Steelers Day-Two Targets Could Include More Defensive Help And A Receiver

Now that the Pittsburgh Steelers have secured a pass-rusher in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft with the selection of T.J. Watt, the team could go in several different directions during day-two with their three scheduled picks of which two will come in the third round.

Being as the Steelers brought in several cornerbacks, safeties and wide receivers in for pre-draft visits during the month of April, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if any of those positions are ultimately addressed in the next two rounds.

As for wide receiver candidates, the Steelers did show interest in Penn State product Chris Godwin during the pre-draft process and he’s expected to be selected sometime during day-two. East Carolina product Zay Jones, who really had a nice showing at this year’s Senior Bowl, could potentially be another wide receiver target for the Steelers as well. While likely regarded as more of early day-three prospects, West Virginia’s Shelton Gibson, Northern Illinois’ Kenny Golladay, and Texas A&M’s Josh Reynolds were all brought in for pre-draft visits over the course of the last several weeks as well.

Potential day-two cornerback targets for the Steelers might include, Michigan’s, Jourdan Lewis as he did visit with the team this month. Lewis, however, has a character issue pending as he was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence in March. Clemson’s long and speedy Cordrea Tankersley could be attractive to the Steelers late in the second-round and while they didn’t bring him in for a pre-draft visit, general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin both attended his former school’s pro day several weeks ago.

Other potential cornerback candidates for the Steelers include Central Florida’s Shaquill Griffin, West Virginia’s Rasul Douglas and Miami’s Corn Elder. Griffin and Douglas both had pre-draft visits with the Steelers while Colbert was in attendance for the Miami pro-day this year. In short, if the Steelers hope to add a cornerback they think can help the team in 2017, they probably need to take one Friday night.

As far as available safeties go the Steelers might target, Washington’s Budda Baker is still on the board. With that said, he, along with Connecticut product Obi Melifonwu and North Carolina State’s Josh Jones all might be gone by the time the Steelers second-round pick rolls around. All three of those safeties were brought in for pre-draft visits this month. Two Florida products, Marcus Maye and Quincy Wilson might still be on the board a while, however. The latter played cornerback during his college career and many expect he’ll have to move to safety in the NFL. While neither Maye nor Wilson were brought in for pre-draft visits, Colbert was at the Florida pro day this year.

Should the Steelers choose to target an inside linebacker in the second round, Vanderbilt’s Zach Cunningham and Ohio State’s Raekwon McMillan are both still on the boardCunningham, like several other players on this list, came to Pittsburgh for a pre-draft visit.

While adding a running back during day-two might seem unlikely to happen, Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara and Oklahoma’s Samaje Perine might be attractive to the Steelers late in the third round if either are still on the board then.

With only two tight ends being selected in the first-round, South Alabama’s Gerald Everett and Ashland’s Adam Shaheen are both likely to hear their names called soon. If both are taken before the Steelers pick in the second-round, the position will likely be tabled until day-three if even addressed at all.

Two ultra-athletic big defensive linemen prospects, Michigan’s Chris Wormley and Villanova’s Tanoh Kpassagnon are both day-two prospects and each seems to have had the Steelers interest during the pre-draft process.

As for the available quarterbacks, Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer figures to hear his name called during the second-round and if that happens, the Steelers will be left with a few they have shown interest in that might be attractive late in the third-round. With that said, one or two of the three they’ve shown interest in, Pittsburgh’s Nathan Peterman, Miami’s Brad Kaaya and Tennessee’s Joshua Dobbs, might could still be had in round-four.

I’ve obviously left off several other players the Steelers might have interst in during the second day of the draft and so I invite you to add a few you will be watching closely in the comments below.


  • Matt Manzo

    I really hope Josh Jones is there in 2! Hopefully Obi’s slide pushes Jones to us.
    Maybe Awuzie is available in 2?

  • HeavyMedicine


  • HeavyMedicine


    Who do you take if these guys are avail for round 2..

    Rivers/Lawson/ and let’s say Quincy Wilson/Buddha Baker/ Josh Jones

    Basically… more pass rush help or more DB depth? I think I already know the answer ( draft 7 pass rushers if possible lol ) . Just curious what u think. This might be a possibility that the scenario unfolds similar to this during round 2

  • Consistent

    3 TE’s went in the 1st round I thought…is Engram not considered a TE?

  • steelersfan

    Man keep forgetting we have three picks tomorrow and not two. Too excited to sleep!

  • Matthew Marczi

    Pretty sure 2009 was the last time that happened, and those were all third-round picks.

  • Sdale

    Yep. He was listed as one and tested as one at the combine. He’s that move TE type.

  • Sdale

    Yeah, I’d love either of those guys…especially Awuzie. I’m not sure either is there, but I think Jones is more realistic.

  • justin

    I really think we should go with rivers ordered​ Willis if the top 3 corners and safeties r gone.
    I just think it would be perfect if one works out then we r good and if they both work out then we have a fresh 3 man rotation. Also they can move watt inside on some 3rd downs and be set for 5 years

  • AndyR34

    Could always move TJ to ILB…some projected him there

  • CP72

    I’m a big fan of Budda Baker. Can play some slot and fill a couple of roles in the back side defense. For a guy his side he will lay the wood too.

  • Jaybird

    I’m pretty sure Colbert called Watt an OLB yesterday. Doesn’t mean he has to stay there , but it sounds like OLB is what they drafted him for.

  • Jaybird

    We have so many needs, doesn’t a three man rotation at OLB seem like a bit of a luxury?
    We have to upgrade the secondary. I’m hoping for Griffin in the second round, I don’t think he’s going to last to the third . I also would love to pick up Shaheen or Kittles.
    No matter who we take , enjoy the draft man!

  • Michael Mosgrove

    There were 3 te’s taken in Rd 1. Engram, njoku and howard.

    Must keep hope alive for shaheen.

  • Big Joe

    Certainly going to be interesting but if they want one of those safeties, I think they’ll need to use a 2 & 3 to move up about 10 spots or a 2(17) & 2(18) to move up early enough to be sure. Don’t think it likely but stranger things have happened.

  • Big Joe

    Agreed but all 3 will likely go before 50. We’ll see

  • justin

    Yeah it would be but you never know if they will pan out either. And if they do they have a nice rotation and someone to fill in if someone gets hurt ever. I am just saying I would be very tempted to pull the trigger on one of them if those top corners and safeties r gone and then in the 3rs def go cb and safety

  • JNick

    If they like one of those safeties and they do slide into the mid 40s, why not trade up?

  • Ed Smith

    This “lay the wood” type of player is going to become more of a liability in the changing NFL. With rules continuing changing to avoid injuries these types of players will find it nearly impossible to lay someone out. If they do it’s going to come with penalties. Where I think this league is headed, we need players that are technically sound tacklers, not players who throw their bodies at ball carriers/receivers.

    Face it, the laws of physics are immutable. Mass x Velocity = Momentum. Bigger X Faster = More force. No equipment is going to protect these players when massive guys running unbelievable speeds hurl themselves at each other. The league is changing, start drafting for it. One reason I’m a big Obi fan at Safety. Read on one of SD analyses that he’s one of the most technically sound tacklers in this draft. Do love the Watt pick though, I could have gone either way.

    I’m not saying I like this, I’m old school and think the league may ruin this game, but this is a reality that frankly almost no one is talking about.

  • Kelly Walker

    I’m not as knowledgeable as Dave, but I do really like Rivers and Lawson, but with Dupree and Watt already in house I can’t see going OLB in the 2nd. I would go Baker, but the Steelers would probably go Wilson.

  • JNick

    At this point you have your 2 future starting OLBers in Dupree/Watt. So if they take another one it will be later in the draft.

  • John Pennington

    Draft corners and safties should be the top priority at this point dont need a wr fix the secondary first get a tightend another pas rusher then who cares a down lineman .

  • Kelly Walker

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade back and pick up a tradable piece and take Sidney Jones or Tabor. I think Jones will be great. Tabor had a bad combine, but he will probably be better than those results suggest. Then again they could go FS in the 2nd and trade up in the 3rd to get one of those guys.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    I REALLY REALLY hope they don’t use their 2nd on a QB.

  • capehouse

    I would just cross off any OLB until rd 6 or 7 at the earliest.

  • Steel Curtain 1979

    Need to move up in the second round and draft a cover corner or a hybrid safety!!

  • pittsburghjoe

    Here is a wild thought. Move TJ to ILB, draft Youngstown in round 2. Yeah, that’s crazy… but.

  • Dave McMillan

    Don’t really need a receiver. Josh Jones or Cordrea Tankersley would be great picks in 2. And Wormley and Shaheen in 3rd.

  • Michael James

    Secondary help is the highest priority now. After that we can get Ben some new fancy weapons.

  • JT

    Baker, but I’d be Tuitt in round 2 level shocked. More realistically Jones and I’ll be very happy at that.

  • AustinTxStillerFan

    In his interview after the press conference with David Todd on ESPN radio and Steelers Nation radio Dave Todd asked Colbert if outside linebacker was a possibility in round two. Colbert said absolutely and reminded David Todd that in his first draft with Tomlin they selected Timmons number one and Woodley number two so you can’t discount the possibility of going outside linebacker again.

  • Adam Pristas

    Well said Ed. Gone are the days of the Ryan Clarks flying through the air to take a player out. Clark would be flagged like crazy in today’s NFL. Amazing how much has changed in a few short years.

  • Jim Foles

    Not crazy… Watts is only 245 lbs… and covers. Probably play better then Timmons in that spot. Williams, Lawson, Rivers in 2nd.. ???? Clay Matthews moves around too.

  • The Big Cheese

    Indeed, and mass x velocity squared = force, which is the demon in the room. If you crunch out some numbers for large men with quicks, it will shock you. I had a German Shepherd working dog who could approach 45 mph at 98 lbs. Hit with roughly the same force as a medieval trebuchet. Similarly, really fast linebackers like Shazier impart the square of their velocity on an opponent, so if he’s 5 mph faster, for example, the force multiplier is 25x. That’s why bigger and faster guys in today’s NFL cause more injuries to bone and soft tissue than in years past.

  • Brian Miller

    I was about to comment but you got it, Howar, Njoku and Engram all went in first.

  • Brian Miller

    Or Leggett!

  • Boots

    I’d prefer a DB, but we’ll have to see how the board falls and who’s there. Should have a chance to get a really good player though!

  • DB84

    Would love Jake Butt with 2nd 3rd rounder.

  • jconeoone C

    If Josh Jones and obi care gone give me Tankersley!

  • Rick Tilves

    I would have to say the Best CB available in 2nd.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    im not interested in leggett. hes way more of a 4th rounds than shaheen.

  • Rick Tilves

    I would go with BEST at these positions in each round, #2 CB or ILB, #3 ILB or CB, #3 Safety or WR.

  • Matt Manzo

    Yeah! If we could trade the 3rd comp I’d rather that happen than use it on a QB!

  • Matt Manzo

    I’d love him too! I’d even be ok trading up for he or Jones, or Obi!

  • Matt Correll

    It was highlighted that the Steelers typically take 3-4 guys that they bring in for pre-draft visits. Who is it going to be? This is how I have them potentially mapped out for the next couple days:

    2nd Round Pick:
    WR Chris Godwin – Penn State – 4/5/17
    OLB Derek Rivers – Youngstown State – 4/4/17
    OLB Tim Williams – Alabama – 4/11/17
    S Josh Jones – North Carolina State – 4/5/17
    S Budda Baker – Washington – 4/5/17
    S Obi Melifonwu – UConn – 4/3/17
    ILB Raekwon McMillan – Ohio State – Reportedly Scheduled
    ILB Zach Cunningham – Vanderbilt – 4/7/17
    QB Davis Webb – California – Reportedly Scheduled

    3rd Round Pick:
    WR Josh Reynolds – Texas A&M – 4/3/17
    DE Tanoh Kpassagnon – Villanova – 4/11/17
    QB Joshua Dobbs – Tennessee – 4/3/17
    CB Jourdan Lewis – Michigan – 4/4/17
    CB Shaquill Griffin – Central Florida – Unknown Date
    QB Brad Kaaya – Miami (FL) – Reported

    4th Round Pick:
    WR Kenny Golladay – Northern Illinois – 4/3/17
    WR Mack Hollins – North Carolina – 4/13/17
    OLB Carroll Phillips – Illinois – 4/7/17
    CB Jalen Myrick – Minnesota – 4/12/17

    5th-7th Round Pick:
    OLB Samson Ebukam – Eastern Washington – 4/9/17
    OLB Keion Adams – Western Michigan – 4/12/17
    OLB Pita Taumoepenu – Utah – 4/19/17
    DE Francis Kallon – Georgia Tech – 4/19/17
    DE Patrick Gamble – Georgia Tech – 4/19/17
    TE Jason Croom – Tennessee – 4/12/17

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Doubtful. 3 safeties went the whole first round. I doubt 3 go in the first 20 picks of this round.

  • Steeler-Drew

    Agree. I can see a later round flier on a player like S. Ebukam but other than that they have too many other needs to address. Coming from my alma mater I’m naturally a fan of Griffin. Based off of this site it seemed most had him pegged in the 3rd round but I have to keep reminder myself how late our 3rd round pick is. You may be right, if we want him we may have to get him in the 2nd round. If we did, I would have no problem with the pick.

  • LucasY59

    My top ten for the #62 pick (most wont make it that far but one of the ten could)
    1. Melifonwu (need to stop TEs, Eifertx2, Njokux2, Kelce (x2?) Gronk (x2?), are all on the schedule this season)
    2. Awuzie (need to stop fast WRs (Ross, Coleman, and Wallace x2, Cooks (x2?) Chidobe did well vs Ross)
    3. Baker (can play slot or deep S)
    4. K.King (need to stop big WRs (AJ Green) Burns is good (and Cockrell did well w/AJ) but pairing him with King gives them two long fast man corners on the outside)
    5. Bowser (could be a ILB or double at OLB, versatile guy, if they miss out on Obi getting Tyus would help with pass coverage on TEs)
    6. S.Jones (would need to start on PUP, but if the other guys are gone he would be a talent that is hard to pass on, future production would be worth it, but would rather get him later)
    7. J.Jones (a Dime Safety, like the other two better, but would fill a need)
    8. M.Williams (more of a ballhawk safety, still usefull, and gives them 3 Safties to use the dime package)
    9. Rivers (dont really need to double up this early, but Derek is a good OLB and getting him should settle the OLB depth chart for quite awhile, lots of talent/depth)
    10. Kpassagnon (probably too early to take him, but I would rather take him too early than miss out on him later)
    *other possibilities
    Moreau, Q.Wilson, Tankersly, Maye, Willis, Lawson, Wormley (if they are willing to take a DE early it should be Tanoh IMO, but Chris is good as well) there are some other guys on D that could be taken and quite a few guys on O, so I think at least a couple of the guys I want will be available
    **really dont want them to take a Offensive player in the 2nd, but IF a RB like Cook, Mixon or Kamara are available they would be tempting, WR like Zay Jones or Godwin would be tempting as well, but need to wait till the 3rd (or later) for a WR, Shaheen is another possiblity (but again I would prefer him in the 3rd even if that would be unlikely for him to be available then, but his is a DII player so I wouldnt totaly rule it out) I DO NOT want them to take a QB, but I have a feeling I could be disappointed
    3rd rd (really hard to project that far, especially in this draft)
    1. Kpassagnon (on both lists, hope he makes it to #94 (or 105) but like I said would take him earlier)
    *IF any of the other guys I listed for the 2nd make it to the 3rd, they are obviously at the top of this list (Lawson/Rivers??? some thought they were more 3rd rd guys than 1st so I guess its possible? Moreau/S.Jones also possible due to injury?)
    2. Griffin (team showed interest in him and they need CBs)
    3. Lewis (probably wait till the comp, but want him for the slot)
    4. McMillan (if he lasts could be a good pick, wouldnt take him earlier though)
    5. Witherspoon (dont like that he isnt a tackler, but his pass coverage makes him worth a 3rd)
    6. R. Douglas (another tall CB, was good at getting INTs)
    7. Kazee/Sutton/D.King/Elder (other options for slot)
    8. Evans (possible Safety, group talent and depth could drop off after the 2nd rd)
    9. Adams/Watkins (DE if they miss out on Kpass)
    10. Butt/Hodges/Leggett (dont really want a Offensive player (or a TE this early) but could see them taking one, and these 3 are players I would be ok with) same with RB, Perine (Mixon) Hunt or Mack could be possibilities, a WR like Kupp or Westbrook could be a surprise as well

  • Brian Miller

    I am just saying who I would be happy with. I could care less where we take him. I would assum the 3rd.

  • I’m still hoping Awuzie somehow falls to us but if not, Griffin would be a solid 2nd round pick.