2017 NFL Draft Player Profiles: Temple OLB Haason Reddick

We’re back again breaking down prospects for the 2017 NFL Draft, set to kick off on April 27th through the 29th. Our goal this season is to write reports on at least 150 players and hopefully, as many as 200. It will, of course, have a focus on Pittsburgh Steelers’ wants and needs but we will look big-picture too at the best players in this year’s draft.

If there’s a player you would like us to breakdown, let us know in the comments below.

Haason Reddick/OLB Temple: 6’1/4 237 

The Good

– Great first step and best way to win as a pass rusher
– Ability to flatten the edge, hip/ankle flexibility to corner and get upfield
– Sideline to sideline range against the run, hard to outrun
– Skilled in coverage, fluid in drops, ability to spot drop or stay in-phase in man coverage
– Versatile, wore a lot of hats, capable of playing strong/weak, two or three point stance, and experience off ball during Senior Bowl
– Gives chase to the ball, doesn’t loaf, even if play is away from him
– Technically sound against the run, fits are good, makes up for lack of size/length
– Appears to have high football IQ who can handle high amount of information with ease

The Bad

– Undersized, lacks length (32 1/8 inch arms), and won’t overwhelm with power
– Predictably isn’t great at converting speed to power and will predominantly win around the edge
– Viewed by some as a tweener without true position, may have to move off ball, creates more projection
– Lacks go-to counter move off speed rush


– Two year starter for Owls
– 2016: 22.5 TFL, 9 sacks, 3 FF
– First-Team All-AAC selection
– Career: 46 TFL, 18 sacks
– Had no offers out of high school due to injury, went to Temple as preferred walk-on before earning scholarship
– Began college career as cornerback before moving to DE/OLB

Tape Breakdown

Reddick was a guy I liked watching him prior to the Senior Bowl but after Mobile, he became one of the unquestioned stars. Talk to anyone who was down there for the week of practice and they’ll tell you he was one of the top five players – period – there. And the best edge rusher.

What was impressive about that week was the move to play off ball linebacker, something he had never done before, while getting reps on the edge. The move felt seamless for him and he was arguably the best inside guy there. He’s got incredible range because he’s a top athlete in his first step and long speed. But there’s another component to, his football IQ and ability to diagnose and read his keys. To make the move inside and excel there is a testament to that.

But I like to focus on him as an EDGE rusher. That’s what he did at Temple, that’s where he excelled, and if you’re going to draft him, it should be as a pass rusher first. That’s where Reddick succeeds.

Watch him win with his first step, corner the edge, and finish with a sack against Memphis, a game where he took over at the end.

And again, in a stillshot, you can see his get off.

The obvious concerns with a guy like Reddick, just looking at him, is his ability to hold up against the run. A more svelte frame but his play here isn’t as bad as you might think. His technique makes up for it. In this example, he keeps his outside arm free and funnels this run back inside.

Now, that doesn’t mean he can’t get pushed around. He does. Like you see here.

But some perspective is key. He’s about the same size as Jarvis Jones, who weighed in at 6’2 242 with only half-inch longer arms. And Jones best trait in Pittsburgh was his run defense. So being smaller doesn’t mean he’s going to suck against the run.

And if you’re wondering, that’s where the Jones/Reddick comparions stop. Reddick will blow him out of the water when he tests at the Combine. He told me at Mobile he wants to run in the 4.3’s but I expect him to be in the high 4.4’s. Still, that’s ridiculous number and you could very well see some Von Miller type numbers (4.53 40, 37 vert, 10’6” broad, 4.06 three cone).

The more reasonable NFL comparison, looking at his whole profile, is a Shane Ray to Dee Ford type. Generally thought of as undersized but win with their quickness and flexibility. And Reddick can be that guy – he can be a double-digit sack player in this league.

For Pittsburgh, in the short-term, he could be a fun chess piece. I mentioned not knowing a name for the hybrid safety/linebacker type. Reddick could be that guy, even though we normally think of a safety occupying that spot. He’s an easy mover and he’s going to test like a big safety.

Could replace Lawrence Timmons, if he’s retained, on obvious passing situations. Can’t say it would work for sure but it’s an interesting thought since the OLB spot could be occupied by Bud Dupree and James Harrison much of the time.  Similar to Jatavis Brown, who the Steelers had interest in last year.

Bottom line is Reddick has versatility, elite athleticism, a clear-cut way to get to the quarterback, and the production the team looks for. He could be in play for pick #30, though I admit I think I like Carl Lawson over him.

Projection: Late Day One

Games Watched: at Memphis, vs Cincinnati, Senior Bowl


About the Author

Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • george

    If his only move is a speed rush off the edge he’s going to end up like JJ version II. NFL LT are quicker on their feet and he won’t be beating them like the fat college boys he’s going against now.

  • falconsaftey43

    JJ had zero ways to win in college, that was his problem. If you don’t believe me go back and watch JJ at Georgia. His sacks were either from coming out of coverage to get the QB in the flats, looping WAY around the pocket and getting the QB from behind when he rolled out. JJ was slot, couldn’t bend the edge. Reddick is an elite athlete withe great ability to bend the edge. It’s a great place to start, with the hope you can teach him some counters. He is in no way like JJ.

  • capehouse

    Dupree is a better example. JJ’s move is an inside swim cause he has no speed off the edge

  • Brian Miller

    Or JJs wins were because the play broke down and the QB ran into his arms…

  • falconsaftey43

    I like Reddick, but I didn’t see enough from him once OT’s got their hands on him as a pass rusher. The clip against Memphis is actually a really good example of being able to lean on the OT and flatten to the QB, so he can do it. But most of what I saw was him win untouched around the corner (which is great, don’t get me wrong). But I also saw him stall a lot when the OT was able to get hands on.

  • falconsaftey43

    Yes, incredible scouting fail. It was so obvious he wasn’t a good pass rusher, and then he tested horribly. I think he can be pretty good as a 4-3 MLB or maybe SAM. He’s pretty big for that position and has decent quickness. Still nothing special though.

  • Steelers12

    if he falls to 3rd draft him

  • Clutterbox

    I like him. He is very quick and has a good first step. Although I worried that he could get swallowed up with the bigger, stronger tackles in the NFL. Also I rarely see any footage of him dropping back which the Steelers like all their OLBs to do at some point. I would prefer him in the 2nd round instead of the first and it would depends on who is available on the board at the time.

  • WreckIess

    Not a huge fan of his as a pass rusher, but I like him even less as an ILB. In the USF game they had him playing an ILB-ish role so he could spy their QB and whenever USF ran he would get beaten up trying to take on blocks. You see that speed and explosiveness from him on tape, but like you said he can only win with speed and the counters just aren’t there. Bigger tackles eat him up.

  • falconsaftey43

    Hey Alex, really random guy I’d love to see a profile on. Ironhead Gallon, LB, Georgie Southern. Think he fits the S/LB mold. Watch a couple of games and he really flies around. Late/UDFA type.

  • Harley Crockett

    I’d be interested in seeing how you rate WR Zach Pascal out of ODU

  • LucasY59

    Profile requests: Joe Mathis and Takkarist McKinley (am already doing research on both but want to see a Depot breakdown as well)
    plus a lot more, but those are the two I am most interested in

  • Alex Kozora

    JJ didn’t win that way. He was the opposite. Too slow off the ball, not enough bend, wasn’t going to threaten with speed. Ever.

  • Jeremy McClurg

    I’d like to see what you think about Takkarist McKinley. I’m not really sure what to think about the guy. Extremely athletic, but not polished as a pass rusher.

  • Alex Kozora

    He only needs one counter. It can be developed. A lot of pass rushers out of college don’t have a great second move because they can get away with one. A guy can win with just two rushes. Especially when one of them is a speed threat.

  • Alex Kozora

    One of the other guys is going to do a report on him soon, I believe.

  • Clutterbox

    Please do Ryan Anderson and maybe Tim Williams too if you have a chance. Thanks.

  • Alex Kozora

    Williams is one of our next ones up. Anderson at some point too.

  • WreckIess

    He can, but I’m just not sure I would want to spend the first rounder on him over other guys who should be there that are more complete edge guys. I see him get caught up a lot more than I see him threaten. So the issues against the run and the fact that his pass rush still needs a lot more work puts him underneath guys like Harris and Lawson for me.

  • Alex Kozora

    I’m not saying I would either and like I wrote, I’d probably take Lawson over Reddick if the medical checks out. Can make a case for Derrick Rivers too or Harris (haven’t watched him yet though).

  • Addison

    Drafting Profiles! I love this time of year. thanks gang

  • T3xassteelers

    How about Mahomes?

  • Alex Kozora

    I’m sure him too.

  • Jon Crissinger

    Lawson comes down to health. If he’s cleared medically, he will be in play.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I’m interested in seeing a profile on Patrick mahomes qb

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Is he a late 1st rd guy

  • WreckIess

    You’re that high on Rivers? I think he’s great, but I didn’t think anyone agreed with me lol. I saw that you and Ledyard had a lot of good things to say about him, but I didn’t think you had a 1st round projection on him.

  • The Truth

    Jones’ problem was he had no speed, strength or technique.

    I see Reddick as more of a ILB than OLB.

  • Donald Tillman

    Alex how did he look at inside Linebacker?? I was thinking Reddick at ILB , and Rivers and Willis @ OLB.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I’ve got a trio of Clemson guys for you: Wayne Gallman, Artavis Scott, and Jordan Leggett

  • PaeperCup

    Draft Profiles!!! Yipeee!

    Love Reddick as a prospect, biggest concern is his strength. The lack of that attribute reminds me too much of Jarvis….but he’s a lot faster so there’s that.

  • Alex Kozora

    It’s still early to sort all that out. But if he tests well at the Combine, he could be in the convo, at least.

  • Alex Kozora

    Great down in Mobile. Handled transition well.

  • William Weaver

    How does he compare to LT coming out of college?

  • Spencer Krick

    I’d run up to the podium if he was available at 30.

    Oh yeah, requests!

    OLB Derek Rivers, Youngstown
    CB Damontae Kazee, San Diego State

  • popsiclesticks

    Most college rushers don’t have many moves (or good ones). That’s why I liked Leonard Floyd so much last year, he seemed to have two decent moves.

    The short arms will probably hinder that a bit but man can this guy move.

  • Alex Kozora

    I wasn’t really scouting when I was 14 years old so I’ll have to defer to someone else.

  • popsiclesticks

    Justin Houston’s college highlights were just speed rush speed rush speed rush. These college rushers look so damn raw compared to other positions.

    I don’t think a lot of people realize either that on an average play, your typical edge rusher looks “bad”. They get stuffed by the OT and don’t really threaten the QB. We’re talking about a position where you have guys rushing QBs 40 times a game and if they get pressure on two of those snaps, they are All-Pro.

    EDIT: Vic Beasley is a great example, forgot about him. I thought he’d be terrible in the NFL because it was just speed rush speed rush speed rush, getting stuffed every time. But after watching more tape over the past few years, that’s how most seem to look.

    Though I did think Dante Fowler would be a superstar, and that hasn’t happened. He looked like he was playing a different sport than the rest of the OLBs that year.

  • Bill Sechrengost

    Thanks for the profile Alex. I’d like to see some profiles for mid-round QB’s like Davis Webb or Nate Peterman, also a few RB’s. I know you like Clement from Wisconsin, so I’m assuming we’ll see one for him. Jamal Williams from BYU would be interesting or Deveon Smith from Michigan.

  • William Weaver

    Oops. Take that as a compliment for sure! I forget your as young as my step son sometimes. I have come to respect your opinions. Don’t always agree or like but respect. Haha

  • popsiclesticks

    I wouldn’t lock myself into any position round 1 – if OJ Howard drops, hard to pass him up. If Corey…Davis? Guy from Western Michigan….if he drops, I’d get it. Goal is to be the best team, not the team with the least amount of “holes”.

    I don’t want to take a bad edge guy for the sake of taking an edge guy. But if no one at 30 is all that enticing, I’d take a shot with a guy like Reddick who is an absolute NFL-caliber elite athlete. Ryan Shazier’s tape shows him getting swallowed up a lot in college as well. But in the NFL, he puts on 15 pounds, he’s in a great system for a guy like that (I love undersized quick 3-4 ILB types) and he’s got NFL help around him on defense. You just simply aren’t going to get a check-all-the-boxes type edge guy outside of the top 5 or top 10. I have a theory that this is why so many of the good interior OL play for good teams – because they were picking in the 20s where those guys were clear BPA and fell because all of the freak skill and edge guys pushed them down.

  • popsiclesticks

    His name is Ironhead Gallon? I don’t even need to see the tape, I want that guy on the Steelers!

  • Daniel Valente

    Tackling McKinley’s profile right now Jeremy. Should be up by tomorrow, Friday the latest.

  • popsiclesticks

    How about Oregon State long-snapper Connor Kelsey?

  • popsiclesticks

    LT got off blocks so fast, but the way Reddick jumps at the QB after getting past the tackle is kinda LT-esque.

    LT’s in the pantheon as the biggest AND fastest guy on the field in his college tapes. He looks like a Madden create a player. I know you were just joking around but there’s only a few guys that stand out that brightly…Orlando Pace and Aaron Donald off the top of my head as well. Who stands out for you all-time, as someone who’s goes back into the LT days?

  • Steve Johnson

    Just what the Steelers don’t need is another Jarvis Jones. Speed with no power. No Thanks! But knowing Tomlin and Colbert, they will fall in love with him.

  • popsiclesticks

    I think Jarvis has deceptive strength, he just doesn’t have any athleticism behind it. Someone running 4.9s and looking like Jarvis should not be able to have anywhere near the power that he has, even if it’s not all that much.

    Reddick can definitely get stronger, though. Shazier has. Lenny Floyd came out last year looking like an NBA swingman and he’s done pretty well.

  • Steve Johnson

    Agreed, I don’t think he’s a 1st Rd pick though.

  • falconsaftey43

    I know! He’s only like 5’9″ and 209 lbs, but man does he hit people. Check out his highlights, they are fun.

  • falconsaftey43

    Jarvis Jones had zero speed. He’s a terrible comparison.

  • Alex Kozora

    Ha, that might be tough.

  • Alex Kozora

    haha, thanks man.

  • Alex Kozora

    Working on Clement’s right now, actually.

  • falconsaftey43

    Really nice post. I think that’s a great point. Need to keep in mind that one sack and a couple hurries a game is HOF level stuff. Need to look for tools and if they win at all, and if so do they have multiple ways to win.

  • William Weaver

    I meant Lawrence Timmons LT, not Lawrence Taylor LT if that is who you are talking about. TImmons was drafted as an outside guy but has been great inside. Curious if this guy is the next in line for that.

  • popsiclesticks

    Pretty much. I hope Randy Gregory gets himself straightened out, I think he has so many tools and have a much higher opinion of him than most seemed to. I also think he’s a potential All-Pro 3-4 OLB miscast in a 4-3. He’s got Dhalsim arms and he’s so good at engaging OL before they get into him and shedding blocks.

  • Shane Mitchell

    Hmm, about the same size as Greg Lloyd and a similar skillset, Le Beau used to move Lloyd inside in some subpackages.

    If he is this years Jatavis Brown we need to draft him round 1.

  • Sdale

    Heck, I’d love to have him if he drops to 2nd…even if we took Lawson at 1.

  • Sdale

    Yep…or can they develop multiple ways to win.

  • Sdale

    I heard there was a heck of a LB out of SCLSU.

  • Steve Johnson

    I agree to disagree. Similar in size, height/weight and both were projected to be Pass Rushing Specialists coming out of college. Another OLB that weighs 237LBS going up against a L.T. that weighs 310+. That is a huge disadvantage, and he’s not that powerful either. So, like I said, sounds absolutely like a Jarvis Jones Clone.

  • Steelers12

    Take taco one

  • Bruce

    I would like to see breakdowns of Taco Charlton and T J Watt, those two really interest me for olb

  • Alex Kozora

    ha, i figured any mention of Brown would make you happy.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Watched tape on this kid a few months ago then followed up watching Temple in their last game and he stood out for a athletic stand point so much so I wanted him drafted by us and glad to see others now on the bandwagon but the only problem is he went from a 2-3 round guy to a late 1st early 2nd which I do not like because of his size. He scares me that he will become overwhelmed at the edge rusher/olb position possibly and do not want to commit a 1st round pick for him. If we cannot get him in the 2nd there are guys like Jaylen Reeves Maybin, Jarrad Davis or Devonte Fields who have similar qualities but do not have the hype, well maybe Davis does. Great write up Alex…/keep em coming

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Jones was a hustle guy while Reddick is a athletic freak…poor comparison IMO.

  • Aj Gentile

    I don’t know if you guys will have time but a breakdown of Tanner Vallejo, a Lb out of Boise State, will be interesting. He is a former running back and has athletic ability.

  • Sdale

    I’ve got to get a look at him. I only watched Michigan play one game and wasn’t paying much attention.

  • GoSteelerz

    There’s also a Safety from Air Force in the draft this year named Weston Steelhammer! He needs to be a Steeler for sure!!!! LOL

  • Matt Manzo

    That would be awesome!

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Did anyone noticed the pic though anyone?

  • Steelers12

    watch him, athletic and long

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Maybe Steelhammer can forge Ironhead into a Mack linebacker?.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Without seeing these guys in person it’s hard to tell if they’re already maxed out or whether they have the frame to put on weight.

  • SFIC

    The highlights I’ve seen have him mostly on the left side. That’s where Dupree sits. He’s comfortable there. Could either of these two switch to the more difficult right side?

  • Clutterbox

    Thanks, Alex. We look forward to those future reports. Keep up the good work.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Temple has a pretty complicated D if I remember correctly with all sorts of alignments and formations and groupings. Also it seems Temple defenders turn out to be decent pros.

  • Clutterbox

    From the old FSU video I could find, Timmons doesn’t seem as fast as Reddick or have as good of a first step. However, Timmons looked bigger and stronger than Reddick coming out of college in comparison to their respective competition. Also after the years with the Steelers, Timmons body changed and seem to gotten lot more stronger than his early pro year. I suspect Reddick will likely need to do the same in order to sustain the vigor of today’s game. Both of them did not drop back much in college and that could be a challenge.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Your statement makes me think of Larry Foote and James Farrior both were a little undersized with Foote being in the 230’s and Farrior in the low 240’s.
    Both were great ILB’s in the system and were part of one of the greatest defensive units of all time. They were smart and could do it all.
    I said this in a statement before I read this but I am pretty sure Temple’s D scheme is one of the most complex in college ball which makes me think of Foote even more.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Beasley had great strength for his small frame.. If I remember correctly he had the highest number of bench presses in the entire combine regardless of position.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Weren’t they switching Dupree around when he came back? It seemed to me like he wasn’t only on the left side. When they did those overload blitzes.

  • LucasY59

    I honestly didnt know much about Reddick before the senior bowl, I remember seeing his name on some lists and dismissing him as a undersized OLB (which is very similar to what I did with Travis Feeney last yr)

    with what Haasan did at the Senior bowl, he has my attention, and I think he will impress at the combine as well (I am learning from Feeney (or even Sean Spence from awhile back) and others to look at more than just a height/weight and try to go outside the box, especially since there is a new focus on subpackage football and Tweener guys can really be useful)

    I want to believe him when he says he will run in the 4.3s (if he does go sub 4.4 it will just barely be under) so my estimate is that his max/best will be 4.37-.39, which would be very impressive and puts him in the Ryan Shazier category (which also makes him a mid 1st rd candidate) realistically I think he runs anywhere in the 4.4s (which is still very good for a LB, most Safeties arent even that fast and it would be a respectable time for a CB) a Forty time isnt everything, but it is a good starting point to look at speed / quickness / burst which are all important in todays NFL that just keeps getting faster and faster, at worst he is in the 4.5s and even that is good enough that I think he could be a good player in the NFL, just not a elite talent 1st rd pick

    I think his length is actually decent (32+” arms for a guy that is 6’1.4″) its just an overall lack of size (height and weight) 237lbs (at the senior bowl) and most likely not gaining anything until after the combine (since he will want to be as fast as possible)

    I like comparisons, and the Jarvis one illustrates some things (but at the same time is not a good comparison at all) I like throwing in Von Miller, Dee Ford, or even Vic Beasley (however all of them are just a bit taller/longer as well as a few lbs heavier) I also like to look back at Greg Lloyd 6’2″ 228lbs (so if he can do what he did at that size, it is really hard to say being undersized eliminates the possibility of playing OLB)

    the comparison I am going to look at the most is Ryan Shazier (because it is almost IDENTICAL, pretty much the exact same size) Ryan played OLB at Ohio St, but when he ran as fast as he did (as well as make plays all over the field) the Steelers knew he could be a special player at ILB, so honestly this is what really makes me view him as a ILB and not a OLB going forward (I think because of his experience/success on the edge they might line him up out there on occasion and that could help with the Steelers and their outside pass pressure problem, but most likely I see him as a guy that could come in on passing downs (rotating with Vince W (or Timmons if they re-sign him) until he transitions and is able to take all the snaps at the ILB spot opposite Shaz) that would give him some time to develop, but also the opportunity to get on the field and gain some experience

    Timmons is also a great comparison 6’1″ 234lbs (coming out of college) was also a OLB and again Tomlin, Colbert, Butler etc, saw him more as a ILB that could move and be a special athlete at the ILB position (so that only solidifies my opinion that IF he is a Steelers draft pick that is where they would use him, and Honestly with the talk about Law declining and VW not quite doing enough to be a 3 down replacement, I think the need for a player like Reddick is pretty high, as well as the possibilities of pairing Shazier with a similar talent could really take the Defense to another level (crossing patterns in the middle of the field could be scary to opposing teams instead of automatic completions)

    since Reddick started out in college as a DB, that should help with him transitioning to ILB since dropping and pass coverage are not something completely foreign to him, and he should be comfortable playing in space

    I guess if other teams are interested in him as anything other than a ILB it would be a OLB in a 4-3 scheme (and again if he does VERY well at the combine) I wouldnt be surprised if he was taken before the Steelers by a team that runs that scheme, but there is still a lot of time to see who gains hype, and where the talent/players settle as far as projecting where/what rd they will be drafted

    IMHO I think he does well enough at the combine to build on his senior bowl hype, but I dont think it pushes him to a spot where he wouldnt be a option for the Steelers 1st pick (right now I am looking at him as a fall back option if guys like Takk Mckinley or other 1st rd talents they want are already taken) I also think that there is a possibility that he lasts all the way to the Steelers 2nd pick (but still think the 1st is more likely) being a bit of a unknown (as far as where he will play) and inexperience in the role the teams project him at could hurt him and that drops him back down to where his original (pre hype) rankings probably had him

  • LucasY59

    Left side is traditionally a bigger OLB so IF they draft him to play OLB my guess he would play on the right (which works since ROLB is the spot they need to fill)

  • William Weaver

    Great info. TImmons and Woodley. Great picks. I’ll take that draft again please! Lol too bad Woodley seemed to lose focus. Great several years though. Great run in 08 playoffs.

  • Jason

    he just looks small

  • Austin Willie

    He’s a inside lb I would like him in the bottom of one honestly could replace Timmons

  • steelburg

    Not a chance in hell IMO this guy goes first round. I see him as a 3rd round pick at best and a 4th round pick at worst. I wouldn’t mind him in the 3rd as a eventually replacement for Timmons he can sit and learn behind Timmons for a year or 2 or come in on certain packages. But I only like him moving to ILB not at OLB.

  • Brian Miller

    Agree 100% falcon…just makes me shake my head every time I think about that draft. Which is why I am very happy with the drafts over the last two seasons…they are finally drafting athletes, not just scheme fits, and we are seeing a difference. I am excited about the defense’s future, especially with Davis, Dupree and Burns. Let’s keep doing what we are doing FO!

  • Nick Sabatella

    #1 on my wish-list is a pass rusher who has Gumby-like ankle flexibility. If Bud Dupree had really flexible ankles he would be a monster of a pass rusher… *sigh*…..

  • Interesting guy. On paper he doesn’t look like a first rounder to me – Although I think Senior bowl evals are some of the best info you ever get on a prospect.

    (-) only 2 year starter at Temple
    (-) size. I don’t see anyone like him rushing the edge. Dumervil might be the closest height wise but he had 20 pounds on Reddick at the combine. Joey Porter/Shane Ray have closer weight but more length.
    (-) projection at a position that his size is appropriate to.
    (-) Not that productive, way down the stat sheet for many games. For a star athlete to play Army, Southern Baptist, Charlotte and only record 6 tackles, no sacks is not impressive. I don’t know if that’s scheme related or what but it doesn’t jump off the page.

    Looks like a Shazier clone physically. but you have film of Shazier playing ILB against really good competition and he recorded twice as many tackles. again scheme affects this but there’s so much less guesswork with Shazier.

    Kind of have to wonder if there’s a story as to why he’s playing DE at Temple? seems he’d have been more effective off the ball. Kind of an interesting connection is that his coach Rhule, served under Al Golden at Temple previously. Golden of course at Miami put undersized Shrine/ Sr Bowl Phenom Chickillo at 3-4DE. Wonder if there’s a common thread there.

  • RickM

    Just a curiosity question Alex. Do you select the games that you want to review, or are they the only ones available? Cincinnati was obviously pretty weak this past year with a 1-7 conference record. Just curious if you don’t have access to his performance against say bowl-bound South Florida (11-2, 7-1 conf). It’s not a big deal, but I’ve wondered multiple times how the games reviewed are chosen. Thanks for the great analysis as always. Sounds like you are very impressed by him, after Lawson that is.

  • Jay Hallauer

    seems more like at inside line backer in a 34 or an outside in a 43

  • Donald Tillman

    Love the guy paired up with Shazier on the inside. Being that he can cover, and rush the passer.

  • Guest12

    In our case he would have to be a first round pick, he is not falling all the way to the bottom of the second round. There are plenty of teams with good D coordinators that will take him early and figure out how to get the best out of him.

  • Guest12

    Man Reddick and Shay in the middle!! Holy smoke Batman!!