The New William Gay – CB Coty Sensabaugh Scouting Report

With the Pittsburgh Steelers locking down another free agent, we’re breaking him down for Steelers’ Nation. Cornerback Coty Sensabaugh is a far cry from Logan Ryan or Dre Kirkpatrick and he’s coming off an especially rocky 2016 campaign. So get to know who he is, where he struggles, where he succeeds, and how you can expect him to be used in Keith Butler’s defense.

We’ll set this report up similar to the one on Ladarius Green a year ago. We’ll break Sensabaugh down in run support, coverage, special teams value, and how he’s been used in his career.

Quick background on his career arc. Drafted by Mike Munchak and the Tennessee Titans in the third round of the 2012 draft. Started 27 games for them and parlayed that into a three year contract with the Los Angeles Rams in the 2016 offseason. But that ended quickly. He started the first two games, got benched to begin the second quarter in Week Two, and was released after Week 4.

The New York Giants scooped him up and he played 113 defensive snaps the rest of the way. To keep track of things, here’s the uniform number he wore at all three places since we’ll be showing clips of him with each team.

Titans – #24
Rams – #21
Giants – #30

Sensabaugh In Run Support/Tackler 

It’s actually pretty good. Better than maybe what I expected after seeing some comments. Over the several games I watched, I witnessed only one missed tackle when Denard Robinson cut inside and upfield on him when Sensabaugh was the force defender.

He shows the ability to get off stalk blocks and make open field tackles on backs. Good job to keep vision on the ball, work off the block, and make the tackle in the open field.

Sensabaugh isn’t a powerful tackler but a good wrap up player who comes to balance and drives through with his lower half. When he’s able to keep his feet in coverage, he can close space and wrap up well.

In his only year as the full-time starter, starting in 15 games in 2015 with the Titans, he had 17 tackles against the run, making up about 29% of his total tackles of the season, which led all Titans’ cornerbacks. He isn’t going to be fierce in this area but he’s far from a liability, either, and he’ll stick his face in the fan. He’s been a base corner before so he knows the role and responsibility comes with it and the slot can be just as active.

Onto my scouting report of him against the run to sum things up.

The Good: Willing tackler. Does nice job to wrap up. Keeps vision on the football and able to shed stalk blocks in the run game. Comes to balance in the open field. Not afraid to take on bigger backs, doesn’t show fear, and generally embraces the run. Isn’t so over-aggressive he prioritizes the ball over the tackle, makes sure to wrap up. Supports run on the perimeter and doesn’t let the back get the edge.

The Bad: Not a powerful, impactful tackler. Tackling angle can be raised a bit, does shoot a little too low and vulnerable to runners being able to step out of his tackle. Doesn’t have great size and could have problems against bigger/taller receivers downfield.

Sensabaugh In Coverage 

Ah, the big question. Much like Justin Hunter, I feel like it’s been a mixed bag for Sensabaugh. He’s never been much of a playmaker – just three turnovers caused in his career, two interceptions, one forced fumble.

He earned a sizeable contract with the LA Rams heading into 2016. That ended briefly, struggling in the first two weeks, like getting torched by Tyler Lockett for this big pickup. He wasn’t great against the San Francisco 49ers either, who boasted one of the league’s poorest offenses, and the Rams still gave up 28 points in a dreadful Monday night game. Here’s an example of the former at the top of your screen.

And maybe the worst look he ever had, getting quite literally run over as a member of the the New York Giants – the team he went to after the Rams – against the Cleveland Browns. I really don’t even know how to break this one down. He’s at the top in the slot. The one getting truck-sticked.

What got him that contract with the Rams was better player in 2015 and moments like this. He reads this speed out, undercuts the route, and makes a house call.

My scouting report on Sensabaugh’s coverage skills.

The Good: Good feet and ability to transition out of bail technique, flipping his hips to run vertically or flip to close downhill. Uses leverage well and the sideline to his advantage. Reads the underneath game well and shows ability to make plays on the football. Works hard to stay in-phase, in hip pocket. Aggressive mentality in coverage and wants to make plays.

The Bad: Doesn’t have a reputation as a playmaker, only two career interceptions. Slightly better than average deep speed but vulnerable to getting beat over the top by the fastest receivers. Opens the gate too late in pedal or bail technique, allows receiver to eat up his cushion and makes him vulnerable to getting beat over the top. Boxed out by bigger receivers downfield. Not ideal in press due to a lack of strength and elite speed.

Sensabaugh On Special Teams

As a starting corner, he didn’t do much with the Titans, at least, not in the games I watched and the snap counts I took a look at via Football Outsiders. Ditto with the Rams, even when he got benched. He saw a variety of work with the Giants though.

He served as the left end on the field goal block team, the right jammer on punt return, and L1/R1 on the kick coverage unit. His most notable play I saw on special teams was a touchdown-saving tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals, tackling Alex Erickson to stop this long return from finding the end zone. Good angle, effort, and speed to make the play.

Sensabaugh’s Usage/Scheme 

Sensabaugh is William-Gay like in how he’s been used, which is to say he’s been all over the map. With the Titans, he was the saw starting action at both outside corner spots who kicked to the slot in nickel and sub-packages. In LA, he played strictly on the outside at RCB. And with the Giants, he moved back to the slot, where I believe he began his career in Tennessee.

So essentially, he’s played everywhere and that versatility is helpful to deal with any injuries without playing a ton of musical chairs. If Gay makes the roster, having experienced depth won’t be an issue. Quality, a different story, but they won’t resort to throwing players into roles they’re not comfortable with. Sensabaugh and Gay plug a lot of holes.

Tennessee, with Dick LeBeau, he got used in a lot of Cover 3 and play with outside leverage, the goal to funnel the route tree to the single high safety. With the Rams, and maybe this created the issues he had that led to his benching/release, he played a lot more man coverage with inside leverage and forced to cover the vertical game without as much help like he did in Tennessee. Here’s one example of the difference.

With him being in the slot with New York, leverage doesn’t really matter, but I felt like he played more man than zone. Of course, at all three stops, there was a mix of man and zone coverage. I liked him as a Cover 2 corner, able to reroute and sink with any vertical outside release and then driving on any throw to the flat.

Final Verdict

Ok, we’ve reached the end and thank you if you stuck around. Like I’ve been hinting at, Sensabaugh is the new Gay. Little worse against the run, little better in coverage, with a lot of versatility. That doesn’t mean Gay is getting bumped off the roster – we’ll get a better idea of that post-draft. But given the weak-sauce depth at cornerback, I expect Sensabaugh to make the team and there is a scenario where both guys can make the squad.

The Steelers had to sign a veteran cornerback to give them something extra before the draft and reduce the obligation at least a fraction of a bit. In that sense, I am happy but by no means ecstatic. This wasn’t *the* move I was expecting Kevin Colbert to make at the position.

Sensabaugh isn’t the big, comfortable mattress for this team to sleep on. He’s the futon your roommate in college had. It won’t last forever but in a pinch, it’s cheap and serviceable.

About the Author

Alex Kozora
Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • Applebite

    A futon, huh? I guess as long as he doesn’t smell of spilt beer from three weeks ago…

  • Steel Realist PAul

    I agree with your final sentiment, although I believe the Steelers NEEDED to add another starting CB to compete with the Patriots. Seems they are content to do that thru the draft again and wait 1-3 years for the payoff.

  • Mark

    It really doesn’t matter how good our defense backs are unless we change our defensive strategy. LeBeau and Butler are one in the same. Everyone who considers themselves are serious Steeler’s fan knows our defense thoroughly (we know when we’re in zone, cover 2, press man, x blitz, etc…). So if we know the teams with great QBs know and we get eaten a live. Our defense looks good against mediocre QBs, against New England we look like trash. So we could have Mel Blount, TroyP, Woodson, all in their prime and we would still get torched by Brady/Pats.

    Bottom line we need a new defensive scheme to win Superbowl #7.

  • AndyR34

    You haven’t been reading enough…the only thing holding us back is the need for better execution, not better players; and because all of our young players are going to progress so much, we don’t even need to recognize holes…don’t have any. So, in reality, the path to #7 is pretty much assured…all we need to do is R-E-L-A-X, sit back, and enjoy it.

  • AndyR34

    Alex – Thanks for the update. The comparison to Gay is somewhat worrisome and I have been a Gay defender. He was never as bad as some made him out to be, but I’ll also admit the period when he was our best CB were dark days in the secondary.

  • Boots

    Alex, don’t tell my old roommate but drunk chicks LOVED his futon! Lol

  • Craig M

    Sit back, like our DBs sit back and give their receivers a cushion?

  • Craig M

    Very nice right up Alex.

  • Boots

    His left is quick too!

  • RickM

    Thanks for the excellent, unbiased analysis. I now understand why the Rams never improved under Jeff Fisher.

  • Steve Johnson

    You’re Dead On Point! Talent does matter, but until the Organization gets better at Coaching, making adjustments, Tomlin and Butler will always be 2nd Best to the Patriots. It really kills me to say that, but it’s true. The only worse thing than that, is to watch Tomlin look like a Cheerleader on the sideline when his team scores. “Hey Coach” Act like you’ve been there before. At least that is what he has told his players in the past.

  • Steve Johnson

    Preach It!

  • jconeoone C

    Thanks for the quick analysis!….So where did the ‘he is scared to tackle’ comments originate from? In the other thread if you read the comments people are acting like he is Gerald Holliman……geez

  • Mark

    Alex, Dave, anybody please post an Article showing our games against New England and watch how we’ve played the same defense in every game and was torched except for the game when Brady didn’t play and Deshea returned a Brady interception for a TD… I think we were playing press coverage on that INT.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    The play where he was run over. As near as I can tell, Coty was trying to see/feel/predict which way his receiver was going to go—right or left. The fact that his man took door #3 (barreling his coverage over), I believe took Coty by complete surprise. It happens.

  • WreckIess

    Are guys still pushing the “press coverage beats the Patriots” narrative? Because you would think after 2 months people would realize that it just isn’t true.

  • Steelers12

    i hope will still keep Gay as well

  • RickM

    Talent (aka better players) is, of course, the physical and mental ability to execute one’s responsibilities better than other players. How anyone can think they are separated in some way is beyond me.

  • ScullNCrossbones

    MUCH better idea to make this low risk move now with most of the off season for him to learn the playbook than to waste a draft pick in a desperate move in Aug/Sep… see Boykin, Gilbert.

  • AndyR34

    That’s what I thought! But I have been told in no uncertain terms that the only thing that accounted for the blow-out loss to NE was execution. In fact, I was told if we re-played a number of times, we would win some of them. I can’t/couldn’t see it, but that was the pronouncement from higher authorities than I.

  • george

    All the real starter quality CBs in FA this year were over priced.

  • AndyR34

    I keep reading that, but by who’s standards are they over-priced. It appears to me that they were fairly priced in the current market under the current cap. Please tell me how you know that they were over-priced…I haven’t found the Kelly Blue Book for NFL CB’s.

  • AndyR34

    I think what was worse for me was the look of incomprehension on his face as his defense was torched by WR’s running free down through the middle like college athletes playing amongst sixth-graders!

  • SfSteeler

    ive liked Gays play, but whats worriesome is that Sens sounds like his replacement…

    and the last time we double dipped in 15′ with Golson and Grant…if only one of them panned out, we would be in a different position…

  • LucasY59

    I am pretty curious to see what the contract #s are, since its a 2 yr deal and they made a press conference for the signing it would seem they paid him more than a minimum contract, and that most likely means they view him as more than a depth / ST guy, I will not be impressed if he is getting paid more than 3 mil a yr (I really dont think hes worth more than 2, but my guess is around 3)

  • Mark

    No Wreck, I’m preaching we need to do something different on defense to at least slow them down. As everyone has noticed in the games Brady has played (except for 1 in Pittsburgh) the WRs are running free down the middle of the field, wide open.

    We need a mix of coverages, definitely not cover 2, because they immediately run 4 WR’s deep and it’s a wrap for our Safeties and LBs. We all saw Timmons getting roasted by TEs and WRs and the same for our safeties.

  • LucasY59

    I agree this should be a better situation for Sensabaugh, but I am not confident the outcome will be much better (hoping they get a good CB in the Draft)

  • WreckIess

    Obviously, that’s all opinionated, but looking at the Corners in the league right now, only 13 make over that $10 mil mark with one being under the franchise tag.

    So let’s take the two corners that the team was most commonly linked to. Ryan and Kirkpatrick. Before their contracts, there were only 11 corners getting $10 mil+ a year so you have to ask yourself, do they deserve to get paid like the top 11 corners in the league? Are they top 10 or 11 players at the position.

    As for me, I say absolutely not. I can name around 15 corners I’d take over either one of them. So I wouldn’t pay them over that elite money threshold because they aren’t elite.

  • LucasY59


  • Kenneth Wilt

    I would like to see us add an outside guy at the draft yet. Cockrell and Burns are a nice duo who are still learning, but I want to add one more. Then you have Gay, Sense and Golson for the inside.

  • RickM

    The Patriots have separated themselves from the rest of the AFC right now, so I agree we would have a hard time beating them in re-matches. I see two legitimate pursuers to N.E., the Steelers and the Raiders (with Carr of course). The Raiders have tried to keep the gap with N.E. from increasing too much by signing Jared Cook for $5M/yr and Corradelle Patterson for $4.25M/yr. They have also tried, so far unsuccessfully, to add a mid-range FA ILB.

    One can definitely debate the merits of the Raiders signings, but they are improving their team in ways that will provide some tangible results on the field. These guys will both get snaps. We have yet to do that. I thought yesterday we might take the first step with Alaulu, paying a couple of million dollars more than the guys we have signed. He would provide some quality DL back-up. But once again, Mr. Colbert seems – other than Hightower – to be negotiating with shelled peanuts. I respect that others have confidence with this FA approach. I just think there couldn’t be a worse time for it.


    1 – 3 years is not necessarily the modus opera duchess anymore.
    We had two rookies play significant snaps in the D backfield just last season.


    Eight point game at the half. I still believe that Bells absence WAS the game.
    Once he went out we went right back to our one dimensional ‘almost good enough’, 2014 PO loss to the Ravens O.

  • Alex Kozora


  • Alex Kozora

    Thanks Craig.


    I swear if I had to watch Timmons cover that little s**t Edelman one more time my head would explode!!
    That’s why I think there’s a good chance they take Ibi Wan in rd1 – he could cover the crossing routes, TEs, etc that the Pats like to use!

  • Alex Kozora

    I dunno man. I didn’t see any glaring issues as a tackler. Effort is definitely there.

  • Alex Kozora

    I think we covered that well at the time though as pointed out below, press coverage just cure everything. It’s more complicated than that.

  • Alex Kozora

    Sure, this won’t have much of an impact on draft plans.


    Really? Enlighten us please!


    The mental image of 94 trying to cover Edelman!!!
    Please make it STOP!!!! 😑

  • Matt Manzo

    Maybe he’s more insurance for Golson than Gay? I’m not so sure we can count out Gay, yet. Either way, I don’t think this changes our draft. We’ll get one of the good cbs in the top 3 rounds. I’d like it to be someone versatile.

  • Lambert58

    Truck-sticked. lol Well, I guess a futon is better than the floor. Let’s hope Colbert & Co. pull the trigger on a sleep number king mattress for the draft.

  • WreckIess

    Is it really not obvious? How long has Brady been playing? Do you really think there’s a coverage that he hasn’t seen? Do you really think they don’t have any man beaters in their playbook? He lost one game last season. You don’t do that when stopping you is as easy as pressing your receivers.

    This is the NFL. How many teams can you really beat by playing them one way? Easy answer. None. Any NFL team would destroy you if you don’t switch up your coverage, let alone trying to beat the best team of the last decade and a half with just press man coverage.

    The Falcons tried it in the Super Bowl and by the time overtime came around they were fitting Brady for his 5th ring before they could even kick it off to him. Because he had already figured them out.

    You’ve convinced yourself that there’s this Silver Bullet there for Brady that really just doesn’t exist. The only Achilles Heel he has is the same one every QB has. Which is getting hit in the mouth.

  • RickM

    Our D was overwhelmed by Brady by any logical standard. Fortunately N.E. went conservative late in the game or they would have hit the 40’s. As for Bell’s absence being the game, he was stuffed on the first two series. It didn’t help having him out, but he wouldn’t have prevented Brady from pick us apart with ease far too often.

  • Ni mo

    Really ? Yeah let him be a coach

  • Ni mo

    When they best NE under lebeau he switched coverages , and butler is not running the same defense as lebeau they running a little hybrid Tampax 2 but doing it out of the 2-4-5 leaving us with just 2 d-linemen instead of having that NT clog the middle

  • ThatGuy

    He’ll play this year. Especially since I am curious to see what injury Golson gets this time.

  • Steelers12

    you need veteran leadership

  • ScullNCrossbones

    Definitely just has something to do with his name sounding kinda soft. If you have a name like CAPTAIN you get the benefit of the doubt


    Right Brady’s excellent and experienced. I get that.
    But I also know that when I see him not as flawless it’s because he is bothered by two things – pressure thru The A gaps and disruption of his timing with his WRs. Though each can help the other, the disruption of the timing can lead to hits, sacks, and pressures and these in turn lead to what success can be had against him.
    How can you disrupt the timing of the routes?
    Well, you see where I’m going with this.

    The only sure-proof way to beat him is keep him on the sidelines by running the football but that’s a whole other discussion.
    While not the only thing, press man coverage can lead to the timing disruption.


    I think it’s pretty apparent
    that he was ‘stuffed’ because he was hurt (it was later reported that he hurt it vs KC the week before).
    If Brady is on the bench he can’t beat you.
    It’s possible to keep him on the bench by dominating TOP.
    TOP is best won by running the football which I still believe we can do vs NE. They had a whopping 54 yards running against us so they didn’t light it up in the run game either.

  • Shane Mitchell

    Its an over load of the zone coverage, understand? what do you want? call timeout every play where the offense motions and tries to overload one side of a zone, We would have no time outs after one damn series, its part of the game and basic zone defense for every team in the NFL, Timmons is rotating over to add an extra defender to cover an area of the field, not a specific player, the player that comes into his zone is irrelevant.

  • WreckIess

    Messing with the timing of a play will bother any QB, but with Brady it’s more of a minor inconvenience especially when you don’t have a pass rush. I don’t think that I can stress how overstated Brady’s “weakness” to press-man really is because while it’s bothers him more than anything else, it doesn’t bother him all that much. He’s an elite QB, maybe even the greatest of all time. The most basic coverage ever created isn’t going to rattle him that much.

    Obviously, it’s pretty easy to see the benefits in it, disrupt the timing, catch Brady off guard, etc, but more often than not trying to hit him with the same thing all game gets you beat. You try to press them all game then they hit you with pick routes (which are essentially all those crossing routes really are) and because the trailer got caught up Brady hits his receiver for a 10 to 15 yard gain. Or they split Gronk out on a Corner or LB one on one and he wins that match up 9 times outta 10. Or they spread the defense out and while there are only 5 in the box they run it with Blount up the middle. I know it looks like I’m only detailing the negative results, but they are also the usual results when you just try Brady with one thing for most of the game.

    They need to add press man into the arsenal, but is it a silver bullet for Brady? Absolutely not. Is it something they should try to run most of the time? Still no. It’s too predictable for one thing(easy to identify, easy to counter. at least with simple zone drops he has to read the coverage) and everyone of the coaching staff from Tomlin down was brought up in some form of zone coverage. To improve the system they need to get better players in the system not tear it all up and start from scratch. The team’s entire focus isn’t “how to beat Brady” it’s “how to win a Super Bowl” regardless of who they face.

  • pittfan

    I coulda made that pic6 against the Rams

  • Shane Mitchell

    I disagree with most of the article but thats Ok, lets see what happens in training camp before we crown someone as the NEW WILL GAY thats a bit much. If Sensabaugh was anything close to Will Gay in coverage or tackling he wouldnt be on his 4th NFL team with 5 years in the league. as far as the tackling goes, Sensabaugh is a statistically one of the worst tackling CBs in the NFL over the past 5 seasons, dont know how that can even be disputed.

    If we want to compare him to someone a better comparison would be Ross Cockrell not Will Gay.

  • Craig M

    Thanks Boots- didn’t even notice it 🙂 At least I got a good laugh out of it buddy.

  • Craig M

    Write on buddy. 🙂

  • Boots

    I type faster than I think sometimes too! Lol

  • Alex Kozora

    I’ve seen your comments on Sensabaugh not being a great tackler. I’d love to know if you’re sourcing that from somewhere or if that’s from your own eyes. Because I don’t see it at all and I poured over a lot of games and have several examples of him being at the least, a serviceable tackler who isn’t near the liability you make him out to be. And that’s the crux of the issue because as you point out, playing the run is important from there.

    Sensabaugh is the better athlete than where Gay is at – not where he’s been – and there’s no question Gay has a higher football IQ. The comment means a versatile player who is a decent tackler (though worse than Gay) and in coverage (a better athlete overall).

    But again, it comes down to how we view him as a tackler, and I’d love to discuss.

  • Steeler-Drew

    Thank you. Could not agree more and I’m not sure how anyone being objective could disagree. Talent has nothing to do with it unless they are willing to change their scheme. That is of course if they want to beat Brady and the Patriots. They could have an all world secondary but still get torched if they stick with the zone approach. They could also upgrade their pass rush significantly and the result will be the same if they stick with the same old tire zone approach. Everything they do should be predicated on beating the Patriots. Of course they can beat the other teams with their current scheme but that won’t get them to the Super Bowl if the Patriots are standing in the way.

    I think many were missing the point on not landing a player like Logan. If Tomlin felt his team was not good enough to match up man to man with the Patriots how does he plan on doing it with another back up slot CB and rookies through the draft.

    It’s pretty simple really. They need to change their scheme to a press man and they need a slot CB and another outside CB who can play man to give them a fighting chance. Anything short of that against the Patriots will have the same result. People will hope the Steelers can just outscore them or win the turnover battle or Brady has an off day. That’s just wishful thinking. Change the scheme and get the players who can play it right now while Ben is still playing or face the consequences once again.

  • cheyenne.badger

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  • Shane Mitchell

    Both, what I see on film and stats that correlate with my observations but I am not going to act as if I have watched every game he has played and charted his tackles myself, it would take days and days of film study, If I see something and stats correlate with what I see I dont need to watch hundreds of hours of game film to form an opinion. Statistically look at PFF tackling efficiency stats and football outsiders broken tackle stats. Missed tackles is a subjective stat but both sources come to the same consensus statistically he is a poor tackler. Look at the players at the top of those lists for CB and safety, a lot of familiar names bottom of the list those are guys that frequently find themselves changing teams.

    The reason I dont like the signing has very little to do with his coverage skill, quite frankly, I dont care about it, he would have to cover like Deion Sanders before I would start to care, because I believe we are currently the worst tackling Steelers defense I have ever seen and it really isnt even close. We only need to go back a few seasons to see we went from missing 109 tackles a season to over a 180 tackles a season. Everyone is talking about pass rush thats the key to a better defense,or coverage we need CBs that can play man coverage, nope, neither one is the cure. We need to fix our problem in the secondary with missed tackles, and something else that goes hand in hand with missed tackles not taking on blocks with enough aggression to force plays towards our primary support. That said, I dont like the signing just as I didnt like the selection of a certain safety in last years draft, and still dont like it.

    Like I said lets see what happens in camp, but from my perspective I dont like the signing if they are going to play him in the slot, outside I might not care as much, unless we going to play a bunch of Cover-2 again this season. I am hoping Golson heals and contributes and we add two players in the draft that are aggressive and love to tackle, thats the difference between serviceable and great at tackling, the mentality. Sensabaugh doesnt fit the bill for me thats all, because my perspective of what we need to do to become a better defense is fix tackling and limit yards after the catch first and foremost. a Steelers defense that cant tackle is unacceptable.

  • Alex Kozora

    Well I had trouble finding info on either site, at least, for free, but the one thing I found was a PFF article from what looks like 2014 that yeah, had Sensabaugh near the bottom of the barrel. Funny enough though, William Gay was ranked only a couple spots higher. And I think we agree to characterize him as a bad tackler is off the mark.

    I know it’s all subjective and I didn’t chart it myself but I went through a lot of his games from 2015 and 2016 and there weren’t a lot of misses. And like I said, I have tons of clips I can offer of him being a good or at worst, a decent wrap up tackler.

    I don’t think they have a goal of where they want to play him. He’ll fill in wherever is needed. He’s probably not going to start anywhere and just serve as depth across the board, especially if Golson surprises.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    But the team couldn’t play them as they wanted, because they were rookies. So it makes sense that another rookie will also have a learning curve and they will not be able to run the D the way Butler wants to.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    You sure about that?

  • Donte Williams

    there were several reasons behind that lost. Bell missing game is a key factor, we didnt have any WR help other than Brown what if that bomb to COats connected and he off to the endzone? yes defense played a key factor but the offense didnt help the defense out either


    No doubt – ALL rookies have learning curves right?
    But the fact is the old Coach Dad 1 – 3 year ‘seasoning’ process has been canned. It would seem that we are, like every other team, looking to draft rookies who start right away.


    Well if we don’t focus on beating Brady we may as well go home! It’s ‘nice’ to do well in the POs but if we don’t solve the Brady puzzle we will be perennial also-rans (at least for the next 3-5 years!).

    “how to win the Super Bowl” and “how to beat Brady” are currently synonymous.

    Look I didn’t mean to treat man coverage as a silver bullet. But when you get your face handed to you, REPEATEDLY, by playing a soft zone, letting Edelman run free, and not picking up coverage of their WRs until 7 or 8 yards down the field, it’s tantamount to not even TRYING.
    So, regardless of whether it’s Man or Man mixed with Zone, I really don’t care.
    I’m just trying to break the repetition of ‘Definition of Insanity’ if I am Coach T.


    What I want is a solution to this. The Rooneys pay an entire coaching staff to manage this kind of thing.
    Are you saying there is no solution?

  • Steel Realist PAul

    Original point is that adding thru the draft is not a fix like a FA starter would be.

    And that’s what the team is now stuck with, not being able to play D like they want, until all of the current and new young players can learn that.

  • WreckIess

    We’ve played the Patriots in the playoffs three times since the turn of the millennium. Winning a Super Bowl and beating them are two separate events. Beating them is important, but not most important. What’s most important is building up the team and winning the division. Doesn’t matter how we handle New England is Baltimore and Cincy can kick out teeth in physically.

    I said that they need to tweak the scheme a bit, but it’s for the sake of the team not strictly to beat New England. Just because they are the last team that we lost to doesn’t mean that they’re top priority.