Civil Suit Against Maurkice Pouncey From 2014 Miami Incident Set For Trial

The incident that Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey had during his birthday party at a Miami nightclub back in 2014 will reportedly go to trial soon.

According to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the civil suit trial date in Miami-Dade County circuit court is set for March 6 even though law enforcement officials did not file criminal charges against Maurkice Pouncey after investigating the incident.

According to initial reports after the alleged incident happened, Riquan James, who also goes by Ricky Vasquez, claimed that Maurkice Pouncey and his twin brother Mike Pouncey, along with four bouncers, jumped him and it resulted in him having a swollen face and a chipped tooth as a result. The lawsuit reportedly claims that the Steelers center verbally taunted James with homophobic remarks before physically attacking him.

James is reportedly seeking $500,000 in damages and his attorneys has released surveillance video of the altercation to support his clients accusations and you watch it below.

Being as this is a civil suit and not a criminal one, Maurkice Pouncey, nor his twin brother for that matter, don’t appear to be at risk at incurring any kind of punishment from the league related to the league’s personal conduct policy. Even so, it will be interesting to see which side wins in court.

Vasquez, by the way, is a self-proclaimed social media star, who resides in Miami.

  • VaDave

    Kind of hard to watch for the altercations with that disturbing pair of legs in the center of the picture….

  • Doogie

    ok Instant AZZhoes Just add Alcohol

  • Bill

    Disturbing indeed; please disturb me some more!

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Looks like it was filmed through 3 layers of gauze. I can’t really see much other than someone falling down and some decent thong butt.

  • VaDave


  • Conserv_58

    I see an incident where there is no evidence indicating how this precious snowflake, Ricky Vasquez was insulted in the first place. I hear him whining about being assulted, but I don’t hear him admitting to his culpability as to why he was, allegedly, assulted by the Pouncey bros.

    IMO, this smells like another case where professional athletes were being set up and scammed by a dishonest, greedy extortionist.

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