Steelers’ Seven Shots – Sunday, April 2, 2017

Every Sunday during the offseason I plan on recapping for you seven items related to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the NFL that may have fallen through the cracks the past week that should be worth your time to read. This weekly feature will be entitled “Steelers’ Seven Shots.”

Shot #1 – It doesn’t appear as though former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najeh Davenport knew Saturday was April Fools’ Day judging by his response to the prank tweet by current running back Le’Veon Bell. With that bit of information out of the way, I thought you might like to know that April 1st hasn’t been good to Davenport in the past. In fact, on April 1, 2002, Davenport entered a woman’s dorm room at the small Catholic university in suburban Miami in the early morning hours and reportedly hid in her closet and defecated in her laundry basket.

Shot #2 – Current Steelers punter Jordan Berry was back in Australia recently and he talked about his path to the NFL in addition to letting one local reporter see how hard it is to get punts off quickly in addition to good hang time.

Shot #3LaRod Stephens-Howling, who played just one season in Pittsburgh for the Steelers in 2013, was named the new running backs coach at Robert Morris University this past week. Stephens-Howling played his college football at the University of Pittsburgh and was ultimately drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2009. Mike Mastovich has all of the details in The Tribune-Democrat.

Shot #4 – I like a lot of what Pro Football Focus does but when it comes to posts such as this one below concerning the Steelers possibly trading for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, all I can do is shake my head. Sherman is scheduled to earn $11.431 million in 2017 and that’s enough of a reason to know the Steelers won’t be trading for him.

Shot #5 – Back to reality. According to Pro Football Focus, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw 13 deep touchdown passes in 2016, the highest total among NFL quarterbacks.

Shot #6 – The annual Steelers cruise is underway and former quarterback Charlie Batch posted a picture on Twitter of himself with fellow teammates and alumni. Can you identify all of them?

Shot #7Dane Brugler of CBS Sports released his annual draft guide a few days ago and this is one that I always buy and I highly suggest you do the same as its always informative and well put together.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Whether or not we can or would pull the trigger on a Richard Sherman trade, Seattle definitely should have incentive to want to get a deal done with a team for the right price. Trading Sherman would save them almost 9.3 million on their pretty messy cap, and “only” result in a 4.4 million dead money hit. This draft has pretty good CB talent, and if Sherman is indeed becoming disgruntled there, why not move him now? Plus, I don’t think Sherman is gonna take too kindly to all of this trade rumor talk that is being bandied about. Can he get over it and play well for Seattle this year? Of course. I think when focused he’s one of the very best in the game. But articles out of Seattle seem to propose that his mind was going/souring last year on Seattle and Carroll.

    There are ways to take on Sherman’s contract if we were willing to make the commitment. Again, knowing us, it will not happen, but don’t make it sound like Khan couldn’t get creative and lower that cap hit for us this year and next, because he absolutely could. It would just take us having faith in Sherman over the next few years and into his 30’s…

  • Rob H

    One could argue that Ben’s love for the deep ball could be at least part of the problem with his inconsistency. Those road numbers might start to look better if he goes for the high percentage throws on third and short, rather than throwing a bomb to a guy with two broken fingers and a groin problem, or forcing it to a 5-10 receiver who’s double or triple covered, or audibling to a run at the goaline when your all-pro RB has been getting 8-10 years a pop the whole way down the field.
    You could also argue that Haley shares the blame, but the bottom line is Art II wants consistency, and Ben also happens to be very good with the intermediate throws. Balance is the key, don’t give Bell 30 touches a game and increase the risk for injury due to wear and tear, and don’t throw deep on third and short on a regular basis.
    Okay, rant over.
    Not saying you don’t have the best deep ball QB in the game throw deep a fair share of the time, especially with Bryant back, but common sense and logic should apply.

  • SilverSteel

    I do not think he is the best deep ball guy in the league. He can’t even get the ball that deep anymore. Almost every long ball is underthrown by Ben now. The receivers have to wait or come back to the ball every time. We could have had way more home runs last year had he been able to throw the long ball.

  • Craig M

    My only difference in view is that Haley bears the burden of blame and Ben shares this blame- otherwise spot on Rob.

  • walter

    We live or die with the deep ball. With MB back it will succeed again.