Steelers 2017 Salary Cap: Projected Space Entering Second Phase Of FA

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been fairly quiet when it comes to the 2017 free agent signing period as they’ve only re-signed two of their own and one outside player since the new league year got underway on March 9. At this point, even if the Steelers do manage to sign a few more outside free agents moving forward, those players aren’t likely to command huge salaries as the lot has been picked over fairly well as of right now. With it now looking like the bulk of the Steelers free agency signings are done, it’s time once again to look at the team’s 2017 salary cap situation.

Below is an up-to-date projection as to where the Steelers currently sit salary cap wise on March 19 and it includes the re-signings of quarterback Landry Jones and tight end David Johnson in addition to wide receiver Justin Hunter, formerly of the Buffalo Bills. While Hunter’s one-year contract numbers have yet to be reported to the NFLPA, it’s not very hard to guess what his deal might ultimately look like and thus consider his numbers below to be my own projection.

As of Sunday morning, the Steelers have 77 players under contract officially and 78 if you count Hunter. According to the NFLPA, the Steelers currently have $19,854,218 in available salary cap space pending the signing of Hunter. My projection, that includes Hunter, results in the Steelers having $19,549,218 in available salary cap space.

In short, my difference of $305,000 from the NFLPA number can be easily explained and thankfully it is a nice round number. First, the Hunter contract speculated displacement accounts for the $155,000 of that difference. Second, it appears as though the NFLPA is not currently including the 2017 base salary of wide receiver Martavis Bryant in their numbers and that’s likely because he’s yet to be reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell. As you can see, I included Bryant in my projections below along with Hunter’s.

Now, while the Steelers currently have more than $19 million in available salary cap space at their disposal, it’s important to remember to think ahead about future charges that await the team and those projected amounts are detailed near the bottom of the table and will surely not be exact. In short, the Steelers essentially have roughly $11 million in real available salary cap space as we sit here on March 19.

With the bulk of free agency now out of the way and with roughly $11 million in future available salary cap space at the Steelers disposal, you can count on some of it being eaten up by defensive end Stephon Tuitt, who I have stated several times is expected to receive a contract extension later on in the summer. The same could go for tackle Alejandro Villanueva even though he’s an exclusive rights free agent this year.

On the safe side, an extension for Tuitt will likely wind up eating up roughly $5 million of the Steelers available remaining salary cap space and especially if he signs a contract similar to the one fellow defensive end Cameron Heyward inked a few years ago.

As for a possible contract extension for Villanueva, it’s hard to project how much additional salary cap space will be used on him, but if pressed to make guess, I would speculate $3 million at that very most if he ultimately signs a new deal.

If my speculation winds up being correct, extensions for Tuitt and Villanueva would eat up roughly $8 million of available salary cap space and thus leave the Steelers with roughly $3 million to spend. But wait, there’s more offseason business that needs to be handled.

Now, the Steelers hope to work out a long-term contract extension with running back Le’Veon Bell between now and July 15, the deadline for them to do so after placing the franchise tag on him ahead of the start of the league year. When and if that extension ultimately happens, one would think Bell’s 2017 salary cap charge would go down some. By how much, however, is unknown and it will be interesting to see if the Steelers give him a good portion of his first-year money in base salary as opposed to a signing bonus in order to decrease future dead money liability due to his injury history and the position that he plays. I know that’s the way I would attack his extension as we sit here in middle of March if at all possible.

Ben Roethlisberger$12,000,000$18,200,000
Antonio Brown$910,000$13,618,334
Le’Veon Bell (FRANCHISE TAG)$12,120,000$12,120,000
Maurkice Pouncey$7,500,000$11,051,000
David DeCastro$6,750,000$11,050,000
Cameron Heyward$5,000,000$10,400,000
Mike Mitchell$5,000,000$8,135,416
Marcus Gilbert$4,000,000$7,308,500
Ladarius Green$5,000,000$6,187,500
Ramon Foster$2,675,000$3,591,666
Ryan Shazier$1,716,438$3,025,020
Arthur Moats$2,250,000$2,883,334
William Gay$2,000,000$2,633,333
Bud Dupree$1,273,390$2,515,169
Vince Williams$2,000,000$2,500,000
Landry Jones$1,900,000$2,200,000
Artie Burns$885,954$2,179,769
James Harrison$1,200,000$1,950,000
Robert Golden$1,465,000$1,881,666
Chris Hubbard (RFA TENDER)$1,797,000$1,797,000
Ross Cockrell (RFA TENDER)$1,797,000$1,797,000
Stephon Tuitt$1,048,560$1,466,641
Darrius Heyward-Bey$1,200,000$1,333,333
Senquez Golson$798,732$1,091,194
David Johnson$900,000$1,017,500
Sean Davis$635,771$928,856
Sammie Coates$615,000$797,379
Martavis Bryant$690,000$793,346
Javon Hargrave$560,000$733,314
Daniel McCullers$690,000$709,670
Greg Warren$1,000,000$695,000
Justin Hunter (Projected)$775,000$695,000
Steven Johnson$775,000$695,000
Fitzgerald Toussaint (ERFA TENDER)$690,000$690,000
Zach Mettenberger$690,000$690,000
Jesse James$615,000$667,228
L.T. Walton$615,000$644,232
Alejandro Villanueva (ERFA TENDER)$615,000$615,000
Anthony Chickillo (ERFA TENDER)$615,000$615,000
Chris Boswell (ERFA TENDER)$615,000$615,000
Greg Ducre$615,000$615,000
Jordan Berry$615,000$615,000
L.J. Fort$615,000$615,000
Roosevelt Nix (ERFA TENDER)$615,000$615,000
Jerald Hawkins$465,000$597,622
Tyler Matakevich$540,000$555,763
Eli Rogers$540,000$541,668
Al-Hajj Shabazz$540,000$540,000
B.J. Finney (ERFA TENDER)$540,000$540,000
Brian Mihalik$540,000$540,000
Cobi Hamilton (ERFA TENDER)$540,000$540,000
DeMarcus Ayers$540,000$540,000
Jordan Dangerfield (ERFA TENDER)$540,000$540,000
Keavon Milton$540,000$540,000
Brandon Dixon$540,000$540,000
Trey Williams$540,000$540,000
Xavier Grimble (ERFA TENDER)$540,000$540,000
Akil Blount$465,000$465,000
A.J. Hughes$465,000$465,000
Canaan Severin$465,000$467,666
Brandon Brown-Dukes$465,000$465,000
Devonte Johnson$465,000$465,000
Dez Stewart$465,000$465,000
Dreamius Smith$465,000$465,000
Farrington Huguenin$465,000$465,000
Gus Johnson$465,000$465,000
Jacob Hagan$465,000$465,000
Jason Fanaika$465,000$465,000
Johnny Maxey$465,000$465,000
Kameron Canaday$465,000$465,000
Kyle Friend$465,000$465,000
Lavon Hooks$465,000$465,000
Matt Feiler$465,000$465,000
Marcus Tucker$465,000$465,000
Mike Hilton$465,000$465,000
Mike Matthews$465,000$465,000
Roy Philon$465,000$465,000
Ryan Malleck$465,000$465,000
Projected Top 51 Under Contract$148,835,119
Shaun Suisham*$2,206,000
Ryan Harris*$337,500
Travis Feeney*$75,267
Demarcus Ayers*$59,739
Jordan Zumwalt*$26,213
Giorgio Newberry*$6,667
Devaunte Sigler*$5,334
Tyriq McCord*$4,667
Will Monday*$3,334
Quinton Schooley*$2,667
Johnny Maxey*$2,000
David Reeves*$1,334
Brandon Brown-Dukes*$1,000
Marcus Tucker*$1,000
Projected Dead Money Total$2,732,722
Projected Rule Of 51 Total$151,567,841
Projected Draft Pick Signing Bonus Displacement$1,433,277
Projected Practice Squad Players$1,224,000
Projected Final Cap Loan Repayment$1,000,000
Projected 52nd & 53rd Players$930,000
Projected Workout Bonuses$500,000
Projected Allocated In-Season Cap Space$3,500,000
2016 Salary Cap Rollover$3,269,367
2016 Salary Cap Credit 3/10$847,692
2017 NFL Salary Cap As Of 3/2017$167,000,000
Projected 2017 Salary Cap Space As Of 3/19/2017$19,549,218
Projected Expendable 2017 Salary Cap Space As Of 3/19/2017$10,961,941

Data credit to: NFLPA, Over the Cap, Joel Corry, Aaron Wilson

  • Steelers12

    thoughts about signing Revis and trading a 2nd round pick for Sherman?

  • Peter

    Article makes no sense saying they essentially have 3 million due to giving Tuitt and Villanueva an extension. They went after Hightower and some DBS. They failed. It’s that simple
    They Had more than enough cap to sign a DB Better than Cockrell and again they failed. Too many excuses. This D looks worse this year than last year. Good job Rooney and Colbert

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Not much leftover cap space, when you figure all this rookie money and other stuff. However if they want to win now, they can easily keep the Tuitt money this year down and the Bell first year hit way down. That would allow a couple of decent signings. Perhaps they can find a CB, a hybrid guy or an ILB, or RB backup. Remember that once the studs are signed and time passes the salaries will certainly go down as players settle for less, worried that they may not be playing any football this year.

    There is still time. As far as Vince Williams goes, my approach would be different. He will play well when needed, but that might only be 30-40% of the time. I would be looking for a hybrid safety type of guy that can cover TE’s to come on the field when Vinny is off. Also it would be great if they had a proper slot CB to challenge Gay when they bring him on to cover speedy slot guy with Vinny off.. Lots of possibilities, but there’s an excellent chance that no FA stud will make it to the Steelers.

  • Melly

    I would sign Revis for the vet minimum/ 1yr deal, and add a slew of performance bonuses. He could come in and play in the Big Nickel D package. Could also bring some competition for Cockrell!! If he bombs…cut him loose!
    Sherman costs too much(i think around 14-15million)?!

  • StillersInThe6

    A. this is very extreme/aggressive. B. not really a fan of spending a ton of cap on 2 CBs on the decline of their career, past their primes. It just doesn’t make logical sense to me, unless they guarantee us a ring, which they would not. Revis has been left burnt toast more and more as he ages.

  • Nolrog

    If they don’t make any signings, then I would be inclined to frontload Bell’s contract and use the cap up that way (e.g., instead of a signing bonus, give him a large 1st year salary.)

  • Nolrog

    >>> Not much leftover cap space, when you figure all this rookie money and other stuff.No, they have around 11 million dollars of cap space after you account for the rookie money, the spare cap for in-season and the new contracts for both Tuitt and AV.

  • StillersInThe6

    one of the more disappointing off-seasons I can remember. even when we were not expected to be players and had little to no money we made splashes like Mike Mitchell and Ladarius Green. now we get some cap space and we do nothing. looking forward to another divisional/conference ship loss!! sigh

  • Steelers12

    yeah but Sherman would gives us a boost to get to SB for next two years, lets see if he would rework that contract its at least worth a look in my opinion

  • Steelers12

    Revis should not cost too much and Sherman has at least 2 years of prime left along with what i think Ben would play is 2 to 3 years at the most

  • Brendon Glad

    I always trust them highly with regards to taking care of their own when they hit on a draft pick. They do a great job of managing their money, and buying in a year early…and in having “steel cajones” in letting the correct players walk away for money that they don’t deem worthy of their projected performances.

    I think the Steelers being quiet in FA is because they really believe in Bell, Tuitt, Villanueva, and Cockrell…in that order of belief. I think with the last 3, the Steelers are hoping to “project”…and get them at prices that are generous for their “current standing within the league”…but could end up as bargains since the back 3 haven’t ‘broken-out-yet’ similarly to what they have done many times with players like Hines Ward, James Harrison, Antonio Brown…among many others.
    It does fail too (like Cortez Allen…most notably)…but they usually nail it.

    I happen to be firmly on board with the strategy so far, and I love the first 3 names on my list, and like Cockrell more than most too…so I hope I am correct in my mind-reading. I may criticize their DB drafting, but as far as overall management of $, continuity, and correctly choosing the right contracts of players to prioritize …few are better than Colbert.

  • SteelersDepot

    You are forgetting that a Bell extension can and likely will free up some additional cap money that could have been used to afford Hightower’s first-year cap hit. Additionally, Tuitt and AV extensions are in the future and not done now and thus plenty of room for Hightower had they signed him. Also, Hightower’s 2017 cap hit with the Patriots is $4,460,938 and likely would have been a little lower had he signed with the Steelers. So yes, the Steelers could have afforded it with ease.

  • Jaybird

    They could always roll over this years unused cap space to next year.

  • Jaybird

    Keep in mind we signed AB , and tagged Bell. Those are the best WR and RB in the league. That counts! And we may get AV and Tuit extended as well. That’s a heck of an offseason to me. It sure beats the 90’s when we were losing Hardy Nickerson , Chad Brown,Rod Woodson, Thomas Everett, and pro bowl O linemen on what seemed like a yearly basis.

  • francesco

    Don’t like how much DeCastro, Pouncey, and Gilbert are currently making in salary.
    Don’t even want to mention Mitchell.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    You’re concerned about three players on arguably the BEST offensive line in football making what they’re worth to keep Ben upright? Come on.

  • JohnnyFootball

    Pretty sure the “second phase” ended about a week ago. We are probably in about the 4th “phase” now, consisting of guys who will be playing with Vince Young in Saskatchewan this coming season.

  • Nolrog

    True, but I don’t think people would be happy if they went into the season with some 11 million of cap room.l

  • AndyR34

    I agree with you, but I suspect they don’t care if people are happy with it or not. Not too worry…when teams cut down to 53, we’ll spend it on more ‘depth’ players…you know like some of the starters we have on defense now…similar to the Blakes and McCains of the DB world…guys that are going to make a big difference in our path to #7.

  • Steeler-Drew

    I will be surprised if they sign any player for more than the league minimum at this point. They will arrogantly think they can fix the defense through the draft with rookies who may take 2-3 years to get close to peek form.

    I was thinking Ben at a minimum would play his contract out. Now I’m not so sure. It would not shock me if this was his last year.

  • Steeler-Drew

    Like Timmons cap hit last year, Mitchell’s hit sticks out like a sore thumb. He also carries the same 8 million dollar hit next year with over 3 million in dead money. If he spits the bit by the end of year and they are looking to replace him with a true centerfielder it puts them in a little bit of a bind.

  • LucasY59

    Steelers should still re-sign DeAngelo, they could bring in Revis (for cheap, and as depth, but will challenge Cockrell, and might have some knowledge to pass on to Burns)

    they should still have some space left, but since there isnt much for guys worth bringing in (maybe there will be some cuts later, but that usually means a player is inexpensive) they could structure Bells contract so he gets a fairly high base salary this season (and less $ in signing bonus) so there is less of a cap hit in future yrs, which could help later on (or they can just carry over whatever extra space they have this yr)

  • dany

    I’d say give them more money honestly. So long as they keep opening up those craters for Bell and Ben keeps getting sacked less than 20 times per year

  • George Hareras

    Isn’t the defense getting better with the young guys development and Heyward coming back?

  • Jim Sybol

    Little disappointed that the Steelers didn’t do more in free agency this year especially with the amount of cap space they have. I understand that the Steelers want to eventually extend Tuitt and possibly Villanueva but with Ben at age 35 and talking about retirement and with Bryant under contract for two years and Bell as well with the option to franchise again next the Steelers should be all in now and not worry so much about the future because once Ben is done so are the Steelers super bowl chances. The Steelers probably have a two year window here to get back to the super bowl. Would have liked to see them pay the 10 million it would have took to sign Dre Kirkpatrick or Logan Ryan to really sure up the secondary and then the Steelers could have really filled out their roster through the draft by taking the best available players. It just seems like the Steelers believe there secondary is ok and they just need to execute better. As much as I hope that the Steelers will draft a cb in the 1st round as there as many as 10 cbs with 1 round grades I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they draft a inside LB with their 1st round pick as they totally over value that position. I don’t see anyway the Steelers will slow down Tom Brady of Derek Carr in the playoffs with the defense they currently have constructed.

  • popsiclesticks

    If Sherman were really available for a 2nd I’d do it in a heartbeat and work out some restructures to get him in. But I can not imagine that he is available for that kind of deal.

  • heath miller

    obviously they dont care what people think of the signing or they wouldnt have signed michael vick the dog killer right? tag team 83

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I know a lot of people are trashing Colbert for not being more aggressive in free agency but I think he has done a fantastic job (the last several years) of not taking on bad contracts.

    In the past he would’ve panicked and signed a 31 year old Lawrence Timmons to a 2 year $13 million deal. This year, he resisted. In the past he would’ve re-signed Jarvis Jones (as a moderately priced back up) and hoped that he improved.

    I believed he TRIED to sign some of these free agents, but the market priced us out. I wouldn’t want him to pay that much for Gilmore or Kirkpatrick. That would cripple our team for years to come. If we need another CB that badly, spend a 1st round draft pick, and get another Artie Burns for $2-3 million per year (for 4 years).

    Hold strong, Colbert. Re-sign our own guys, then if there’s some left over, make a trade for a starter with a reasonable contract. (And I mean a good trade, not an idiotic trade).

  • Steelers12

    yeah but if the seahawks really have him on the block they should look into a trade

  • popsiclesticks

    You can fit whoever you want this year and deal with hits later. Could cause problems down the line but you can do it.

    How though does the defense look worse next year? Like 3 players on defense are older than 26.

  • popsiclesticks

    Most people would think so. Then again, eventually these doom and gloomers are going to be right. Eventually. They have to be. Right?

  • popsiclesticks

    Might need it to fit in Ben’s cap hits when they go up. And the other restructures.

  • AndyR34

    Sadly…we are on the same page…including the ‘potential’ for this being Ben’s last year. I think/fear that if the ‘D’ doesn’t make HUGE strides, Ben will begin to question whether or not it is worth it. He isn’t doing it for the money anymore…only for rings.

  • mokhkw

    Good points

    GMs of 2 of the top 4 teams from last season ( Packers & Steelers) have done very little as usual in FA. Just because the Patriots have HAD to fill holes that doesn’t mean we should follow in their footsteps.

    Must say I’m getting tired of the uneducated slagging of Colbert for not spending big in FA.

    If spending big $s on FA equates to success the Redskins would have had 6 SBs in the last 15 years.

    History of FAs shows they are generally not as good with their new teams, so you cripple your team financially and maybe don’t get any better.

    Saying we are worse off now, before the Draft, before seeing how the young players have developed, is just a ridiculous statement. If we get results the same as last season with Burns, Davis & Hargreaves we will have improved significantly and much more than signing any one big $ FA would have helped.

    It’s at this time of year I really appreciate having Colbert as GM. He doesn’t let himself be influenced by what other teams do, he has a plan – a plan that has proven to work – and he sticks to it.

  • RickM

    But those two guys were easily signed or in Bell’s case tagged. I just don’t see getting AB to agree to $17 M or tagging Bell as major coups or accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, they were the right decisions but they were no-brainers.

    I think the FO has been brutal in true free agency. They felt they had the room to give Hightower $8-$10M, so the funds are there. And after 10 days their only signing is likely a vet minimum Hunter. I also don’t think they envisioned Timmons leaving. We’ll agree to disagree on this one JB. The ‘open free agency’ performance has been a solid F.

  • Jaybird

    I’m not sure but I think you are a little younger than me so I don’t know if you remember the 90’s. The 90’s were absolutely brutal as far as losing talent in free agency. Seeing us retain these guys is way more important than overpaying in free agency. There were probable only a few CB’s who could have help us on defense anyway. They wanted too much , at least that’s what the Steelers thought. I got faith in the front office.

  • will

    “Like. 3 players”……is that 2? 3? 4? 5?

  • RickM

    I guess my point is that they were gimme rententions. Putting the tag on someone is easy. And AB still had a year left on his original contract. As for no FA’s that could help us, I likely don’t agree. If you had predicted they would be this passive, I would have asked about your rationale with Roethlisberger having 3 years maximum left. But I respect you’re comfortable with relying on the draft and you didn’t like the talent out there.

    As for winning 9-straight games with a healthy Shazier and Timmons playing very well side by side, and then letting LT leave because they weren’t willing to spend a couple of million dollars more, they’ll regret that decision either through injury or lesser play. Funny how coverage issues become far less important when Williams becomes the likely starter. Cheers.

  • RickM

    I’ve always thought Ben would walk away after 2019. The guy has been sacked 456 times and he absorbed a couple of hundred additional hits that would have brought down most QB’s. There’s just too much wear and tear to play into his 40’s. I hope your sense that he might walk away after this year is wrong. He’s leaving a lot of money on the table if he does, although money may no longer be an issue for him.

    As for only ‘vet minimum’ FA’s through free agency, gosh I hope they at least sign one guy for more than that. They are taking such a gamble at ILB, as Timmons was a guarantee for 16 games, so one ILB was set and he could play Buck and Mack. Now, we have no back-up to Shazier and Williams is coming off a shoulder injury and isn’t as good as LT. They are taking quite a gamble if they don’t sign another ILB with some quality behind his name

  • Jaybird

    I think you know I was a Timmons fan . I’ve posted several times that I think V Williams is a backup. But I think the Steelers have a plan . I also think we are going to be getting some guys back next year – mainly Bryant . To me getting him is like getting an extra draft pick – a grand slam pro bowl like draft pick. And maybe we get something out of Golson and Green . Not holding my breath but maybe. A healthy Heyward , some dominos fall in our favor and I think this is a killer team .
    Relax buddy, sit back and enjoy the drama! We’re gonna be damn good.

  • popsiclesticks

    8? 9? 10? Google it?

  • RickM

    I’m always relaxed 🙂 and I do remember the 90’s. We will have a good football team IMO and I think we should be the heavy favorite to win our division. But I will admit that there are more ‘if all goes right’ situations than is ideal. We could have a truly explosive offense, if the O ‘cards’ finally fall our way. That has to happen at least once, I hope.

  • Steeler-Drew

    I watched the video that he received a barrage of ridiculous criticism from some of the idiotic fanbase for his comment “I’m leaning towards to playing”. The interview was obviously less about football and more about christianity. But I’m guessing a majority of the idiots never bothered to watch it. It left me with the feeling that maybe he feels family is more important at this stage in his life. I have a feeling having an influential wife and three young kids plays a big factor in the decision along with the years of wear and tear. If money is truly no object I think there’s a good chance he won’t finish out his contract. Of course the FO is not helping matters by not obtaining any quality players to help the defense.

    As for the veteran minimum other than a push for Hightower they have shown no desire to bring in a quality player even though there is only a few left. The only two left seemingly worth signing is Brown and Hodges and if there is no interest by now I doubt there will be. I think they are clearly headed for the vet minimum CB signing that will make our stomach turn. At this point I have thrown in the towel on free agency and turned my attention to the draft. I know Logan Ryan was probably over paid some but so were most of them. I still can’t get on board with the possible willingness to pay Hightower 8-10 million but having no interest in Ryan around the same price after their secondary got lit up by Brady once again.

    But I agree it’s a big gamble but like the CB market I think they have set their sights on the draft for ILB as well. They have also gambled before by thinking they would have a good pass rush with disregard to the CB position. They gambled thinking Golson would come after missing his first year. They are gambling at multiple positions that players don’t get injured. Who is playing FS if Mitchell gets hurt? Who is player CB if either Burns or Cockrell gets hurt? And who is going to play ILB if either one of them gets hurt. It’s actually comical they think all of these positions can be filled through the draft. They need two CB’s, an OLB or two, a TE in case Green gets shut down again, another S to replace Mitchell after this year, and a back up RB. But hey they won’t deviate and have a plan even if it comes to fruition after Ben is gone.

  • RickM

    That was an embarrassing thread for sure about the Roethlisberger retirement. There are not many times I feel embarrassed to be a Steelers’ fan, but that was one of them. Reading through the comments I thought ‘this is what you guys think of your HOF QB?’ I was ashamed to be associated with that. There’s a nice way to say ‘I think he’s being dramatic, and then there was all those comments. Petty vindictiveness from small, likely jealous, minds.

    Agree with all your FA comments. I can’t read the road map if they even had one. Ryan was overpaid, but man Brady torched us. Will it be different next year with the same secondary and a young draftee? Likely not as Brady will have far more weapons if Gronk is healthy and Cooks plays like expected. Sitting still defensively in free agency was a lost opportunity. As for the draft, last year was a banner year. But as you say it’s not reasonable to expect most of those holes to be filled well from the draft. We’re a playoff team regardless, but several pieces are needed to make the D Superbowl calibre.

  • Steve

    The sky is falling – Oh my, were all going to die!

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  • mokhkw

    On the other hand if the Steelers signed FAs every year like people want them to they wouldn’t have been able to afford to keep both Brown & Bell, maybe even both of them.

  • Sam Clonch

    I read somewhere Revis had set his price tag at 8 mill. He’s collecting 5 mill from the jets whether he plays our not, so he said anything less than 8 wouldn’t be worth it to him. So not so cheap really.

  • PompeyGoat

    FA just seems to inflate everyone’s value.
    Yep we have some cap space now but if we signed a player for $10m pa we’d be in a whole World of pain next year.
    Ben’s salary is going up to $17m from $12m in 2017 so lord only knows what his cap will be.
    AB’s salary is <$1m in 2017
    Tuitt should get a new deal and he's probably after 8 figures
    Shazier's 5th year option will be a load more than his charge is this year.
    I'm actually glad we haven't signed anyone for an overinflated price. Draft picks are so much better value. I don't think there's any position that doesn't have starter level talent in situ already. Could argue Vince Williams or Cockrell but I personally I rate them both, that they're probably the weakest starters on the roster is impressive.

  • LucasY59

    yeah, good luck to him on that

    I wouldnt sign him for more than the vet min and make the Jets foot the rest of the 6 mil bill, but if he wont accept a deal like that then he can go sit on his couch (or some other team can over pay him, hopefully its a team the Steelers play and they can get a couple east long TDs)

  • RickM

    You raise some good points, but the team certainly considered doing it with Hightower. That tells me that financially they felt they could handle it, provided the on-field return was great enough.

  • RickM

    No one is looking for them to sign multiple mid to high level free agents. As you suggest that would simply affect other important players they want to keep. One per year is not excessive when their franchise QB will walk out the door in 1, 2 or 3 years. I actually think the team agrees as they tried hard to sign Hightower. That’s well beyond what they normally spend in FA (using $5 M tops), but they obviously felt they could handle it without affecting future important signings.

  • will

    You sound “like” a Valley girl

  • popsiclesticks

    That’s probably more your expertise

  • will

    I know one when I see them write.