Final 2017 Pre-Draft Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and congratulations on surviving another week in this crazy world that we all live in.

In case you haven’t realized it already, this is the final Friday before the 2017 NFL Draft takes place in Philadelphia. This same time next week we’ll be getting ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers second round selection as well as discussing who they selected in the first round. I can’t wait and I know the same goes for all of you as well.

Well, not only did I turn 49 on Easter Sunday, my wife and I celebrated being together 30 years on Thursday. Can you imagine living with me for 30 years and doing so without the use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or even coffee? My wife has managed to do just that. God bless her. In case you’re curious, we met at a Waffle House 30 years ago and right after I turned 19. I was a night-owl regular at that place as I was already living on my own and her roommate was a waitress there. Now you know the rest of the story.

Little Finley Pearl is now cone-free after having her stitches removed this past Tuesday. She’s doing just great and I think she’s fully potty trained now. Thank you, Jesus.

Ok, on to this week’s five questions and I’m sorry they’re late as I was busy working on the Brandt post for you to have tonight. Please answer all five questions in the comments below and have a blessed weekend.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Will the Steelers 2017 first round selection have had been included in Gil Brandt’s final top 50 rankings? (list of players here)

2 – How many running backs will ultimately be drafted in the first four (4) rounds of this year’s draft?

3 – What round will Pittsburgh running back James Conner ultimately be drafted in?

4 – Which player do you think will be the best/most shocking player still available on the board after the first round of the draft is completed?

5 – How many offensive players will be selected in the first round of this year’s draft?

Recap from last week’s questions:

Question 1 – We identified 13 of the 22 prospects who are scheduled to attend the 2017 NFL draft in person that we believe will still be on the board when it is the Steelers turn to select. USC cornerback Adoree Jackson’s 16 votes led the way with Colorado cornerback Chidobe Awuze close behind with 14. The rest in descending order were USC linebacker Takkarist McKinley (11); Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer (9); Washington cornerback Kevin King (7); Michigan State defensive tackle Malik McDowell (6); LSU cornerback Tre’Davious White (5); Wisconsin offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk (3); Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley (2); Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson (2); North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky (1); Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson (1) & Washington wide receiver John Ross (1). How much of this is wishful thinking as opposed to objective analysis?

Question 2 – Collectively, we came up with a dozen adjectives to describe Dan Rooney (RIP). A brief flurry erupted when Thomas submitted the term GOAT. All was forgiven when it was realized he was using the acronym and not the animal to describe Mr. Rooney. Four one word descriptions were mentioned by more than one reader: Legend; Humility; Class and Integrity. We could combine those four to describe Dan Rooney as a; “Classy, humble legend who had integrity.” Not a bad way to be remembered and something we could all strive to achieve in our lives.

Question 3 – Six running backs not named James Conner were identified as potential pre-draft visitors to Pittsburgh. Oklahoma’s Samaje Perine was the most popular choice. Utah Ute Joe Williams another that got multiple nods with Wyoming’s Brian Hill, Louisiana-Lafayette’s Elijah McGuire, South Florida’s Marlon Mack and Clemson’s Wayne Gallman each getting mentioned once. That said, most folks believed that no running back would be invited by a 12-5 margin.

Question 4 – Thirteen stated that the Steelers are more likely to draft a defensive back followed by an edge rusher with their top two picks. Four said it would be vice versa. The majority feel that secondary prospects are a deeper group this year while the minority opinion was that edge rusher was the greater need and would drive the order of the Steelers selections. The classic best available versus need arguments.

Question 5 – This was a stumper; but North Carolina wide receiver Mack Hollins and Minnesota cornerback Jalen Myric were the two prospects that got multiple mentions as being most likely to be signed as free agents once their rookie contract was up – which means that a team other than the Steelers will draft team this year and we will have to wait up to 4-5 years to see if the Steelers do indeed sign one of them.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Firstly Dave happy birthday to you and happy anniversary to you and your wife.

    1. Yes. I think the reason we got the Artie Burns miss was mostly because all of the other options at CB were taken and the Steelers were dead set on taking a CB. This year I think the same may apply to edge rushers and maybe a DB and there are so many of those it would be hard to miss.

    2. 7

    3. 5th

    4. Well Dave, I believe that question potentially has 2 different answers. On the “best” side of things I might say a guy like TJ Watt, but on the shocking side……No idea. But Watt certainly wouldn’t be shocking.

    5. 14

  • Chris92021

    1. Yes. I see us getting White, Conley (who I see dropping), King, Njoku, or possibly even Reddick.

    2. first four rounds? I will say 8 (Fournette, McCaffrey, Cook, Foreman, Kamara, Mixon (he will go in the first three rounds), Perine, Mack)

    3. 5th round.

    4. I will go out on a limb and say Mitchell Trubisky. I have him going at 33. I think Mahomes will be the first QB taken and Watson will be the 2nd and Kizer the 3rd. Honestly this is the worst QB class since the EJ Manuel-led 2013 class.

    5. 13.

    Enjoy the weekend, y’all. The schedule in the first half is favorable. This is the year we will go at least 13-3.

  • Spencer Krick

    1. Yups!
    2. 10
    3. I think his character pushes him up into the 5th.
    4. Reuben Foster is my probably way too bold prediction.
    5. 10

  • PaeperCup

    1) Seems likely. Only Watt has the potential to be the pick outside of Brandts 50.
    2) 5. Fournette, Cook, Mccaffrey, Kamara, Foreman or Mixon
    3) 6th round
    4) Njoku. I would love to get him, but I think a lot of teams will start to see him as a luxury pick and adress other needs.
    5) No more than 10.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. Yes, we usually select someone of high quality and rarely reach.
    2. No idea, i’ll say 9.
    3. 4th round
    4. Dalvin Cook
    5. There’s a prop bet out there over/under 13.5 offensive players drafted. I was thinking of betting on the over since they said the last time less than 14 offensive players were taken in the first round was ages ago. But every mock draft I’ve seen only has 10 or 11 offensive players going in the first round, mainly due to one of the worst offensive line classes in recent memory. Vegas is hardly ever wrong, so I’ll go 13 or 14. If i had to pick one, i’d say 13 (taking the under!)

  • Robbie

    1. Yes
    2. 7
    3. 5th
    4. Idk. Carl Lawson even tho ik he’s supposed to be late 1st. Trubisky will not still be there lol.
    5. 13

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. No Budda Baker #55
    2. 8 RBs
    3. 4th round
    4. Mike Williams
    5. 13

  • gjnn

    1. Yes
    2, 12 (McCaffrey, Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Foreman, Mack, Kamaara, Hunt, Jamaal Williams, Perine, Gallman, Clement)
    3. 6th (which will be at least one round too late)
    4. Dalvin Cook (too many gang rumours)
    5. I have 15 in my mock (Trubisky, Mahomes, Williams, McCaffrey, Fournette, Watson, Davis, Lamp, Howard, Ross, Kizer, Njoku, Bolles, Cook, Engram)

  • Brian Tollini

    1. I hope not, no Budda!! I say no
    2. 10
    3. 5th round
    4. David Njoku. I think he is a top 20 player but have him falling to the Browns in the first pick of round 2. Hope I am wrong, I don’t want him in our division.
    5. 14

  • Ace

    1. Yes
    2. 10
    3. FIF
    4. Peppers. Media shock, not personal.
    5. 11

  • Jaybird

    1) yes
    2) 9
    3) 4th
    4) Obi
    5) 13

  • Jason

    I see what Watt going way before 50 because his last name is Watt. If it was Smith, 2nd or 3rd rd in my opinion.

  • JohnB

    1. Yes our pick will be in top 50
    2. 6 RBs will be drafted in first four rounds.
    3. 4th is when Conner will be drafted
    4. Peppers will still be on the board
    5. 12 offensive players taken in first round.

  • PaeperCup

    you hit the mark on the Oline class. That’s usually where you see your run on Offense, but this year there’s a lot to be desired at the position(s). Thank goodness that’s one area that we are comfortable.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Congrats Dave! Does your wife make coffee even though she doesn’t drink it?

    1. Yes. Tre’Davious White.
    2. 10
    3. 5th by the Steelers
    4. TJ Watt
    5. 15

  • TroymanianDevil

    1. #FreeMartavis
    2. #FreeMartavis
    3. #FreeMartavis
    4. #FreeMartavis
    5. #FreeMartavis

  • Rene Gonzalez

    1. Yes, Peppers or White would be my guess.
    2. 12
    3. 6th
    4. Awuzie
    5. 13

  • RickM

    1. Yes, 50 picks to pick the first-rounders is actually quite generous as there are always 15-20 ‘locks’ to be taken.
    2. 10
    3. 5th
    4. I think Reuben Foster will and should fall after his diluted/positive test at the combine. It puts his entire body of work at Alabama into question and his explanation for the positive test was convoluted.
    5. We’re naturally very focused on the D, but I think it’s been 15 and 17 the last two seasons. So 16 offensive players sounds pretty close.

  • SoCal Steeler


  • 1. Yes
    2. 9
    3. 4th
    4. Peppers
    5. 14

  • SoCal Steeler

    1) I’m going to say yes. But it is possible that he’s outside the top 50 if they love Obi, T.J. or Budda
    2) I’ll go with 10
    3) 5th by your Pittsburgh Steelers
    4) Obi
    5) Less than half this year, let’s go 14

  • LucasY59

    1. No, there are a few guys that I think have a good shot of being the 1st pick that arent in the top 50 (I can understand why Brandt’s list has some guys rated later than 50, because this draft has a lot of talent) If Reddick is really a 37th ranked guy and available he would be the pick, but I doubt he makes it to #30 (Humprey could be a possibility as well) so guys like Watt or Melifonwu are real possiblities,

    if they (TJ & Obi) will be available as late as #60 or #69 then the Steelers really should trade out of the 1st, if Brandts ranking is really that accurate they should trade with the Bears get their 2nd 3rd and their extra 4th, for #30 and swap the comp #105 for their 4th #111 (swap 105/111 just to make them want to trade a little more)

    with #36 they get Reddick (so I guess that would be accurate that a top 50 guy was the 1st pick, but it would be a 2nd rdr) and then with the 2nd they could trade again, Seahawks get #62 and the Steelers get their original 3rd #90 and their 1st comp #102, they get Obi at the start of the 3rd, with #67 from the Bears, with #90 they take Conner, #94 Kpassagnon, #102 Moreau, #111 Shaheen, #117 Rivers, #135 Myrick (pretty good for one 2nd, four 3rds and three 4ths, IMO they would get two 1st, three 2nd, and three 3rd rd talents, AKA great value)

    so that is Reddick, Melifonwu, Conner, Kpassagnon, Moreau, Shaheen, Rivers, Myrick, and would still have 3 more picks where they might be able to get another OLB like Price, Mathis, Ebukam, Keion Adams or Pita T, a WR (? who knows but I would be confident with any the Steelers pick) and maybe a QB?

    2. 8 (Founette, McCaffrey, Cook, Mixon, Hunt, Mack, Foreman, Conner? or Perine?)

    3. 5th, hopefully to the Steelers (I would even take him earlier (4th or even 3rd) just to make sure)

    4. Dalvin Cook? not sure if it is a surprise, but earlier (just after the college season was over) there was a chance he was the 1st RB taken

    5. 11 (wish it was more so it would push defensive players to the Steelers, but there are hardly any 1st rd OL, and the WR group isnt super strong either (but the few they do have are good, there just arent very many of them) plus the QBs have a shot of having 4 taken, but could also only have half that)

  • jsteeler

    1) No
    2) 8
    3) 4th
    4) Joe Mixon
    5) 9 offensive players. Defense Heavy!

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy 30th anniversary!

    1: Yes.

    2: 8

    3: Because I want him in the 5th, he’ll go in the 4th.

    4: Trubisky! I just don’t like him.

    5: 12

  • Michael James

    I’m pretty sure he would be a late round 3 selection at best, if he wasn’t a Watt. He’s just so incredibly raw on tape and he also has an injury history.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    1. No. There are a couple of guys that was left off his 50 that the Steelers have a high interest in.
    2. 6
    3. 6th round. HB in general fall and although I do not mind Connor I feel he runs tall and upright and that he will have a short career which will make him fall even farther.
    4. Christian McCaffrey. sometimes stereotypes can have its effects.
    5. 12

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I do not like Trubisky either and feel he should drop but the Browns have been to highly associated with him and will be selected before he drops too far.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I feel Mahomes is the best QB in this draft as well but I also feel he will not be the 1st QB taken. I think Mahomes will go between the 10-15 round marker with the Browns moving up to get their Bustbisky

  • francesco

    We have the same birth date so that is good to know!

  • Dennis Nevinsky

    1 – No. TJ Watt is not in his top 50.
    2 – There will be 11 running backs taken in the 1st 4 rounds.
    3 – James Conner will be drafted in the 5th round.
    4 – John Ross, WR, will still be on the board after the 1st round.
    5 – There will be 12 offensive players selected in the first round of this year’s draft.

  • Chris92021

    Bustbisky lol I love it. I agree with you about that. Trubisky has a nice arm and is a bright kid but I don’t like he only had 13 total starts. I still see Trubisky as a 2nd rounder and if he goes in the top 20, the team that takes him will regret it.

  • Matt Manzo

    I would love for the Browns to take him #1!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Me too!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He will once he can free him self from his own self destruction.

  • TroymanianDevil

    I completely understand he’s on his last strike. But he has to be given the opportunity to prove himself now. He’s served his punishment, he sat out for his year long suspension, he should be reinstated now. If he fails another test then fine, that’s it, he’s done. But he has one ( and yes, only one ) more chance.

  • Darth Blount 47

    1. I’ll play the odds and say a tentative… Yes.
    2. After a quick count, I think the number will be 11.
    3. 4th round.
    4. I agree with Phil that the question almost requires 2 answers. But in attempt to properly blend, I’ll say Obi.
    5. 15

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Not sure he has to be given anything. He has to prove that he can abide by the league rules which seems to be lacking which is why he still hasn’t been reinstated.

  • TroymanianDevil

    He should be given another chance. That’s what’s written what is in the CBA. What is he lacking exactly? Has he failed another test that you know of? Because as far as I know, he’s done everything right during and after his suspension. And according to the CBA should be re-instated.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    As a person who at a younger age has found out that once you been guilty of something you now play by their rules. To my knowledge he has not proven to the league that if he loses sobriety that he has a system in place to get him back on track. Once you are found guilty the stipulations and minor things that they say you must follow are part of the terms no matter how unfair or tedious they may seem. Once you go there you must be on your best behavior and go over and beyond what seems rational and as I say this comes from a guy who has gone through the system the hard way.

  • TroymanianDevil

    I understand that. But you’re missing my point. He can’t prove anything to the league until they reinstate him. And he is playing by their rules, btw. That’s my whole point. It literally says in the CBA that within 60 days of applying for reinstatement, he’ll be given a decision. That 60 days ended .. over 3 weeks ago. I’m not saying he won’t have to jump through hoops. He will. And he brought that on himself. He will always be more heavily monitored and rightfully so. And if he fails another drug test from now until the end of his NFL career, then he’s done for good. All of that is fine. But he’s jumped through their hoops, done what they’ve asked, and he and the Steelers are still being held hostage by the league, who again is violating CBA rules.