Steelers Hope Trip To KC Will Be 2nd-Longest Flight Of Season Ending In Houston

Washington, D.C. Philadelphia. Miami. Baltimore. Cleveland. Indianapolis. Buffalo. Cincinnati. These are the cities that the Pittsburgh Steelers had to travel to over the course of the regular season. It was an extremely favorable schedule in terms of travel concerns. Their most distant opponents—Dallas and Kansas City—both made the trek into Pittsburgh, rather than the other way around.

That will change on Sunday when the Steelers have to return the favor with the Chiefs, who will be hosting them in Kansas City for the AFC Divisional Round. While Pittsburgh may have been able to beat them on their own grass back in the early portions of the season, they will find it a taller task to bring them down the second time around, which I talked about yesterday, from a football perspective.

Now, it is certainly not going to be a major factor in the game, and I am not intending to present it that way, but I do think it’s notable that this is the first game all season for which the Steelers will have had to travel a fair distance to play. The previously most distant game that they have played was against the Colts, which is roughly around 350 miles distant from Pittsburgh.

Kansas City is more than twice the distance at roughly 850 miles, and calls for a flight time of nearly four hours. I would say that this is nearly irrelevant, but there have been numbers in the past that show a correlation between the distance that a team has to travel and their winning percentage. The Steelers have a fairly negative record on the west coast, for example.

Now, Kansas City is nowhere near the distance of, say, San Diego, but, especially relative to their 2016 itinerary, the travel time does pose a significant departure from their usual routine for road games due to the geographical distance.

On the bright side, so to speak, they will not have to travel very far—or at all—should they come out of the Chiefs’ home stadium with a victory, because they will either be hosting the Texans in the AFC Championship game or acting as the guests of the Patriots up in Foxboro. New England already paid a visit to Pittsburgh earlier this season.

I would not exactly anticipate this being a major issue, but during a season in which there was so little required of the Steelers with regards to travel obligations, it does seem worth noting that the trip to Kansas City will be more than twice the length of any other trip they’ve taken this season—a season they are hoping ends with a flight to Houston in February.

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  • Hopper

    I’m pretty sure the Steelers won’t be connecting through chicago like schlubs. It’s less than a two-hour flight nonstop.

  • greg milinovich

    My calculations say that Miami is over 1000 miles from Pittsburgh. Am I missing something here?

  • goldstardk

    Yeah, it’s about 800 miles, two hour flight in the air. Miami is over a 1.000…Point taken that didn’t work out in the regular season.

  • You aren’t fighting the jet stream or planet rotation going north or south. And planes don’t fly in a straight line from point A to point B either. The follow a route that is usually guided from airport tower to airport tower so they are always in communication with someone in case of emergency.

    When my wife flew from Newark Aiport in NJ to Los Angles, the route her plane took was well into Canadian Air space. On her way back the route was over Texas and Florida then north to NJ.

  • Mason Dale

    Our team being banged up didn’t really help though either. At least we’re healthier this time around!

  • Bobby hains

    What im hoping for is a happy an victorious safe trip back to of luck steelers beat the chiefs one more time an hopefully a texans miracle victory over new England so the texans will have to fly to Pittsburgh for the championship in the afc!

  • popsiclesticks

    No, Miami is much further than Indy. Probably just an oversight.

  • Nolrog

    >>> because they will either be hosting the Texans in the AFC Championship game Ha ha ha. You’re funny. Hosting the Texans.