Steelers Still Undecided On Surgery For RB Le’Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell was expected to get a third opinion on his injured groin as of a few weeks ago, and it’s still unknown whether or not he’ll ultimately need surgery.

During his Thursday meeting with the local media, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert addressed the health of Bell and indicated that “no decision has been made” if the running back will have surgery to repair what he called a sports hernia, according to Missi Matthews of

Bell, who reportedly suffered his groin injury during the playoffs, had previously said during the week of the Super Bowl that he had already consulted two different doctors about his injury and while one suggested he get surgery, the other advised him against it.

Bell, who will likely receive the franchise tag from the Steelers over the course of the next two weeks if a contract extension isn’t agreed upon in the meantime, has the full confidence of the team that he will no longer be an off-the-field issue moving forward after missing five regular season games over the course of the last two years due to multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

“We have no reservations about Le’Veon, not his durability, not his ability,” Colbert said Thursday, according to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio. “He’s grown tremendously off the field.”

Should Bell ultimately receive the franchise tag from the Steelers, it sounds like Colbert is fairly confident that the team can get him signed to an extension prior to the July 15 deadline as he indicated Thursday the hope is that the running back will ultimately retire with Pittsburgh.

  • Steelers12

    Brown and Bell will be steelers for at least another 5 to 6 years

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Good. Me, too

  • Brian Miller

    I truly hope so!

  • PaeperCup

    Hmmmmm…..You think if they decided on surgery we’d get a report in a few days about how he had his fingers operated on?

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I think you might as well be proactive and go under the knife now. Would hate for him to reaggravate his injury in midseason and now we’re paying $12 million to a guy who’s not at 100%

  • RickM

    They delayed surgery on Dupree’s sports hernia for 6-8 weeks, hoping it would heal on its own. And of course it didn’t and he lost 1/2 a season. Bell is going to be tagged for $12.4 M and RB’s put excessive pressure on the groin with every plant and cut. I agree, get it done.

  • Steve

    Brown will be 29 thins year – 5-6 years is stretching it.

  • Bill

    Surgery carries with it the very real possibility of serious infection. It is to be avoided whenever possible.

  • Steve

    Surgery should always be the last option.

  • Steelers12

    not really front load the contract with options on the back, similar to Victor Cruz

  • Shane Mitchell

    I dont know, to expect him to keep performing at an elite level when he has a major surgery after every season is a bit much, when he loses a step his style of running will have to change big time.

  • John Pennington

    The longer the steelers wait on Bell having surgery the longer it will take for him to heal plus if he gets hurt during the OTAS or camp or during the season what a set back for the team.Just get it done already.