Rosenhaus Brothers In Pittsburgh On Monday

On Monday it was reported by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports that the Pittsburgh Steelers had started contract talks with wide receiver Antonio Brown and linebacker Lawrence Timmons and that’s not too surprising as the representation of both players were apparently in town.

According to one of Brown’s recent Snapchat session, Drew Rosenhaus and brother Jason Rosenhaus were both in Pittsburgh on Monday and addition to representing Brown they also represent Timmons as well as fellow Steelers linebacker Anthony Chickillo, who reportedly has now signed his one-year exclusive rights tender.

It’s hard to speculate how any contract negotiations on behalf of Brown and Timmons with the Steelers may have gone with the Rosenhaus brothers and wouldn’t be overly surprising if consummated deals for both players might still be a long way off. Especially when it comes to Brown, who is likely hoping to become the league’s highest paid wide receiver.

The Rosenhaus brothers also represent Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, who signed a five year, $65 million contract extension in August of 2015.

Currently, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is the leagues highest paid pass catcher in the NFL after signing a four year, $60 million contract extension in September of 2015.

Needless to say this won’t be the last time the Rosenhaus brothers visit Pittsburgh prior to the start of the 2017 regular season.

  • PaeperCup

    slime….but these guys are really good at what they do.

  • steelburg

    Lol well said.

  • Constantinople

    yeah, “slime” until you need someone to help negotiate a multi-million dollar contract for you.

  • dany

    AB is such a goof, he probably made that avatar himself haha

  • Applebite

    I don’t expect much push back, when we had fans shouting ‘Pay the Man!” during the season….

  • pittsburghjoe

    Here is what they should do… Franchise Bell and then work out a 4 deal this year. No deal for AB this year. Next year, franchise AB. This effectively keeps them both in town for 2 years, which may be Ben’s window. If Ben stays 3, franchise AB for a 3rd year. When Ben leaves, if will be a rebuild not a reload. So you really dont need a 30 something AB without Ben. It would be nice, but its not like the SB window would still be open. Effectively…its 2 years and ticking. Keep the band together as long as the lead singer Ben stays.

  • falconsaftey43

    AB isn’t going to play for less than 5 million this year. Especially after being a good soldier and not holding out the previous two years while being vastly underpaid. Also when Ben retires that’s a huge number that comes off their cap hit, so no need to be cheap then.

  • I don’t think you can franchise a guy two years in a row. Besides, there is NO WAY in hell Brown would finish his contract this year, and then get the franchise tag slapped on him next year. That would make Rosenhaus, like, historically bad as an agent. Brown would be better off signing with Jay Z again, Roc Nation I think it is?

  • pittsburghjoe

    Yeah, I guess your right about Ben’s cap number coming off. I did not think about that…

  • RickM

    You can franchise twice, but the second time you pay 120% more of either: the first franchise tag salary, or the Top 5 salary average – whichever is higher. To give you an example, if they tag Bell back to back years they will pay $12.5M and $15 M. So on the second tag (2018), you’ll have an unhappy Bell who despite being exorbitantly paid would prefer a long-term deal. That’s why you seldom if ever see the same guy tagged twice.

    I agree with your AB/Rosenhaus comment. Not going to happen.

  • will

    Why do the national NFL reporters always report news ahead of the local folks?

  • will

    Looking for ABs video of the negotiations on line.

  • NW86

    Yep, and the WR franchise tag for 2018 will be in the neighborhood of $17M, meaning that a 2nd tag in 2019 would be 120% of that, or ~$20M.
    Regardless, it won’t happen because making AB play out this year at $4.7M would make him immensely unhappy, and deservedly so. He has been a good soldier, as falcon mentioned already, and treating him that way probably wouldn’t go over well in the rest of the locker room either.

  • NW86

    LOL, well done sir, up vote for you.

  • RickM

    Yes, AB has earned an immediate contract extension for sure.

  • 6 ring circus

    Yep, and he needs to get fined for the shoes…again!

  • Steve

    When Ben leaves there will be a big void at the QB position.

  • Michael Pearce

    Ben’s contract runs through 2019. If he retires in 2018 will there not still be dead money on the books until the end of his contract? Hopefully it wont matter and Ben at least completes his contract..

  • LucasY59

    not only is that idea not realistic, but it might be more expensive, franchise tag 2 yrs in a row might pay him 15 and 18 million (or more) IF AB was going to play for 4.7mil this yr (He wont) that is 38 million for 3 yrs, there is a possiblity the Steelers negotiate a deal for about that same amount and dont have to make AB mad by making him severely underpaid for one yr and then tagging him twice (which would make him overpaid)

    also as far as reload/rebuild, the Defense might finally return to being pretty decent, they will likely invest heavily on D again this draft, so there will be a lot of young talented players, the offense could also still be good without Ben, other than Roethlisberger most are under 30 so the window doesnt slam shut in 2-3 yrs unless they absolutely fail to find any sort of decent QB

  • H.K. northern cali

    U pay for having great players!

  • walter

    should i give them a call?

  • Roger G

    Herm Edwards once said, “Hello..? You pay to win the game..!” -wait, no

  • gdeuce


  • gdeuce

    how are they slime? they do their job better than anyone in the business

  • Oh i see. thank you

  • Michael Pennant

    I don’t think AB should be the highest paid WR after the stunt he pulled with the video. That alone should knock off a $1mil per year. We shouldn’t pay LeVeon more than $10mil per year. After 2 suspensions AND 2 knee injuries at the RB position that’s the highest we should go. Don’t franchise them either, especially if its going to affect how we deal with our other players coming up for new contracts that have NONE of the crap that these 2 have. Great players for sure BUT.

  • DirtDawg1964

    Connections, athletes and their reps wanting to manage the message and the poor rep (and deservedly so) of most local reporters. The local beat reporter would have to run into Rosenhaus and AB at the airport (and likely the one where the private planes land) to get the story.

  • Disqussant

    I take it back after that silly video.

  • Disqussant

    Smart money says that’s the reason why Ben said he’s unsure about staying.

  • Disqussant

    Yeah, I kind of get where you’re going with this. And so does Ben Roethlisberger. He seems tired of the BS.