Steelers’ Seven Shots – Sunday, February 19, 2017

Every Sunday during the offseason I plan on recapping for you seven items related to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the NFL that may have fallen through the cracks the past week that should be worth your time to read. This weekly feature will be entitled “Steelers’ Seven Shots.”

Shot #1New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is working on getting himself out of some hot water following an incident that occurred on the South side Pittsburgh this past week. Revis has now reportedly hired the Steelers’ go-to lawyer, Robert Del Greco Jr., who has represented players like Jerome Bettis, Le’Veon Bell, and Joey Porter. The New York Post has quite a bit of info on Del Greco.

Shot #2 – Not a one of you reading this post should be concerned about Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger playing in 2017. If you are, however, maybe Arizona Cardinals head coach and longtime Roethlisberger golf partner Bruce Arians can ease your concerns some. “I think given time, he’ll be ready to roll,” Arians said last week, according to Josh Weinfuss of

Shot #3 – One year ago today tight end Heath Miller decided to retire and Teresa Varley recaps that Friday in a post on

Shot #4 – Author Andrew Conte spoke about his book “The Color of Sundays: The Secret Strategy That Built the Steelers Dynasty” at the Ohio County Public Library in Wheeling this past week and Linda Comins of The Intelligencer was on hand for that and wrote about it. The late Bill Nunn Jr. is the primary figure in Conte’s book and you if you’re looking for something Steelers-related to read during the offseason, it should be a great choice. I plan on doing so myself and you can get it on Amazon here.

Shot #5 – With the 2017 scouting combine now less than two weeks away, perhaps you would like to take a sample Wonderlic test ahead of the players invited to Indianapolis this year. The linked site has several scores of previous NFL players who took the test.

Shot #6 – Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell turned 25 on Saturday and it looks like he had a big birthday party in Los Angeles. Below are highlights from Bell’s 2013 performance at the scouting combine.

Shot #7– Its always fun during the offseason to go back and revisit past Steelers’ games. After the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, a reader reminded in an email that the last game Chuck Noll coached before he retired was a win against the Cleveland Browns, who were coached by Bill Belichick at the time. The Browns defensive coordinator that year was none other than Nick Saban, who of course now coaches Alabama. Here is a short video recapping Noll’s final win that was posted on along with some pictures from that game. Also, here is the boxscore from that 1991 game.

  • I got 52% on the Wonderlic test.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I only got through 39 of the 50 questions on the Wonderloc test before time ran out, but got 36 of those 39 right. So 72%. If I wasn’t lying in bed, maybe I could’ve done better.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m totally spacing on how to divide fractions! I quit after #2!

  • will

    That explains everything!

  • will

    Joking Matt. Test is hard without a calculator

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The stats on Nolls last game were something. Browns had 5 TO’s to the Steelers 0 but Brister was a very exciting 7-25 passing and we had 220 total yards and won 17-10. What a close game with 5 turnovers and one of those going for a TD. How bad were we?!

  • Yea I only got through 32. There was a couple math questions that I took a minute answering, and also a couple where i realized it would take me a minute, and I didn’t want to waste more time so I gave it my best guess lol

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I guess you’re not only physically inferior to compete in the NFL, but also mentally inferior as well. (Evil laugh)

  • RickM

    I got through all 50, but I did a Wonderlic several years ago and only finished about 30 questions. Couldn’t believe how quickly 12 minutes went! I knew this time not to hesitate on the handful of questions that seemed tougher and just guessed on them. I also didn’t second-guess myself. This test was easier…none of those silly triangles with ‘what shape comes next’. For me, those take forever. Math and English are pretty basic.

    If players don’t practice these types of tests beforehand, they’re foolish. Because you really have to understand how quick the clock goes. You have just under15 seconds per question to get through them all.

  • T3xassteelers

    Slow few weeks. Can’t wait till stuff starts happening!!

  • T3xassteelers

    Haha I did the 10 question version and scored 80% or 40 on wonderlic! It’s no joke haha, it’s quick


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