Steelers 2016 Draft Class Rewind: Combine Performances

The 2017 NFL Scouting Combine will get underway next week in Indianapolis and with that annual event drawing ever so closer, I thought today we’d rewind back to last year and have a look at the numbers posted by the Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 draft class.

The numbers below are from our annual compilation of the scouting combine and if you would like to look back at all of the results from last year, you can do so here.

In addition to posting the combine results of all seven players drafted by the Steelers below I have also linked to the video recaps of each.

We look forward to tracking all of this year’s combine numbers for you once again this year and if you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link to the 2017 invite list in addition to the daily schedule of events.

Burns, ArtieCBMiami511719333¼4.404.474.46
Davis, SeanSSMaryland601020131⅜4.484.414.46
Hargrave, JavonDTSouth Carolina St.6013309329⅝4.944.964.93
Hawkins, JeraldOTLSU605530534¼9⅝5.275.125.23
Feeney, TravisOLBWashington603523033⅜4.504.504.50
Matakevich, TylerOLBTemple600023831¼31¼4.814.834.81
Ayers, DeMarcusWRHouston509318231¼4.734.734.72
Burns, ArtieCBMiami1.56N/ADNP31.5DNPDNPDNP
Davis, SeanSSMaryland1.56N/A2137.510’6″3.976.64
Hargrave, JavonDTSouth Carolina St.1.701.732934.59’1″4.707.90
Hawkins, JeraldOTLSU1.921.882323.58’4″4.898.19
Feeney, TravisOLBWashington1.621.59DNP4010’10”4.427.20
Matakevich, TylerOLBTemple1.681.6622319’4″4.507.19
Ayers, DeMarcusWRHouston1.641.67DNP3310’3″DNPDNP

  • Kevin Reich

    Tyler M. fairly quick.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Hargrave posted 29 reps of 225. Didn’t realize he was that strong that’s not bad for the big fella. In comparison Casey “Big Snack” posted 34 reps.

  • Sam Clonch

    And did you see the size of his hands!!!

  • Jon Crissinger

    Lol Hargrave had a better vertical than Artie.

  • IndianaCarson

    You would think with those hands that he would make a great pass catching tight end.

  • Sam Clonch

    Lol, just leave him in the center with his hands up. Take away throwing lanes for the whole middle of the field. Maybe then we could actually COVER a TE!

  • TroymanianDevil

    Damn, Hargrave is pretty fast for a DL and .. it was pointed out above, had a better vertical than Artie Burns. And I noticed also better vertical than Ayers.
    So we have a DL that has a better VJ then one of our WR and CB ..true athlete right there.

  • IndianaCarson

    Lol you would have thought that Coach Butler would have figured that out by now.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    I noticed that too. That’s a really poor vertical for a db. Hopefully he mistimed it or was nursing something.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    After Digger ran the 40 I immediately thought the Steelers might take him.

  • Biggie

    I really wish we could have held on to Feeney and see how he developed. I know you can’t protect everyone, but he has serious potential. This draft class though was outstanding.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Would’ve been nice to see if Feeney would pan out. He had alot of work in front of him being slightly undersized he needed more weight and bulk. Those shoulder injuries were worrisome too. I was hoping they found a gem but like you say can’t protect all of em.

  • NinjaMountie

    I was never really enamored with Feeney. Like you say, he was too undersized. His speed allowed him to make a lot of plays in college but I was never sure it would translate.
    Who knows maybe he’ll work out. Who did he go to…Saints? Still there?

  • L. Braun

    Ayers was terrible. Feeney, an OLB who didn’t make the team, bested him in every metric.

  • Ken Krampert

    Ayers stats dont equate to the field. He looked quick in and out of his breaks and by no means looked slow. These measurables don’t always mean squat…..

  • LucasY59

    its crazy to think that Feeney was only 0.04 seconds slower than Burns and Davis!!! I am still a bit upset they lost him (I know most of the players poached dont do much in the NFL, but it would still be nice to have him on the team) I will be even more frustrated if a guy like Fort does nothing and Feeney even ends up being a depth/ST guy for the aints, I think Travis couldve at least done that for the Steelers last yr (Fort didnt really do anything except look really bad in the eagles game and never really play after that)

  • Douglas Andrews

    As far as I know he’s still with the Saints. It might just be me but for a guy with a nice 40 time (4.5) his game film looked more like he was playing at a 4.7 40

  • VaDave

    Surprisingly only 8 one hundredth of a second slower than Ayers….

  • SilverSteel

    I know, me too. We are still talking about a hybrid SS/ILB and we had one. He had the perfect body type with the speed. I did not like the comments from Porter that “he is an OLB” on this team. He did not have the build for that in the NFL. I know he had health/injury issues, and maybe that was significant enough to put him on the PS, but if that is the case, why sign him at all? I would have cut Shmarko to make room for him in a heartbeat.

  • SilverSteel

    Yes, but we should have cut Shamarko and made room for him. I hope he does well and who knows, we may be able to get him back.

  • SilverSteel

    Yeah, he was undersized for an OLB which we insisted that he was, but he was a perfect body type/speed for the hybrid SS/ILB we have been looking for to fit the Butler scheme – which I think is a puzzle piece we need, to do what we do on D.