Pittsburgh Police Review Board Investigating Porter Arrest

A short update to the story of Joey Porter’s arrest. While a full police report has been filed, the Pittsburgh Police Review Board will be investigating the officer’s claims, according to Pittsburgh’s WPXI. 

The investigation will be launched to ensure Pittsburgh Police followed correct procedures in Porter’s arrest.

From WPXI:

“Beth Pittinger, executive director of the citizen police review board, said the investigation has been launched to ensure all policies and procedures were followed. She said the high-profile nature of the case led to the decision.”

The board, per WPXI, does not have the ability to file charges, they can recommend any based on their own findings.

Porter was arrested Sunday night following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win over the Miami Dolphins. He was charged with assault, public drunkenness, and disorderly conduct. He posted bail and was released from the Allegheny County Jail.

As we posted when it was released, here is the full police report.

The Steelers announced yesterday they have place Porter on leave for an undetermined amount of time. Mike Tomlin did not rule out the possibility of Porter even returning for this week against the Kansas City Chiefs, though that seems unlikely.

Players said they would not be distracted by this story that is sure to dominate the headlines.

“It’s playoff time, you know,” David DeCastro told WPXI. “It’s one of those things where there’s no time for distractions.”

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  • Steel Your Face

    Wasn’t Mike Adams knifed in the South Side?

  • nutty32

    Just less time and space for the talking heads to cry about Tomlin leaving Ben in the game. JP did a good thing #halffull!

  • steelersfan

    Why are the offensive lineman getting asked if it’s a distraction?

  • Walt Dongo

    journalism at its finest.

  • will

    What happened to the terroristic threat charge that was first reported?

  • Alex Kozora

    Think his lawyer got it down to disorderly conduct.

  • paltel

    Really… I think police inflated the situation beyond what should of happened, as is usual for police and had to back off once they figured out that they could not back up the charges. Also I don’t question the press running the story with the police report, however I do question how it happens that the police leaked the police report on a high profile case immediately.

  • That’s what makes it a distraction. They ALL got to answer question about that rather then the upcoming game.

  • Richard Skalka

    So…. I wonder how this nice bar’s business is gonna go in the near future? I mean they got good police protection from Barney Fife. So, they got that going for them.

  • Chad H

    Because Joey Porter was a drunkin idiot it’s the police’s fault?
    Really tired of your stupid libtard bs on this site.

  • unfurious

    He’s all pro..reporter couldn’t get past him.

  • unfurious

    I think that’s where Ta’amu played bumper cars too. You’d think there would be some sort of mandatory South Side clause in the contracts by now.

  • dany

    No idea but my guess is they, maybe specifically DeCastro, are ones who always cooperate fully with reporters. Of the guys Porter coaches, they probably know Harrison speaks to no one. Jones and Dupree are young guys whose opinion might not be as important in their eyes. Moats did win the chief award for media cooperation though, but maybe he declined cause it’s his position coach. Thus head over to the revered olinemen

  • LK McCray

    And you immediately take the officers side, have you googled the officer? He shouldn’t even be on the force. Sick of you neo cons so quick to convict

  • Chad H

    Oh I forgot about the part where the cop was drunk and disorderly.
    Didn’t convict anyone here. You and the other guy are doing that.
    How about a person takes ownership in their actions and everyone stops blaming others for someone being a donkey. Simple concept we all use to live by.

  • LK McCray

    Really?? When exactly was that?? People have been trying and succeeding in not taking ownership of their actions FOREVER. This narrative that things were so much better “before” is rubbish. I’ve read were witnesses said Porter wasn’t disorderly at all, I’m willing to wait and let the FACTS come out, are you?

  • Lol, I see what you did there…

  • pittfan

    I’d bet the team requested the Citizen’s Review Board get involved as a measure to ensure public trust in any conclusions in this case.

    As to the officers version of the situation:

    “”Acting Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert issued the following statement after receiving news of the review board’s investigation:

    “In order to clear the air regarding conflicting reports in the media surrounding the circumstances that led to the arrest of Mr. Porter, I reviewed video available from several vantage points, including the arresting officer’s body-worn camera. “I have concluded that the officer’s account of the incident is accurate, and our officer conducted himself in the professional manner that is to be expected. “Once the altercation began, the officer turned on his body-worn camera as soon as he was safely able. I support the actions of Officer Paul Able in this arrest.”””

  • nikgreene

    Kind of a random post, but not sure where to bring this up. Anyone see Colin Cowherd’s comments on the Steelers’s win (on YouTube). I know he’s just a sports shock jock guy, but how can someone who talks about sports for a living be so totally misinformed about the quality of a team’s win? Ugh. Anyway, just venting mostly. Go Black n Gold.

  • Applebite

    I don’t.
    Only for the reason that this officer, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, and read about, has been involved in other strange and documented situations before. Some even question how he’s still on the force at all, with his past history. I’d happily post links to said articles found, but Steelers Depot frowns upon ‘hearsay’, lol.

    Again, Reddit is amazing.

  • Applebite

    I think even Lambert had problems on that side…

  • pittfan

    That would be another reason as well. He is not unblemished to say the least.

  • pittfan

    These guys have time to fill, somehow.

  • gentry_gee

    Reading the report it sounds like the AO was intimidated and frightened by Porter’s size and strength.


    Apparently the arresting officer has a shady past. Or so I’ve been told on the internet.

  • steelburg

    I maybe wrong here but I dont think I am. It seems pretty obvious to me that Chad H is a cop lol. But I agree let’s get ALL the FACTS first and then judge. I’m also a little skeptical about the story. Like why wouldn’t the cop stand back and let Porter’s friends calm him down especially if they kept saying they got him. Instead he walked up and put his hands on a guy he calmed was drunk and he was intimidated by.

  • NinjaMountie

    I don’t agree with JP and what he did, but your statement seems right on. I also don’t believe that he should have put his hands on Porter when the situation was deescalated. I also didn’t like the constant reference to the size of people. It sounds like he’s trying to make a case as to why he “felt” threatened.
    Still, JP was in the wrong and deserves some type of reprimand. That doesn’t mean the officer handled things correctly though.

  • Mike Popovich

    Just watched the clip on YouTube. Hard to disagree with what Colin said. I do think the Steelers have been underachievers under Tomlin. I think it is fair to say he doesn’t get as criticized as much as Tom Coughlin did, despite Coughlin having a better record and despite Tomlin being 19-22 against sub .500 teams. Notice how most people inside and out of the media attacked Bradshaw last week for his comment, when in reality he was spot on. Tomlin’s biggest focus is looking cool on the sidelines and coming up with Tomlin-isms for press-conferences.

    Side note: Before Harrison had his strip sack, was anyone outside of me thinking, “if they score a touchdown here, Dolphins are back in this.”? Scoreboard said blowout, but there were points where the Dolphins could have made a game out of it.

  • Chad H

    I’m not a cop. I can’t believe I live in a country now where the cops are the bad people. Some of you need to get in touch with reality. Look I love Porter as a player and coach but he screwed up, period end of story. Wake the f$&k people.

  • Gloria Burke

    That’s what I immediately thought when reading it, “geez does this officer have short man syndrome?” But on the flip side, wth Joey???? Grow up already…You’re 39 years old. Too old to be partying up at a bar and you have so much to lose. Plus, when an officer tells you to do something, isn’t the wise thing to respect the badge and sort it out when cooler minds prevail?

  • steelburg

    The cops are generally the good people we all know that. But if you had a grip on reality you would know that bad cops do exist. Therefore I will wait for All the Facts to come out. Sorry my friend but the times of people blindly and automatically taking the cops side are over. People like me wait for all the facts to come out and then judge accordingly.

  • nikgreene

    I also felt like the game wasn’t a total blowout, but, like any football game it’s contextual. Ben’s first interception was an errant pass, but 95/100 times AB makes the catch and the Steelers likely score a TD and go into the half up 27-6, would that have been impressive? Ultimately the Steelers offense had an incredible first three drives, and their D forced a few TOs, and they won by three scores. To say the Dolphins could have made it closer if they had made more plays is like saying the Browns would be a playoff team if they had better players.

    Regarding Tomlin, Cowherd (and your) points seem disingenuous. If you don’t like Mike Tomlin’s personality, you allowed to say that. If you think he makes questionable decisions on Sundays, you’re allowed to point that out too. But please don’t make assumptions about his priorities as a head coach – his teams have won 5 division titles and a super bowl. Sure, it would be great if we won every game 50-0, but if that’s what you want root for your local high school juggernaut. Cowherd’s other points are pretty thin too. He wonders if one of Belichick’s coaches would have acted like Joey Porter, but he conveniently forgets a former Patriot TE appealing his homicide conviction. Tomln’s record against sub-500 teams isn’t optimal, but what is his record against over- 500 teams? It must be pretty high since Tomlin’s overall regular season record is nearly .650. Finally, Cowherd points out how Big Ben’s number of division titles compares to other great quarterbacks, and basically says the Steelers are underachievers because they don’t win their division every year. But the AFC North isn’t a lackluster division like the East that rarely sends more than one team to the playoffs. Cowherd also mentions Tomlin’s sideline incident with Jacoby Jones a couple years back, and then later restates it as “Tomlin tripped a guy” But he didn’t trip anyone, Jones was tackled by Cortez Allen, and probably would have been regardless of Tomlin’s interference.

    Suffice to say Tomlin is Pittsburgh’s coach, and will be for a long time. His teams are competitive every year. Even in the two seasons they were 8-8 they were the last AFC team eliminated from playoff contention. Without Ben’s constant (and often ill timed) injuries (if you want to criticize anything, criticize the team’s lack of a competent backup QB) they’d likely have done better in the playoffs the last couple times out.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel. Go Steelers.

  • Chad H

    Fact: He is now a coach and held to a higher standard. When a situation got ugly he simply should have quietly walked away. He put himself in that situation. Not sure what other facts need to come out. The rest is irrelevant.