Steelers Vs. Dolphins: Player Snap Counts – Wild Card Week

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins 30-12 at home Sunday to advance to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and when it comes to the individual player snap counts in that game, there weren’t many things that stood out.

Offensively for the Steelers, tackle Chris Hubbard was used quite a bit against the Dolphins as an extra lineman and occasional tight end. In total, Hubbard played 21 offensive snaps and 9 times he reported as eligible. One of his snaps came at right tackle when starter Marcus Gilbert left briefly.

As expected, Roosevelt Nix played a lot more this time around against the Dolphins. He was on the field for 15 offensive snaps and hard to miss.

While wide receiver Sammie Coates failed to log any offensive snaps against the Dolphins, rookie Demarcus Ayers was on the field for 10 plays. The Steelers dressed all six wide receivers against the Dolphins and that’s not something they’ve done a lot over the years.

Tight end Xavier Grimble only logged two offensive snaps against the Dolphins.

Defensively for the Steelers, defensive end Stephon Tuitt played 57 snaps in his first game back after sitting out the last two with a sprained right knee. Every defensive lineman that dressed Sunday saw at least one snap. With that noted, Johnny Maxey only saw the field for one play.

As expected, James Harrison and Bud Dupree continue to get most of the playing time at outside linebacker as they both played 61 of a possible 65 snaps against the Dolphins.


  • Dorian James

    As much as I like to support Mike Tomlin I absolutely can’t stand how he doesn’t give anyone else playing time. Imho I think when the outcome was no longer in doubt, starters should have begun to come off the field!

  • steelburg

    Can we not sign Ross Ventrone back Dave? We will desperately need him for this upcoming game. The special teams can not play the same way they played Sunday or we will get handled by Hill.

  • burgh_fan

    I’m having trouble figuring out when Warren would of been on the field without Berry. Seems to me they should of been in on the same number of special team snaps.

  • Jim Foles

    We need some super punts and huge kickoffs.

  • NW86

    The only thing that stands out to me is just how heavy they did go in the game. Not only Nix and Hubbard, as mentioned, but also David Johnson got 26 snaps. Conversely, no WR other than Brown and Eli had more than 14 snaps. Guess that’s what happens when you go up big in the 1st quarter.

  • steelburg

    We definitely need huge kickoffs out the back of the end zone. But not so much super punts more like directional punts. A super punt can mean some instances where he out kicks coverage and that wouldn’t be good.

  • Big White

    Dave, many of us have been screaming for more Rosie Nix. He only saw 15 offensive snaps, but i would be very interested in the result of those 15.

  • Big White

    I would not kick in his direction unless we are at mid-field or better. If we are on our own goal-line I would kick it out of bounds every time. I don’t care if we give it to the Chiefs at our own 30 yard line. We cannot allow that guy to beat us.

  • Does anyone remember when the Seahawks came back against the Packers in the playoffs last year? In a game where Wilson tossed 5 picks, the still found away to comeback from a multi score deficit with 4 minutes left. They scored, recovered the onside kick and scored again to win. And GB didn’t even take out their starters.

    The game is not over until the clock reads 00:00. Its that simple. You put in Jones with 6 minutes left, he could toss a pick 6 or fumble a snap and Miami is back in business.

    However improbable, it’s still possible. And that is why with comfortable leads late in their games this past weekend, Reothlisberger, Oswieler, Wilson and Rodgers were still throwing it.

  • SouthernSteel

    Great game plan from Tomlin and his assistants!! Neutrilized the Fins Dline and running game!! If not for a couple of mistakes by Ben and AB game would have been 50-6

  • James Rogers

    When the score is 30-12 with 4 mins left AND you have the ball, the other team isn’t coming back. Should have put L Jones in and run the ball every play.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Great to see Tuitt below 90% and Hargrave below 80% Would like a bit less snaps from each moving forward though. I understand that the depth has injuries though.

  • DoctorNoah

    Give matakevich the ball! #HOF #DirtyRed #SeeYouInCanton

  • Dorian James

    True, but there is not that great of a drop-off between Bell and Williams, he could have got a lot more snaps than he did. I had no problems with been staying in to hand the ball off, but at the same time, Landry probably could have done the same thing. Don’t get me wrong this is not about Ben’s injury. But I would have like to see some of the second-stringers get some playoff snaps while it was safe to do so

  • It not just about handing the ball to whomever is back there. It’s about getting into the right play, running at the correct gap, attacking the right part of the defensive look. Most guys don’t expect Landry Jones to protect the ball, much less a lead. Too me, 6 minutes is just too much time. If it was 3 or less, that is a conversation I would be having with my other coaches.

    At that point in the game with 4 and a half minutes left, if Ben convert for that first down, Miami has to start using their time outs. They had 2 plus the 2 minute warning which means likely 1 or 2 more first downs then victory formation without Miami ever getting the ball back.

  • CP72

    Sammie is going to have a tough time finding snaps. Hamilton, DHB, and Ayers are all productive when given the opportunity. Not going be any easier next year if Martavis gets back into the mix.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I was praying they went heavy in this game against a team that has at times been gashed. They certainly did and it worked out. They used mostly blockers like DJ and Hubbard and Nix. They did not try to fool them much.

    I hope they do so next week again as they did not even dump off a pass to any of those guys or James. Therefore next week they can run and play action pass and it will work.

    If they can get ahead and stay ahead this should help. If they get to the Pats, I would be passing a lot, LOT more. Different game

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I actually hope he shows in practice that he’s ready. They may need him to open up a game or make a comeback in the next couple of weeks. Probably a long shot. I just doubt they can run the ball this much all the way to a Lombardi.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    DHB will be the deep threat moving forward. Coates can reclaim that role next season after the fingers heal up. Just too unreliable right now.

  • budabar

    If we’re leaving our starters in then we need to be more like Belacheat with the pats and keep the pedal to the medal when we let up is when the dumb injuries start to happen

  • 6 ring circus

    Woot-woot…or is that hoot-hoot? Broad Street Bullies = Temple Owls

  • 6 ring circus

    Yes. When you play with a edge, the muscles are tense, the blood is flowing, the senses are keen. How many times have we seen T. Brady with that classic fist pump, mouth open, primal scream?! I want that for us. I’ve said a few times in the past that we lack a killer instinct. Maybe we can find it going forward in these playoffs.

  • the304steeler

    Martavis is the deep threat when he comes back