Steelers Present For 2017 Florida Pro Day

Several key pro days are taking place on Tuesday and they include Florida and Florida State. The Pittsburgh Steelers already have someone present at the Gators’ annual event and while it’s hard to tell for sure, it looks like it might be general manager Kevin Colbert based on the picture below.

Colbert, by the way, reportedly isn’t attending this year’s league meetings due to him wanting to attend a few pro days this week. I will update this post as soon as there is confirmation that Colbert was indeed there. I also thought I saw Steelers inside linebackers coach Jerry Olsavsky during the television coverage.

Florida reportedly has 17 former players who are scheduled to take part in Tuesday’s pro day and the most notable ones on the list are cornerback Teez Tabor, linebacker Alex Anzalone and cornerback Quincy Wilson.

Tabor, who measured in at the scouting combine at 6004, 199-pounds, ran the 40-yard dash in Indianapolis in 4.62 seconds. In the 37 games that he played in at Florida, Tabor registered 104 total tackles, 9 interceptions and 28 pass breakups. Tabor ran the 20-yard shuttle and 3-cone drill on Tuesday after choosing to bypass both at the combine. He also failed to improve his 40 time, according to reports on the SEC Network. In fact, both of his runs were unofficially 4.70 seconds or longer.

As for Anzalone, who measured in at 6027, 241-pounds at the combine, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.63 seconds while in Indianapolis. The inside linebacker prospect played in 32 total games during his college career and registered 75 total tackles, two sacks and two pass breakups.

When it comes to Wilson, who measured in at the combine at 6014, 211-pounds, the cornerback appeared in 39 games during his college career and recorded 84 total tackles to go along with 6 interceptions and 14 pass breakups.

The 17 players from the Florida 2016 roster who were scheduled to take part in Tuesday’s pro day:

LB #34 Alex Anzalone
QB #12 Austin Appleby
DL #57 Caleb Brantley
DL #94 Bryan Cox, Jr.
LB #40 Jarrad Davis
WR #5 Ahmad Fulwood
RB #37 Mark Herndon
DB #39 Michael Iorio
DL #91 Joey Ivie
K #38 Neil MacInnes
DB #20 Marcus Maye
LB #13 Daniel McMillian
DB #43 Mark Norvelis
OL #78 David Sharpe
DB #31 Teez Tabor
WR #85 Chris Thompson
DB #6 Quincy Wilson

  • srdan

    Everyone in plain clothes, except for Colbert. Gotta love it. The bright yellow Stiller sign!

  • T3xassteelers

    How does a CB Run a 4.7? Slot guy?

  • george

    Does anyone know what Wilson’s 40 time was. Also, Anzalone averaged 2.34 tackels per game-not real impressive.

  • Steelers12

    Alex Anzalone anyone watched him during the college season? would he compliment Shazier?

  • Steelers12

    Bryan Cox, Jr. could be a nice 7th round or Undrafted free agent

  • srdan

    he better know angles really well if he can’t improve on that. Or be really big in order to be a TE cover guy.

  • Zach Holzworth

    Anzalone was a high recruit coming out of PA then went to college and couldn’t stay out of the trainers room. Everyone that speaks of him speaks very highly of him. Saying he is very intelligent and a hard worker just a lot of shoulder issues. If he would’ve stayed healthy probably a day 1 pick but with the injury baggage don’t expect to hear his name till round 5.

  • steelburg

    Jarrad Davis was timed in the high 4.5s in the 40-yard dash and also impressed in the vertical jump (38.5 inches) and the broad jump (10 feet 9). In addition, he turned in 23 reps in the bench press. I said at the beginning of the month that he should be in play at 30 and I stand by that after his pro day. I would jump for joy if we got either one Davis or Anzalona to pkay along side Shazier. But i would preferably like Davis not as much injury issues.

  • CP72

    Went back and looked on Mockdraftable. The slowest 40 ran by a pro bowl corner in their database was a 4.64 ran by Brandon Browder.

    Not a good sign for Teez Tabor.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Good size but I bet he wishes he stuck with the combine 40…4.7 ouch!

  • falconsaftey43

    Josh Norman ran a 4.66. His 4.62 at the combine isn’t ideal, but his tape is REALLY good. Just need to know who he is, he’s great at playing the ball, needs a safety over the top because he doesn’t have long speed and likes to jump routes. Ideal slot guy that can play outside IMO. Rounds 2-3.

  • Steelers12

    so if you are Steelers GM and he is sitting there in 5th or 6th would you take him?

  • Scott Thomas

    I want Teez in the first round. I don’t care about a 40 time.

  • falconsaftey43

    He only played in 18 games, not 32. This year he played in 8 games and had 53 tackles, 6.62 per game.

  • CP72

    Norman ran 4.57 at his pro day.

  • falconsaftey43

    ok, just comping combine numbers. proday numbers vary a lot more. Either way, I think they’re actually fairly comparable players.

  • Matt Manzo

    Yes! 6th would be ideal.

  • budabar

    The TEs may be to fast for him

  • capehouse

    Jarrad Davis is a better player and should get drafted way ahead of Anzalone. Could be a 1st rd pick too. Heard he had a great day today.

  • LucasY59

    bad shoulders and LBs are not a good combo

  • LucasY59

    zone guy, think Josh Norman

  • LucasY59

    the Florida CBs kinda scare me, I think they are talented, but dont think I would have the guts to take either with the 1st pick for sure, and would be hesitant if they slid to the 2nd (would make me think they are way too similar to Louichez Purifoy and Marcus Roberson who were underclassmen Gator CBs that went from possible 1st rd picks to falling all the way out of the draft in 2014)

    Teez has gone from #1 CB in the 2017 draft prospect (this time last yr …Des King was #2) to maybe being in the top 10??? Wilson played better this last college season and I think he will be picked earlier than his teammate, Tabor could be then next Josh Norman, but could also be the next Purifoy (playing in the CFL 3 yrs after being a top college player/NFL prospect)

    I think there is enough CB talent that the Steelers can steer clear of them, and still get a really good CB

  • Darth Blount 47

    I would PASS on every single one of these Florida boys this year…

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