Colbert Explains Why Steelers Didn’t Trade During Draft; Use Of Trade Chart

The Pittsburgh Steelers once again stood pat during the recently concluded 2017 NFL Draft and by that, I mean, they didn’t make any trades. During a Tuesday interview on ‘Movin’ the Chains’ on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was teased a little about not trading during this year’s draft and that included show co-host Pat Kirwan telling him he heard a rumor that there weren’t any phones in the team’s war room.

“We went into it saying and I said beforehand, ‘This first-round is very unpredictable, because I think there was no consensus on the order of the quarterbacks. So, I think with that in mind that, boy, I think people are going to be jumping around and moving to fit their own needs’,” Colbert said. “So, I think that played out. I believe it was five or six trades in the first-round and as far down as we were, we just said, ‘Look, we’re just going to let this thing come to us and see what’s there.’ I mean, we had a few calls come in from other teams and we made some inquiries, but were never serious, really, about moving.”

Even though the Steelers failed to move up or down during this year’s draft, Kirwan still asked Colbert if the infamous trade chart teams supposedly use to calculate the value of picks is still valued and more importantly, if it’s been modified.

“We understand that teams use it, Pat, and we will look at it based on what the other teams are thinking when we call them,” Colbert replied. “But I never want to lock myself into a chart if I feel we need to do something.”

Colbert went on to further explain his thinking as it relates to not being locked into what the trade chart suggests he do, or not do.

“The classic example, when we traded up for Troy Polamalu, we went up from 27 to 16 and we gave up a third and a sixth,” started Colbert. “A few years later, we traded up to get Santonio Holmes. We traded up from 32, I believe to 27 or 28. We only went up four spots and maybe we gave up a third and a fourth and everybody said, ‘Well, you gave up too much to get Santonio Holmes.’ And I just countered that with, ‘Well, this guy caught the game-winning catch in the Super Bowl.’

“So, the message there is, look, if you really want a guy, don’t be locked down by some chart. I mean, ok, you can say ‘You overpaid’, but in the end, what’s the final results? So, I never want to be locked in by any of those parameters. If we want a guy, then we’ll spend what we need to get him.”

  • George Hareras

    I think the only scenario this year for a trade was to trade up in rd 2 to get one of the falling DBs

  • Dorian James

    I don’t know what to make of this info. Is he saying he got the exact players they were looking for, or no one was worth going after?

  • nikgreene

    That makes sense. Based on Colbert’s statement here, it seems that if they were trying to trade up in the 2nd they either weren’t getting the price they wanted, or they didn’t value the DBs in the 2nd round as much as the fans/draft community. Or maybe they had a 1st round grade on Juju and were targeting him all along.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    He’s still relying on a telex machine for communication with other teams 🙀.

  • Dakoda Baxley

    Juju was the smart pick. Because with all the talent Bryant has, he still can’t be trusted and until he proves it. And Coates is way too inconsistent

  • Sam Clonch

    They’ve never released them, but MAN would it be cool to get a look at their draft board!

  • francesco

    He’s had a week to think of an answer. And his answer was basically…we don’t know how to trade up or down…in the past we did it this way…i’my not sure how teams are doing it today!!!

  • Jason McDonald

    I wanted us to trade up for Obi Melifonwu so bad I couldn’t stand it . Wanted to cry when Oakland selected him . Big fast and has the size to potentially check all these big TE downfield . Yes, you could say I had a man crush . Hate it’s over now 🤦‍♂️😂

  • The Sun is Pro-Black


    Trade? Why would we take that kind of risk? While it could help, that type of move could also hurt us in the long run. Did you bang your head or something?

    *As Ladarius Green enters the room

  • Joseph DeFazio

    I think this means Watt was their guy all along and it played out right for them.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Their track record for building a team is outstanding so I choose to trust how they do business. All of us fans who think we know better should quit their current job and become NFL scouts so we can work our way up the latter to becoming a GM. I frankly don’t know how so many fans have time in their lives to watch as much film as many claim to do, let alone the expertise to make sound judgments.

  • Tim Goetz

    Melifonwu is a height, weight, speed, freak of nature. But his game tape didn’t reflect it.

  • budabar

    We’ll sign him off the street in a couple years after the raiders dump him

  • PaeperCup

    So there was no one they really wanted….There were points in this draft that I thought, dang a really really good player is right there just a few spots ahead of us. Awuzie comes to mind.

  • taztroy43

    Once Obi got picked I wanted S Josh Jones but the packers picked him right before us!

  • PaeperCup

    I read it differently. I read it as if there is a guy worth getting, you go get him, disregarding price or perceived value.

    You may be right about the value of players to others outside the organization. Lawson fell all the way to the 4th, so obviously we often don’t see things the way they do

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    I mean their jobs aren’t impossible. At the end of the day it’s all a matter of personal opinion, and luck when it comes to drafting. The couch GM could be just as right as the guy who gets paid to decide.

  • PaeperCup

    True, there are just as many missed picks as there are hits. Draft is a much smaller part of the game than we sometimes make it out to be. In the end, it’s what the teams do with the players they got.

    Browns have been drafting top 5 prospects for decades now, hasn’t gotten them very far.

  • Sam Clonch

    Yep, same with Billings in last years draft.

  • Sam Clonch

    Was a dagger in my heart. First Awuzie, then Jones…. I basically missed the Juju pick. Had to catch my breath and rewind, lol.

  • Jason McDonald

    Neither did Byron Jones but he has been a beast for Dallas . Same with Mike Mitchell . He looked bad on film ( and in Oakland ) , then went to Carolina and it all clicked . I’ve loved having him in Pittsburgh . Point being there is a reason teams look at the tape AND the measurables .

  • Jason McDonald

    Me too!!

  • Jeff McNeill

    No job is impossible. That does not make every Tom, Dick, and Harry qualified to do it. I will trust the people the Steelers have in place because they have proven to be “luckier” than most other teams.

  • Matthew Marczi

    I do know that at another point he said JuJu was the highest player on their board there. I don’t know if Awuzie or Jones were higher, but obviously not high enough to seriously consider trading up.

  • JB Burgess

    Should’ve traded up and gotten Marcus Peters.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I made a list of the guys that were not drafted. Some of those so called experts had some guys rated as high as the 3rd. So trusting all those mock drafters is a serious mistake. Therefore I understand Colbert and company and support them.

    Having said that, they were predictable. It is possible that they would have taken that safety Jones if the Pack didn’t pick him right before the Steelers. So they went JUju. Ok, fine. But they could have traded back slightly and gained 1 or 2 very late rounders. They would have had no problem still drafting the same guys, from Connor to Dobbs, etc. Then they may have picked a couple more guys instead of the also rans in UDFA. It drives me crazy, but it’s much worse for anyone that truly wastes tons of time studying all this stuff. I don’t but am thankful that the guys here at Steelers Depot provide us with tons of material.

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    The Browns is where talent goes to die.

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    Not saying I don’t trust them or that I would do better. Just that an avid fan could be as right them when it comes to drafting and should not be discouraged from giving their 2 cents. That’s the fun of the draft.

  • Jeff McNeill

    I totally agree, my comments were directed at the folks who want to say the Steelers FO is unintelligent or should be fired.

  • Jaybird

    That was a rough stretch – the end of round two. I thought round three was kind of the same . Guys we might have had interest in started flying off the board one by one.

  • Jay Hallauer

    This is the type of thinking you want for the GM of ur team. I have no issues how they handle the draft

  • J Jones

    Think our draft strategy is definitely effective, but it would be a dream to have two 1st rd picks in any given yr. Alas, one day….

  • J Jones

    “Film”= 3 min youtube highlight reel.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Dorian –

    I think a vast number of the Steelers fan base agrees with you… We don’t know exactly what Colbert was saying or thinking, and his explanation offers no clarity.

    All we know is he hasn’t made a significant draft day trade in years. Does that mean there hasn’t been a player worth going after? … (Hard to believe that one.)

    I personally think Colbert is an “old dog” who has difficulty learning “new tricks.” He is a let-the-draft-fall-to-us kind of guy. It’s safe. It’s conservative. And doesn’t he doesn’t have to worry about explaining any kind of draft day mistakes (like trading up for Shamarko).

    There is no way anyone can convince me that Obi or Chidobe were not “worth” trading up for, or that the price was too high. A few years back Colbert “waited” on DeCastro and he fell right into our laps. That gamble worked. This year he waited on quite a few players and that gamble did not work.

    But whatever his explanations might be they don’t make sense to me on a pure logic basis. He would be better off just telling the truth. “I don’t like trading picks. It’s safer to let the draft come to me.”

  • PaeperCup

    yeah, that’s just silly. These guys are paid good money to do this. The draft process is year long for these guys, and they are trying to figure out if any player is a good fit for the team by analyzing their finger length, to seeing whether they are good students, to knowing if they are a fan of PBJ….they aren’t throwing darts, it’s a true science. But like science, sometimes you get the answer wrong.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Exactly. When there is a star player at a position you desperately need, just go get him.

    People act like all of these draft picks are so valuable. Half of them don’t even stick on our team (or at least have any meaningful role over what a cheap free agent signing would do).

    The Steelers build through the draft. So when they have a chance to draft a star like Peters, they damn well better take it, No matter what the cost.

    We should’ve move up for Obi or Chidobe or even Josh Jones in round 2.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    Has anyone ever heard Colbert admit that he was wrong about anything?

    I ask because I can see that he remembers the successful trades he’s made, but I notice that he did not also include the Shemarko Thomas trade in the discussion….

    I think mentioning the risk of trading up would have been pertinent to the discussion.

  • dany

    Certainly, in a fair world every armchair GM should get the chance to do this and see if they’re as lucky. But so long as it’s not, let the people with the great track record do their job!

  • Jeff McNeill

    Yeah let me pick for NewEngland, they would soon be the Cleveland.

  • J Jones

    Avid fans usually dont have access to a prospects teachers, profs, fmr coaches, family members…that info is usually a determining factor when drafting guys.

  • spicyitln

    I think they wanted JUJU becuase he has specific traits A strong combat catcher that can work inside and outside… They werent ready to stake the whole season on MB and Coates the other receivers besides AB proved they were not A grade in AFC championship game…

  • RSteelerz


    It’s the same old same old. Let the draft come to us mentality! Colbert here’s a hint…”It’s not going to!!!”

    I like JuJu, but he could have been picked up later! No way you don’t move up to get guys like Kevin King, Azwuzie and Jones. He’s moved up to grab other players in the past!

    The problem is that this guy just does not value corners in the least bit. Sure keep rolling out the same average talent corners with the same scheme that Brady has been throttling us with since 2001!

    I know… Many like to say: “Get over the Pats” or “We don’t need to draft to beat the Pats.”

    Well, that’s how Colbert has been drafting for how many years now! Maybe that might be the reason why we can never beat them! Just a thought for those who think that way.

  • Matt Manzo

    A trade up for Josh Jones or Kittle are the ones I would’ve made.
    But not taking a safety or TE later makes me think they didn’t want those positions as much as we did.

  • RSteelerz

    Lol!!! 😂😂😂

  • Cormel Bovan Sr.

    I totally agree he’s a hard nosed ,tough ,big Hines Ward “TYPE” receiver. We need that type of consistency in our receiver room beside Brown.

  • RSteelerz

    Unfortunately he tried to trade up!
    The problem was he couldn’t get the calls in fast enough as other teams can, because we still have rotary dial phones in our War Room.

  • Cormel Bovan Sr.

    I agree for as big and fast as he was he was a soft hitter. NFL tight ends would just bully him

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Jeff –

    Part of what you say is very fair. The Steelers have an outstanding track record of building a good team. And most of us fans don’t have a fraction of the knowledge that the Steelers do regarding these prospects (both game tape and personal info).

    However, I believe that Colbert has made plenty of mistakes over recent years, that many of us “lowly fans” recognized both BEFORE the draft, and immediately AFTER the draft. So I personally do not subscribe to the theory… “Trust in the Steelers at all times, for all decisions.”

    I think Colbert should be striving to become a better GM year by year (just like we expect players to get better) and I’m not seeing that from him. Part of improving as a GM is learning how to obtain maximum value out of the draft. By occasionally trading down you not only acquire more picks but you get better value on the same pick you would’ve taken anyway. (Example Patriots with Derek Rivers).

    This year, every single pick from 1.25 to 2.5 was the result of a trade, except for the Steelers and Cowboys. That’s 11 “trades” and 2 “stand stills” right around the area we were picking. Those late 1st rounders are extremely valuable due to the 5th year option and Colbert needs to do a better job learning how OTHER teams assess that value.

    For example… What if we could’ve traded our 1st rounder for this year’s 3rd rounder and a 2018 1st rounder from someone like Jaguars, or Saints, or Rams, or Vikings? Then we could’ve still drafted an explosive edge rusher like Jordon Willis (who is not all that far behind Watt as far as potential) and also gained a top 10 pick next in year’s QB heavy draft. That is a mistake in my opinion. And part of that is because Colbert doesn’t even listen long enough to see what offers are available. He sprints up to the podium. There is is no harm in waiting an extra minute to see if some team will get desperate.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    And not only that Colbert should realize what other teams be doing when it comes to trading pick to get ahead of us and take the players they know will be high on our draft board maybe a position of need for both

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Let’s not act like they haven’t screwed up some draft picks either though Jarvis and shark and Landry comes to mind right off the top but the list can go on

  • Hypo Cycloid

    Drafting like the Pats is ridiculous. They rarely draft great talent. In fact, they aren’t even close to being the most talented team in the league. They win due to superior coaching. Their schemes are at another level. They prepare differently than almost every team in the league when it comes to scheme. They didn’t beat us last year due to more talent.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Not knowing what kind of offers were there that kind of speculation is easy. The only teams that were able to extract first round picks next year were to two QB trades in the first 12 picks so I think it is unlikely that anyone was offering a first in 2018 for the 30th pick this year. The what if game is easy to play. I think Colbert and everyone in the organization should be striving to be better and I suspect they are. Not making a trade or signing a free agent that fans want, cannot be given as a sign they are not or do not want to be improving. Questioning the moves they make is fair and fun but questioning their competence because they do not pick the person a particular fan thinks they should take is unfair. As far as Willis, no team in the NFL believed he was worth a pick in the first 2 rounds. Perhaps he will wind up better than Watt but obviously no decision maker in the league believed he was a better prospect.

  • Jeff McNeill

    I never said they don’t have misses. I say they have less misses then the vast majority of teams.

  • RSteelerz

    Where did I say drafting like the Pats?

    I never said to draft “LIKE” the Pats, I said draft to “BEAT” them!

    You might want to make sure you read exactly what I said before you respond with such conviction.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    The way I see it is this.. Colbert gets paid to do this and I don’t. So WTH do I know?

    That said, Kirwin’s question about even having a phone seems fair. There doesn’t seem to be any desire to move in any round.

  • RickM

    Colbert totally contradicts what he is currently doing in his interview. He rightfully talks about his successes with Troy and Santonio, referencing the SB win. And he says ‘you can’t get locked into a draft chart. You have to be willing to go up and get the guy you want’ (when appropriate of course). Meanwhile he hasn’t gone up and gotten anyone for 22 consecutive 1st and 2nd rounds picks – every single 1st or 2nd round pick he has made with Tomlin by his side he hasn’t moved up or back. I don’t think he even knows he has become a granite statue in the early rounds for 11 straight years.

    I say this firmly believing he remains a good drafter. But he could be even better if he showed some of the guts he displayed with Troy and Holmes, and if he knew how to actually work a draft board to get more picks.

  • 2winz

    How do you know it did not work this year? You are basing that off of what? None of the players drafted have even started a game to prove you right or wrong

  • RSteelerz

    Well, they are unintelligent when it comes to drafting talent at Corner!

    They needed a WR in the draft due to the AFCCG fiasco. I like Schuster-Smith. However, he would have been available after the 2nd Round. Kevin King, Azwuzie, Shaq or Jones should have been targeted and should have been moved up for.

    If Colbert realized that one of the reasons we were thumped in the AFCCG was because our depth WR’s failed, as well as needing security about Bryant and Coates, then he also should have realized that our defensive game plan, scheme and entire secondary but Burns, was the other reason.

    Finally using a first pick and hitting on Burns last year is not going to fix the whole secondary. Sutton is a good player, but he’s mostly going to translate as a slot in the NFL due to his size. Allen may have size and ability but I doubt he makes the 53.

    They needed a ready to go starting press man cover corner next to Burns this year. With those type of corners you need to get them in the first 2 rounds. In the 3rd it’s most likely you will get a 2nd tier or nickel type contributor.

    I know we got Ike in the 4th but that is very rare and he still was only second tier and had bad hands. History shows a very low success rate at corner in the late rounds and Sherman is the exception. The Steelers know that better than most.

    After 19 years we finally select a corner high in the draft in Burns and he was a hit! The numbers don’t lie. They have been drafting Corner low for years with very little success. You have to pick them high.

    Brady has torched this primary zone corner tackle the catch scheme for a span of 17 years now! It’s astounding that Colbert still doesn’t seem to process this after so many years, each time only thinking that we just were not good enough after Brady’s latest scorching.

    It’s as if elite cover corners slept with his wife or something. It’s the only position he avoids with clear blatantcy and the one position that could have secured at least 2 more Lombardies over these past 10 seasons.

  • Jeff McNeill

    You can’t know who would or would not have drafted Juju had the Steelers went in another direction. Nor can you know if the Steelers would have won any Super Bowls had they had better corners. Speculation is nice but that is all you are doing. I agree their track record with drafting corners is subpar. I think all of those dbs you mentioned were gone when the Steelers picked and none of us know if the team tried to trade up for any of them or not nor do we know if any of them will be good players going forward. I liked the reviews I saw on them but that is not a guarantee of success. Just because you don’t like how they drafted does not make them unintelligent. If your speculation turns out to be incorrect does that make you unintelligent? Evaluating players is not an easy thing to do. With the Steelers overall record, which I say is as good as anyone, I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

  • Jay Brenner

    Colbert Sucks been saying it for years. Look at his pedigree he came from the lions. When were they ever any good back then. We need a new GM if were ever going to get 7.

  • LucasY59

    I think pointing out that “with Tomlin” part might say something about it as well, early Tomlin yrs playing it safe and using the SB winning roster they already had made it so they didnt do anything risky, and then by the time Tomlin felt secure about his status he also developed an ego (something we kinda talked about the other day) they think they have the draft figured out and look smart by staying put and “letting it come to them”

    (the weird thing is that Colbert was more risky when he didnt have as much security, he was fairly new with the team and taking risks then, would be more “risky” now that he has the time/experience with the team (and more trust/confidence) he doesnt take risks?)

    but this draft mightve exposed their “let it come” attitude, in the 1st rd they had a fairly unanimous pre draft top 15 talent fall to them (Foster) but they played it safe and got Watt, and then in the 2nd they had a lot of DBs that could help the secondary (and again some were ranked fairly high, and had some 1st rd talk not just on here but on major media where the guys are paid to get it wrong, but still have a fairly good idea of what is going on) and they stayed put, none of the DBs were left (but there were some OLBs) and they took a WR, then in the 3rd rd there were still some DBs they had shown pre draft interest in and again they didnt make it to the pick and they had to take whatever DB was left (because it was a serious need) and they take Sutton,

    and then to top it off after waiting for the draft to come to them, they use the comp pick on a player they mightve been able to get a rd later (not a guarantee he makes it to #135, but still dont know if I saw anywhere that Conner was predicted to go in the 3rd) I guess that somewhat confirms the get the guy you want theory (but instead of a trade they just picked him a rd earlier) and I do think there was some influence from watching guys they had targeted fall off the board before they got to the Steelers the two previous picks

    they weird thing is they will either be exposed for missing out on players (the guys they didnt trade up for become good players for other teams) but they could also get bailed out because the players they “waited for” could play well and make the picks look good (especially Watt and JuJu) and it could even be both, the Steelers players do well, but so do guys like Awuzie, Melifonwu, Jones, Griffin, and Lewis

  • LucasY59

    ??? he helped get them 5 and 6 ???

  • LucasY59

    I looked through all the trades in this draft and there were 10 that I think they couldve made (trades that happened close enough to their picks that it would be realistic for them to involved in the trade) some of them were trade downs and some were trade ups, I wont argue that all of the trades wouldve been a better option than staying where they did, but I do want to point out that there shouldve been mulitple opportunities to trade if they had wanted to

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    People just like you said the same thing when Jarvis Jones was drafted. And my reply then was the same as it is now… “Watch and see for yourself.”… And four years later you have your answer.

    Nobody knows the future. Not me, not you, not Colbert, not anyone. But there is a reason why many people in the industry feel it was a mistake for the Bears to trade up to #2 overall to draft Trubisky. And there is a reason why many people thought it was a mistake to take Dobbs over Jake Butt. And there is a reason why many people thought it was a mistake not to trade up in the 2nd for a hybrid safety.

    It’s called “player projection.” And for those who study tape and draft value as much as some people on this site (including myself) the odds of us being correct on certain prospects in certain situations are often very high.

  • Dave D

    I agree with you Lucas, but some people… :eyeroll:

  • Steeler-Drew

    We seem to be in the minority how important it is to have more than one elite outside CB. Many will point out it was more of a lack of pass rush or they just didn’t execute their defense.

    Two issues regarding Colbert and draft trades aside from the obvious stance of letting the draft come to them. He has not made a trade in the first or second round in the last 11 years. Without having the practice it makes you wonder since it’s been so long if he knows how and what is needed to get it done. The second is although the trade was made for Troy I think one of his issues may be his lack of confidence in evaluating secondary players as a whole. His track record suggests he is much better at drafting and signing players on the offensive side of the ball. If they come up short this year and their secondary is the primary reason for it Rooney may have to make another push to force his hand.

  • Dave D

    I think they got JuJu based solely on that single block that we in Steelers Nation have now seen 1,000 times (a slight exaggeration, but you get my point I hope). THAT was a Pittsburgh Steeler…

  • Dave D

    You can just look at it as a bad one night stand that didn’t work out Jason. 🙂

  • Matthew Marczi

    It’s funny how all the things casual fans think were mistakes that turned out not to be are easily forgotten, yet the things that turned out to be mistakes that a team ends up doing they are never allowed to live down. They already have a safety who can cover in the slot in Sean Davis, by the way. And what if Jake Butt doesn’t even play to the level of the amazing Maxx Williams everybody wanted?

  • Matthew Marczi

    You know who else was from the Lions? Dick LeBeau.

  • RSteelerz

    First on JuJu! I will give you that one! Maybe he would have been drafted after the 2nd round. However, if he was, they could have found someone similar with their track record @ WR!

    Next… I DO know they didn’t try to move up! Did you see the article? Colbert said he sat back and let the draft come to him! Something he almost ALWAYS does!

    Do you care to look at our most recent playoff losses?

    2010 Season – Superbowl 45
    Yes, Ben threw an early pick and Mendenhall’s fumble hurt. But the fact is we were down by only 6 with a chance to win with last possession. Would you dare refute that if we had better corners we would have won that game, after Rodgers torched us for over 300 yards? Our pass rush sure wasn’t the problem.

    2011 Season Wildcard vs Broncos. Tebowed!!! Could the offense have been better? Sure! We had the lead though and Tebow throws for over 300 on us?! Tebow?! Again… No corner investment.

    2014 Season vs Ravens in Wildcard Round – Yes Bell was out. The Ravens keyed in on it. However, in this 31-17 loss, Our secondary has shown no signs of slowing down Flacco in this game. Truly it hasn’t since the 2011 season when we still had a pass rush. This is one of the reasons we continue to lose to them more than not even with a more talented team!
    They learned to use the Patriots blueprint! Attack the corners.

    2015 Season vs Broncos in divisional playoffs. Ok, no AB and no Bell. However, AB would have been cleared to play the following week as well as Williams. Toussant’s fumble hurt here to but we had the lead. An old and rusty Peyton Manning that hadn’t played in weeks put up his best numbers in their playoff run and beat us. You know why? Our corners weren’t good enough.

    2016 AFCCG vs Patriots –
    Did our backup WR’s fail? Yup! But this game would have been much more competitive if we haven’t ignored the CB position for so long!

    Did I mention that Brady has been scorching this same area of our defense for a span of 17 years? Yeah I think I did!

    Do you realize that we almost lost Superbowl 43? Good thing for Ben and Holmes last gasp TD and a pass rush! Warner shredded our corners in the 2nd half.

    Do you notice over the years in how many sub 500 teams we lose to? Want to know a big reason how this happens?

    Try checking the numbers of those bad to average QB’s for those sub 500 teams putting 300 yard career high numbers on our secondary.

    The evidence is there in a span of almost 20 years if you start with Brady. Mind you I said that the Steelers would have been good for 2 Superbowls at least in these last 10! We have 2 in the last 17!

    So you mean to tell me that if they hadn’t put top level talent at corner at least after 8 years of that 17 year time span we would not have had at least 2 more?

  • Dave D

    I agree Matt. I’d even add this to your rebuttal…the fact that Colbert HAS traded up in the past indicates that it IS in his bag of tricks. The fact that he doesn’t do it often may very well indicate that he plays it more conservatively. But it also means that whatever the price for all these players we “should have” taken was overpriced for the decision-makers. Yeah, they missed on Jarvis Jones, but it’s damn hard to argue with Colbert & company’s decision making over the mid/long haul.

  • Matthew Marczi

    I saw another comment in here below speculating seriously over whether or not Colbert actually knows HOW to make a trade. Like…what?

  • Jeff McNeill

    Letting the draft come to them does not mean that they did not field trade offers that they did not think were worth the cost of that they did not explore trades that they did not like the cost. As far as all those game you reference you don’t know what players we would not have to get those better corners and perhaps the offensive line would have been where they did not get the players that they had instead of those corners and maybe every one of those years they would have completely missed the playoffs. All of those years we were very tight against the salary cap and top notch corners are very high cost so the offset for those guys would be high. We can all speculate and unless you are God you have no way of knowing if your speculation is what would be the way things would have turned out. I don’t know either and perhaps you are correct none of will ever know.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Everybody keeps talking about “their track record” with wide receivers and yet dumps on Markus Wheaton and Sammie Coates, two of their three most recent prominent selections at the position…

  • Zarbor

    I think they met with Obi and they obviously didn’t think he was worth it. I’m with you. I thought this was a no brainer. Can’t stand we didn’t take him. He has all the tools and need to be coached up. Maybe the kid doesn’t love football and they saw something glaring. Oh well. Time to move on.

  • TheEE

    We know that last year Denver offered their #1 and #3 for our #1. We refused and took Burns. Seems to me that trading back from 25 to 31 (working from memory, so I might be off one or two) is well worth a #3, especially given that Denver would certainly take Paxton Lynch. Colbert obviously didn’t even negotiate much — he raced the pick up to the podium. We lose nothing by trying to get a bit more from Denver by saying we’re talking with other teams, and that they might be interested in Lynch. If Denver doesn’t sweeten the deal, then I’m taking their original offer anyway, but racing to make the pick eliminates the chance that Denver might panic and include another pick.

  • Jim

    I would bet some serious money that Colbert knows how to work a draft better than anyone commenting here. Sure, he might have been able to trade back 5-10 spots and still gotten Watt or JuJu in the next round, but why? We don’t have a ton of holes so take the highest player on your board at a position of need when your turn comes up. We don’t need 37 picks like the Browns because only a handful would even make the roster. And we don’t need 2018 picks for a win NOW team.

    The only “safe” trade in the draft – and I use that very liberally – is to trade a pick for a specific player, that’s the only way you know you get your guy. I have no issue with us not moving all around the board every draft – seems to be working all right? You see a freak like Troy and I have no issue getting him. You have a ton of holes, sure trade back and grab more educated dart throws. They didn’t see or need to do either of those so lets calm down and trust in the fact that no matter how you spin, Colbert and Co know more than us.

  • Zarbor

    Agreed. Then put a spin on it that the draft played out exactly how they thought and got the picks they wanted….I’m calling bunk on that one too

  • RSteelerz

    My man, Again, Colbert said he sat back. He always does and we know this!

    The game has evolved since the early 2000’s and he refuses to catch up! I give him all the credit in the world for building offensive talent.

    He has all the offensive talent in the world to DESTROY the Pats but his defensive selections in the secondary are lacking.

    He has opposite philosophies for offense and defense. For the offense, he builds from the outside in. He gets all the skill position players and builds the line last.

    On defense he builds from the inside out. He drafts the front 7 but the difference is he almost ignores the secondary.

    He matches high level talent with the offensive line and skill position players. On defense he drafts high in the front 7 and mostly drafts mid to low with the secondary and brings in 8-10 year late model used goods to address the secondary in free agency.

    He doesn’t attempt to draft the same level talent for the secondary as he does the front 7 and it kills our defense.

    I don’t understand it being that he matches the same level talent on offense with the offensive line and skill position players.

  • Matthew Marczi

    They had Melifonwu as a second-round target. Obviously liked Watt more and it’s easy to see why.

  • Matthew Marczi

    If they traded back that far they would have lost Burns, so how is that a good idea?

  • Matthew Marczi

    Are you not aware that the Steelers have a top-five offensive line? They’re not drafting linemen because they’re at least 8-deep at the position already. That doesn’t mean they build from the outside in, that means the inside is already secure. He’s taken four defensive backs in the top three rounds over the past three years, by the way.

  • RSteelerz

    Exactly… It makes me wonder being that Rooney stated following the AFCCG that he needs the pass rush and secondary to be addressed.

    I’m wondering if he’s satisfied with the draft because one more debacle like this past AFCCG Rooney may well have run out of patience with Colbert.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Speculation is fun.

  • RSteelerz

    And you have Golson and Sutton as top tier Guys?

    Also which part of the offense was built first? The skill positions or the line?

    How much punishment was Ben taking before they started drafting linemen in 2013? This is what I said!

    Also, did I not credit Colbert for the offense? Did I not say that the talent of the offensive line and skill position players are evenly matched?

    So why doesn’t he do the same for the corner position?

    So what is your arguement again?

  • Dr. Bacon

    Hmmm. What trade chart did the Bears use?

  • barry foster

    Max who ?lol

  • Gautama Om

    Don’t tell that to all the crybaby know-it-all’s around here. I was on the Billings bandwagon myself last year and of course I don’t know as much as the 32 NFL teams. But some of us insist we are near equal to the franchises in knowledge. We aren’t even as smart as the dumbest FO’s out there.

    So all you whiners , STHU!

  • RickM

    The irony is that most of the guys they “waited to come to them” really weren’t waited for at all. They pretty much knew in advance of the draw that they would almost certainly get 3 or 4 of the 7 picks given where they were selected them. The second rounder is the one I will watch the most. I so felt they should move up 3 or 6 spots to ensure a good secondary player…but they just didn’t. Hope they were right.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Didn’t mean to imply that’s what you said I was stating facts on the matter that all

  • RSteelerz

    Let me make it simple for you!

    Speculate why we always cringe when we have to face guys like Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, Carr or even Flacco?

    Might it be our secondary?

  • Matthew Marczi

    My argument is that you falsely claimed that the Steelers build from the outside in on offense and do the opposite for the defense. That’s a fallacy. They already had an offensive line in place during Roethlisberger’s early tenure with the likes of Alan Faneca, Jeff Hartings, Marvel Smith, and others. It took a period of transition to get back to where they are on the line now, and they did that by re-investing in the group when it became necessary.

    Golson and Sutton are Day-Two picks, and that’s a fact. That is an attempt to add quality cornerbacks. Whether or not they work out is immaterial to whether or not the investment was made.

    And really, started drafting linemen in 2013? That’s when they stopped. Pouncey was 2010, Gilbert 2011, DeCastro, Adams, Beachum, 2012. Foster UDFA 2009.

    The offensive line didn’t get rebuilt overnight and only a fool could have expected the secondary of Ike/Polamalu/Clark/McFadden/Gay to be rebuilt overnight. They had Lewis, they had Allen. They had success and burnt out ultimately. Now they have Artie and Cockrell and they’re still waiting on Golson for two years now, while adding in Sutton.

  • Dshoff

    I won’t get over the Pats until we beat them and win another SB. If you don’t draft to beat the best teams then you will never beat them.

  • Steeldog22

    I’m pretty sure the Steelers staff sees more game tape than you. Lol.

  • Steeldog22

    Cherry picking is a favorite pastime around here.

  • Steeldog22

    He’s citing trade value and availability from the armchair vacuum.

  • RickM

    I would take that bet 365 days a year. A guy’s lengthy track record actually does speak for itself. He can draft well, but he has little to no interest in working a draft board.

  • LucasY59

    not necessarily saying they shouldve taken Foster, but letting players fall to them (and taking who they had ranked highest) shouldve made him the BPA, I actually prefer Watt (between the two) but what I really wanted was a trade, let the Niners take Foster at #30 and get #34 and #111 (maybe even #109 instead of 111, get Kittle with that pick or have an extra pick to use to trade up in the 2nd or 3rd)

    call me crazy but I think the Steelers couldve had Watt fall to them at #34 (if GB really wanted him they wouldnt trade the 29th pick) and then used the early 4th rdr (extra pick from the Niners) to trade with Seattle (since they always seem willing to trade) maybe even talk them in to swapping #90 for #94 as well since the value of that extra pick is more than the cost to move up to #58 from #62 and get a DB like Awuzie or Jones, and have a better selection of DBs in the 3rd as well (Griffin, Lewis or Sutton) they wouldnt have JuJu but their secondary should be better

    Watt, Awuzie & Griffin is much better than Watt, J-J S-S, and Sutton IMO

    but wishing for trades after the draft happened is even more useless than hoping for them pre-draft, do like you said all we can do is watch and see what the actual picks will do

  • LucasY59

    something the browns let them borrow

  • RSteelerz

    Ike turned out to be 2nd tier, Clark was a 2nd tier free agent. McFadden? Really? What did he do besides make one play vs the Colts in the playoffs?

    Gay and Allen were 3rd tier talent at best as well as Townsend! Cockrell is also 3rd tier and we had special teamer Blake starting? That’s terrible!

    The truth is Gay, McFadden, Allen, Townsend and Cockrell wouldn’t even start on another team. Arizona tried Gay and McFadden starting and benched them!
    The only one that left and was 2nd tier decent was Lewis and he only started one season as he rotted on the bench the first 3 years.

    We had some misses at OLB in recent years. The thing is though that they do attempt to add high level talent by drafting high.

    Look at the offensive talent in how they match the offensive line with skill position players! Gilbert, Pouncey, Decastro, Foster, Alejandro (After losing Beechum)

    Ben, AB, Bryant, Bell, Green (After Heath) JuJu, while still having Coates and just losing Wheaton.

    That matches up well! We have good talent on the front 7. Heyward, Hargraves, Tuitt, Dupree, Watt, Shazier. We just lost Timmons but Williams is pretty good!

    Look at the falloff in the secondary to back them up!
    Mitchell, Davis, Cockrell, Burns are the projected back 4! Burns and Davis are really the most talented. If you throw in Sensabaugh, Sutton Gay, Golson and Allen, do you really think that is a good match in talent with the front 7!

    The secondary has always been poor in talent. Clark was Smart and was a rock but Troy and Ike carried the secondary for years.

    The proof is in the pudding! What is the only position on the Steeler’s defense that has not made the probowl in 20 years? You guessed it! Corner!

    If that isn’t enough to show you how the front office shuns the position I don’t know what is.

    Last true talent…Rod Woodson!!! Absolutely pitiful!
    Enough said.

  • Boots

    I have defended Colbert through the Bruce Carter’s and the Jarvis Jones’ and the Curtis Brown’s and the Durant Grant’s, and Shamarko Thomas’ and so forth, so I’m not just a guy that thinks he always knows better and am crying because they didn’t draft “my guy”. We are a win now team with a few holes, but two of those holes are, and quite frankly have been, glaring and we’re thoroughly exposed in the AFCCG. It’s fair to look at this draft and question whether an opportunity was misseed to substantially upgrade those positions by not making one or two strategic moves with that priority this year.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Ike Taylor was a second-tier player? Okay. I guess being a cover corner for the better part of a decade doesn’t mean anything. The fact that Ryan Clark was a free agent is irrelevant. The point is that they had a strong secondary and now they’re in the process of finishing a rebuild. Yes, McFadden was a good player on his first contract.

    Your perspective of the league is so warped that it’s really not even worth addressing the rest of your points if you actually think that Ross Cockrell is the single worst starting cornerback in the entire league. Using exclamation points like Donald Trump Tweeting. Sad!

  • Gautama Om

    Juju is not only a sure bet because of his passion for the game but he’s still so young so there’s a lot more upside.

  • Gautama Om

    They might have wanted a particular DB but…

    1) the player was already picked way too high in the 2nd OR

    2)they did like a player mid 2nd round but did not find a buyer for the price they were willing to give up for what they valued him at OR

    3) they were only willing to take a particular DB ONLY where they picked and if he wasn’t there they went with their most valued player (Juju) OR

    4) they were targeting Juju all that time (which IMO is great value where we picked)

  • Gautama Om

    Dave you gotta reduce the video ads on this site; its affecting the browsing and posting speed of this website

  • 2winz

    People like me?? Is that a racist comment? >:0
    in all seriousness though, I mean yeah, it was not difficult to see that Jarvis probably was not a good fit for us and he wasn’t. But even still you still have to wait and see how these players fit into our scheme. Just look back at last year when we selected Artie Burns and how everybody complained about how he was not a great pick because of scheme. I am sure you could have easily been one of them since you mention watching tape. you can see players with great tape bust so easily.. just ask Jamarcus Russel. Is that too extreme? What about Sam Bradford who was considered one of the safest prospects in his draft class. I even remember steelers fans wanting to trade Big Ben and our 1st round to get him. Seems silly now doesn’t it? My point is pretty much what you said.. Nobody knows the future. I’m sure if Hines Ward was selected in this day and age where there is so much media coverage.. nobody would have liked the pick. That’s why I say just wait before making assumptions, I’m not saying you are wrong, just saying wait is all because none of us know and you admitted that

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Of course they do. What’s your point? The Browns staff watches more tape than me too. And they screw up picks every year too.

    Go back and look at the Steelers 2008 and 2009 drafts. Did the Steelers staff watch more game tape than me those years? Absolutely. How did those drafts turn out.

    As a Steelers fan I try to be honest. When they make great decisions I trumpet their great decisions. When they make poor decisions I call them like I see them.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Let’s hear YOU make a strong opinion, Matt.

    You post 27 articles articles a day and I never seem to hear much of anything definitive. A lot of “Devil’s Advocate (this)” and “Case for (this)” and “Might be (this)” or “What do you guys think about (that)?”

    At least I put my opinions out there. And I stand by them.

    In 2017, I wanted

    1st – Marlon Humphrey or Kevin King.
    2nd – Jordan Willis.
    3rd – Rasul Douglas.

    In 2016, I wanted

    1st – W. Jackson III (but I was happy with Burns). We’ll see how Jackson does this year.
    2nd – Javon Hargrave. So far I’m looking right.
    3rd – Sean Davis. So far I’m looking right.

    In 2015, I wanted

    1st – Bryon Jones. So far I’m looking right, but Dupree is progressing.
    2nd – Quinten Rollins. So far I’m looking right (although he’d not a star).
    3rd – Danielle Hunter. So far I’m looking right.

    In 2014, I wanted

    1st – Dee Ford. That looks like a mistake. Shazier is better when healthy.
    2nd – Jeremiah Attouchu. That looks like mistake over Tuitt.
    3rd – Jaylon Watkins. That looks i was right (but not significant).

    In 2013, I wanted

    1st – Tyler Eifert. I was right on that one.
    2nd – Eddy Lacy. I was dead wrong on that one. Obviously.
    3rd – Shawn Williams. That looks like a wash.

    I could go on. I have them all recorded. But my point is I take a stand on my opinions. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. But unlike you at least I take a strong position.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    2winz –

    Just for the record, I have no idea what race you are. When I say “people like you” I mean the “How do you know…? kind of people.”

    As I said earlier, the entire draft is a guess. Nobody knows the future. But this is an OPINION board. And I usually try to state my opinion strongly and back it up with logic whenever possible. And I admit when I’m wrong. (Ex. Willie Gay, LeVeon Bell, Marcus Gilbert, Ryan Shazier).

    I agree that with some players you have to wait and see to know how they will play. But other players are actually very easy to predict. That’s how the GM’s arrive at 1st round grades vs. 3rd round grades.

    It would be silly to draft a 4th round prospect with our 1st round pick and say “Don’t judge us yet. Wait and see how he plays.” … Wouldn’t you agree?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Last year, if we would’ve traded with Denver and drafted James Bradbury CB with our own 2nd rounder, then Justin Simmons S with Denver’s 3rd rounder, I think it would’ve worked out fabulously.

    Then this year, we could’ve drafted either Gareon Conley or Jarrad Davis or David Njoku with Denver’s 1st rounder (1.20) AND STILL drafted T.J. Watt at 1.30.

    Or we could’ve traded one of those two 2017 1st rounders for a 2018 1st rounder (in a QB heavy draft) plus another pick this year to draft a safety or ILB.

    THAT is how it’s a good idea.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I’ve never heard him admit to a mistake (that I can recall).

  • CP72

    Yeah it’s a good thing that the fans don’t make the pick. 90 percent of the fan base hated the Artie Burns pick. I don’t remember to many folks being excited about the Shazier pick.

  • J Jones

    But Jones has only been ok in Dallas, cant say that id call him a beast. Think Sean Davis has played better at this point in their careers

  • Jason McDonald

    Lol, now that’s funny . I hate the Cowgirls but those players aren’t in similar leagues …….yet

  • J Jones

    Agree to disagree, i wanted jones but davis has been as complete a db that ive seen in a minute.

  • Dorian James

    That’s him to a T. That stubborn, unbending, philosophy. No high-profile free agents and build through the draft. That philosophy work best when we had Tom Donahoe, mainly because we were better than everyone else when it came to the draft process but now everyone’s pretty much caught up to each other.

  • stan

    Its not the lack of trading up that frustrates me, its the lack of trading down and getting more picks. We always rush right up to the podium with our pick, which shows that we’re never even involved in discussions to trade down. Its not hard to see that the teams that we’re the only consistently successful team that doesn’t do that. Obviously what we’re doing is working to some extent but even a successful team can do better.

  • RickM

    And you are about as far from a “casual” fan about the draft as you can get.

  • Donte Williams

    i like jones but i have to agree with J Jones B Jones isnt a beast he is ok IMO

  • francesco

    Matthew cannot see the Steelers for what they really are. You are so right on. Steelers don’t value the corner position like other teams. You know what…I would trade Watt for Malcolm Butler in a heart beat.

  • Rotten Sircus

    I respect the process of Colbert & Coach T ….these other teams get crazy during the draft process and really don’t gain anything ! I gave this years draft a B+ , I think we’re still in the running for Lombardi 7 and we got some future kids with a lot of upside !!

  • Rotten Sircus

    I’m not knocking JuJu, I just think we could’ve landed Chris Godwin from Penn St in the 3rd who was wayyyy more productive as far as stats are concerned !

  • RSteelerz

    I stated that Ryan Clark was a free agent only due to the fact that he wasn’t drafted. He was solid but not great.

    Where did I say that Cockrell was the single worst corner in the league? I didn’t! Don’t put words in my mouth. It still doesn’t mean that he’s not 3rd tier! He wouldn’t start for more than half the teams in this league.

    How many people do you think know who Ross Cockrell is? Exactly… that is 3rd tier.

    Ike indeed WAS a 2nd tier corner. You do know what 2nd tier is right? A good starter but not great! Do you have Ike on the same level as Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Charles Woodson, Peterson and etc?

    If you do, you’re kidding your self! 1st tier talent is Hall of Fame talent. Ike never made a pro bowl. If you’re going to be 1st tier you need to at least do that! You won’t see anyone lining up to vote Ike into the Hall of Fame!

    Just because he may be in the STEELERS ring of honor doesn’t make him 1st tier. As I said good…but not great! 2nd tier Buddy!

  • Hypo Cycloid

    Sorry man. My mistake. After reading your comment, I reread the post. Read it wrong the second time around! Took the 3rd time. One of those mind tricks where my mind was putting the word like in there.

    Although, I don’t know if you draft to beat them either as we don’t always see them and I believe beating them comes more from schematics than anything else. Our coaches need to get out of their comfort zone and play very differently if they want a chance to beat them. Our soft zoned defense will always get toasted by them. So if you mean to draft man cover corners, yep. A good idea. Maybe the coaches would have a little more confidence playing man. But I believe we could’ve done a lot more man with the players we already had.

  • Matthew Marczi

    That’s an awful lot of wishful thinking.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Why should I commit myself to definitive answers that I know are yet to be determined? That’s just not smart. I did post a mock draft, by the way.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Ryan Clark was a Pro Bowler.

    You said that Cockrell wouldn’t start on any other team. That implies that he’s worse than all the other starters, no? I couldn’t possibly care less about how well-known Cockrell is, as it has little bearing on how good he is, merely how many people know him.

    Ike Taylor was absolutely a great starter. He just didn’t consistently have a large number of interceptions. I really don’t care about your arbitrary “tiers” that you’re constructing on the fly.

    The Steelers have enough Hall of Famers that they don’t need a ring of honor, by the way.

  • 2winz

    I know, I was joking lol
    and I agree to a certain extent. you obviously do not want to draft a 4th round talent in the 1st but interesting thing is you see some players like Carl Lawson or Andrew Billings were projected 1st round and ended up getting picked in the mid rounds for one reason or the other.

    the reason I do not completely agree is because certain players are valued a lot more or a lot less with certain teams. you dont want to draft a ziggy hood for a 3-4 team in the 1st round.. in the same way you dont want to draft a 4-3 olb for a 3-4 scheme. that goes for any position. thats because certain players do really well at certain things, and we may think man this corner is great! but maybe a different corner who is not as good does all the things the steelers want better. there may be 5 olb projected 1st rounders but say they are best for 4-3 scheme and 3 olb that best fit a 3-4 scheme projected 3rd round talent. Steelers selecting a olb projected as 3rd round talent might be a reach by analysts and media and most fans but is it really a reach if they best fit your scheme? see what im saying?

    to count these players out completely before they do anything is just as much of a guess as me predicting they will all pan out and become hall of famers. not that that is what I’m predicting but you know what I mean

  • Dean O’Brien

    For all their ‘expert’ wheeling and dealing so loved by ESPN, on October 1st Cleveland will be where they always are: 0-4, on their third starting quarterback and giving them dwarf names!

    I’ll stick with the Steelers’ draft strategy!

  • RSteelerz

    You’re entitled to your opinion. However, you happen to skew who is great for the Steelers instead of looking at what the overall gold standard is by the NFL, the players and it’s fans.

    Ike’s peers themselves never voted Ike in on the NFL’s top 100!

    And if you think Cockrell is so great, why wasn’t he picked up by a team this offseason as even a backup when the Steelers put an EXTREMELY low 1 year tender on him!

    What did these teams do instead? They waited until the draft to pick up corners. Just some food for thought.

  • Matthew Marczi

    The Top 100 only started in 2011…

    The percentage of restricted free agents who are signed to offer sheets, let alone actually move to another team, is very low. And in a deep class for cornerbacks, there’s an obvious disincentive to give up a fourth-rounder in order to get one who is still solidifying himself.

    I never said Cockrell is great. You said he wouldn’t start on any other team.

  • RSteelerz

    That’s right! Cockrell would not start on another team! It doesn’t make him the single worse corner because you don’t start somewhere else as you’re trying to say I’m implying!

    Again as I said, with his tender so low if someone wanted him they would have gotten him for cheap! The percentage of someone moving to another team off of a tender has nothing to do with it.

    The reason that is true is because tenders are considerably higher than Cockrell’s low ball one. He signed it. Just like when Sanders was a RFA and he signed the contract with NE because they WANTED him!

    The Steelers matched it which was considerably higher than Cockrell’s tender. Cockrell is a Steeler because nobody wanted him despite his starting experience and ridiculously cheap price.

    NFL Teams felt they could get better corners in the draft. So what does that say about Cockrell. Don’t act as if Steeler corners are of high grade that many teams are willing to have them as Starters.

    Antwaan Blake was a UDFA signed by Jacksonville coming into the league! What did he play there? Special Teams! He came here as a Special teamer. In no time he was a starter for 2 years! He goes to Tennesee due to his buddy Lebeau being there.

    The head coach didn’t have him start there and he wouldn’t have had any time on the field at all if Lebeau wasn’t the DC! You know where he is now? The NY Giants! You know what his position is? Special Teams… Because that’s what he is!

    Blake is with his 4th team in the league in his short career. He’s truly the worst CB I have ever seen. Yet, the only team he ever started for was the Pittsburgh Steelers!
    That says alot!

  • Matthew Marczi

    – Again, you said he wouldn’t start for any other team. So I said that you must believe he’s the single worst *starting* cornerback in the league. That must necessarily be the case if you don’t think he can start for anybody else.

    – Again, the restricted free agent tender meant nothing. Sure, it was a bit of a gamble, but with a deep cornerback market as well as draft class there was much less interest in looking at the restricted free agents. Even Malcolm Butler didn’t sign an offer sheet. Due to the infrequency of restricted free agents switching teams, it’s simply a fallacy to use that as proof of the quality of any one individual player. Tony Jefferson didn’t get signed to an offer last year either and look what he signed for in Baltimore. A fourth-round pick is not cheap, by the way, and there are far more complications in working out a manageable offer sheet, but I really don’t feel invested in getting into it. You have to make an offer that you think the original team can’t match, and while you’re waiting, you’re hamstringing yourself in the market, not knowing if you will be getting the player while others are being signed that you could be signing.

    – The only reason Blake started is because Cortez Allen got injured. He was the starter. He’s also far from the worst cornerback, and if he’s the worst you’ve ever seen, then you don’t watch a lot of football.

  • RSteelerz

    The CB market which includes the draft AVOIDED Cockrell for a cheap price!!!
    Don’t understand why you can’t see that he wasn’t wanted!

    Also, Allen was hurt later in the season but was pulled after the NE game in 2014 which was the first game!
    Blake started in his stead and the 2015 season after Allen was gone. He is still awful!!!

    Lastly, You know why Butler wasn’t signed as an RFA? Because he didn’t sign his tender at first and had an asking price of 10 mil a season. Add that to the fact that whoever signed him had to give NE their 1st round pick, the asking price was too high!

    Big difference from Cockrell’s 1.75 mil price!

  • Matthew Marczi

    You don’t seem to understand the basic foundation of the concept of supply and demand. When supply is high, value decreases. So when there is a saturation of the cornerback market, teams are less likely to pursue restricted free agents that require them to spend draft picks.

    And are you really not going to look up basic information? Cortez Allen was the starting cornerback during the 2015 preseason. He got injured in the preseason and the Steelers swapped him and Thomas for Blake and Will Allen before the season opener. It can’t possibly be more easy for you to verify this on your own. Allen was not gone until this past year.

    Butler’s tender was only worth about double what Cockrell’s is. These are basic things you can verify yourself so you can continue to scream into the wind if you want to, but I think I’ve sufficiently addressed every point you’ve brought up.

  • RSteelerz

    Not so fast!

    I mistakenly stated that Allen was gone in the 2015 Season.

    However, you are incorrect by stating Blake only started due to Injury by Allen. As I stated, Allen was benched after the 2014 season opener vs New Enland as Tomlin lost confidence in him. He started Blake in his stead.

    Allen later on was injured in 2014 practices during the season. He later said he was healthy and Tomlin continued to play Blake. Heading into the 2015 season Allen was not the starter.

    Yes he was injured but Tomlin stated heading into the 2015 season he wasn’t sure what to expect from Allen. The position was open competition. The injury took him out of competition in 2015 but it didn’t mean it was only due to injury being he was BENCHED in 2014.

    As far as the Market goes with Cockrell, we’ll agree to disagree because that’s not going anywhere.

    And as for Butler, you speak of what the amount his tender was. That’s not the point! As I said, Butler DID NOT sign his tender offer in the beginning.

    Butler was upset with New England because he wanted Gilmore money and tested the market as an RFA. The problem was that to sign Butler a team had to give up their first round draft pick to New England.

    On top of losing their first draft pick, Butler wanted a 10 mil plus per year contract to sign with another team. He was also upset about rumors of trades.

    Teams were not willing to lose a first round draft pick as well as pay Butler 10 mil per season. After weeks of playing hardball with the Patriots, he finally signed his tender at the last minute.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Allen was injured every year. Blake started after Allen was injured, as I said. And Brice McCain was the one who is was benched for.

    Cockrell didn’t sign his tender either, by the way. RFAs rarely sign until late, since there’s no incentive for doing so. You can’t sign an offer sheet after you do, you can only be traded.

  • RSteelerz

    And who dumped on Coates and Wheaton? I hope you’re not saying I did!

    What I said about Coates was that he was one of them that came up small in the AFCCG. I realize he had broken fingers.

    Part of the reason that JuJu was drafted may have been due to Bryant’s unpredictable behavior as well as not knowing how Coates’s fingers will be. I also feel that Coates lost confidence last season. Maybe he can rebound and be what he was at the beginning of last season. Who knows? The verdict is still out on him.

    Wheaton I always liked. He was a good receiver for us. I don’t think he shown his full potential, but he was good. He was hurt most of last season. Wheaton was sure handed for the most part and ran precise routes and would have been a major help in the AFCCG.

    I don’t know who you’re directing to that was bagging on Coates and Wheaton but it surely isn’t me!

    BTW… if someone was and left those 2 out of the equation… they still drafted Plax, Hines, Randle El, Holmes, Wallace, Sanders, AB and Bryant who were and are all productive.

    I think that would still qualify as a good track record at that position even if you didn’t include Coates or Wheaton.

  • RSteelerz

    Which makes it even more alarming why Cockrell wasn’t picked up! Listen…

    I’m done with this with you. I’m not going to convince you of anything and neither will you to me.

    Just take Blake, Allen, Cockrell, Gay, McFadden and King Kong if you wish to, and put them on your ALL MADDEN TEAM and have at it.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Consider me relieved.

  • RSteelerz