Kevin Colbert Says Ladarius Green Expected To Be Back In 2017

In his first press conference with reporters since the season has ended, Kevin Colbert indicated tight end Ladarius Green is expected to be back in 2017.

The news was first reported by the Trib’s Joe Rutter.

Yesterday, Ed Bouchette said he expected Green to return but of course, hearing it confirmed from the general manager is worth following up on.

Green was recovering from another concussion suffered late in the regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals, at least the third known concussion he’s suffered over the past two seasons. He finished the year with 18 catches for 304 yards and one touchdown. That does come out to a healthy 16.9 yards per catch. For Colbert, that production is what the Steelers envisioned when they signed him.

From Penn Live’s Jacob Klinger.

As Colbert indicated, Green will have to pass a physical to be cleared for the 2017 season. It’s not known if his concussion symptoms have passed by now. Green had said he was aiming to return for the Super Bowl had the Steelers beat the New England Patriots in the Title Game.

Despite their level of confidence, it seems difficult to assume trust in Green going forward and could lead the Steelers to draft a tight end at some point this year.

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  • PaeperCup

    Sigh…I really really like what Green can bring to the table, I just am skeptical that he can do it for an entire season. This makes the draft a little muddy.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Steelers armchair GMs everywhere moan in unison. Trust the people in charge. They know more than we do.

  • Sam Scalleat

    I think this is a good move, They don’t save a huge amount of money by cutting him, and they aren’t desperate for cap room anyway. It also means we don’t have to spend a top pick on a TE in this draft, and can instead focus on real areas of need (though i think they might draft a TE regardless). He showed flashes of his explosiveness when he played, hopefully the injury bug stays away next season.

  • Ni mo

    How ? They need edge rushers and corners at least 2 edge rushers

  • StolenUpVotes

    No reason to not have him on the roster from a football sense. Let’s hope he can stay healthy.

  • PaeperCup

    This is a good year to draft a TE. it’s a deep class with a lot of talent. If we bank on Green, and he ends up being hurt half the year, we just missed out on some really good options. So do we draft a TE knowing Green is supposedly their guy?

  • PaeperCup

    Those same GMs hoped Green would be useful to us all last season. I trust them, Green is a great player and a fine pickup. It’s his health I don’t trust.

  • Brian Miller

    Of course they got what they bought…splash plays for half the season, and at least 2 concussions…I would definitely be happy about that. Really could have used him in, oh, every playoff game this past year.

  • Brian Miller

    Why does it feel like we never have a full offense for the playoffs?

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Everyone wants another Heath. Or even a guy that can stretch the field and catch 1000 yards worth of passes as a TE. Well, not everyone. The thing is the Steelers TEs combined for over 800 yards and 7 tDs I believe. That’s not bad production.

    Jesse James looks better and can still improve and Green is a huge bonus if he stays healthy. So I will guess the Steelers look for another low round option at TE. Perhaps 4th round or even later

    As long as the WRs and the rest of the O play up to potential they should be fine. More urgent needs

  • steelburg

    The decision to roll with Green again is good business cause like most said you save very little by cutting him. But it still doesn’t guarantee the the arm chair GM’S like me won’t end up being right. I think they are just delaying the inevitable which is what most people think. And I also think they may miss out on a deep class of TE if they don’t take one.

  • capehouse

    They might have got the potential they were thinking they bought, but $6 mil last year with another $3.5 guaranteed for 140 snaps is not what they paid for.

  • PB1015

    Agree with you. The tight end position isn’t the worst of our concerns. J.J showed promise, Xavier Grimble has room to improve. If we can get Green healthy, that would be great too. No need to address before the 4th round.

  • Bill

    È grande quando non ha sbattimenti

  • heath miller

    the Pats didnt either .. they lost Gronk remember … thats a hugeeeeeee loss .. but they are beter coached up and able to win despite that loss.. seems it comes down to coaching

  • heath miller

    this is my nomination for POST OF THE YEAR !!

  • Jeff Papiernik

    The key to this as you alluded to is you don’t save much by cutting him at this time. Green has expressed interest in coming back. So he will be back. You wager an extra $1 -2 million or so (not sure how much to be honest) with the possibility of a high reward of him making it through the season healthy and being a difference maker. Probably won’t happen, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Brian Miller

    Yeah, for 1 preseason…I mean, usually we are missing Pouncey, and then usually Bell, and Brown last year or variations of those three, with Green missing when we really needed him. Most consistent playoff teams don’t seem to have that bad of luck on offense at least…

  • Grant Russell

    i think they need edge rusher x 2, ilb, safety, qb,rb, not necessarily in that order

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    If they lost Gronk mid game I’d agree, but they played a nice chunk without him.

  • walter

    Yea if we beat the Pats, Green would have been ready to play and if pigs had wings they could fly….

  • Shane Mitchell

    No we dont, we need to improve the offense not the damn defense, we have to be able to score 45 points to beat New England period. Every pick we use on defense is virtually a wasted pick if the offense isnt improved.

  • SilverSteel

    Colbert’s comment sounds more like image/damage control to me. They may know what they are doing, but I literally laughed when I read that. He must think the fans are a bunch of rubes. What a politician statement.

  • capehouse

    If that’s the key than you should be familiar with the numbers. Steelers save exactly $5 mil on this years cap by designating Green a post June 1st cut. They would spread $3.5 mil of dead money over two years.

  • capehouse

    How much money would they save this year?

  • SilverSteel

    The draft is so deep this year on TE, CB, and Edge. We can address all three if we want and still get a QB or RB.