Dolphins Should Know By Tomorrow If QB Ryan Tannehill Can Play

Lost in the conversation about what the Pittsburgh Steelers have to do to win this weekend is one of the most basic questions: who will be the Miami Dolphins’ starting quarterback?

That’s an answer they don’t seem to currently have the answer to. Head coach Adam Gase spoke to their local media today and said he wouldn’t rule Ryan Tannehill out but that he has to get an update on him medically before determining how to go forward.

“I need to know what his movement skills are, where we are as far as really the structure of his knee and things like that,” Gase said, per the Palm Beach Post. “But I know since Matt (Moore)’s been in there, he’s done a really good job and he’s done exactly what I need him to do.”

Gase would not rule Tannehill out to practice this week and obviously, with the time he’s missed, he’s going to need to get in some reps during the week if he wants to play on Sunday. Tannehill sprained his ACL and MCL on December 11th and has not played since. After avoiding a dreaded ACL tear, the team has been optimistic about getting him back for the playoff race.

“I’ll have a better idea, especially once we hit Wednesday, but probably Tuesday I’ll have a good idea, so game plan-wise we can figure out what’s going on,” Gase said.

He threw for 254 yards in the previous meeting with the Steelers, a 30-15 win for the Dolphins. If he can’t go, veteran Matt Moore will start in his place. He’s gone 2-1 replacing him, throwing eight touchdowns and three interceptions. He’s never played against the Steelers before.

Reporters at the Palm Beach Post say that Tannehill is no longer in any protective equipment on his leg and walking only with a “very slight” limp. That’s far from the end-all about his chances of playing, the knee still has to be stable if it’s flexed, but Tannehill seems to have about 50/50 odds of suiting up this weekend. Meaning Pittsburgh will have to prepare for both quarterbacks.

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  • Cwallace

    I hope that he plays and we destroy that same team that beat us early in October. Then go to Kansas and prove the first meeting wasn’t a fluke. I did say I hope. .. but I belive this team is capable and motivated by external and internal reasons to not lose another game this season. Go Steelers!!!!!!!!

  • WilliamSekinger

    I’m no doctor, but I have played a lot of sports in my day and had several ACL/MCL sprains or partial tears. If he is walking with a limp even a slight one he isn’t playing. Walking on a sprain and playing on one are two vastly different things.

  • Jaybird

    I’d love to play an immobile mediocre QB who hasn’t played in a month. I’m praying we get Tannehill. But I think that’s wishful thinking and we get Moore. We’re winning no matter what so it doesn’t matter who they put in there.

  • Tomlin
    Have these young mentally and physically ready for war

  • Orlysteel

    Moore might be better than him, when your running back rushes for more than 200 yards it don’t matter who’s the quarterback, with that said that’s life in the NFL if the next man don’t step up you’re in trouble.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    makes preparation more complicated but more worried about Ajayi. He got x-rays after Patriots game; hope he is slowed up a little.

  • Applebite

    Doesn’t matter, prepare to kick their butt regardless. Moore isn’t exactly a stud QB….

  • Daniel

    I just hope our oline keeps dirty suh away from roeth

  • JB Burgess

    One day the Steelers will get their defence back to the point where people don’t have to fear teams. It hasn’t been that way in years. Hopefully this summer they can exort extra resources into the D

  • I forgot about suh

  • Stop the run and it won’t matter which QB they start

  • Rusted Out

    A healthy Tuitt and Hargrave should get that number closer to 100 yrds.

  • MC


  • MC

    Feels like 2010 was the last time that was the case.