Ladarius Green’s Contract Ranked 12th Worst Of 2016

I gotta be honest, Steelers’ Nation. 12th place for Ladarius Green’s contract? Not as bad as I thought it would be. Jason Fitzgerald on Over the Cap released his rankings of the worst contracts of the 2016 offseason. Green’s contract came in as the 12th worst.

Here’s what Fitzgerald had to say.

“Green only lasted one season for Pittsburgh playing in just 6 games and collecting $6 million for his efforts. Before he even suited up for Pittsburgh he was hurt and at one point it was rumored he might retire which would have benefited the Steelers since he would have had to return his signing bonus. To make matters worse my guess is he may qualify for further CBA injury protection which will add another $1.15 million to the bill.”

Dave Bryan broke down Green’s salary situation shortly after his release. He updated the article after Green was not designated as a post June 1st cut, meaning he’ll count $3.56 million in dead money this upcoming season.

Green was released by the Steelers on Thursday with a failed/physical designation. After signing a four year deal with the team, he caught 18 passes and one touchdown in 2016.

Fitzgerald ranked the contracts of Doug Martin and Mario Williams ahead of Green. The worst contract was deemed to be Dwayne Allen, who signed a four year, $29.4 million deal with the Colts before getting dealt to the Patriots this offseason. I am surprised he beat out Brock Osweiler’s mega-awful deal, who came in second.

Coming in 5th place on this list is Coty Sensabaugh, signed by the Rams to a three year deal, getting released five weeks in, and then signing with the Steelers in the offseason. Ex-Steeler Al Woods came in first on the list, the 30th worst contract of the list.

While it’s one of the worse contracts in Steelers’ free agency history, the team still pinches penny relative to the rest of the league. So when they make a mistake, it stings less than most other team’s big free agency splashes. That’s one upside to an overally shoddy situation.

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  • Great! We just cut a player deemed to have been given the 12th worst contract [from the team’s perspective] but can take solace from having landed a CB whose previous contract is considered to have been even worse regarding his worth to the team [#5, a ‘3 year’ deal that lasted five weeks]. Sigh. All I can say is, “Come on Golson, Sutton, and Allen, PLEASE bring your “A” games! Steelers Nation needs you!!!”

  • Yesss!!! It was only the 12th worst contract 0f 2016!

  • Steel B

    Please….more Green articles. Can’t get enough.

  • Craig M

    Who does the responsibility fall on for signing Green?

  • Steve

    6 Mil is not chump change and another 3.5 this year. That’s 10 mil for 18 catches, sure wish I could fine someone to pay me that much. Look at aht BIG smile on Greens face, all the way to the Bank. Many more signings like this and someone needs fired.

  • 20Stoney

    Personally I’d rather have a team that tries to upgrade, but swings and misses once in awhile, than one that is so afraid to spending, that every move is based on cost……like the Pirates. I’ll just chalk this one up to a being a miss.