Watch: Antonio Brown Works Out With OchoCinco

There are few players who work harder than Antonio Brown. Even though we’re in April, far, far away from any actual football, Brown is working out like the Super Bowl is a week away.

He’s been posting photos and videos of his workouts down in Florida, most notably training with Chad Johnson. If you’re wondering if OchoCinco can cover Brown….he can’t.

New LA Rams cornerback and longtime friend of Brown’s Kayvon Webster is also working out with the group, giving Brown an actual defensive back to spar against.

Maybe it’s just the photo but Brown looks like he’s bulked up even more this offseason.

Beefy #DefeatTheOdds📣 #VeinedUp

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Believe it or not, OchoCinco is still playing football, participating in this Mexican League Football League and catching a touchdown pass earlier this week. You can check out the video in this clip. 

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  • srdan

    Ocho-think-so darn near lost his shoes out there.

    This aint soccer brah!

  • Jones

    OchoQuatro makes OchoCinco look like he’s just had OchoChurros.

  • Applebite

    AB has been at it since the signing. As long as Goodell doesn’t assume AB has been on the “LaRon Landry Workout’, UPSing sample cups to his door step, all looks well for the season.

  • Conserv_58

    LMAO! OchoStinko get’s his lunch money taken from him by AB and his response is, “How long that was?” My question to Chad would have been, “What does it matter how long it was? Where were your eyes looking when the pass zipped past your head into AB’s hands?” Chad had the chance to break up the pass or even intercept it IF he actually tracked the ball.

  • Q Fourtyfive Unowho

    I’ve never seen routes ran with such preciseness and crispiness ! Hands down the best receiver i’ve ever saw play the game

  • Richard Cetrone

    Smart move by Brown. Johnson is the only receiver I can think of in recent years that may have had faster feet then Brown. I saw him play in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame and it was ridiculous how much he dominated them. Too bad he was a head case.