2017 Steelers’ Futures Report: CB Greg Ducre

We’re again back to break down the lesser known or brand new players signed to futures contracts by the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2017 offseason. A year ago, Al-Hajj Shabazz was one of those guys. An afterthought, a name many wouldn’t think was worth talking about. But he wound up making the practice squad, a 53 man roster call-up, playtime on special teams, and a cup of coffee on defense. Any of these players are longshots. But they all have a journey, a story, and character.

Next up is cornerback Greg Ducre.

Greg Ducre/CB Washington- 5’11/1 183 

Ducre is one of the older players in this series, of course, still a relative term overall. He’s 25 years young and finished up his college career in time for the 2014 NFL Draft. At Washington, he was more sizzle than production, a top-notch athlete whose production never really matched.

He came to college as a standout athlete on the football field and track team. You can check out all the numbers of the latter here, which to be clear, I’m not a good judge of track times, so I’ll let you decide. It took until his senior year at Washington to get back into his track suits, competing during the indoor season of his senior year. That’s also when his football career came on the strongest. In 12 games, he recorded 44 tackles, broke up seven passes, and threw in an interception for good measure.

For Ducre, that counts as a strong year of productivity, one of the surface-level knocks you can attribute to him. He ended his career with just three picks, including that one his senior year, His tackle numbers weren’t heavy, only twice over 20 in four seasons, and per Sports Reference, he broke up 11 career passes, again, seven of those in his final year.

Noise was made at his Pro Day, one of the star’s of the underwear Olympics. He turned in a 4.32 40, 35 inches in the vertical, 10’6″ in the broad,3.97 short shuttle, and even 17 reps on the bench, a strong number for a skinny looking corner. All excellent marks. He became, as Gil Brandt put it, the NFL’s “mystery man,” as backhanded a compliment as I can think of. Irrelevant for four years, important after one afternoon. That’s the NFL Draft for you.

Those strong marks likely earned him an invite to the San Diego Chargers’ camp, signed after the draft. He lasted through final cutdowns and latched onto the Washington Redskins’ roster a little more than a month later. He wound up playing in five games and recorded his first, so far only, interception after Colin Kaepernick. And it wasn’t a gimmie. He read this double move from Anquan Boldin, tracked the ball, and picked it off.

But that success was fleeting. Washington dumped him a few weeks later and he went back to San Diego. He was able to play back onto the 2015 roster and saw time in four more games, including one start. He finished that year with six tackles.

The Chargers brought him back for this past year’s training camp but Ducre was released at final cutdowns. With no nibbles from the NFL, he signed with the CFL’s BC Lions, signing in October, but didn’t record any stats.

It is one of the more impressive resumes, in the NFL at least, of anyone we’ve highlighted though again, Ducre has been around the circuit longer than the other guys. This does make him more interesting and clearly, he’s a fun athlete who will look good in the spring when everyone is wearing shorts and shells. But an NFL background alone isn’t a ticket to make it to camp as Isaiah Frey, someone I was intrigued by around this time last year, didn’t make it to Latrobe. Still, it’s hard not to take a second look at him in a talent-starved group in Pittsburgh past the two starters.

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Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • SilverSteel

    Man, that interception against Boldin was really well executed. Nice…

  • Bruce

    he has some serious speed, it would be nice to see him make some noise in camp and pre- season this year!

  • Steelers12

    i know everyone will just say camp body but the same was said about the James Harrisons of the world, you never know what diamond in the rough you might find

  • IchabodTheGloryHasDeparted


  • Steve Johnson

    Well, at least Kevin and Tomlin didn’t waste a 2nd or 3rd Rd pick on him. You never know, maybe he will turn out to be more than a camp body.

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  • Rusted Out

    If that clip is any indication of his overall play, then I think I’ll allow myself to be a little excited. Saw something that is lacking in the Pittsburgh secondary, physicality.

  • Rusted Out

    I’ve tossed around the term “camp body”, but so far, it’s been warranted when I have, and even more so after camp. As thin as our CB core is, I’m thinking this guy can compete.

  • Steelers12

    me too and that is a major factor for someone who is on the outside looking in and that is competing

  • Steve

    Sure he will make plenty of noise in camp and preseason, hopefully some of that noise gets him a hat gameday.

  • Steve

    If Justin Gilbert can get a hat on gameday for the Steelers, with hard work and dedication anyone can.

  • Jason

    So from what you’ve seen you already want this guy on the 53 man roster? Or are you just saying IF he comes in and plays well, cuz I’d say he has little to no chance of seeing the field.