Colbert Would Like To Have Timmons, Jones Back In 2017

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert talked to the local media on Thursday ahead of him leaving for the annual NFL scouting combine in a few weeks and he had several interesting things to say, according to several local media members who cover the team.

Colbert indicated Thursday that he is hopeful the team can re-sign quarterback Landry Jones and linebacker Lawrence Timmons during the offseason but did admit that both players might be allowed to test free agency before that happens.

Colbert’s Thursday comments about Jones come on the heels of Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writing in a recent online chat they he expects Jones to be back with the Steelers in 2017.

As for Timmons, who like Jones is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent on March 9, the start of the 2017 league year, it doesn’t sound like the Steelers have had any serious contract discussions with him at this point.

Colbert reportedly indicated Thursday that wide receiver Antonio Brown is the only player the team is currently involved in long-term contract negotiations with now. Brown, of course, still has one year remaining on his current contract.

It will now be interesting to see what happens with Jones and Timmons once March 9 rolls around. Timmons has stated several times over the course of the last year that he wants to finish his career in Pittsburgh. To do so, however, he’s likely going to have to sign a very team-friendly deal.

“Would you like to have him stay? Absolutely. Does it all fit? We can make it work, but at what cost?” Colbert said of Timmons, according to Dulac.

As for Jones’ future, that will likely be determined by what kind of attention he receives early on in free agency.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I initially thought they meant Jarvis Jones. Phew

  • Lee Foo Young

    When I saw the headline, I thought he was talking about Jarvis Jones. Lol


  • Steelers12

    me too

  • Steelers12

    LOL everyone did

  • Lee Foo Young

    Our similar thoughts passed within seconds of each other in the “ethersphere”. 🙂

  • Ni mo


  • blackandgoldBullion

    Timmons will be playing for a lot less if he wishes to remain a Steeler. Otherwise, I am excited to see Vincenzo take the reigns as he looks much faster recently.

  • Jon Hartman

    i think we’ll draft either mlb or edge rusher in 1st round. i like vince, but i don’t think he’s a 3 downs player.

  • WreckIess

    Same here. I felt my heart drop.

  • Ray

    Who would have thought that even 3 years ago we would all be hoping that re-signing Jones actually did mean Landry and not Jarvis

  • Steve

    Colbert said WR Antonio Brown is only player team currently the subject of long-term contract negotiations – Brown is under contract for another year. What about Bell, who is not under contract? Yes he may get tagged, but they still need to get a contract signed.

  • Steve

    Why is not Vince a 3 down backer?

  • Steel Your Face

    Law Dog is still a Boss and is always at or near the ball, including downfield in my opinion. VW is a bit undersized and don’t see him getting through the wash.

  • ryan72384

    I hope they resign Timmons. The guy is still a wrecking ball around the LOS and I still think hes our best interior blitzer. Vince would be a solid starter. He’s good against the run and brings the hammer when he hits but I still think Timmons is more of a playmaker and better passrusher. 2 year deal and call it a career.

  • Matt

    Me too.

  • The Truth

    Williams is bigger than Timmons.

  • Scott

    DO NOT BRING ANY JONES BACK! Jarvis & Landry = SUCK! Damn Colbert must be banging Landry’s aunt

  • Jason Vancil

    I don’t see VW making the play LT made against Eli and the Giants. It will be a net loss if LT isn’t resigned.

  • will

    LOL me too!!!

  • dany

    Googled Landry Jones’ aunt…”not bad Colbert!”

  • gdeuce

    Bell’s getting tagged for sure

  • Steeler83

    What about versatility with Haason Reddick ? ^^

  • Steve

    Timmons and Vince are both 6-1.

  • Conserv_58

    Lawrence had another very solid season in 2016, but make no mistake in thinking he hasn’t lost a couple of steps either. Lawrence is at the point in his career where players rely heavily on experience and savvy to make up for their diminishing physical skills. If you think he’s still the same player he was three years ago you’d be lying to yourself. The fact of the matter is, Lawrence can’t cover like he used to anymore. That was also made quite clear in 2015 when coach, Butler began pulling Timmons off of the field in passing situations. It continued last season. Of course it didn’t help having Vince Williams playing with a banged up shoulder either.

    It is for precisely that reason why Colbert said, “re-signing him all depends on how much it costs.”

  • Steel Your Face

    Wow. They’re literally the exact same size. My bad and crow should be interesting for dinner…

  • Steve

    No problem, Timmons is leaner for his size and is a tad quicker. Vince will hit you like a brick. Have a Good Day.