Listen: Previewing Steelers’ Offseason Roster, Coaching Changes

Was happy to hop onto the Pittsburgh Sports Daily podcast to give an overview of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offseason. We delve into more Senior Bowl talk, centered around the EDGE prospects, before a position-by-position breakdown of the offseason roster and changes that could be made.

After mentioning the one area of surprise the Steelers could make in free agency, we round out things by going over any coaching changes that could occur. Yes, Danny Smith is mentioned, as much as that hurts me.

The interview is broken up into two parts and listed below. Be sure to check out PSD – they do awesome work and always entertaining interviews.


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Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    bye bye danny.

  • Alex Kozora


  • Michael Mosgrove

    i agree i would be surprised if mitchell was gone. but as you and everyone else on this site knows i believe that dangerfield is very similar to mitchell with more. same big hits. better angles. younger. cheaper. higher ceiling. no stupid penalties.

    i disagree with you on golden. i think he has reached his ceiling and did a while ago. id move on from him.

  • Alex Kozora

    Golden is fine as a #3. Never provided the splash plays as a starter, and that disqualifies him for that role, but unless you really hate him and think he’s a #4 (Shark type), then the safety group is solid.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    i dont hate golden. i think he was solid as a backup. i thought he earned the starting spot earlier this year. but then he regressed. cant hate him too much but he has reached his peak. golden vs dangerfield im taking dangerfield every time.

  • Alex Kozora

    I agree. The good part is that you don’t have to choose Golden/Dangerfield. You can have both. Safety group is rock solid. No need to move on from anyone, or add anyone (unless it’s a hybrid type).

  • Spencer Krick

    Good stuff as always.

    Hasn’t been a whole lot of buzz about Shark being a free agent. Think he’s back on the cheap as a ST’er?

  • Alex Kozora

    Could be brought back cheap for camp. Far from a guarantee from a roster spot.

  • Steve

    Agree that Dangerfield’s arrow is pointing up while Goldens is declining.

  • John Pennington

    Golden is a ST that’s all he is and all he will ever be.Draft another safety to take Mitchell place and Golden place the team will be better off.Some guys were meant to be starters Golden was not he not even a #3

  • Michael Mosgrove

    i feel it is necessary to make a statement on big ben and the leadership here.
    i am a diehard steelers fan since i came to the usa and i will come out and say it. ben had a poor year by steelers standards. 29td 13 ints isnt terrible. and many of those were due to injuries or rookies like hamilton and ayers, or still young guys coates and rogers not stepping up consistently. that being said ben was protected bye one of the best offensive lines hes ever had and still made dumb plays. its been a weird year,

    his retirement talk should be evident as to why. 1) he was angry and disappointed with the loss. 2) he was tired of people not stepping up. and he 3) he realizes that things have gone downhill fast and he is just done with it.

    what it comes down to is coaching. and im not talking about positions coaches. because richard mann is one of the best receivers coaches to ever play or coach the game. im not talking about randy fichtner he is a good qb coach.

    its not even on him. its the overall discipline of the locker room.

    big ben, james harrison, and greg warren have tried to keep a handle on all the younger guys. and heath miller tried as well and i firmly believe that was one of the reasons he left. he was quiet but every person that ever played or listened to him knew when he said something you listened. he told ab, and bryant along with a few others to shut the eff up and focus.

    we have lost a ton of leadership in the locker room in last couple years. troy was the same way. i also believe that the way that troy left caused a divide in a locker room to those that played with him between the players and coaches because it seems their is a more lack of respect for tomlin post troy than there was before. players still treat him as a coach but there is not a clear line between what is and isnt allowed.

    ab’s stupid fb live video aside for the moment.

    tomlin has not adjusted well over the last 5 years. yes he is a decent coach but his inability to get a handle has become more and more evident. im not against tomlin. i think he is a good coach. but when you have multiple issues pop up. ab’s fb, bryant suspended, bell suspended, wheaton not performing, zumwalt, mike wallace, mike adams, emmanuel sanders. you either nip it in the bud early or it grows into a vine of chaos which is what has happened.

    i’m not saying he needs to go. im not. but for example look at mccarthy. mccarthy for example had issues with his locker room and shut that crap down. he got all kinds of backtalk for it but it worked at the time. the pittsburgh steelers dont have that enforcer. yes ab got fined 10 grand for that by the team and whatever he gets from the nfl. but he is making 6 figures from facebook now. it wont be anything more than a drop in the bucket. i’m not saying we trade away ab either, since thats been talk today, what im saying is the coaches need to get this crap handled. yesterday. and the retirements or possible retirements of james daniel, richard mann, and john mitchell are only going to magnify things big time. tomlin is a decent supervisory coach. the problem is there arent enough mid level “coaches” keeping the locker room towing that line. and THAT falls on the top

  • Jeff Burton

    I haven’t reviewed the game tape yet but Butler and Haley are LOUSY play callers. Butler must have thought running the ‘D’ looked easy when he was watching Coach LeBeau do it all those years. He totally chickened out against the Patriots and reverted SOLELY to cover packages, rushing 3 people and STILL couldn’t figure out he had to cover Hogan. Haley runs this very predictable version of the West Coast offense and is running years off LeVeon Bell’s career. Both of them could go yesterday and the Steelers would be that much better off.

  • Jeff Burton

    I don’t know, I think Mitchell could definitely use some competition. He’s nowhere near the centerfielder Ryan Clark was. Davis is looking up since they realized he can’t cover but anybody who viewed his college tape knew that already. That really makes him primarily an in the box Safety. I like Burns and Cockrell but we need depth and competition at all secondary positions.