2017 Rookie Minicamp Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and I apologize for this post being late this week as time seemed to get away from today.

The Pittsburgh Steelers annual rookie minicamp got underway on Friday and it’s good to see some football in shorts taking place once again. I’m sure we’ll be treated to several interviews with the new players over the course of the weekend so that’s something to look forward to as well.

Thank you to those of you who said a quick prayer for my father. His Thursday surgery went well in general, as far as I can tell, but in addition to having one of his kidneys removed they needed to take his spleen as well. I think he’ll be hospitalized for several more days and at some point will need to start chemotherapy after being released.

As usual, I have five questions for all of you reading this to answer on this Friday evening and I hope several of you can do just that in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and an early Happy Mother’s Day to you ladies who might be reading this.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Which new Steelers player, free agents included, are you most excited to see play on special teams during the preseason?

2 – Name me three players destined to land on the Steelers practice squad at the start of the 2017 regular season.

3 – I’ve been criticized by several for not posting enough positive things about new Steelers quarterback Joshua Dobbs since he was drafted. With that said, what area of Dobbs’ play from 2016 would you like to see broken down after I’m done with his third down incompletions?

4 – Which team will first-round selection T.J. Watt register his first career sack against during the 2017 regular season?

5 – Have you ever bought into the ‘Madden Curse’ before? In case you missed the news, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be on this year’s cover and below is what he thinks about the infamous curse.

Last Week’s Recap:

Question 1 – Five different draft picks were named who Steelers Depot readers feel more comfortable with now than when originally selected. JuJu Smith-Schuster led the pack with 14.5 (one respondent named two draft picks) votes or exactly half. The consensus seemed to be that it was a surprise that a wide receiver went so high when many preferred defensive help. Once people started focusing on his tape and the potential he has the choice became more palatable. T.J Watt & Joshua Dobbs both garnered four votes. James Conner got 1.5 votes and even two people expressed more of a comfort level with the selection of long snapper Colin Holba.

Question 2 – Respondents gave the edge to JuJu over Cameron Sutton 16 to 12 when it came to predicting which rookie would play the higher percentage of snaps this season. Jason Campbell made the boldest prediction that they would both have an equal percentage of snaps on their respective units – or was he just hedging his bet?

Question 3 – Three folks predict only five of the Steelers eight draft picks making the initial 53-man roster. Two said all eight would make it. Everyone else said six or seven would make it with some discussion of whether Keion Adams or Brian Allen would be poached from the practice squad. The median response from the 29 answerers was SIX.

Question 4 – All four AFC North teams were mentioned as having the best draft in 2017. The Cleveland Browns were far and away the favorite with 76% (22) of the vote favoring their draft both in quantity and quality. Well, at least that is one thing they will win this year. The Cincinnati Bengals were a distant second with 17% (5) of the vote. The Bengals will likely be a winner when it comes to which team has the most arrests this season.

Question 5 – James Conner is going to have to prove himself in uniform before folks start buying jerseys according to this poll. Twenty-five gave a flat NO to buying his jersey. There were three maybes but Steeler-Drew said he’d be willing to buy one for his son. I wonder if the switch from #24 to #30 has swayed anybody’s mind.

BONUS Question: Yoi. We better keep to football handicapping and not the horses. Only eleven people braved a prediction: Jaybird went with Thunder Snow who DNF. Irish War Cry was the most popular choice and finished 10th. Chris92021 rode his hopes on McCracken who came in 8th. PaeperCup had a Practical Joke that laughed to a 5th place finish. Two had Classic Empire that finished 4th. No one picked the horses that placed or showed. But RickM and Beaver Falls Hosiery Company (yours truly) did pick the winner; Always Dreaming. Bill Cowher would probably describe Always Dreaming as a real “mudder.”

I’m sure we’ll all keep dreaming for another Lombardi in the Steelers trophy case. In that spirit, instead of music; here is a look at that mudder Always Dreaming making his run at the Kentucky Derby.

  • Chris92021

    1. Cameron Sutton because I want to see if we can get another person to replace AB as the punt returner. Love AB as the punt returner and in certain situations during the season, I want to see AB back there but most cases, I want someone else back there. Sutton I think can be more than respectable. Oh, and Knile Davis as the kick returner too. Excited to see what he can do.

    2. Keion Adams, Demarcus Ayers, Rushel Shell

    3. How about all of his deep throws? (anything over 30 yards from the LOS)

    4. Cleveland Browns in week 1.

    5. No, I don’t. However, if Justin Houston clobbers Brady on opening night and Brady is out for a while with an injury, then I will rethink my position on this. For what it’s worth, I thought Julio Jones or Matt Ryan should have made the cover but that’s what happens when you blow a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl.

    Happy Mother’s Day, y’all.

  • StolenUpVotes

    1 – The almighty Holba

    2 – Ayers, Blount, and Adams

    3 –3rd down completions

    4 – The Cleveland Skidmarks

    5 – The curse is a stupid myth that just needs to die

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. Sutton. Hopefully he’s given a shot to return.
    2. Ayers, Adams, and Shell.
    3. Honestly don’t care so I’ll name something that will make him look aight: Rushing.
    4. Probably the first against Cleveland.
    5. I feel like it’s a curse any way you slice it if you don’t win the Superbowl, but it’s eerily coincidental bad stuff happens to those on the cover.

  • Jaybird

    Dave good luck with your dad. My wife’s dad actually passed away this morning. It’s tough seeing our loved ones get sick.
    1) Allen becuase if he plays special teams then that means he made the team in the first place. I’m rooting for this guy.
    2) Adams, Ayers, Hamilton
    3) mechanics- throwing motion, footwork etc.
    4) I want to say Cleveland but he will be going up against Joe Thomas. Hell I’ll stick with Cleveland, game one, and it’s on a hustle sack after we get a big lead.
    5) I don’t believe in the curse or other superstitions, but I do believe in JUJU.

  • John

    Good questions.

    1. Allen as I think that is where he is going to get his work and he needs to be terrific if he is going to make the club.

    2. Practice squaders are Cobi Hamilton, Akers, and Adams, our seventh round pick from Weatern Michigan. Book it.

    3. I would like to see more about Dobbs come from behind aucces. I think he had a couple this year.

    4. Watt gets his first sack against whoever we play in week three.

    5. I don’t believe in the Madden curse but I want to. I also don’t believe in Tom Brady being someone whose play has improved as he gets older. The last athlete I remember doing that to this extent was Barry Bonds. Special consideration to anyone on the Jamaican men’s Olympic relay team.

  • Jason Campbell

    1) Allen. Great place to learn how to tackle! Too big and too fast not to find the field.
    2) Ayers, Adams, and someone I’ve never heard of
    3) the scrambling… from your video studies it seems some of the bad throws were under pressure. Would he be better to run instead of force the throw?
    4) Vikings
    5) no, but I’m happy to convert for Mrs Bunchen.

  • Roger G

    Condolences to you and your family

  • RickM

    1. Sutton, hopefully as a PR.
    2. S. Johnson, Hamilton, Adams. I think Ayers will end up elsewhere if he can’t crack the 53.
    3. To be fair to Josh, something positive. Liked seeing what he has to work on in those earlier clips though.
    4. Cleveland Browns in Week 1 as he outshines Garrett.
    5. I’m superstitious, regardless of how totally illogical that is. So Tommy is hopefully in trouble.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Joe Thomas is a coach, lol.

  • Spencer Krick

    1. Kieon Adams, if he wants to make the team he’s going to have to be a big deal on ST’s.
    2. Adams, Cooper, Odom
    3. I’m not sure how you would do this, but his mobility. I’ve really only seen him make throws.
    4. Vikings, week 2
    5. Not really.

  • Spencer Krick

    Sorry to hear that man, you have my sincere condolences.

  • Jaybird

    I had to look that one up becuase I couldn’t believe you thought Joe Thomas was a coach. the first article that popped up was about a rook thinking Thomas was too old to be a coach. Good stuff.

  • Jaybird

    Your Mr Logic, I never would have pegged you as superstitious.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. Colin Holba. Greg Warren has been a stalwart; hoping Holba can match his longevity and consistency.

    2. Keion Adams, Rushel Shell, Johnny Maxey. Book it.

    3. Can he make all the throws. Examples of which ones are his weakest and those that are his strengths.

    4. Da Bears.

    5. If I didn’t before; wanting to believe it now!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Take care.

  • falconsaftey43

    1. Adams, needs to get a role on this team
    2. Ayers, Cooper, Shell
    3. Throws over 20 yards. Throws on the run would be cool, but hard to track down. TDs another option.
    4. Browns, big lead, they let young guys play a bunch, hustle/coverage sack.
    5. No.

  • RickM

    Lol, I couldn’t agree more with you. Only with respect to sports…but it’s truly pathetic that I believe in jinxes of any kind.

  • Mike Lloyd

    1. James Connor. I love guys who are willing to contribute in any way they can.
    2. a) Keion Adams b) Demarcus Ayers c) Scott Orndoff
    3. 20+ yard completions
    4. Vikings week 2. That line is still awful.
    5. I don’t believe in those silly curses either. Usually a superlative season by an individual player is rewarded with a Madden cover…most players return to the mean in performance.

    Dave, my sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery for your Father.

  • Matt Manzo

    1: Holba! Of course!

    2: Ayers, Cooper, Orndoff

    3: Id love to see his vision broken down! How he diagnoses coverage and reads his check downs.

    4: Whoever we play in week 3!

    5: The Madden Curse is a good one, but I’m not a believer!

  • Steve Johnson

    1. Brian Allen and Cameron Sutton. They need an infusion of youth in the secondary, looks like Allen will have to play S.T. if he’s going to make it. Curious to see if Sutton can spell A.B. of those duties.

    2. Keion Adams, Brian Allen

    3. Great! Too many negative posts on Joshua. Anything positive.

    4. Cleveland Browns

    5. Never believed in curses, but glad no Steelers are on the cover.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. Holba, since that’s the only time he plays
    2. Demarcus Ayers, Phazahn Odom, and Ethan Cooper
    3. Not to sound harsh, but I’m not really interested in posts about Dobbs. I just skip right over them. Too much coverage for a third string QB who by the front office’s own admission will not be the heir to Ben. Not worth my time reading up on him.
    4. Against Cleveland in week 1, duh
    5. No. Megatron put the Madden curse to rest in 2013, or does no one remember the monster season he had that year?

  • Beeze

    Best wishes for you and your father Dave.

    1. Holba. As ST are the only way he can benefit us, let’s see what he has
    2. Kallon, Ethan Cooper, Ayers
    3. Review of the Int’s he tossed while at Rocky Top
    4. A nice hard splat of the non-elite Joe Flacco for his first sack
    5. Not a big believer in the curse. Used to be more so but not so much anymore. However if it is a thing, hope Brady suffers it’s full effects this year. Looking at you Bernard a Pollard.

  • SoCal Steeler

    1) Adams, he might be a beast on ST’s. I’ll also be interested in seeing if Sutton shows any return ability and seeing what Connor, Allen and Holba can do and Blount if he counts.
    2) Adams, Cooper and Ayers
    3) Reading coverage and how he does with his progressions
    4) I’ll go with week 1 against the Brownies but he’s not going to get one every week so not anywhere near 16
    5) I have a hard time believing in curses but it’s hard to argue with the Boston Curse of the Babe, the Cubs curse and the Madden curse. Tread lightly, Tom

    We’re praying for your dad’s speedy and complete recovery

  • LucasY59

    1. new guy? I guess K.Davis, I would like to see the KR improve (not sure it will though) am also interesed to see if Ayers can return kicks and punts (but he’s not a new guy)

    2. Maxey (pretty sure he is headed back to the PS this yr) Hagen (same as Maxey, neither position had much added to it (or subtracted) so I would think Hagen is almost a lock to be headed to the PS) and I guess I will put one new name out there as well, and it would be Ordoff (I think Adams could be headed there as well, but the TE seems like a good guess)

    3. I think a lot of it was luck, but what impressed me most was Dobbs (and Tennessee) finding ways to win last yr in close games, Im not sure if there is much of it that can be broken down, but maybe taking a closer look at how he won some games last yr in pretty amazing situations, see if there actually was more to it than luck

    4. just a guess…Vikings, I think he will get the 1st one some time in the first 4 games, not really sure which one so guessing the home opener

    5. probly more coincedence than curse, but there is a lot of history to show that it seems to be real, it would make me really happy if he had a bad yr, and wasnt going to buy it anyway but definitely wont be buying Madden this yr with shady on the cover (not sure how much affect him being on it will actually influence sales, but I think there is a good portion of NFL/Madden fans that hate the guy, and if anything maybe Madden just cursed themselves???)

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) Keion Adams

    2) Allen, Cooper, and Orndoff

    3) His TD’s and INT’s – specifically, I’d like to see how many of each came from in or out of the pocket and if they came on short/intermediate/long balls. You could also look at down and distance and pressure vs. none. There’s a lot to study there. And I’m sure you can’t do it all, but I’d like to see if there is a clear pattern of what he does or doesn’t do well or if it’s random.

    4) Chicago

    5) Nope

  • Hard Row

    1. Colin Holba – draft a LS over a DB that runs a 4.28 and he better hold that job for the next 10 years

    2. Orndorf, Ayers, Keion Adams

    3 Redzone decisions

    4 Week 1 vs Browns – Browns playing from behind will have to throw a bunch and Watt gets one in the 4th.

    5 No, but this year i’d like to buy a few thousand shares of the Madden Curse

  • 1. Brian Allen
    2. Brian Allen, Keion Adams, DeMarcus Ayers
    3. Scrambling ability
    4. Week 1 vs. Cleveland
    5. I’ve never been superstitious, but the supposed Madden curse is a bit crazy. I say Tom breaks it, because, who else, right? smh

  • Luneth Gardens

    1.Cam Sutton, either as a returner or maybe even a gunner.
    2. Keion Adams TE Odom and G Ethan Cooper
    3. I’d actually like to see you break down Kaaya or Peterman’s 3rd down misses for maybe 3-5 games to compare apples to apples for Dobbs.
    4. Browns, week 1.
    5. Steelers path the SB is clear. Brady’s ACL is toast.

  • Jake Marion

    1. Cam Sutton – returning punts and kicks
    2. Brian Allen, Keion Adams, Demarcus Ayers
    3. QB rushes
    4. week 4 vs. Ravens
    5. Lawrence Timmons will end his season.