Steelers LB Bud Dupree Might Be Fined For Hit On Dolphins QB Matt Moore

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree delivered a big hit on Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore in the second quarter of Sunday’s Wild Card game and it will now be interesting to see if the former first round draft pick is ultimately fined for it.

With 7:16 left in the second quarter, Moore escaped the Steelers pass rush to his right and shortly after getting rid of the football was hit near his chin and lower neck area by a quickly closing Dupree. The hit resulted in Moore being down on the ground quite a while.

Dupree was flagged for roughing the passer and after leaving the game for just one play, Moore was able to return and finished the game. Moore talked about the hit after Sunday’s loss and how he was able to get back on the field so quickly.

“I just got popped,” Moore said. “I just needed a second there. I got checked out. I felt fine. It was more of my jaw than anything else. I felt good. I came back in and I was fine. He got me pretty good.”

You have to hand it to Moore as he really took a bit shot from Dupree. Outside of his fumbles and interception, he really didn’t play poorly. Moore was sacked five times by the Steelers defense on Sunday on his way to throwing for 289 yards.

During his post-game press conference, Mike Tomlin was asked about Dupree being penalized for his hit on Moore.

“I’m not getting into that,” Tomlin said.

We’ll now wait and see if the NFL league office gets into Dupree’s weekly paycheck.

Several weeks ago, Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons had a big hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Cody Kessler and while he was penalized on that particular play, he wasn’t fined.

  • LHW

    That was a good call. The helmet to helmet was not intentional, but it happened. Sucks, but them is the rules!

  • PaeperCup

    Oh yeah, definitely will be fined. Not that I have a problem with the play, that’s a football play there…but it’s what usually garners fines these days.

  • michael young

    I thought he killed him on that hit (in real time.). He basically, erased him off my screen at contact. I’m glad Moore is “OK.” I’m also glad Dupree is playing with an edge right now.

  • Don

    I fully expect there to be a fine because the league has its head up its rear end on these matters. It was an illegal hit, and it was penalized as it should have been. I don’t believe there was intent, nor was it an egregiously dangerous play. A fine would make no sense at all. Hence, why I believe it’s coming.

  • nitrous12

    I flew out of my seat yelling “OMG he just killed the QB” on that one. That was just brutal.

  • Lil Smitty

    I guess we can now say that Dupree is making an impact in games. That hit got inside Miami players heads.
    It may get fined, but I thought it looked more incidental that on purpose.
    I suppose the Bengal fans will compare it to Burfict’s hit from last year.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Fine well worth it!

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Vaporized him!

  • Kevin78

    It reminded me of greg lloyd’s hit on ken o’brien years ago, iirc the qb. It was definitely against the jets

  • Taylor Williams

    I bet if Ben got hit like that, there wouldn’t be a flag

  • Rob S.

    I guarantee he’s going to have concussion symptoms tomorrow. Just like Vontaze Burfict when he was allowed to come back in the game.

  • StolenUpVotes

    I though Bud was going to get arrested for murder after that

  • Applebite

    The question they better ask themselves is: Who was Moore throwing that ball to?
    If they can’t answer that question with a straight face and they know he left the pocket running, they better leave this one alone.

  • VaDave

    Great post!

  • afrazier9

    Moore this Bud’s for you lol

  • Rocksolid20

    Nice Kevin , Greg Lloyd left us great memories

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Regardless of what happened I freakin LOVED that hit. This Steelers defense today was the most fun we have watched it what seems like 3 or so years. Dudes came to HIT and even Eli Rogers got in on the action.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I consider myself a somewhat educated football fan, but I have no idea whether or not that hit was “illegal.”

    When Cam Newton leaves the pocket, apparently he becomes a runner (whether he throws the ball or not). He has taken shot after shot, helmet to helmet, and the defender gets no flag. Apparently that is “legal.”

    ( You can go to you tube and search the words “helmet to helmet cam newton” and watch the clip from the Denver game as a refresher. )

    When Matt Moore leaves the pocket, my understanding is he becomes a runner. At that point, if he wants to avoid a hard hit, there is a very specific rule set up for him to be protected… It’s called sliding… If you slide (as a QB) defenders are not allowed to hit in you in the head (with any body part). It is “illegal.”

    With that said, when I watch it with my eyes, it looks like that is an “unnecessary” head shot. I would be pissed if someone hit Ben like that, even if it was technically ruled as “legal.” Again, I’m saying as far as the eye test goes.

    When I played, I was always taught to look at their waist, lead with my shoulder, and wrap up with my arms. I guess those days are gone?

  • Petherson Silveira

    I don’t understand why this was roughing the passer. The QB was on the run and outside the pocket. He suddenly made a throw when Dupree was closing out. I am stand by Dupree’s side with that hit. I loved it.

  • Reezy

    Tough series of events b/c Bud’s facemask is literally in Moore’s chest, but the top of the helmet catches his chin. I understand protecting the QB b/c he IS defenseless, especially when throwing on the run, but what is Bud supposed to do in that moment? If Moore was a little taller would that still had been a penalty? Thats part of the reason why most QBs get rid of the ball much sooner to avoid those types of plays. Im curious as to why exactly thats a penalty w/o being biased…

  • Petherson Silveira

    By the way, thanks for the gif. I saved it. It would be on my cellphone for a while.

  • Reezy

    I agree with you, but i think thats due to Ben’s size in comparison to other players… if the situation was reversed, that wouldnt have been a penalty b/c the helmet doesnt make contact with Ben’s helmet.

  • Reezy

    Good assessment, but i’m curious as to how you lead with the shoulder when tackling on each occasion and from each angle?

  • Petherson Silveira

    That was what i mean. Perfect. Thank you. To me, the hit was unnecessary roughness, not roughing the passer.

  • I wish we could take up a collection to pay off our guys fines when this happens. Those type of hits are tone setting, momentum shifting, hope deflating, jaw breaking, bone shattering, whatever you want to call it and I get hype every time it happens. It was illegal but not intentional. Kudos to Matt Moore for shaking it off. I’d still be on the field right now if it were me. That being said, get your wallet out Bud

  • deuce_seven

    Moore will think twice next time.

  • Jaybird

    I did the same thing! Then I immediately tried to google who their third string QB would be. I couldn’t believe he got back into the game.

  • nutty32

    Nice. Krvin Greene blew up John Fries also in like fashion.

  • Mrs Bighead

    Legal hit

  • RickM

    I don’t think a QB simply throwing from outside the pocket qualifies him as a “runner”. I think he’s still afforded the same protections until he crosses the line of scrimmage. But maybe Newton hasn’t been always treated that way.

    I remember Harrison receiving a penalty and a fine for hitting a QB several years ago who had committed to the run. I couldn’t understand why, but he hadn’t quite crossed the line of scrimmage. I think – not certain – that Moore still qualifies as a passing QB.

  • The Truth

    Of course there would be a flag………..on BR.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    His helmet caught his chin. The fine for this is automatic. It wasn’t intentional or dirty, but it also wasn’t entirely necessary. If someone did this to Roethlisberger, most of the comments on this site would be calling for the perpetrator to be kicked out of the league.

    In my opinion, some 15 yard penalties are worth the price. Even ignoring the retaliation penalty on the Dolphins, Bud got his money’s worth on that one.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I’m not really sure how to answer your question?

    When the ball carrier was moving towards me (or I was moving towards him) he would usually try to juke me and I would try to square him up. Whichever way he went, that’s the shoulder I would lead with (the closer one)?

    I was usually more concerned with wrapping up than making a big hit, so it was more of a shoulder/arms situation than a pick a shoulder.

  • Clutterbox

    Matt Moore was knocked out. I don’t care what the their team doctor says they he never not unconscious, but he got hit squared in the jaw, which spun his head around. That head trauma will leave you knocked out at least for a few seconds. Also from the video appears to show that his arms were limp after the hit which tells me he was knocked out.

  • ND_Steel

    QB needed to protect himself better…if he’s going to try to make a play out of that situation, that’s what you can expect (a hard hit, not necessarily to the chin)…

  • ND_Steel

    Yep, until NFL adopts CFL rules that ejects targeting hits, it will always be worth it.

  • Dan

    T’was a brutal hit. Wish it had been six inches lower and it would have been legal and still brutal. Might have even cracked a rib.

  • ND_Steel

    There is almost no way for a 270-lb man running at full speed to avoid an unnecessary roughness penalty there…short of pulling up or just pushing him, he was going to get blown up and it was going to look bad.

  • Dan

    15yd penalties worth the price…depends on the situation but I agree. Often such hits can make opponents nervous. Especially WRs that pay more attention to footsteps behind them than the ball. Gotta give credit to Moore though. He took a couple pretty hard shots and stayed pretty accurate all day.

  • Steve Johnson

    QB’s shouldn’t try and be RB’s, he should have slid or ran out of bounds.

  • Steve Johnson

    If anybody should be fined it’s the Dolphins Staff. There is no way the QB should have been allowed to reenter the game that fast.

  • Jason

    Come on Steve. He was rolling right and trying to make a play. Ben does this all the time as far as holding the ball till the last second and scrambling out of the pocket. Neither player was in the wrong it’s just football.

  • CP72

    Boy you’re a real humanitarian 🙂


    Don’t want to see a player hurt, but damn that was a good old school hit…just a tad hit, caught him on the chin…kudos to Moore, one tough guy…that hit takes most QBs out for the duration.

  • will

    Watch the tape again. Bud was trying to pull up and that body action elevated his head. Then momentum carried him in for the hit and his helmet was jus about an inch or two too high. Not intentional. IMO

  • Jim Foles

    Borderline helmut to helmut..

  • corners

    Im suprised he wasnt called in the first quarter for almost the same type of hit.

  • corners

    does it look liek he was effected after? Didnt play like it.

  • Paddy

    Lead with shoulder? Really that’s OK for HS football but Bud is large and the QB is short is he supposed to get on his knees?

  • Scott

    Perfectly legal hit, QB became a runner and left the pocket, hit occurred the same time the QB released the ball. QB also wasn’t defenseless and knew Dupree was approaching him, QB could’ve just wisely gone down with the ball.

  • corners

    “It may get fined, but I thought it looked more incidental that on purpose.”

    I guess, if you missed when he did it the first time in thew first quarter the first time Matt Moore got put on his back. Hit him the same way.

    You know why defenders aim for under the chin and why its illegal now?
    Its usually a knockout blow because it snaps the head back, but if it doesnt it usually gives them a bloody mouth because there is no protection there,especially from a helmet.

  • corners

    Reminded me of the Pat White hit. Might of been Harrison that creamed him. He never played another snap in the nfl again.

  • corners

    doubt it, but that was the 2nd time dupree hit matt moore like that this game. First time they missed it in the 1st quarter

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    It certainly didn’t deter Moore. Let’s hope Alex Smith sees that play a few times before Sunday.

  • Ike Evans

    Guess moore isnt “big and athletic” enough for the out of the pocket rule to apply to him……were wr playing indy or carolina there wouldnt have been a flag

  • mdtak

    I think it was a legal hit due to the fact he was a runner..defenders stay high so they have an opportunity to block pass…moore was hit just as he was releasing so there is no way he could have held up and he went below helmet with majority of his force from his shoulders…violent yes but saw him coming and chose to keep ball and run..Qbs have protection by sliding and or throwing ball away..he did neither and wanted to stretch the play out by running longer…shouldn’t have been a call in my opinion and definitely not a fine

  • mdtak

    absolutely! he could have thrown ball away or slid or thrown sooner….looked legal to me

  • mdtak


  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Paddy –

    That is probably the most ridiculous comment I’ve heard all year (granted the year is only 9 days old, but still).

    Let me get this straight… You think because a football player advances from HS to the NFL, he should stop leading with his shoulder? Because he’s “larger” now he can’t tackle with proper form? He has to lead with his helmet into to the opposing players jaw?

    I literally have no words.

    But let’s put that aside… Matt Moore is over 6’3″ tall. Bud Dupree is 6’4″ tall. Do you ever look up information online before you speak?

  • Reggie Cunningham

    It wasn’t helmet to helmet..look again. A little bit in the chin

  • RxRight

    Moore was defenseless. Dupree lowered his head and lead with the crown with a deliberate intent to injure. Period. Should have been ejected. Should be fined a boatload. This is the chicken $hI+ type of play that the NFL said they want to eliminate. IF that’s Brady, Rogers, etc he’d be lucky if he saw the first 1/2 of the 2017/2018. In my opinion it was a cheap shot; and Dupree is an awesome player and doesn’t need to pull that crap. Interestingly the refs let it go and later a Pittsburg D back targeted a receiver held by another Pittsburg dback, Cockrell. But the reciever ducked at the last second and he concussed his own player. You could see, plainly, he had a head unjury by his arms. When the refs don’t eject cheap shots then the players think they can get away with it. I’m not a Miami fan, just an observation by a cheezehead from Wisconsin.

  • RxRight

    All the Steeler tough guys above would be screaming bloody murder, ejection, jail time etc. Its always cool when your guy gives out a cheap shot big hit to a defenseless player. But when its your guy you see the hit for what it really is; cheap, uncalled for and should be no part of the game. Everyone likes a good hit as long as the hittee has a chance to protect himself.

  • RxRight

    Cam Newton has taken more cheap shots than all the other QB’s combined and they don’t call it because he’s an awesome athlete. This young man will be hurt badly one day for the league allowing the hits he takes.

  • RxRight

    Your gut is always right and yes, you’d be pissed and have every right to be if Ben R got hit like that. Dupree lowered the head and lead with it into Moores JAW. Cheap, uncalled for. Yep, all the testosterone less muscle heads love those hits, however, Dupree should have been ejected.

  • B Kool

    It really gets me going when I see people (read: Steeler haters) call this a dirty hit. The helmet clipped Moore’s chin. He could’ve buried it in his chest. Helmets are too big to get out of the way. The instinct to brace for impact (for both players) usually includes ducking.

  • Jimbo

    Considering Goodells bias against the Steelers It will be a fine. if it was deebo he’d be suspended..

  • Taylor Williams

    A cheap shot is when a guy gets a blind side hit. Moore saw it coming. A cheap shot is what Rodgers did. Dupree had a clean hit and was only fouled because the NFL hates when the QB gets hurt.

  • Midnight

    No there would not be a flag because Ben is a big, rough quarterback. Bud would have been ejected if he hit Brady like that. The hit wasn’t illegal or cheap, but calls need to be consistent and not biased. Some refs…. completely biased and/or unqualified.

  • Petherson Silveira

    I agree!

  • Kevin

    I’m glad Moore is OK, no one wants to see a person seriously hurt or killed just for their entertainment. As to the rules though, my understanding is that when a Quarterback breaks the pocket his “protected status” goes with it and he becomes a runner for the purposes of tackling. So, as I understand it the hit, even if with contact to the head, is legal and should be neither flagged nor fined. If the hit would have been legal on a running back it would be legal on a QB outside of the pocket so long as he had not released the ball more than two defender step previously. I know those flags aren’t thrown when its Cam Newton or even Big Ben getting hit. It is also of note that once a QB breaks the pocket defenders are technically allowed to put their receiver on his butt.

  • Kevin

    I agree that in most situations a square wrap tackle, break down square shoulder contact and bring your arms around is the ideal. My question is whether or not it is realistic at all times. Aren’t there guys who will juke that slower more deliberate style 10/10 times as they wait for you to commit to your posture and simply shift. I wonder if Barry Sanders, for example, didn’t make his career on taking advantage of this type of tackling? Just wondering. In this case here, Matt Moore is clearly not Barry Sanders but he did just barely manage to get the ball away and despite being out of the pocket he also just missed making a pretty nice completion, if you take your time and calculate the best angle, set it up, square down, wrap and tackle, isn’t that a completed pass and/or a late hit?
    To be sure, there are dirty and deliberately dangerous hits in this league, but this didn’t look like one of those to me. Moreover, as a QB out of the pocket (as we have heard in EVERY Panther game this season) is a runner and for the purposes of tackling the same rules apply as if he were a HB, unless he slides. Again, if the hit were on Ben, as everyone has pointed out, no flag. Should there be different rules for different QBs? How does one defend such a position? Just because a guy is bigger its ok to abuse him?

  • Steve Johnson

    I agree Jason, nothing wrong with the QB trying to make a play at all. I agree neither player was at fault too. However, you justified what I was trying to say, QB’s scrambling to make a play until the last second. That pretty much sums up #7 and why he constantly gets hurt. Sometimes I think its better for the guys to slide or just run out of bounds. He was out-of-the-pocket, he should then be treated like a RB.