Steelers’ Harrison To Be “Randomly” Drug Tested Yet Again

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison isn’t an ordinary guy. He is, however, a very random guy as he’s once again been selected to undergo yet another “random” drug test. As you can imagine, Harrison’s not very happy about it per his post on Instagram.

“6th or 7th random test this year and some guys haven’t been tested randomly at all… I wish I had this much luck wt the lottery!!”

As often as Harrison has been randomly selected to undergo drug testing, if you don’t already, you really must question the process just as the Steelers linebacker does. It’s hard not to speculate that he’s being targeted by the league.

This past August, Harrison’s long-awaited meeting with the NFL took place in Pittsburgh. The league had been trying to set up the interview with the Steelers linebacker through the NFLPA since a December report by Al-Jazeera America network in which a source, Charles Sly, allegedly told an undercover reporter that Harrison uses a banned performance-enhancing substance.

Harrison, 38, currently leads the Steelers in sacks this year with 4. A few weeks ago, he took over the franchise’s all-time sack record from former linebacker Jason Gildon.

  • Daniel

    Luck wit the lottery lol

  • Petherson Silveira


  • srdan

    Does Godell get drug tested?

  • The Chin

    It’s straight comedy.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    The league is harrassing him. There should be a limit on how many “random” tests can be conducted.

  • justafanlikeyou

    I’m curious how many times Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers were “randomly” tested this year?

  • cencalsteeler

    The attention he’s receiving should be considered a compliment to all the hard work he puts in. Each piss cup should represent a trophy and should be proudly displayed in his trophy case.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Photo ID required. Could his face be mistaken for anyone else? Silverback, what a stud!

  • RickM

    I rushed to his defense once Peyton Manning was cleared. James and the other players named in the bogus report should have been cleared immediately. Instead they were outright harassed with multiple random drug tests and demands for testimony.

    But if this is his first drug test since they were officially cleared in late August, big deal. I’m sure a number of Steelers were randomly tested in weeks 1-11. If James wasn’t one of them, there’s no additional targeting. If he has been tested multiple times since September however, the complaint is legitimate and the NFLPA should get involved.

  • Dorian James

    Don’t understand how they’re able to get away with this harassment, James Harrison has been the target of this league since their big safety initiative. Amazing how they’re not ashamed of themselves

  • dennisdoubleday

    6 in one year? That is virtually statistically impossible for it to be random chance (if it is true that other players have never been tested.)

  • Dorian James

    And by the way where is the Players Association why are they doing something about this?

  • RickM

    Please at least read the comment. The other pre-season drug tests were harassment, but they had to do with an unfounded Al Jazeera report. If the Al Jazeera player had been Terrell Suggs, we would have applauded every random test and called it appropriate.

    The random drug tests before Harrison and two other players met with the league in late August are irrelevant to regular-season testing protocols. If this is his first drug test in the 12 weeks of the 2016 season he has nothing to complain about, I think every NFL player can be subject to one in-season random test and all sorts of other Steelers’ players were tested in Weeks 1-11. If he has been tested more than once during the season, then yes he is being targeted.

  • ridiculous

  • Rodolfo Gigantana

    I serve many years in the Military and I have never been randomly selected 6 – 7 times in my life! That’s Crazy! Leave Deebo alone! 😣😣😣😣😣

  • Rotten Sircus

    So when he passes he should receive a bonus correct ? ?? The NFL has a hard -on for #92 …SMDH

  • The Truth

    Harrison has been playing well and in turn Goodell doesn’t like it.

  • Orlysteel

    Random my axx, this league has no shame.

  • paltel

    Unions have been irrelevant since Reagan butchered the air traffic controllers union. In most instances the union leaders work hand in hand with management to the detriment of the membership, the NFL is no different.

  • Jeff McNeill

    There is a limit of 10 per season I think if you are not in the drug program but I don’t know if he is in it or not.

  • dennisdoubleday

    The league CLAIMED the pre-season ones were also random.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Also, speak for yourself, but I would also defend Terrell Suggs if his bargained-for rights were being violated.

  • RickM

    Exactly why are Harrison’s “bargained for rights” being violated if this is his first regular season test. And don’t drag in the Al Jazeera investigation. It’s well-known and acknowledged by me and virtually everyone that Harrison and the two other players were harassed with additional tests.

    Stick to this test. How does it violate his bargained for rights?

  • VaDave

    If there is nothing to hide, I’d send them a daily sample until they get tired of being p*ssed on. Actually, the whole team ( well, maybe not Bryant. Heaven only knows what’s in his) should start sending NFL headquarters samples, preferable in person and not in a cup….

  • firefromheaven

    Please don’t speak of things that you have no knowledge. The air traffic controllers union walked out illegally. They got exactly what they deserved. Go back and study your history, not your useless Union Propaganda.

  • paltel

    Keep typing. It always amuses me to watch the uneducated make fools of themselves.

  • firefromheaven

    The only one making a fool of themselves is the one that has listened to his Union Propaganda lies all his life and refuses to get his head out of his ass. LOL

    Their contract prohibited them from striking and he threw the goldbrickers out on their asses just like the law said.

  • paltel

    Don’t you find it difficult talking down to people while looking up? snicker.

  • firefromheaven

    You’re the one that had to bring up politics that you have no knowledge of on a Sport site. What a tool.

    What you just said makes no sense. I was talking down to you while looking down at you. You and your Unions are why we have so little manufacturing here in Pittsburgh. SMH

  • paltel

    A legend in your own mind.

  • firefromheaven

    Nope just a legend in my spare time. Too much more important work to do than just be a legend.

    Now if I were a legend in your mind that would be something. I’d be such a large fish in such a small pond…

  • paltel

    Your egotistical user name made it obvious that you were full manure from the git go, but please continue.

  • firefromheaven

    Talk about someone egotistical and pretentious. LOL If jumping to conclusions was an Olympic sport you’d win the gold medal. SMH

    My screen name is in honor of my first show dog. He was a champion, had an obedience title, a hunting title, a versatility title, and a canine good citizen title. He also won at the national championships. He was only a dog but you wouldn’t have made a pimple on his ass. He was my best friend for 12 years until he died on the Marine Corps Birthday in 1999. That was significant to me since I was a Marine.

    So the name says nothing about me.

  • paltel

    You have no credibility, so you blame the dog and anonymously tell stories about your supposed military service. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself is fine by me.

  • firefromheaven

    Well it’s obvious that I’ve gotten into a discussion with a mental midget that lacks any reading comprehension skills. Go back to mommy’s basement where you belong and leave the sports conversation to the adults. SMH

  • paltel

    It would serve you well not to judge others by your own circumstances.

  • dennisdoubleday

    Harrison tweeted that he was tested AGAIN today, after the Bills game.