Watch: Steelers Vs Dolphins Initial Analysis

As always, our initial review of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ big 30-12 win over the Miami Dolphins yesterday afternoon. I talk about the Steelers’ offensive explosion and the defensive shutdown of Miami’s run game.

I also get into Mike Tomlin’s decision to leave Ben Roethlisberger in and the inconsistency of it I don’t think anyone else has talked about yet.

Also bring up the point about the team’s offensive line and question if it’s the best starting five in franchise history. Would love to get your thoughts. Have to think they’re up there with the 2005 Steelers and some of the 70s groups, Jim Clack and Moon Mullins and all them.

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Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • Boots

    I’m not sure I can say this is the best OL in team history, but it’s got to be right up there with the best ones. The mid 90’s line with John Jackson, who I believe never got enough credit, Duval Love, Dawson, Carlton Hasselrig, and Leon Searcy was a very good OL. Marvel Smith, Faneca, Dawson/Hartings, Kendall Simmons, and Max Starks was a really good one, too.

    I think there’s more that goes into the decision to leave Ben and AB in after Bell was replaced. The nature of the rb position, the amount of touches Bell already had, plus the fact that you have a D’Angelo Williams to bring in. Sometimes Ben needs to be a little smarter and just throw it away!

  • Lambert58

    Loud & Clear! 🙂 Good job – thanks Alex!

  • srdan

    You had me at “dawson”

  • srdan

    Good Job AK.

    Miami allowed 2247 rush yards this year. That is poor – with a 4.8ypc average.

    KC is almost as poor with 1938. 4.4ypc and 121 ypg.

    I like the rookie BB gameplan, keep it going. I want rosie to get more than 25% of the snaps this week.

  • Joel Miller

    Football Outsiders has KC with the lesser rush defense. Probably due to opponent adjustments.

  • Joel Miller

    Football Outsiders data suggests Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Washington have the 3 best Offensive Lines in football. Dallas would be around 5th with their numbers and they are the ones that I’ve heard the most noise about this season. Maybe this is their best ever.

  • Alex Kozora

    Ha, happy to hear it.

  • Doogie

    Alex, DUDE, The Amish looks just isnt working. Grow a Stash, or something!! hehe

  • Doogie

    oh and put something behind you, orange you aware that orange is garish? hehe

  • Doogie

    You do have to look at the 70s? I admit, I dont remember many individuals except Mike Webster, was fairly young..( many linemen I mean)

  • Doogie

    Oh you know who Mike Webster played for after the Steelers?

  • Alex Kozora

    Haha, trust me, beard is much better. Just needs trimmed. I don’t think I have anything for the wall. Yeah, 70s units were strong. Mullins/Clack/Kolb, solid group. And yeah, Webby played for KC for like, a season. Then coached with them, I think.