Steelers 2017 Re-Draft Exercise

Now that the 2017 NFL Draft is over, I’m sure most of you have had more than enough time to not only fully digest the eight selections that were made by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but other teams as well. With that said, it is now time for all of you to partake in the annual re-draft exercise and let us know in the comments below the selections you would have made for the team based on the way the entire draft played out.

If you have been visiting this site for a long time you should know the rules by now. If you haven’t, I will lay them out for you again and they’re quite really quite simply.

First, for each and every round you can only select from the list of players who were still on the board between each and every pick that the Steelers made. In other words, in the first round, you can choose to select outside linebacker T.J. Watt or one of the other 32 players who were drafted before the Steelers second-round selection. You must continue that same process throughout the entire seven rounds of the re-draft exercise, however, for the team’s final pick of the draft, you can choose any player who was undrafted at that point.

Here is a full list of the 2017 NFL Draft for easy reference.

This re-draft exercise is not only fun to look at now, but in future years as well and I expect several of you to have quite a few interesting selections.

If you would like to look back at the 2016 re-draft exercise, here is the link.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. TJ Watt – They nailed it. Nobody better to pick IMO.

    2. Derek Rivers – Ultimately here I would have liked to trade back but IMO, any trade we initiate here changes the whole draft for every team and that just isn’t viable to think about. So if we keep it very vanilla I would have most likely double dipped at OLB and grabbed Rivers.

    3a. Cameron Sutton – Again, this is a pick I think they nailed.

    3b. Josh Reynolds – Had him here in my mock and since we would have nailed filling the biggest needs with the first 3 picks I am okay going to offense here as protection against Bryant suspension and Coates never getting back into rhythm. He also fits in with what the Steelers typically look for.

    4. Desmond King – Wanted a safety in this draft but the way the board fell didn’t offer up any of my favorites but King would have been a nice consolation prize in the 4th. Get him and let him learn and transition while Mitchell plays out the last year or 2 and hopefully by then King is his replacement. And going back to what I said at pick 2, a trade back probably nets us my top safety choice in round 2.

    5. Bucky Hodges – I have knocked all the talk of TE being a major need for the Steelers and I still feel that way, but given where my draft would have been up to this point I think Hodges would be a really nice pickup here. I am cool with James as the starter if Green goes down, but also wouldn’t mind the depth or competition between Hodges and James for the 2nd role if Green is healthy.

    6. Connor Harris – Again, someone I had in my own mock and an obvious reach at this point knowing he didn’t even get drafted, but if the Steelers can take a long snapper I can reach a little for an ILB. There are questions about his level of competition but mostly everything else is something I love. He is big into watching tape, known for his leadership traits, hits the gym hard, and offers some coverage skills as well. Would have loved if the Steelers picked him up here or even in the 7th.

    7. Christopher Carson – And a 3rd guy from my own mock and as you can see, I am confident in what I mocked to the Steelers and the board kept falling in ways that would have allowed for my mock to happen. I didn’t view RB as a huge need coming in but enough of one that adding some late round competition to the room is fine by me.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    1(30): EDGE TJ Watt
    2(62): CB Fabian Moreau
    3(94): S Eddie Jackson
    3(105): EDGE Carl Lawson
    4(135): RB James Conner (if available – any other RB if not)
    5(173): TE Bucky Hodges
    6(213): CB Jalen Myrick
    7(248): WR KD Cannon

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    I like this draft. I would’ve gone CB earlier (hence why I went Fabian Moreau in my version) but I can’t argue with anything in this one.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. I would have LOVED it, but I am probably a little bias lol.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    Oh of course, we all are, haha. Honestly, the Steelers can keep 6 of their picks if they just let me re-draft Dobbs and Holba lol.

  • Bryan Tait

    1. Ruben Foster
    2. Derek Rivers
    3. Rasul Douglas
    3b. Carl Lawson
    4. Marlon Mack (Conner if available)
    5. Brian Allen
    6. Malachi Dupre
    7. Chad Kelly

  • capehouse

    Round 1) Budda Baker S/Slot CB
    Round 2) Derek Rivers OLB
    Round 3) Cordrea Tankersley CB(could keep Cam, but like Tankersley better on the outside, Baker is my Slot defender)
    Round 3) Carl Lawson OLB
    Round 4) Carlos Watkins DE
    Round 5) DeAngelo Yancey WR
    Round 6) Brad Kaaya QB(heck, could keep the long snapper too)
    Round 7) Corey Clement RB

    My biggest gripe with this draft class is I think the Steelers misread the flow of OLBs and DBs between their 1st and 2nd round draft picks. Watt is a great player, but only 1 OLB was taken in-between those picks. However, 11 DBs were taken in that same time. That should be viewed as a mistake considering both positions were of need, and drafted. They could of had their choice of any OLB beside Ryan Anderson with their 2nd rd pick(I consider Tyus Bowser an OTB LB just to be clear). I also think early in the draft the Steelers went way too heavy on the offensive side of the ball. I addressed both issues in my mock.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    You have a draft I could really get behind as well. Better than what the Steelers did for sure.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    Only thing I didn’t address was ILB, which admittedly should be addressed at some point. UDFA, veteran signing after initial cuts, etc.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I don’t even mind that. The only reason I even addressed it is because I really like Harris late in the draft.

  • Trevor

    1) TJ Watt
    2) Derrick Rivers
    3) Cam Sutton
    3) Mack Hollins
    4) George Kittle
    5) Brian Allen
    6) Matt Dayes
    7) Keion Adams

  • George Hareras

    I actually like our draft, but this is how I’d consider redrafting:

  • steelburg

    1. T.J. Watt, OLB, Wisconsin
    2. Fabian Moreau, ILB, UCLA
    3. Amara Darboh , WR, Michigan
    3A. James Conner, RB Pittsburgh
    4. Josh Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
    5. Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech
    6. Joey Ivie, DT, Florida
    7. Javancy Jones, ILB, Jackson State

  • Jeff Peterson

    I could get behind this! However As soon as obi got within 10 picks I can’t help to think we could have traded up/swap 8-9 picks in second round to get him. We could have swapped one of our thirds with their 4th and give them our 7r (if needed). They move up 30 pots but we get a quality db to answer our tight end problem for good. Based on be there soon selected I believe Conner would have been there in 4th.

  • capehouse

    Ouch, 3 guys in a row with injuries in round 2-3. Mash unit.

  • Jeff Peterson

    1 tj
    2 obi
    3 Sutton
    4 Conner
    4b j butt
    5 dobbs/Kayaa
    6 Malachi/long snapper/don’t care

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    It’s not ideal, but that’s how talent drops in the draft.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    1.30 – OLB TJ Watt
    2.30 – CB Fabian Moreau
    3.30 – WR Mack Hollins
    3.41 – RB Samaje Perine
    4.30 – TE Jake Butt
    5.30 – CB Brian Allen
    6.30 – QB Brad Kaaya
    7.30 – OLB Keion Adams

    I don’t really have a problem with the TJ Watt pick. I could’ve gone with either Kevin King or Obi Melinfonwu, but that is not where Colbert made a mistake. Taking Ju Ju was simply a luxury we couldn’t afford when a starting caliber CB like Moreau was still on the board. Mack Hollins is almost as talented as Ju Ju but Moreau is significantly more talented than Sutton. You just can’t make that mistake as a GM. I like Perine a little better than Conner, but I’m okay with either one.

    The second biggest mistake Colbert made was drafting Josh Dobbs over Jake Butt. Jake Butt is the closest thing to Heath Miller I’ve seen in years. A late 1st round talent slips all the way to the bottom of the 4th, in an area of need, and you’re going to draft a back up QB? Those people who say, “I trust the Steelers front office no matter what,” need to take off their black and gold colored glasses and really look at what a stupid decision that was. If you really want a developmental QB just draft Kaaya in round 6.

    I have no problem with the Brian Allen pick or the Keion Adams pick. Good prospects.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Lol. How do you know Moreau won’t be worse than Cortez Allen, Hollins won’t be Limus Sweed, and Perine won’t be mendenhal?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    The same way I knew Jarvis Jones would turn out the way he did. And Ziggy Hood. And Senquez Golson.

    We do this every year. We keep track of prospect predictions (at the time of the draft) and more often than not, the fan base as a whole are correct.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    How do you know Sutton won’t be Curtis Brown, Smith-Schuster won’t be Sweed, and Conner won’t be Dri Archer?

  • James Cowan

    Well done on predicting Golson’s injuries. Gold star to you.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Where did I say how good they will or will not be?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Actually I did. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Jeff McNeill

    I guess you knew AB and Brady would be great too!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Why don’t we keep track of your predictions and my predictions? And the person who’s more wrong agrees to never post on this board again? Sound good?

  • Jeff McNeill

    Where have I made a prediction? I think you have missed your calling, you should be an NFL GM!

  • Anthony Ramirez

    30- Watt
    62- Rivers
    105- Lawson
    135- D. King
    173- Myrick
    213- E. Hood
    248- Adams

    I don’t have a problem with JuJu pick in second, but would have rather see them obtain some youth at the EDGE position. Drafting King to hopefully play Safety at the next level. Although Connor is a great story and I am happy to have him, I felt that the pick should have been Lawson. This draft would give us 3 quality EDGE guys and 3 quality secondary guys. No need for a QB and this coming from the anti- Landry Jones camp. I am one of the few that did not feel TE was a huge need. Thought James progressed well this season and call me foolish for hoping for a decent return from Green this year.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Just for the record, I would’ve preferred Watt + Rivers over Watt plus Ju Ju. If you’re going to burn a 2nd round pick on a “luxury” why not do it at a position of greater need?

  • Jeff McNeill

    If I were the GM we would be the Browns. Lol.

  • Anthony Ramirez

    Totally agree. Given the way I did my re-draft though, JuJu pick would not have hurt us if able to pick up Lawson that late. However that being said, yes WR should be a strength for us this year even before addition of JuJu.

  • capehouse

    I hear ya. That’s why I would’ve drafted Carl Lawson with the second 3rd rd pick. There’s injury concerns tho and yeah that’s why he dropped, but it was a double-dip selection like you have. 3 injury risk players in a row that high in the draft is Russian roulette.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    You’re right, and it is cause for concern. But those positions should’ve been targeted that high at least.

  • capehouse

    You address both of your mistakes with injured players though. I would think that’s a luxury we can’t afford.

  • Xclewsive

    1. Watt
    2. JuJu
    3. Sutton
    3. Connor
    4. Dobbs
    5. Brian
    6. Holba
    7. Keion

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    Ha ha very funny.

  • jl9744

    1- TJ Watt
    2- Juju Smith-Scheuster
    3- Cam Sutton
    3- James Conner
    4- Jordan Leggett
    5- Brian Allen
    6- Brad Kaaya
    7- Keion Adams

  • capehouse

    Agree those are my top 4 posistions too

  • Andrew

    1. Budda Baker
    2. Derek Rivers
    3. Cam Sutton
    3. James Conner
    4. Jake Butt
    5. Brian Allen
    6. Elijah Lee
    7. KD Cannon

  • Milliken Steeler

    First I want to say, I still give us a B to C+ for this draft. It wasn’t terrible.

    Here we go…

    1st round: TJ Watt. There aren’t a lot of Pass rushing OLB’s in this draft.
    2nd round : Derek Rivers DE
    3rd rd (1stpick) Cameron Sutton DB
    3rd (2ndpic) Josh Reynolds WR
    4th: Jake Butt TE
    5th: Jordan Evans ILB
    6th: Marquez White CB
    7th Taysom Hill QB

  • nikki stephens

    1. watt
    2. Jones * trade giving up 2017 4th to Cle. they traded alot so supposing they would here too. Or anyone open 52- 59, after serious phone work. Reference Buf / Atl trade of fall back 12 spots and 2 5th rd picks. Try to use that as ammo. If it was a big leap would use 4th rd or be willing to give up.
    3. Sutton (depends on trade) but I liked Tankersly more
    4 for sake of trade lets say price was 4th rd pick
    5. Conner if there, if not Moss LB Youngstown
    6. Kaaya
    7. Adams but depends on conner…not gonna grab another LB if moss was pick

  • 1. OLB JT Watt
    2. CB Shaquill Griffin
    3a. WR Kenny Golladay
    3b. RB Samaje Perine
    4. TE George Kittle
    5. S Xavier Woods
    6. CB Jalen Myrick
    7. ILB Javancy Jones

  • Consistent

    I’m starting to believe JuJu was not a luxury pick.

    Rogers at slot was not the long term answer(UDFA)Heyward-Bey/Hunter/Hamilton can all be described as just guys,Coates/Bryant thus far showed the most upside but both have their issues of availability,and I believe JuJu was selected in part to please an ‘on the fence about retirement QB’ that there can be an even better offense this year and years to come…

    I’ve reached this conclusion after the selection obviously because I personally would had drafted defense w/the top 2(definitely)or top 3 picks like they’ve done in the 2016 draft…but the QB probably wouldn’t had appreciated that as much this year

  • Jonathan Ferullo

    Since I’ve been complaining some I guess I should put some skin in the game and take my lumps later when proven wrong:

    1. Kevin King
    2. Derek Rivers
    3A. Sutton, especially if you are looking at him playing safety at some point.
    3B. Beckwith – ILB – he can win the spot of push williams to be better.
    4. Zach Banner – If we are developing a talent, let our hall of fame line coach do it.
    5. Hodges
    6. Chris Carson
    7. Keion Adams

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I absolutely agree Ju Ju was drafted to appease Big Ben. Not just appease him but encourage him to play longer.

    I disagree about Eli Rogers. Big Ben has called Eli one of the best slot receivers we’ve ever had in Pittsburgh.

    I actually see Ju Ju playing the role Ladarius Green is supposed to play. A seam threat. Up the middle. 10 to 30 yard routes. Not blocking in line like a TE but certainly blocking down field in the secondary.

    I just think if you want that type of guy, you should’ve just drafted Kittle in the 4th round not Ju Ju in the 2nd. That is the luxury part for me.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    That is a fair point. But that is where you have to look at the specific injury.

    Moreau has a torn pec. Everything I have read leads me to believe he will be back to full strength early in the season. I predict his contribution will fall into the same numbers as Artie Burns by the end of the year (starting the second half the season).

    Jake Butt is a little different. You have to consider him a red shirt this year. Learn the play book. Be ready to start in 2018 (when I believe Green will be gone).

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Ha. Probably me too, despite my confidence.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Yeah there are definitely spots I would have considered trades whether up or down. Main problem is, once you add in a retroactive trade one way or the other the whole dynamic changes for every team and we can’t know who would be available after that.

  • Alan Tman

    30 Tyus Bowser ILB
    62 Derek Rivers OLB
    109 James Conner or Joe Williams HB Trade down both 3rd round picks 94 equal 104 aND 198
    119 Samson Ebukam OLB Trade 105 for 116 and 176
    135 George Kittle TE
    172 Brian Allen CB
    176 Xavier Woods S
    198 Bucky Hodges TE
    213 Jalen Myrick CB
    248 Kai Nacua SS Really loved the Watt pick, but I think this first two makes more sense. Probably does much more for our defense getting better. I know trades weren’t specified, but probably could have traded down before Bowser too.

  • Consistent

    I see your point,I didn’t want it to seem I disliked Rogers because I think he’s played well for the most part.

    At the time of the pick I thought it was just a ‘BPA’ situation but they may had been more determined than I thought to add another Wr whereas I thought our Wr Corp were already loaded

  • John21

    Went all different picks:
    1.30 R Foster ILB – Tremendous athlete; Adds skill and ATTITUDE to the Defense; Strong up the middle
    2.62 Rivers OLB – Great upside – we all love him
    3.94 Tankersely CB Great man to man skills; still learning
    3.105 Perine RB Bettis-like quickness and foot work; strong and quick
    4.135 Leggett TE Great size and athleticism; Paired with or in place of Green -Great target
    5.173 R Davis WR Small school phenom with size & speed; With Coach Mann, he will be a contributor
    6.213 Harvey Clemons S BIG Safety prospect with upside; different body type for Steelers
    7.248 Phillips OLB AS a late pick, worth it. Played tough vs tough opponents; depth pick

  • Darth Blount 47

    This is always one of my absolute favorite exercises/articles of the entire year. Time to play GM! …

  • 4130steeler

    1 Kevin King

    2 Derek Rivers

    3a Rasul Douglas

    3b Jake Butt

  • Rene Gonzalez

    1. TJ Watt. Really loved the pick, not much more left to say.
    2. Alex Anzalone. Continue to have great depth at ILB and a possible future duo of Anzalone and Shazier sounds exciting.
    3a. Cordrea Tankersley. I liked the Sutton pick, but I would have liked more a lenghty guy like Cordrea to complement Burns.
    3b. George Kittle. I really like him and I don’t like the depth behind Green and JJ.
    4. Wayne Gallman. Feels like good value and a good RB.
    5. Nathan Gerry. Lets try and get that safety hybrid guy to get better getting off the field.
    6. Isaac Rochell. Bring some solid competition for Walton and Lyons, also liked the guy.
    7. Keion Adams. Sticking with him, like the potential as a pass rusher and the idea of double dipping at the position.

    Wanted to get a WR, but preferred to go with a TE and didn’t want to change any of the defensive picks.

  • Jason McDonald

    It’s funny how many people can’t / don’t follow instructions . Redrafting players to the Steelers after they were already off the board . Hilarious !!

  • mike

    i LOVE leggett, don’t understand why he dropped so far..
    I know he’s not a great blocker but idc abt that in a mis match te…he actually reminds me of l. Green a lil bit who I like alot just worried abt his health obviously

  • mike

    F. Moreau
    C. Tankersley
    Eddie jackson
    J. Leggett
    Aaron Jones
    J. Myrick
    C. Kelly

    *I don’t think wr is a big need like other ppl believe
    *I want a rb opposite of the 3 that were already on the team, that’s how u compliment a position group by having diverse pieces alla n.e.
    *sea took 3 S’s so it’s not too crazy to triple but I’m sick of having the need at cb and worrying abt it every yr so this would’ve hopefully put a lid on that conversation for a while
    *leggett was my draft crush and feel he could’ve been a great piece in this offense.

  • jl9744

    I think they wanted to but he got snagged before we picked in the fifth round.

  • Rick Monahan

    1. Kevin King, CB, Washington
    2. Jordan Willis, OLB, Kansas State (unless TJ Watt still available)
    3a. Cameron Sutton, CB, Tennessee
    3b. Carl Lawson, OLB, Auburn
    4. Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
    5. TJ Logan, RB, NC (unless James Connor still available)
    6. Malachi Dupree, WR, LSU
    7. Cole Hikutini, TE, Louisville

  • LucasY59

    SO MANY ways I would like to change the Draft, obviously I have been pushing trades for a long time now, but to follow the draft the way it already played out (without trades) there are two different directions I could go

    (hindsight can change things a lot as well, looking at all the DBs that were still available after the 1st rd it seemed like they should get one in the 2nd, but there was a run that made it so most were gone at #62, hindsight also makes it impossible to say if either Conner or Dobbs last later than their picks, but moving them back also messes with them being able to get Allen, who might end up being the best value pick of this Steelers draft class)

    *if getting a #2 WR was a need they shouldve brought in Brandon Marshall as a FA, so part of this Re-Draft includes offering him half a mil more a yr than the Giants did and signing him (he doesnt have the youth of JuJu but he is a proven WR talent that has a few more yrs left *should play as long as Ben does, and if he slows down some, he can move inside, like Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald and other WRs did later in their career, he has the size to be a great inside possesion WR, but I think he will still be good on the outside for at least one more yr, plus having guys like AB and MB giving him favorable matchups he would do well)

    scenario 1
    1. Watt (with the OLBs that had been taken it seemed less likely a OLB would last till #62, and like I said there were a lot of DBs, so pick the Best OLB is a good pick here)

    2. Moreau (surprising/frustrating that all the DBs went off the board (really wanted Awuzie, Melifonwu or Jones and with 6 picks to go thought at least 1 of the 3 would be there, Kpass going during that stretch was an extra kick to the nuts for me) but settling for a WR is not the best thing to do IMO, I am warming up to the JuJu pick, but I wont fully buy into it until he makes big contributions on the field, I dont like that Fabian is hurt, but I think a pec tear is minor, especially on a CB, he should be able to contribute by the time the season starts)

    3. Rasul Douglas (I dont hate Sutton, but am not really excited about him either (Moreau could fill the same role that Sutton would) another one where some DBs went right before the pick, Douglas has ball skills, but lacks some speed, he has size so he could be good deep safety playing the ball in the air, he isnt the best tackler, but I think he could make the transition, and at worst he adds to the outside CBs)

    Comp. Conner (it is earlier than I expected, but after missing out on DBs that they wanted I can see why they took him here, Perine didnt last till the 4th pick so Conner might be gone a rd later, Gallman and Mack were there, but I definitely prefer James)

    4. Jake Butt (dont like taking another injured player, but with the TE situation (and the value pick) this is a perfect scenario, I like Dobbs, but I want to wait till next draft to get a QB)

    5. Brian Allen (already picked two CBs, but like I said Douglas could maybe transition to FS, and I really like Allen’s size and Speed outside, so I still stick with the pick, I think Allen could end up being one of the better picks/players in this Steelers draft class)

    6. Jalen Myrick (did I just say I already picked a lot of CBs? yes 4 is a lot, but any alternate has to be better than a LS right? Myrick can play right away (unlike Moreau) so if Fabian starts on PUP, Jalen can at least be a depth/ST guy, and with his speed he will at least be a good contributor on STs and in the 6th thats not too bad)

    7. Adams (there are some UDFAs I liked, but instead of swapping one of those guys, I will stick with Keion and make a bigger push to sign them)

    scenario 2
    1. Budda Baker (really tempting to take Kevin King as well, but I like that Baker can help in two ways, I think he could be a 3rd Deep safety in a Dime package, and can also play up in the Slot, it is hard to pass up Watt, but like I have said for awhile now, I am confident they can get a OLB in rd 2)

    2. Derek Rivers (I had him very closely rated to Watt, but was also pretty sure he would make it to 62, surprised he lasted into the 3rd, and hate that he is was picked by belicheat (and of course he traded back and was able to get him) getting him in the 2nd is still good IMO, couldve taken Willis instead, but I think Derek will transition to OLB better than Jordan)

    3. Cordrea Tankersly (switching it up from Douglas, since Baker is a Safety, Tankersly has really good speed, and above avg size, he played well for a team that just won a national championship (and was in the same game the yr before) he needs to improve his tackling, but I think he is a good add to the CB group)

    Comp. Conner (see above)
    4. Butt (see above)
    5. Allen (see above, Allen and Tankersly makes the CB room transition the way the WRs did a few yrs ago, instead of all of them under 6′ most are now over)

    6. Ejuan Price (waiting till the 2nd to get a OLB makes me move up the double up at the positio a rd, Adams has better size/athleticism, but Price has better production, and I think Juan would do well learning from Deebo)

    7. David Jones (another size/speed DB, should help with STs and could develop into the 3rd Safety in Dime and Baker can stay in the Slot, gives the team 4 good Safties, IMO he is better than the two UDFA depth Safeties the team already has, not that they arent good, but I like David’s potential)

  • Jay White

    1. Watt, OLB
    2. Witherspoon, CB
    3a. Hollins, WR
    3b. Connor, RB
    4. Dobbs, QB
    5. Allen, CB
    6. Holba, LS
    7. Adams, DE

    Really wouldn’t change much.

  • Brian Tollini

    1. Budda Baker-S Washington
    2. Carlos Henderson-WR LA Tech
    3. Cordrea Tankersley-CB Clemson
    3a. Carl Lawson-OLB Auburn
    4. Damontae Kazee-CB SDSU
    5. DeAngelo Henderson-RB Coastal Carolina
    6. Josh Carraway-OLB TCU
    7. Lorenzo Jerome-S Saint Francis

  • LucasY59

    Trades! I know the team doesnt make them, but I REALLY wanted to wheel and deal, It is hard to guess how things will go, but I will try and work with the trades that actually happened instead of making up my own (if they are close to the Steelers pick I will substitute, its a little bit of a stretch, but fairly realistic *most unrealistic part is pretending Kevin makes the calls/deals)

    *like I said in my other Re-Draft comment, I am also altering the offseason/FA and signing Brandon Marshall

    1.(30)Trade (same as the Seahawks/Niners trade, John Lynch said he was trying to move up even earlier to get Foster, so since Im not Colbert I answer my phone instead of racing to make the pick) get #34 and #111

    2.(34)Trade (I dont have to make this one up, the Jags moved up to get their OL, and the reason couldve been because a different team was also interested, Coughlin mightve thought the Seahawks were going to take Robinson, but they werent that interested and instead took McLeek after the trade (instead of a OL) so my theory that the trade happens even if the Steelers werent going to take a OL works, because Ozzie was probably interested in the Bama OT as well as a few other teams) get #35 and #187

    2.(35) Watt! (this is where it gets interesting, do the Packers stick with King if Watt is available??? they waited all the way till #108 to get TJs teammate Biegel so they werent desperate for a OLB, so that is my reasoning to take Watt later, if this actually happened there is no way to complain about the pick, dont think the Seahawks, Saints or Jags take him either)

    2.(62)Trade (the DBs are flying off the board the Steelers have to move up, Seattle loves to trade (and because I answered the call from the Niners they made one less trade) this is one where I take some liberties, but I think my offer is something they would take, I offer the #111 that they wouldve got from the Niners (way later in the draft makes that pick much more valuable, in fact I am giving up too much, but I want to get my guy, to make it a bit more even I want to swap #94 for #90 (looking at the trade chart #111 = 72 trade points, difference between #90 and #94 is 16 pts, difference between #62 and #58 is 36 pts so they the pts are still 20 in Seattles favor) I think the Seahawks make the trade because the OL they are targeting with #58 (Pocic) is safe to make the 4 spot drop)

    2.(58) Chidobe Awuzie (he did fall a lot further than I expected, but I still think he is a 1st rd Athlete, the overall talent is 2nd rd, but his versatility is definitely worth the trade, physicality would be great in the Slot) Kpassagnon is really tempting as well (and I wish I couldve taken Melifonwu, but I dont see a realistic trade to move up that far)

    3.(90) Shaquill Griffin (Seattle is probably a little upset they made the trade now, but I am happy *Seattle can take Sutton, and experience how I felt when they took Griffin and had to settle for Cam, Shaq is another great athlete, the CB group is now VERY fast and has better size as well)

    3.(94)Trade (Steelers original pick, like I described above swapped it for #90 in the earlier trade)

    3.(105)Comp. Trade(because this Re-Draft is all about trades, The Niners moved up to #104, so again I am answering calls from Lynch (he calls me instead of the Vikings) the chart points still work with the trade they made, so I move back to the 4th rd and get a extra 7th) get #109 and #219

    4.(109)Trade (yes its almost getting crazy, but people were so upset they took Conner too early so I am moving back, Bears are moving up for a Safety, they are worried about the Seahawks (who are targeting a S) so the move up to 109, they trade their 4th and 6th, actually a better value than the previous trade …4 pts) get #117 and #197

    4.(117) John Conner (only team to pick a RB was Washington taking Perine, and he had a higher draft grade (than Conner) by most people, so I think John is still available here, If he isnt the redskins took him, so a fall back is Samaje and I am fine with that)

    4.(135) Jake Butt (original 4th, gotta start making some picks (there was a trade I could make with the Chiefs, but I didnt think giving up #135 was worth #170 and #180, especially when I already have 3 extra late rd picks and dont really need another) Butt is a good value and I can stash him on IR, plus with the extra picks I have, it really isnt too much of a luxury pick)

    5.(173) Brian Allen (still adding the big Corner, even with the two earlier CB picks, he could maybe even transition to FS, or be a Dime type body in sub package)*the Broncos were looking to move up as well but even though I think Allen lasts 2 more picks, but like I already said I dont need the extra 7th (I just passed on two trades, so Im not really addicted)

    6.(187) Trade (I said I was done trading, but this one is different, I had the extra picks so now I am turning this one into an extra pick next yr, Cowboys trade a 2018 5th rd pick (makes up for the lost 6th rd pick from the Justin Gilbert trade) get 2018 5th, should be about 10 picks earlier than #187 (depending on how many 5th rd comps are awarded)

    6.(197) Jeremy Clark (another big CB! he might start on PUP so is another guy that they could stash on IR, and could also be another possible Safety transition, this was the guy taken by the Jets at this pick, I thought he might be a UDFA option, but like Long Snappers, sometimes you have to take them earlier)

    6.(213) Jalen Myrick (now I get a small CB, I’ve gone from being addicted to trades to addicted to DBs, this was the Steelers original pick, so anything is better than a LS)

    7.(219) Ejuan Price (I really like Juan and think he could develop under James’ instruction, double up with a OLB that could be safe on the PS for a yr, just like his production better that Adams)

    7.(239) Jimmie Gilbert (the team didnt get a ILB in this draft so I take him here instead of the Niners signing him as a UDFA, taking David Jones so the Hateriots dont get him is tempting as well, but already have too many DBs, yes I can admit it)

  • LucasY59

    abreviated recap


  • LucasY59

    Abreviated recap
    re-draft 1
    1. Watt
    2. Moreau
    3. Douglas
    comp. Conner
    4. Butt
    5. Allen
    6. Myrick
    7. Adams

    re-draft 2
    1. Baker
    2. Rivers
    3. Tankersly
    comp. Conner
    4. Butt
    5. Allen
    6. Price
    7. Jones

  • LucasY59

    I definitely agree that JuJu was a luxury, but I am not sure Hollins isnt a dropoff (and I like Mack) I was surprised how early he was picked and didnt think he was a value in the 4th, definitely agree with swapping Moreau for JuJu

    and even though any other pick is better than a LS, I think Kaaya could be the next worst option, I just dont think he will develop and wont be better than Landry or otherberger, taking Butt instead of Dobbs is a good switch, I would just wait till next yr to find a QB

  • LucasY59

    I knew AB would be better than Sanders from the start

  • LucasY59

    but you didnt play???

  • francesco

    I kind of enjoy the Draft more than the Superbowl myself.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Not yet. I’m still too emotional. I needed another day to gather myself. I spent a lot of time, as many of us did, leading up to it all, and I came away pretty underwhelmed. Plus, I’ve had a bad weekend overall. But I wanted to save my spot in line with the comment above, lol.

  • Darth Blount 47

    I see you, Tyus Bowser!

  • Darth Blount 47

    Nate Gerry…. a man after my own heart. 🙂

  • Darth Blount 47

    Tough call as to whether I like 1 or 2 better… Hmmm…

  • Darth Blount 47

    4 CB’s??? You savage, you. Love it. Imagine if all 4 “hit!”
    Best. Secondary. Ever. Lol.
    Throw into that buzzsaw, Tommy Terrific!

  • John

    You have three guys that are hurt. Jones was not drafted so we could get him anyway. You have a QB with no arm. Perine is worse than Conner and has no moves. This is an all-name draft based on guys floated in this site. Don’t see how this helps the team more than what they did. Isn’t Butt maybe out for the year? Won’t Fabian miss all of training camp recovering from his injuries? Those things matter if true particularly for a team trying to win this year.

  • John

    Interesting but as to scenario 1, why do we want three corners? And we seem to be missing that the corners type they wanted can cover in the slot now. Not a bigger developmental corner that may be able to play in year or two. That is what both Douglas and Tank are I believe. Both scenerios also miss that the club wanted a WR early. So you are filling holes here they don’t think they have or overfilling them and not filling holes they believe exist. These are fun but the club addressed the needs it believes it really has with players that fit. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Darth Blount 47

    It’s actually 4 CB’s.

    And first, because I REALLY like Fabian Moreau. Second, we (Steelers) aren’t infallible. And in fact, our track record with picking CB’s, is borderline atrocious. Third, even though I’m not a huge Douglas fan, he may be better than I think with coaching, since he does have some tools. Fourth, Ross Cockrell is now on a 1-year “prove it” type deal, so who knows what the future holds for him or Gay or Golson. All 3 guys could very easily be gone next year. And that doesn’t even include the unknown with Sensabaugh as well. And lastly, fifth, I think Myrick would provide a good element, namely incredible 4.28 speed and a bulldog mentality. I’d let him have a shot at Slot CB come camp from day 1 there.

    Now to be honest, I wouldn’t have drafted 4 CB’s. But I could definitely make the case for 3.

  • SteelerNati

    1 – R. Foster (LB) – Pure attitude! Can’t pass up a Top 5-10 overall talent at a position of need (although admittedly, not the biggest need).

    2 – F. Moreau (CB) – perfect size / speed outside CB w/ball skills & ability to come up & be an asset vs the run.

    3a – Carl Lawson (Edge) – Likely Top 15-20 talent if it not for injury concerns. Good value. Fits a huge need with all the tools & an attitude.

    3b – James Conner (RB) – Wouldn’t change that one: great pick / value.

    4 – Damontae Kazee (CB) – Although played outside at SDSU, would fit into the Slot CB role nicely. Physical, ball skills, & high football IQ.

    5 – Bucky Hodges (TE) – With the depth of talent at TE, getting a TE prospect like Hodges in the 5th is great value. Instantly improve the TE depth chart, with ability to step in for LG long term when he inevitably gets another headache.

    6 – Elijah Qualls (DT) – Back up NT. Can anchor against the run with ability to rush the passer. Upgrade over McCullers.

    7 – Keion Adams (Edge) – Like the double dip at the Edge & Adams provides value & lots of tools to work with.

  • Josh

    1. Budda Baker – only chance for impactful slot/safety and to improve secondary
    2. Derek Rivers – pass rusher with major bend and great fundamentals
    3. Josh Reynolds – explosive pass catcher
    3. Carl Lawson – Risky with medicals, but great potential and provides depth at important position
    4. George Kittle – blocking and explosion at TE
    5. Brian Allen (same) – Long outside CB with potential
    6. Elijah Hood – RB for behind Leveon
    7. Jerod Evans – Developmental QB

  • MattHat121

    1. Budda Baker (S)
    2. Derek Rivers (DE/OLB)
    3. Josh Reynolds (WR)
    3. Jamaal Williams (RB)
    4. Jake Butt / George Kittle (TE)
    5. Robert Davis (WR)
    6. Jalen Myrick (CB)
    7. Keion Adams (OLB/DE)


    1. Obi Melinfonwu (S)
    2. Fabian Moreau (CB)
    3. Carl Lawson (DE/OLB)
    3. Jamaal Williams (RB)
    4. Blair Brown (LB)
    5. Robert Davis (WR)
    6. Jalen Myrick (CB)
    7. Keion Adams (OLB/DE)

  • LucasY59

    I want them to have the same mindset with CBs that they have with WRs, which seems to be “there is no such thing as too many good WRs” I think to some degree that would be correct for every position, but putting it into practice with the DBs would really help the D, IMO

  • LucasY59

    I looked at my 2 re-drafts from last yr and with a season to look back in hindsight, I combined them and it looked really nice, keeping the top 3 guys and making a few trades so they could get Jatavis Brown as well made it so the D would have 4 2nd yr starters (or at least significant contributers with Brown as a $ backer in Nickel/Dime)

    so when I look back at it next yr I could do the same thing, so to get ahead of myself

    4.Butt 5.Allen
    Jones UDFA (do everything in my power to convince Jones to sign with the Steelers instead of the Hateriots)
    *hard to pass up Baker and Rivers, but I think Watt could end up being pretty good, and Moreau combined with the other DBs should help the secondary

  • LucasY59

    Man I was trying to figure out a scenario to get Obi (and I am still cooking up one more crazy trade scenario re-draft, so I think I can make it happen) as DB happy as I was in mine, you do the same with LBs, I like the Wilson pick (and it steals him from the clowns so itsa double bonus)

  • Okay, here goes:

    1. Obi Melifonwu (S)
    2. Derek Rivers (OLB)
    3a. Cam Sutton (CB)
    3b. James Connor (RB)
    4. Jake Butt (TE)
    5. Brian Allen (CB)
    6. Elijah Lee (ILB)
    7. Keion Adams (OLB)

    That said, I’m fine with Watt in the first, and I do have my concerns about Obi as a first-rounder. And so if it’s Watt in the first, then JuJu is probably the best pick in the second, and then also Sutton in the third. So it’s pretty easy to see how the board may have worked out for the Steelers.

    In terms of this re-draft, Rasul Douglas is an option at 3a, but I like Sutton’s potential to play the slot, as well as his leadership capacity. Lawson is tempting at 3b, for an OLB double-dip, but I like Connor more than the other RBs in that range (e.g., Mack, Gallman), although Perine is very tempting — either/or, but I’ll go with the great story and home-town kid as Bell’s backup. Obviously, like many, I objected to the Dobbs pick. I just think he’s too much of a project and isn’t the long-term answer, so why bother? Fine, I’m okay with it now, post-draft, but there were 5-6 better options early in the fifth: Butt, Kittle, Desmond King, Corn Elder, Blair Brown). I’ll take any of those over Dobbs, but I’ll select the upside here. From there, Allen, fine, then Lee for LB depth, then Adams for the OLB double-dip.

    The problem is, I don’t have a WR here. Oh well, maybe in the re-re-draft.

  • Ike Evans

    Im way late
    1. Reuben foster
    2. Derek Rivers
    3. Cam sutton
    3. Carl lawson
    4. Jeremy mcnichols
    5. Brian allen
    6. Isiah Ford
    7. Chad kelly

  • Chad Weiss

    A bit late but here it goes
    3-trade 3,6,7- Kareem Hunt
    4-Desmond King
    Sign Cooper rush udfa
    Really wanted Sutton bad in third and if I can’t trade up for hunt in taking Sutton.