three weeks remaining, they could still get the No. 2 spot, which currently belongs to the Chiefs. However, for that to happen, they would likely need to win out and hope that the Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders both lose two of their final three games. (note: I haven’t checked tiebreakers with the Raiders)

The Steelers will close out their 2016 regular season schedule with games against the Cincinnati Bengals, Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs, on the other hand, will close out their regular season with games against the Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. As for the Raiders, they will play Chargers, Indianapolis Colts and Broncos.

In case you’re curious, FiveThirtyEight now gives Pittsburgh a 89% chance of making the playoffs and a 5% chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Bovada Week 15 2017 Super Bowl LI (51) – Odds to Win

New England Patriots 9/4
Dallas Cowboys 5/1
Seattle Seahawks 13/2
Kansas City Chiefs 9/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 9/1
Oakland Raiders 16/1
Green Bay Packers 16/1
Atlanta Falcons 16/1
Detroit Lions 20/1
New York Giants 20/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40/1
Baltimore Ravens 50/1
Denver Broncos 50/1
Washington Redskins 50/1
Minnesota Vikings 50/1
Houston Texans 50/1
Indianapolis Colts 66/1
Tennessee Titans 75/1
Miami Dolphins 100/1
Arizona Cardinals 500/1

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I like those 9/1 odds, but…the same odds as the Chiefs? KC is a team I simply cannot see winning the Lombardi. The Steelers have the potential to be the sort of hot team in the playoffs that the Giants have been in years past when they’ve made it to the postseason.

    The Steelers have weaknesses, but they’re in every game. And they’re the sort of team no one wants to play in January.

  • srdan

    keep in mind they hedge their bet on the “if they make the playoffs” which for the chiefs they are in.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Let’s qualify for the playoffs first.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I believe we would own the tiebreaker over Oakland if we won out and Oakland dropped 2 out of the last 3. We are 2-2 in the NFC, they are 3-1 in the NFC. That means we automatically would have a better AFC conference record which I think is the primary tiebreak between two teams that have not faced each other and are not in the same division.

  • dany

    Alex Smith had turned it on at some points this year, certainly more than ever before. If he happens to do that in the playoffs a couple of times their chances are huge

  • SubSuper Dave!

    “but they’re in every game”…not so much. were never in the Eagle’s game, the Dolphin’s game, and really not even the Raven’s game. That said, agree that they are a team that can beat anyone if they make the playoffs. Time will tell and looking forward to it…on to Cinci!

  • SubSuper Dave!

    Well done.

  • HiVul

    538 was a big bust this election cycle, hoping for that trend to continue. I like our chances peaking at this time of year.