The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Browns Preview, Tomlin Tuesday Comments, Listener Emails & More

Season 7, Episode 60 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Wednesday show, David Todd and I get right into about what Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had to say Tuesday during his weekly press conference and that includes his reaction to what Terry Bradshaw had to say recently about him.

Tomlin also gave us several more talking points to discuss in addition to going over the players who will likely sit out Sundays game against the Cleveland Browns. We also attack several “what ifs” related to the Steelers win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Even though the game against the browns is a meaningless one for the Steelers, there’s several things that David and I are interested in seeing and we go over several that come to mind.

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell won the team MVP award on Wednesday so David and I discuss if that’s the correct choice.

David and I peak ahead to who the Steelers might play in the first round of the playoffs later in the show and close things up by taking a few emails from listeners.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to call or email with questions or comments and please pass us along to your friends!

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 60 of Season 7 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The irony is that Terry Bradshaw basically said he wanted Chuck Noll to be a “cheerleader type” when he said he (Terry) was the type of person that needed a pat on the back instead of the cold treatment he got from Coach Noll when interviewed about Chuck Noll’s life.

  • I agree with what DT said about the process and putting yourself in a position to succeed. At the same time DB made a good point about Ben making plays throughout his career when the process had broken down lol. Had Brown went a yard or two deeper (without going back and looking) I assume that’s where the defender was waiting. So really, it seems to me they did what was necessary to win the game. And thank God they did lol. Otherwise, I once again agree with what DT said, There’s a chance people may have gone back and given Terry’s comment a second look. Good podcast though

  • Alan Tman

    Sometimes you have to have more balls than brains, and that is why not too many intellectual types are ON the football field, because football in it’s most basic state is a group of individual battles going on simultaneously. That’s why I like Tomlin he shows his players time and time again that he has faith in them. Whether it be playing Ben too soon or going for two a lot. It doesn’t make sense to numbers guys, because they don’t understand how believing in people will make them better in the long run. Some people’s process is to show people their is more that they can give( Long term), while some people’s process is the process (Short term). Tomlin hopes he can win while taking the long term approach. He always says it’s great to win while you learn. 😊

  • Alan Tman

    They called a man beating play while Baltimore was playing zone. If AB goes into the end zone he would never have crossed the DB’s face Mr Todd. They had to run it that way, That’s what I saw , and more importantly that’s what Ben said on his show Tuesday. I think they forgot more than we both know combined, because knowing is not what America thinks. Knowing is doing

  • jsteeler

    Dave, the podcast sounded GREAT today. Keep the FM radio tuning. I also agree that going forward OLB core will be a priority in the “17 draft. Looking forward, the offense next year with a healthy Ladarius and Martavis Bryant could make this team scary. I also think that it’s great that this offense has done an awesome job to function this year and win with undrafted FA’s. Xavier Grimble, Eli Rogers, Cobi Hamilton and Demarcus Ayers as of late have all earned Ben’s trust in clutch situations because of injury. This team should round out well with Tuitt, Hey Bey, Deangelo Williams and Green coming back healthy for the playoffs. This steelers”16 team maybe the healthiest it has ever been at this time of year for a Playoff run.

  • jsteeler

    Especially, when you loose basically all of your defensive and offensive stars from the SB era and have to retool. not bad at all.

  • Okay, as far as the whole Bradshaw / Tomlin situation goes, the bottom line is, we’re all fans of the Steelers. Criticism is all part of how much we care about what happens or is happening with the team. I love Terry Bradshaw, as most of us do, but sadly, his mental health has declined quite a bit over the last few years. Lately, you have to take some of what he says with a grin of salt. It really doesn’t bother me too much. Does it really matter to Mike Tomlin? None of us really know the answer to that. Hopefully, it puts a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Maybe Terry Bradshaw said what he said to purposely light a fire under coach Tomlin. I doubt it, but hey, who knows?

    On another topic, I was wondering why not too many people were talking about the facemask that wasn’t called against the Ravens’ defense on Antonio Brown’s game-winning TD. Even if it kept A.B. from getting the ball across the goal line, if it were to have been called by the officials, the Steelers would have gotten the ball right down around the goal line, but still with hardly no time left on the clock. First down or not, it wouldn’t have mattered much. Do I think it should have been called? Of course I do. We all saw it. If it would have happened that way, on the very next play, I would have handed the ball to Le’Veon Bell, and we probably would have scored anyway. The way Bell was running the ball that day, I don’t think Baltimore would have been able to hold him out of the endzone in that particular situation.

    As far as who should or shouldn’t be held out of the last meaningless game of the season against the Browns, I agree with Tomlin’s decision as far as which players he’s decided to bench, but I’d also bench James Harrison and Lawrence Timmons. Also, I can’t believe Ryan Shazier has played all these games without any serious injuries. I’d sit him out as well. Should Tomlin bench any of our rookies who have played so well and have been major contributors this season? Well, they’re young guys. They haven’t seen any major injuries, and I don’t see them getting hurt, but you never know. Because this game means nothing I may sit them as well. I know we all hate the Browns, but playing certain players and risking injury just isn’t worth it. Should the rookies dress? I say yes, but should they start? I say no.

  • Alan Tman

    I totally agree with DB on Ben making plays.

  • Alan Tman

    The offense would be better if Ben played from under center more. The Run would be more of a threat, and play action would be put to much better use. I agree the sound was awesome on this podcast!!

  • grw1960

    Dave ,, Question .
    1 .. Do you think the Steelers will resign Cockrell in 2017?